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Monday, June 13, 2011

Imate 8502 Quirks

Once upon a time this device was considered state of the art. In fact, it was one of the first smart phones to be available from Telstra in Australia. However, it does have a quirk that seems to be also present on other Imate branded phones. Namely, over time a pin on the headphone socket seems to get permanently bent that is used to detect the presence of a headset. Eventually, you'll only be able to use the headset to be able to talk to people. Hence, you only have two choices. Use it only with a handset and/or fix it.

Note, there are four screws to open the device. One of them is under the area where the stylus is installed while another is underneath the a rubber stopper in the exact opposite corner. Once it is opened push down on the pin and put the phone back together and reboot it to see whether it detects the lack of presence of a headset. Still, you'll note that the problem does seem to recur. Hence, it may be worth your time investigating the possibility of changing the socket itself?

While Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional is installed on the device, it does seem somewhat slow. Moreover, based on existing information there does not seem to be any upgrades in the pipeline available for this device. If you desire a more modern operating system you'll probably have to rely on the Open Source/Linux world such as Ubuntu or Android.

Luckily, it uses the ARM based Qualcomm MSM7200-400 which is also used in other devices which means that hardware support is likely to be good although I will leave experimentation for a later time...


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