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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Playing With an Android

While Windows is not the most secure Operating System in the world its certainly the most convenient. I used to install literally everything that came off the cover discs of magazines just to see what they were like simply because installation/configuration/removal was so simple. The Internet opened up the world even further. Over the last few years, 'smartphones' have become increasingly popular and tweaks/mods have made them almost as functional as desktop computers. My first foray into the Android world was a HTC Tattoo. To really exploit its capabilities though I've been exploring the the Android ADK/SDK (note that the 'HTC Dream Composite ADB Interface' driver is required for you to work with ADB and you'll need to have the 'Android ADK/SDK Platform-tools' package installed for you to do anything really interesting). Its essentially a Linux/UNIX platform with a suitable GUI on top and you can install all the same types/classes of programs that you would otherwise do on a fully fledged computer. The real difference is that unlike a lot of other platforms this one has basically been made for 'tweakers' and as such development of complementary software/hardware is significantly higher than most other platforms that I've come across. In fact, interfacing with the real world via robotics is easily possible via off the shelf kits at your local electronics store.

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