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Monday, November 13, 2017

Ascension Research, Pre-Cogs/Prophets/Religion 20, and More

- an obvious continuation on my previous religious research: 
- there are no 'clean pre-cogs/prophets'? If we're dealing with this issue across the board everything is going to be slightly off but they'll be close to correct across the board?
- if you're not a true pre-cog/prophet don't play, "What does God Want?, What would God Do?, etc...". It won't make sense and may make things worse? You'll drive yourself crazy? Just don't do it? (God can obviously mean any 'Ascended Being' until we can verify more things about them?). Everyone wonders why 'Satan' may still be 'wandering around'. If he exists maybe the good side is either too merciful, didn't know what to do with him, can't actually destroy him yet (things are complicated by his status as an 'Ascended Being' as well which means that he can take control of people/animals, jump from body to body, etc...), etc?
where does satan live
Where Does Satan Live?
- the ability of 'Ascended Beings' (if they exist) to take different forms is extremely interesting. Moving from body to body obviously means that they lose certain abilities. This is where the 'Trinity' (God that created the Universe is the a manifestation of God that would exist on Earth), re-incarnation (the core being in question is the exact same as it moves from body to body), why did Jesus's body remain on Earth but the others didn't (thieves that he was crucified with, Muhummad, Buddha, etc... Perhaps he was really attached to that 'one body' (if it really did happen)?)? etc... makes sense but no sense?
- race condition occurs between 'Ascended Beings' uploading concious/soul and humans (if they go down this route and if this process does in actual fact occur?)? An agreement would have to be reached between Earth and Home/Heaven/Nirvana (if it exists) in this particular event (meet physically)? If my theory regarding possible 'concious/soul' upload is correct then we should detect 'data bursts' each time anyone who is on his way to 'Ascension' dies or decides to travel to/from Earth? Our base/core science is still too primitive to detect it though? Some 'Afterlife' experiences would better be explained through some sort of soul/neural upload device rather then a chemical/neurochemical reaction?
where does satan live
Where Does Satan Live?
- prayers are actually calls for other 'Ascended Beings' to do something about something? Good example of this are possession. Given that many of them may be looking after alternate worlds (or simply doing other things) not all prayers can actually be answered?
- 'Ascended Beings' are advanced enough that they could possibly have flying cities if they wanted? It's possible that once upon a time technically 'Ascended Beings' lived just outside of Earth's atmosphere? Soviets clearly thought that angels were somehow aliens/extra-terrestrials of some form/type? They did this by examining cave drawings... Technically, true pre-cogs/prophets are supposed to eventually see what they actually saw in their dreams/visions in real life though?
The Mysterious Dead Sea Scrolls of the Essenes [FULL VIDEO]
Erich von Däniken
Memories of the Future
paleo-contact and ancient astronauts
- if the Gods (Allah, God, Jesus, Vishnu, Yahweh, Buddha, etc...) that are spoken of are honestly alien species then technically they should know base/core science? What they dicatated should correlate with what we see in the Universe but it doesn't feel like that at all times? FTL capability obviously assumes enormous sophistication
- speculation regarding the nature of 'Ascended Being's' concious/selves is extremely interesting. They have to exist in either another time/space (beyond human's current level of base/core science)? The reason for this is that metabolism, storage of memories, movement, etc... requires energy of some sort. If that has to be created by the actual body of the 'Ascended Being' itself then that particular form will suffer from the exact same problem that a electo-chemically based body (such as that of a human) will suffer. Namely, it loses efficiency over time and eventually ends. It almost feels like they found a substance which would allow them to supercede the current laws of science as known to man (this is the only way their FTL capabilities make any sense?)?
- within the current laws of science known to man the only way it could achieve something similiar is to transmute/imprint the conciousness of a person onto something different. Something that was unlikely or impossible to destroy under natural circumstances. A good example of this would be a Rediculously Overengineered Computer (ROC). It would be powered by renewables such as solar, wind , wave power, etc... Technically, they could not die since that would automatically entail destruction of the Universe? Since most humans are 'sanish' (mentally stable) converting their personality into a circuit/program should be relatively simple (think about my Prototype Neural Interface Transfer Device) which could be imprinted on to the ROC.
- since a ROC would/could only have limited abilities they'd have to be auxiliary means of interaction. I guess this is where the 'Holy Spirit' chimes in. It's almost like a secure communications mechanism for and between 'Ascended Beings' (think Wikipedia for pre-cogs/prophets, Ascended Beings, etc..?)
- clear that overlay on to robotic body is possible?
- one interesting project would be whether we can somehow find ways of metabolise something different outside of the standard food groups (proteins, dairy, vegetables, fruit, etc...)? Reason why this is interesting is because certain people can't process certain food groups which means that food goes through their system unprocessed. Nowadays, these issues are dealt with via supplemental digestive enzymzes (protease, amylase, bromelaines, lactase, lipase, cellulase, etc..). If we can safely expand beyond the standard food groups then perhaps a chunk of our food security issues are dealt with?
- all sorts of strange behaviours for survivors of child and sexual abuse. Projection of original behaviour on to others, homosexuality, prostitution, hypersexuality, suicidal thoughts, etc... Technically, the only way around this is to have better health care all around but ironically things seem to be getting worse (just look at a lot of developed countries and the collapse of their health care systems?). It's almost impossible for any child to have 'perfect parents' or a 'perfect life' or 'upbringing'? Wonder whether or not neural link style technology can be used to 'fix/normalise things'?
Is this the only way to genuinely 'break the cycle'?
Common Behaviors of Child Sexual Abuse Survivors
Science 'Proves' Homosexuality is WRONG!
- given the information available regarding 'Ascended Beings' (if they exist) all preparations for any 'Apocalypse' type event actually look ridiculous? 'Ascended Beings' can't actually detected unless they want to be (which means that bunkers are utterly useless), humans have literally made no progress on age extension (the upper end has remained stagnant at around 120 years of age for thousands of years now) and they continue to struggle with the basics such as viruses and bacteria, etc... Many claims for potential leniency lack credibility? Social mobility hasn't changed for thousands of years, wealth inequality has remained basically the same, etc... The only genuine defense humans could mount in the event of an Apocalypse type event is if those who are 'Ascended' (if they exist) turn on one another? The irony here is that all of them technically owe their abilities to 'God' (based on what has been written). The original side should/would always win no matter what the circumstances?
- the interpretations weren't ever supposed to be as brutal as some have interpreted them to be? Perhaps some people/groups used the power of pre-cogs/prophets (if they exist and are the genuine article?) to their own ends which has led to all sorts of 'strangeness'?
- ironically, in the past the test for true pre-cogs/prophets was whether or not their 'visions/dreams' turned out to be true. My guess is that none of the major religions have anything/everything entirely right? Science and religion are sort of supposed to be as one? Easier to verify things given modern science and technology...
UpFront - Balfour 100 years on - salvation or betrayal
Can the Crown Prince change Saudi culture
In almost half of stillbirths, the cause of the baby’s death cannot be established without further assessment. Examining the body with a post-mortem may help identify a cause. Ten per cent of stillborn babies have some kind of abnormality. Other possible causes of stillbirth include problems with the mother’s health (e.g. diabetes) or problems with the placenta (the plecenta links the baby’s blood supply to the mother’s).

Some conditions that can cause stillbirth or may be associated with stillbirth include:

heavy bleeding (haemorrhage) - in late pregnancy or during labour
problems with the placenta (afterbirth) - which can separate from the womb before the baby is born (placental abruption), or the placenta can fail to provide the baby with enough oxygen and nutrients which means that the baby does not grow properly (intra-uterine growth restriction is associated with about two-third of all stillbirths)
a problem with the umbilical cord - which attaches the placenta to your baby’s umbilicus (belly button); it can slip down through the entrance of the womb before the baby is born (this occurs in about 1 in 200 births), or it can wrap around the baby’s neck
pre-eclampsia - a condition that can cause high blood pressure in the mother; mild pre-eclampsia can affect up to 10% of first-time pregnancies and more severe pre-eclampsia can affect 1-2% of pregnancies. This can reduce blood flow to the baby via the placenta.
a genetic physical defect in the baby
a liver disorder in the mother called ‘obstetric cholestasis‘ which occurs in 1 in 200 pregnancies
diabetes in the mother
infection in the mother that also affects the baby (e.g. flu, group B streptococcus, listeriosis, toxoplasmosis).
There is currently, as of 2016, no international classification system for stillbirth causes.[14] The causes of a large percentage of human stillbirths remain unknown, even in cases where extensive testing and autopsy have been performed. A rarely used term to describe these is "sudden antenatal death syndrome" or SADS, a phrase coined by Cacciatore & Collins in 2000.[15] Many stillbirths occur at full term to apparently healthy mothers, and a postmortem evaluation reveals a cause of death in only about 40% of autopsied cases.[16]

Some possible causes of death are:

bacterial infection, like syphilis[9]
birth defects, especially pulmonary hypoplasia
chromosomal aberrations
growth retardation
Induced Fetal Demise
intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy
maternal diabetes
high blood pressure, including preeclampsia
maternal consumption of recreational drugs (such as alcohol, nicotine, etc.) or pharmaceutical drugs contraindicated in pregnancy
postdate pregnancy
placental abruptions
physical trauma
radiation poisoning
Rh disease
celiac disease[17]
female genital mutilation[18]

Entanglement of cord in twin pregnancy at the time of Caesarean Section
umbilical cord accidents[19]
Prolapsed umbilical cord – Prolapse of the umbilical cord happens when the fetus is not in a correct position in the pelvis. Membranes rupture and the cord is pushed out through the cervix. When the fetus pushes on the cervix, the cord is compressed and blocks blood and oxygen flow to the fetus. The mother has approximately 10 minutes to get to a doctor before there is any harm done to the fetus.
Monoamniotic twins – These twins share the same placenta and the same amniotic sac and therefore can interfere with each other's umbilical cords. When entanglement of the cords is detected, it is highly recommended to deliver the fetuses as early as 31 weeks.
Umbilical cord length - A short umbilical cord (<30 a="" affect="" and="" can="" cause="" cm="" compression="" constriction="" cord="" fetal="" fetus="" in="" long="" movements="" ruptures.="" that="" the="" umbilical="">72 cm) can affect the fetus depending on the way the fetus interacts with the cord. Some fetuses grasp the umbilical cord but it is yet unknown as to whether a fetus is strong enough to compress and stop blood flow through the cord. Also, an active fetus, one that frequently repositions itself in the uterus can cause entanglement with the cord. A hyperactive fetus should be evaluated with ultrasound to rule out cord entanglement.
Cord entanglement - The umbilical cord can wrap around an extremity, the body or the neck of the fetus. When the cord is wrapped around the neck of the fetus, it is called a nuchal cord. These entanglements can cause constriction of blood flow to the fetus. These entanglements can be visualized with ultrasound.
Torsion – This term refers to the twisting of the umbilical around itself. Torsion of the umbilical cord is very common (especially in equine stillbirths) but it is not a natural state of the umbilical cord. The umbilical cord can be untwisted at delivery. The average cord has 3 twists.
After a stillbirth there is a 2.5% risk of another stillbirth in the next pregnancy (an increase from 0.4%).[20]
It is unknown how much time is needed for a fetus to die. Fetal behavior is consistent and a change in the fetus' movements or sleep-wake cycles can indicate fetal distress.[19] A decrease or cessation in sensations of fetal activity may be an indication of fetal distress or death, though it is not entirely uncommon for a healthy fetus to exhibit such changes, particularly near the end of a pregnancy when there is considerably less space in the uterus than earlier in pregnancy for the fetus to move about. Still, medical examination, including a nonstress test, is recommended in the event of any type of any change in the strength or frequency of fetal movement, especially a complete cease; most midwives and obstetricians recommend the use of a kick chart to assist in detecting any changes. Fetal distress or death can be confirmed or ruled out via fetoscopy/doptone, ultrasound, and/or electronic fetal monitoring. If the fetus is alive but inactive, extra attention will be given to the placenta and umbilical cord during ultrasound examination to ensure that there is no compromise of oxygen and nutrient delivery.

Some researchers have tried to develop models to identify early on pregnant women who may be at high risk of having a stillbirth.[21]
The average stillbirth rate in the United States is approximately 1 in 160 births, which is roughly 26,000 stillbirths each year.[24] In Australia,[25] England, Wales,[26][27] and Northern Ireland,[citation needed] the rate is approximately 1 in every 200 births; in Scotland, 1 in 167.[citation needed]

The vast majority of stillbirths worldwide (98%) happen in low and middle-income countries, where medical care can be of low quality or unavailable. Reliable estimates calculate that yearly about 2.6 million stillbirths occur worldwide during the third trimester.[9] Stillbirths were previously not included in the Global Burden of Disease Study that records worldwide deaths from various causes until 2015.[28]
- another alternative is consciousness overlay on to FTL sub-material (such as on neutrinos, tachyons,etc...). Since interaction with standard material does not seem to be able to occur with out an intervening substance of some sort might explain the rainbow light that appears around a lot of 'Ascended Beings' when they choose to appear (if they exist)
The Mysterious Dead Sea Scrolls of the Essenes [FULL VIDEO]
- benefit of DNA clones (but physically different) is that they are simpler to fix? Key flaw is lack of genetic diversity means that existence of species could be somewhat fragile especially if they are hit by a virulent strain of a disease...
- most of the pre-cogs/prophets know the difference between what happens at Home/Heaven/Nirvana (if it exists) and elsewhere. They can differentiate? At the moment, most humans just don't care and they can't differentiate? It reminds me of politics and democracy nowadays. People basically know that they're still often not going to get what they want yet they still vote for the major parties in spite of the minor parties often offering better alternatives and policies? The irony is that the various religions have tried to bring Heaven to Earth before but they sort of lost track of themselves and the fallibility of their human bodies? My guess is that there is a 'Final Group' they'll have a rough idea of who may be better suited?
- 'Ascension Paradox' is extremely interesting. Obviously, it feels like the total number of (verified) people going through may actually be much lower then initially thought? It's almost like a lot of people just expect that if they ask for forgiveness they'll somehow 'get in'. Don't think it's as simple as that? You need to want to change in your mortal life and stick to it? My guess is that you can't really worship your way into Home/Heaven/Nirvana? (if it exists)  Yet, another link between Eastern and Western religions. Almost all of them say the same thing about 'Ascension'. It's like a form of 'transmutation'? Strange thing for me is that technically, it's possible to achieve by ourselves (via sufficiently advanced science and/or technology) but we seem to constantly be thinking in terms of one way though?
- even if humans can figure out how they did it (original 'Ascended Beings' change of forms/essence to something else) they still might not be able to 'interact' with the 'other/older Ascended Beings' (if they exist). All of the pre-cogs/prophets think that somehow that the 'Holy Spirit' (if it exists)(or it's equivalent across many religions) somehow only allows certain people in and locks all other people out? It's similar to sharing thoughts/conciousness. If they've basically setup an equivalent of encryption then it would make sense if there were different groups of 'Ascended Beings' (if they exist)?
The Mysterious Dead Sea Scrolls of the Essenes [FULL VIDEO]
- either way the 'Final Group' can live for an extended period on Earth either way. The trouble with the electro-chemical human form is that it is extremely difficult to reverse the impact of what life on Earth does to people. Given the complexity of each cell and what can actually be thrown into each cell you can imagine how difficult this is. Taking a copy of each cell is not a realistic or practical option? Copying their concious over to a new body is only a temporary solution until a more suitable arrangement can be achieved... There will be a number of streams of research which may be required if a 'Final Group' were to arrive? Life extensions/immortality of standard electro-chemical bodies, rebuild/reconstruction of new bodies and copy over of existing concious/soul, Ascension (the old/current fashioned way as well as via man made/artificual means), etc...
- clean burning fuel is something humans have been looking at for the body for the long time but it won't work in the long term. Basically, they're attempting to force cell cloning either way? The irony it's at this point that some of the theories regarding some long living people makes some greater sense. There was a woman a long time ago that who ate 'McDonalds' each day yet lived to somewhere in the vicinity of 120 years of age. If transfats (fats which have a side effect which causes them to exist chemical stable for decades on end) actually caused her cells to effectively clone themselves then it's a bit of a 'funny accident'?
- deletion of memories possible. Use decay rate and comparison of proteins in neighbouring cells to determine whether linked in? Total number with problems likely to be very small. If there is no discernible reason then we can look at fraud?
- I wonder whether there are animals/organisms that specifically eat weeds?
- fire copies of conciousness at black holes and singularities and see what happens at the other end? If something forms on the other side and is able to communicate back then obviously things aren't simply 'crushed' at the centre of a black hole?
- any re-programming/conversion via neural interface is going to be potentially 'painful' for a lot of people. It effectively causes a neural circuit reset which can feel/look like a breakdown of some kind?
- not possible for a 'class break' to occur for electro-chemically based bodies?
- here's the irony. Any pre-cog/prophet will know that the benefit of their visions is that it gives them a sense of where to look next, what is likely up ahead, etc... The big problem at the moment is that many people seem to want to simply protect part of their domain here on Earth. The irony is that a lot of people don't realise what the problem is. If you track through the history of most of the pre-cogs/prophets in history you'll realise that many people haven't picked up on their 'true nature'. Without 'true pre-cogs/prophets' (if they exist) you can't have the scientific, political, legal, religious, philosophical, medical and other breakthroughs that they provide to humanity (as I've said previously some of the names include Einstein, Bohr, Galileo, Da Vinci, Mendel, Ramanujan, Marx, etc...). This means you still have the obvious jumps based on intuitive and deductive reasoning but none that are required to drastically change things... Note, once again that in several thousand years humans have not been able to make any impact on the upper range of life expectancy of 120 years of age?
- interesting thought exercise between good and evil? Technically, someone who is smart and generous in a Satanic world would be dissuaded from doing good work. They would resort to doing what others would want them to do over time (mainly because they needed to survive)? The inverse would be true in a world which was inverted as well? What's interesting about this is how the various religions and individuals have attempted to bring Heaven to Earth. They've had an enormously difficult time trying to deal with the fallibility of their 'human form'. Many took extreme measures such as completely cutting themselves off from the 'normal world' to attempt to bring establish this dream. My guess is that in doing so they failed to understand how the two worlds differ (if the other world actually exists?) and what would be needed to bring about this particular dream in a more rapid fashion?
- billions of people have been lost because people interpreted the teachings of certain pre-cogs/prophets in their own way. It feels like they all had similar problems. Since their lives seemed to no longer within their own control that led to anxiety issues but it also led to them trying to push for particular prophecies to become true. Desperation as much as blind optimism was part of the reason for the failure of their implementations? Any one who read enough about this should know that regardless of what they do things should just 'lock in' for the right pre-cog/prophet. It should just be like cracking a combination lock of sorts. If you look up the history of the 'true pre-cogs/prophets' something very interesting stands out. They don't seem to dream like normal people do? They seem to either have all dreams/visions which come true all the time or else they have developed internal mechanisms of weeding our false positives compared to true pre-cog/prophetic visions. Read accounts of Muhammad/Islam and Ezekiel/Judaism in particular and they seem to have done a lot of research on this problem (research was continued in USSR, United States, Israel, etc... in their remote viewing, psychic, Stargate programs and equivalent)... If this is the case, then it may actually explain some of the religion conflicts that are occurring at present?
- one interesting thing about many of the pre-cogs/prophets is that they tend to inherently 'prefer' the ways of Heaven/Nirvana (if it exists). They've learnt other alternatives but they don't make as much sense? The interesting issue is this. Technically, those who have lived 'cleaner lives' from the outset just won't understand why they need to go through some form of Hell/Judgement before entering Heaven/Nirvana (that Muhammad speaks of assuming he hasn't confused this with mental illness/issues?). Moreover, a simple arrangement into an Afterlife wouldn't make any sense given the 'shades of gray' that life offers us. It wouldn't surprise me if there were multiple 'Ascended Beings' who handled passage into the 'Afterlife' for this particular reason. They can't make up for the inherent 'unfairness' of Earth without taking 'significant overt action'. This is the best that they can do. Hence, multiple religions/pathways into the 'Afterlife'?
- it has been said that pre-cog/prophetic visions could be linked to subconscious trying to solve problems that conscious mind is incapable of solving. Makes no sense that it were a purely internal phenomenon built on memories if there were ideas/objects coming from things that they've never seen before though?
- how did the idea of good and evil come about? The Eastern religions often speak of time before the birth of our current Universe. That it was possible that 'Ascended Beings' (included God, if they exist) tried to rid themselves of their personal flaws by dividing themselves upon 'Ascension'?
- one of the interesting implications of neural link type technology is that they can be used to run brain simulations (similar to that in the movie 'Inception')? Makes me wonder whether or not (especially if 'Ascended Beings' exist?) we can use them in the context of dating, job interviews, behavioural reform? Store conciousness... Create 'dating/life scenarios' and then run them through in the background? Then meet for real dates and see how things go? Other interesting possible uses include behaviour modification such as that pursued in psychological/medical practice...
- would love to see a breakdown of human interpretation of some of the pre-cogs/prophets it can be funny at times? The likely conspiracies are very curious?
- if the theory behind the 'Holy Spirit' is correct it's rather interesting how it could be implemented/work. It seems to work at a different physical level? 'Remote Viewing/Stargate' experiments by the Israelis, United States, etc... indicate that we may have multiple components to our bodies? Our physical body, a soul/conciousness, etc... If the 'Holy Spirit' is a form of matter you can build a type of logic/circuits into it stopping individuals from taking untoward actions?
- any 'Final Group' knows that inherently the only way Earth joins the existing network if technically enough of them are sent to push things over the line? Their abilities are there to help authenticate one another (abilities and knowledge which can't come from Earth. Things that are impossible to replicate currently on Earth? Must come from Heaven/Nirvana (if it exists)?)? They need to think more deeply regarding their 'enhancements' (if they exist and if they have them)? The core focus should be on the science side of affairs. The rest should 'unlock' itself over time? Diaries and notes of scientists who possibly doubled/double as pre-cogs/prophets may prove to be extremely useful? One thing is that feels obvious is that a lot of dogmas/ugly truths that need to be confronted and overcome. Confrontation of these issues could possibly result in an 'Apocalyptic scenario' of some sort? Given the diminishing role of religion in society nowadays could actually be a somewhat of a blessing in disguise which can offset an 'Apocalyptic scenario' as well? Not surprisingly the work of previous valid/true pre-cogs/prophets is extremely important. It gives/allows a mechanism for any 'Final Group' to track back what may look right or not and also allows them to translate what is at Heaven/Nirvana (if it exists) back into valid science back to Earth... It would be foolhardy to try to deliberately look up to those who are effectively engaging in 'flawed work'?
Which STIs should you worry about?
Chlamydia: One of the most common STIs in Australia, and one of the sneakiest, as it often has no symptoms. However, it can cause genital pain in men and women, and lead to infertility in women. It's treated with antibiotics.
Gonorrhoea: Previously rare in young, urban heterosexuals, this disease is up 63 per cent in this group over the past five years. It can cause genital and anal pain and discharge in both men and women, as well as a sore, dry throat. Untreated, it can lead to fertility problems for women. It's treated with antibiotics.
Syphilis: This bacterial infection causes various symptoms including sores, rashes and fever. Left untreated, it can eventually lead to serious damage to organs including the brain and heart. Syphilis is seeing a resurgence, especially among young Indigenous Australians. It's treated with penicillin, with repeat blood tests to make sure the treatment has worked.
HIV: Once considered a death sentence, this virus is stable in Australia, with gay and bisexual men (a high-risk group) increasingly using HIV medications to prevent its spread. HIV can't be cured, but it can be managed with antiretroviral treatment.
Herpes: This is a common skin infection that has mild symptoms for most people, including blisters and stinging or tingling in the affected area. You can't cure herpes, but most people will find the recurrences become milder and less frequent, and many eventually have no symptoms at all. Severe outbreaks can be treated with antivirals.
Hepatitis B: This inflammation of the liver can lead to fever, fatigue, jaundice and nausea — but half of people with the infection don't have symptoms, which is why it's important to get checked. There is no cure for Hepatitis B, although most infected people make a full recovery. It can turn into a serious health problem for a small percentage of people, and can also be passed from a mother to her unborn baby. The best protection against Hepatitis B is to get immunised.
Trichomonas: This infection is caused by a parasite and can lead to vaginal itching, burning and smelly discharge. It's common in remote Indigenous communities but rare elsewhere in Australia. It's treated with antimicrobial tablets.
The most effective way of avoiding these infections if you're having penetrative sex is to use a condom.

But Dr Holt warned that even consistently using condoms isn't a get-out-of-jail free card for avoiding STIs — you should still get checked regularly.

"STIs are clever little buggers and they can be passed on in other ways," he said.
- overlaying a conciousness on some forms of matter opens up extremely interesting possibilities? Are some of them riding beams of light or other (both smaller and larger then atomic) particles that go FTL (check out the movie K-Pax for an example of this. It was a something I looked at a very long time ago as opposed to actually building a proper spacecraft to go FTL. It's an alternate method of travel and communication...)?
- this makes for an interesting possibility. Is it possible to create an FTL 'life bomb'? If Earth and other planets were originally seeded with life by a group of 'Ascended Beings' the most efficient way is not to travel to a planet and seed it physically. The most efficient way is to send an energy wave outwards throughout the entire Universe. It's multiple layers of science and technology involved. First, you need the underlying physics to achieve FTL capability. You overlay Hyperspace windows with suitable physical phenomena to effectively open up portals to planets meeting a specific criteria (think of a highly complex 'SELECT' statement during a query of a computer/SQL database), you create a suitable 'life bomb', you send the 'life bomb' through to the relevant planets, then you wait (the process is somewhat similar to Dakara Weapon of the Stargate SG1 televisions series which could be used to both initiate and destroy life across the Universe?)... This may be one of the reasons why it may be pointless looking/searching a point of origin for life on Earth because it may be like searching for a needle in a haystack. The only individuals who are likely to know for certain are those who actually seeded it in the first place (especially if it was done by an advanced alien race of 'Ascended Beings' in the first place)? If a 'Final Group' was to ever arrive on Earth then it may be possible to simply ask one of them (any one who doesn't work in that section may have to infer what the others did?)?
- from a colonisation perspective this is very interesting. Fire a sufficient complex/coded 'matter stream' (doesn't even require satellites. Think about the impact of EM radiation on existing life? We know that even on 'supposedly dead planets' (Mars has simple bacteria, Saturn has simple sulphur based life, etc...) in our Solar System there is often extremely simple single/multi-cellular life. If we could simply 'reboot' things in a way of our choosing things could be interesting?) at distant planet and with sufficient understanding of the other world you can create arbitrary forms of life. Another interesting thing would be whether or not you could make more complex life from this?
- such technology makes for a big problem though. It means that understanding of matter that is in the 'unknown spectrum' (for humans currently) then technically point to point communication is possible for 'Ascended Beings' while completely bypassing normal space-time (subspace/Hyperspace communications)?
- particular forms/abilities/knowledge may be reserved for only trusted members of Heaven/Nirvana (if it exists)? There are obviously 'Ascended Beings' of differing opinions (if they exist)?
- only politically acceptable way of an Apocalypse type scenario is to push back intelligently. If the basis for all of the religions is fundamentally sound then they should hold up against scientific, intellectual rigour, etc... It should make some sort of sense? That means that if we're conducting a review of everything then basically things should hold up for most of time...
- the 'Holy Spirit' overlay offers possibly interesting insights into 'posession' and the true nature of 'Ascended Beings' (if they exist)? My previous research/speculation indicates that it may be responds somewhat like 'normal matter' (current physics as known to 'mankind'). Clearly, existence as a gas nebula type material impossible on a planet with an unstable gaseous atmosphere. Completely impractical to overlay a concious on to it? We have to be dealing with something 'different' from what we currently know?
- if the past pre-cogs/prophets recorded process of 'Ascension' (of the Gods) wondering whether the reason why so few people seem to gain it is because of 'space issues' (and not just rules and regulations)? If you simply hand out 'Ascension' to everyone then you have overpopulation problems? If unending life were handed to people how would the logistics work? As it currently stands we know that in the future Earth will struggle in dealing with the 'finite resource' issue. How would it deal with people with extended lives or alternate forms?
What is left of the Ancients, through gaining a higher moral center after ascension, is a hierarchy of somewhat omni-present, ethereal beings who feel they must remove themselves from interaction with all cultures beneath their non-corporeal plane. To merely interact with an individual beneath is breaking their law. Assisting a lower being in discovering ascension is punished by banishment. Meddling in circumstances that change the direction of a civilization is by far the most dire offense.

As punishment for breaking this law, the Ancients have been known to wipe out entire civilizations and abandon the one responsible (such as Orlin). They have also forced (or tried to force) transgressors to descend back to corporeal form. Ancients are, by every means, capable of drastically altering courses of events at will. But, aside from their often cruel behavior, the Ancients do possess a high moral center that governs the majority's actions.

Ancients also have the ability to appear in human form or to re-assume corporeal form permanently. Re-ascending then requires help from other Ancients.

Ascended beings have the ability to control weather conditions, turning a cloudless day into a hazardous lightning storm, and even using lightning as a weapon against enemies both in the air and on the ground.
- the 'inversions' and 'differences' between Earth and Home/Heaven/Nirvana (if it exists) are very interesting... Technically, the religions sort of thought that they could deal with the base/underlying causes of evil by taking over society, separating themselves from society, etc... Clearly, some elements within the religions tried to force Home/Heaven/Nirvana (if it exists) to send someone/a group of people by deliberately pushing humanity in the wrong direction (think carefully about interpretations of religion which are 'contradictory'. Either they were corrupted, were mis-interpreted, were wrong, were lying/manipulating things, etc...). Ever notice the similarities between the philosophy of science, democracy, etc... with that of the pre-cogs/prophet/religious structure? Note the way that in which income inequality and social mobility hasn't changed over thousands of years?
100 years after one of the most contested documents of Arab history
- neural uplink style technology could be used to teach animals as well (especially for those who are to be released back into the 'wild')?
How the panda became China’s diplomatic weapon of choice
- wondering whether it is possible to bypass a stasis chamber entirely in a neural uplink transfer process/reanimation? Namely, can you copy a concious from someone who is basically entirely dead. Not in a coma or unconcious, but literally completely dead? Such technology has been theorised, investigated, and tried before as we've seen from animal experiments but has been of limited use
- one of the interesting potential benefits of of true pre-cogs/prophets is the science that they can bring to the table. A scientist has to study for years just to be able to find a hypothesis and then has to use costly instrumentation to confirm a theory. If pre-cogs/prophets are real (and their dreams/visions come from a more advanced race/civilisation) then they can narrow down the search space extremely quickly which results in greater potential use of their visions/dreams in everyday society?
contradictions in religions percentage
- notice how a lot of children's shows (Japanese cartoons in particular) seem to have a lot of themes which present in the religions? The same rough Messianic themes and vision of a possible post-Apocalyptic future? Wonder whether it's a form of subtle manipulation to get kids to try to 'remain on the good side' (if there even is one)?
Sailor Moon X - the Next Generation [Fanfiction]
- better to given then receive makes no sense unless you examine things a bit further? Technically, things have remained largely static with regards to social mobility, income inequality, upper limit for maximum age, etc... for several thousand years in human society. What if you think about in terms of a business. You can't grow beyond a certain point without greater leverage, risk, etc?
- the contradictions that are inherent between the two worlds are extremely interesting. If Home/Heaven/Nirvana actually exists they have no need for 'money' because they don't have to deal with the 'finite resource' issue anymore. They don't need a way to measure things up against one another because they take care of themselves, the group, etc... all at the same time. They know that their way is better (virtually of the pre-cogs/prophets can hold their own in this respect if you go through history)? Requirements for 'strong leadership' are therefore minimised since workload is spread across the entire population (goes back to the 'Ascension Paradox' that I mentioned in another point?). Everyone can basically hold their own and fill in for one another? One interesting thing for me is the concept of 'temptation'. People often say that if you take away the temptation there shouldn't be a problem but that any 'Final Group' would have to be able to deal with any potential 'temptations'. It's almost like people want something like that to fail? Despite what humans say, it's almost like they prefer to live the way they do in spite of things possibly being better in Heaven/Nirvana (if it exists)?
- increase number of mutations to reduce number of possible birth defects?
- the neural uplink and alternate body type scenario I outlined in my other posts opens up some interesting possibilities? Let's say that we send the 'concious' of scientists offworld as part of an initial group. In theory it may be possible for them to eventually build rockets off world and send back resources back to Earth?
- notice the wording of the 'Our Lord/Our Father Prayer' and PBUH (Peace Be Upon Him) in Islam? It's almost like a subtle admission that even Jesus and Muhammad (and by deduction Christians and Muslims) weren't 100% certain that they were/are headed into the 'Afterlife' (if there is one). As an aside, if there really is a 'God' why would he bother communicating with humans? Look at the wording of a lot of prayers. They're often simply asking for mercy a lot of the time?
- the Internet allows speedups for memory downloads/uploads by effectively caching books and other content which is repeated over different people's memories? Wondering whether we lose our memories because finite memory capacity has simply been breached and old data is simply being overwritten?
- clear that religion is part authentic, part sham, part wrong, part mis-interpretation, etc... Wonder if part of the extravagant claims were simply 'marketing' to get people to follow a particular way of life much like the current political elite use a lot of manipulation and covert mechanisms to get what they want (if this is the case, it's obvious how the hierarchy works. God/Lord = some member of the elite or a 'cutout', Satan = greatest rival of elite in question, Saints + Angels = security and/or intelligence services, Demons = opposition security and/or intelligence services, Worshipers = population, etc...)? Even if it's just a bunch of fables it's required to keep people stable/happy in what seems to be an incredibly cynical world at times?
- another interesting theory regarding 'blessing' and the 'Holy Spirit' is the following. We know that technically, changes in behaviour produces changes in body and brain circuitry (neurochemistry). If the 'Holy Spirit' is real then you can theoretically summise that it's somewhat like an overlay of ferromagnetic/superconducting magnets material on a human body (who has been judged to be 'good') via superglue? Therefore, he inherits 'superpowers' over magnetic material? LOL
- if you're wondering yes, I do intend to compile these series of notes into a book sometimes down the road...

Random Stuff:
- as usual thanks to all of the individuals and groups who purchase and use my goods and services
- the answer to the speed issue is obvious (in the abscence of better technology such as super-capacitors which can recharge significantly quicker). A 'standard universal battery types'. Swap battery packs at each station
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novation circuit software
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Random Quotes:
- Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has hailed the regime’s "breakthrough" in its ties with Arab countries, claiming "many levels of cooperation" exist that cannot yet be exposed to the public.

Netanyahu said on Wednesday that those ties have not yet reached a level for the Arab states to acknowledge in public.

“What is actually happening with [the Arab states] has never happened in our history, even when we signed agreements,” Netanyahu told Israeli diplomats at a Jewish New Year gathering at the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem al-Quds.

    Cooperation between Israel and Arab states exists “in various ways and different levels,” though it still is not visible above the surface, he said, adding that away from the public eye, “there is much more than during any other period in the history of Israel. This is a tremendous change. The entire world is changing.” 
- "Law Number XVII: Software is like entropy. It is difficult to grasp, weighs nothing, and obeys the Second Law of Thermodynamics; i.e., it always increases."
F-35 and SU-57 computer questions
- "It is only known that, according to some estimates, the rocket can reach a fantastic speed of Mach 10, which means that it can travel almost 3.5 kilometers (2.17 mi) per second," Stanavov highlighted.

More importantly, the Zircon's extraordinary speed makes it nearly invulnerable to modern missile defense systems installed on aircraft carriers.

"Even the famous American multifunctional naval combat system Aegis [armed] with [SM-2] Standard missiles is powerless," the journalist stressed.

The crux of the matter is that the Aegis' reaction time is about 8-10 seconds. Even at a speed of 2 kilometers per second, the Zircon will travel a distance of 25 kilometers (15.5 miles) in this period of time. Thus, the US much-praised missile defense system would have no chance to detect and destroy it.
- Indie fighting game Fight of Gods, which puts religious figures in the ring together to battle it out, has reportedly caused the entirety of Steam to be blocked by the Malaysian government thanks to the introduction of a new fighter.

Jesus Christ has been added to the game, and reports say as a result the Steam domain is now completely blocked in Malaysia, as evidenced by Malaysian players on NeoGAF and a report from Malaysian tech site Lowyat.

Users noticed the block earlier today, which coincided with a report that the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission had requested Steam to geoblock users in Malaysia from buying Fight of Gods. Apparently Steam did not act quick enough, and the MCMC went ahead and blocked all of Steam.

Shortly after the ban, MCMC Muiltimedia Minister Salleh Said Keruak said the ban was placed "(to ensure) solidarity, harmony, and wellbeing of the multi-racial and multi-religious people in the country are the main objectives of the government. The government will not compromise with any action that can jeopardize these objectives."
- In a 2013 interview with the AFP news agency, her sister said ET had predicted Mr Thaksin's rise to power when he was still in "the telephone business".

But she added that ET's predictions were only "80%" correct.

Still, that did not deter her fans, who would pay hefty sums for consultations - some reports say the fees were upwards of $1,000 (£760) per hour.

Her consultations would include predicting the serial number of a banknote in the client's wallet or guessing the town of their birth.

Such was her fame that in 2012 a Thai production company made a television series about her life.

Her family had claimed she acquired her skills after she came down with a fever while praying at a pagoda as a small child, reported AFP.

In later years she set up a humanitarian foundation, and campaigned on behalf of the two Burmese men sentenced to death for the murder of two British backpackers on the Thai island of Koh Tao.

Even her own death - and subsequent reincarnation - was something that ET apparently foresaw, according to her sister.

The fortune teller had previously said she would die at an early age from heart failure, but was not worried as she would be "very pretty" in her next life.
- Australian start-ups say a move by the Chinese government to crack down on Bitcoin, after it quadrupled in value to $US5000 ($6246), signals the end of the gold rush.

A delegation of Australian Bitcoin entrepreneurs have arrived in China to find a chorus of official condemnation of the dangers of "virtual currencies", amid a crackdown on the world's biggest Bitcoin market.
- Gaping holes in the anti-money laundering systems of Australia's big banks are being exploited by crime groups to wash up to $5 million in drug cash a day, according to confidential briefings by federal and state policing agencies.

New details of police investigations reveal that the big four banks – Westpac, ANZ, NAB and CBA – have all been used by money laundering syndicates to launder drug funds offshore.

Syndicates are also suspected to have infiltrated the franchises of mid-tier banks. Police have gathered intelligence that an outlaw bikie group is examining acquiring the franchise of a mid-tier bank, while the Bank of Queensland's Punchbowl branch in Sydney was closed after Mexican cartel drug money washed funds through its accounts in 2010.
- The Canadian Ministry of Defense announced plans in June to dramatically increase the country's defense budget, money that would allow Canada to acquire 88 new jet fighters for the nation's air force.

Canada initially planned to join the US and several other allies in acquiring the Lockheed Martin-made F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, but Trudeau campaigned on not buying the stealth jet and holding a new competition for a replacement aircraft.

It is unclear whether the F-35 will be included in a future competition.

President Donald Trump had also been critical of the costs associated with the F-35 program, even going as far as to suggest the US might ditch the fifth-generation combat aircraft in favor of a modernized F/A-18.

But Trump has since appeared to have warmed to the F-35 program after a February statement in which Lockheed Martin credited Trump for helping to "accelerate negotiations."
- Religion is not going away any time soon, and science will not destroy it. If anything, it is science that is subject to increasing threats to its authority and social legitimacy. Given this, science needs all the friends it can get. Its advocates would be well advised to stop fabricating an enemy out of religion, or insisting that the only path to a secure future lies in a marriage of science and secularism.
Americans' approval of the US Congress remains near historic lows amid widespread dissatisfaction  with other branches of the US government, according to a new poll.

Only 16 percent of adults approved of the legislative branch of the government in September, unchanged from last August, a monthly Gallup poll taken September 6-10 shows.

The last time Congress' approval was lower was in July 2016, at 13 percent.

Congress continues to come under fire for apparent inaction on highly charged issues like repeal of the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.

Approval of Congress has been below 20 percent in most of Gallup's monthly surveys since 2010. In addition to being the least trusted branch of government, the legislative branch's approval rating has not seen any lasting improvements in recent years.

“Congress has seen little major legislative success so far this year. Legislation that has failed to make its way out of Congress includes a replacement for the Affordable Care Act, an infrastructure bill and funding for a wall along the United States' southern border,” Gallup said.

“With partisanship now the norm in Congress, and little sign of it abating, it may be quite some time before Congress approval significantly improves,” it added.

A separate Gallup poll found that Americans continue to cite dissatisfaction with the US government above all others as America’s top problem, followed by race relations and immigration.

The survey shows that 18 percent of respondents name dissatisfaction with government as the most important problem in the US, while 12 percent mention race relations and 11 percent cite immigration.

Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump is now viewed positively by just 37 percent of Americans, according to Gallup's most recent weekly estimate. It's even lower, only 34 percent, in Gallup's shorter, three-day average tracking.
- Google is among Silicon Valley companies that have struggled in recent years to diversify their predominantly white and male make-up. According to the company's most recent demographic report, 69 per cent of its workforce and 80 per cent of its technical staff are male. The report shows the proportion of women in technical and leadership positions has increased 1 per cent since last year.
- The last F-16 to be produced at the United States Air Force plant nr. 4 has been finished and will be delivered to the Iraqi air force in early 2018.
- "Last week I randomly glanced at my Google Drive Backup folder, and the Android backup for my 6P was missing. After freaking out a little, I found this. Contacting Drive support confirms that there's no recovery.

"There was no warning from Google. They just deleted my data. There's apparently an expiration date that shows up under the back-up if I had checked the back-up folder sooner, but there was no notification, no email, no proactive notice at all, and most importantly, no option to use the 100gb of my Drive storage to keep my f***ing back-up."

Google's support page says: "What happens when your back-up expires. Your back-up will remain as long as you use your device. If you don't use your device for two weeks, you may see an expiration date below your back-up: Example: 'Expires in 54 days'."
- This is not intended as an exercise in superpower morality – the US has long used unilateral economic sanctions as a coercive tool, too. But it is a clear illustration of why countries, including Australia, need to keep their options open and their economic risks diversified.
- “Today, despite great material development, we and our leaders are facing an emotional crisis. Although Buddhist literature has much to say about this, tackling our negative emotions has nothing to do with religion as such. But what the thinkers of ancient India have to say about our mind and emotions is important and relevant in the modern world.

“The global economy and the effects of climate change recognize no national boundaries. What they are teaching us is that we should act more as one human community. We are enjoying peace and tranquillity here, even if it is quite hot, but in other places right now other people are being bullied, killed or facing starvation. It’s unbearable.

“Many of the problems we face come about because we insist on exaggerating secondary differences of nationality, colour and even faith. This misplaced emphasis leads to division. It’s unacceptable. We need to think more deeply and recognize the oneness of humanity and that as human beings we are much the same.

“Peace in the world can’t be brought about by use of force. Peace is a state of mind. The use of violence provokes anger and yet more violence. We need to reduce anger and fear by offering friendship. Once again I have to say I admire the spirit of the European Union, which has adopted the more holistic view that we have to live together and we’re better to do it as friends."
- While ‘sin stocks’ may be unethical in many cases, they have historically offered a perfect mix of defensive and growth attributes. Given the uncertainty facing the global economy and the prospect of tighter monetary policy, they could offer relatively impressive outlooks for long-term investors.
- One of those protesting dumpster divers was Raphael Fellmer. He went so far as to live without money for five years, which eventually earned him a spot on many German talk shows and a book deal. But he has since had a change of heart when it comes to cash and is now one of the co-founders of SirPlus. "You can do many positive things with money," he recently said in an interview. 

So what's the business model?

Put simply, SirPlus has agreements with major food producers and retailers to take edible food they would otherwise dump and sell it for a big discount at their small store in Berlin's Charlottenburg district.

It's a win-win situation. The companies get good PR for avoiding food waste and save on garbage disposal, while consumers get bread, soy milk, baby food or juice at a massive discount of up to 70 percent. SirPlus does plan to make a profit with the enterprise, although they are quick to point out that they will give 20 percent of that to charity.
- The programme allows anyone to record their own pop songs just by singing into their computer microphone, with the software analysing the vocals and selecting the backing style and rhythm that it deems most appropriate.

SongSmith has been widely panned as inferior to Apple's popular virtual music kit GarageBand, but internet wits have discovered an alternative use for the programme and its musical limitations: creating dreadful reworkings of existing hits.

When the vocals of famous songs are run through the software, the backing tracks it adds are so unlikely that the end results often turn out as surreal reinventions of the originals.

Dozens of Songsmith reinterpretations have been posted on YouTube, including a hillbilly version of Billy Idol's White Wedding, The Beatles classic Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band as if performed by a plodding hotel quartet, and a techno take on Wonderwall by Oasis.

Many of the videos have been viewed more than a hundred thousand times. The reaction from commenters has been mixed, with most appreciating the absurdity of SongSmith's efforts while others protest the "massacring" of their favourite tracks. 

 "Proof that computers shouldn't be allowed to make music," wrote one. Another said: "After you hear a few, your brain implodes into a sludge, and they start to sound bad-good. Or good-bad."

Beneath the dance version of Wonderwall, one commenter wrote: "This is a distinct improvement on the original." 
- Germany
DW exclusive: How German companies donate secret money to political parties

German political parties have received over 200 million euros in donations over the last four years, but only 13 million was immediately reported. A DW investigation shows how firms systematically hide party donations.
Euro coin (picture-alliance/dpa/J. Stratenschulte)

German firms strategically donate money to political parties in small sums to pass under the radar of the country's lax party donations laws, a DW investigation has shown.

Insurance giants and major industry associations spread their donations to parties out over a year – whether it's campaign season or not – or pass money through subsidiary companies, so that they can donate to their favorite parties. The chief beneficiary often turns out to be Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democratic Union (CDU).

Annette Sawatzki of the transparency campaign group LobbyControl, which recently released its own database of party donations, said there was certainly something "systematic" about how companies evade the disclosure threshold and yet still manage to donate six-figure sums to single parties every year. Though directly affecting party policies is illegal, transparency campaigners have often called out Germany's soft laws as an invitation for companies to exert influence unseen. The figures also make clear that parties with pro-business policies, such as opposing the minimum wage, receive the most financial support from industry associations.

Donations make up an average of 19 percent of the income of German political parties – as opposed to 50 percent in the United States – the biggest of which, the CDU and the Social Democratic Party (SPD), operate on a yearly income of between 150 and 165 million euros ($180 and $200 million).

German donation laws makes it easy for major contributors to transfer a lot of money without much scrutiny. While parties must immediately report all donations of over 50,000 euros to Germany's lower house of parliament, or Bundestag, which publishes the information on its website, any individual contributions of between 10,000 and 50,000 euros are not disclosed until 18 months later, when each party's accounts are published. As for donations of less than 10,000 euros: Parties are under no obligation to disclose the donors at all.

Other countries have much lower disclosure thresholds. In the United States, the identity of any donor giving more than $200 directly to a party or candidate must be disclosed.

German companies are not slow to exploit the legal loopholes, by splitting donations and giving many times more money to political parties than is revealed to the public – at least at first. Since the last election year, 2013, all of Germany's major parties have received sums amounting to over 50,000 euros per year that have not come to light until much later – which means companies and wealthy individuals can easily hide any political influence.
- It is not a secret that between Israel and Palestine leadership, there is intractable mutual hatred. Individual leaders that have worked for a peaceful resolution of the crisis from both sides had been murdered for their efforts. Former Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and President Anwar Sadat of Egypt come to mind here. If Israel declare the conflict over today and allow the resolution to take place as proposed, the unaddressed mutual hatred within both parties will only give the Palestinian hardliners some legitimacy to not only acquire arms to engage in real hostility against Israel, it would also enable them to partner with enemy nations to start a greater conflict with Israel, in furtherance of their mutual hatred. I am sure no nation would deliberately empower its hostile neighbour to have more capacity to turn against it.

In conclusion, my proposition would be that, the United Nations design a five- year strategic confidence building programme to reduce hostility and mutual hatred between both parties.The high level programme should carefully articulate Israel’s fear and concerns and work to address them before pushing for the implementation of the UN resolution. The programme should be built in such a way that, both parties interact more and are given platform to commit themselves to not just being independent of each other, but working together at the highest level. Until Israel becomes comfortable that it is safe in a two state solution, it would never agree for it to be implemented.
- Every weapon begets its own nemesis. Just as musketeers upended mounted knights, tanks smashed trench works, and dive bombers sank battleships, so China’s superior cybercapability had blinded America’s communication satellites that were the sinews of its once-formidable military apparatus, giving Beijing a stunning victory in this war of robotic militaries. Without a single combat casualty on either side, the superpower that had dominated the planet for nearly a century is defeated in World War III.

Alfred W. McCoy, a TomDispatch regular, is the Harrington professor of history at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is the author of the now-classic book The Politics of Heroin: CIA Complicity in the Global Drug Trade, which probed the conjuncture of illicit narcotics and covert operations over 50 years, and the just-published In the Shadows of the American Century: The Rise and Decline of U.S. Global Power (Dispatch Books) from which this piece is adapted.
- The Central Intelligence Agency was formed in 1947. It was ostensibly designed to gather intelligence on foreign countries during the cold war. However, within months of its formation it was drastically altered to become an agent for regime change and to enhance geopolitical U.S. hegemony around the world.

Since 1950 the CIA has been actively involved in regime changes, political assassinations and mass propaganda. Their first major involvement in world events was the Korean War of 1950-1953.

The CIA is basically a crypto Fascist organization that works on behalf of the U.S government and the Military Industrial Complex. It serves the U.S and is all about creating more profit and opportunity for the United States. Any foreign country that has a) valuable resources to exploit, such as gas or oil, and b) resists the Neoliberal doctrine of Western capitalism, will become a target for regime change or an outright invasion.
- As part of a long-term venture to send humans to Mars, the US and Russia have agreed to team up to build a crewed spaceport called Deep Space Gateway in lunar orbit.

    "The partners intend to develop international technical standards which will be used later, in particular to create a space station in lunar orbit," the Russian space agency, Roscosmos, said in a statement on Wednesday, after the signing of an agreement at an astronautical congress in Adelaide, Australia.

The Russians and Americans would cooperate to build the systems needed to organize scientific missions in lunar orbit and to the surface of the moon, the agency added.

In a mission statement for the project, the US space agency, NASA, also said it was “leading the next steps into deep space near the moon, where astronauts will build and begin testing the systems needed for challenging missions to deep space destinations including Mars.”

Ascension Research, Pre-Cogs/Prophets/Religion 20, and More

- an obvious continuation on my previous religious research:  http://dtbnguyen.blogspot.com/2017/10/prototype-neural-interface-transfer.h...