Sunday, September 16, 2012

Windows (and Android) Aren't (That) Inflexible...

If you've played around with Windows ISO's then you'd realise that with the advent of Windows Vista and 7 it is possible to convert a generic ISO to a so called 'Universal' addition through some ISO file modifications (and of course the correct 'Prodcut Key').

If you've been playing with Windows 8 and have not become accustomed to the interface there is some salvation.

For those of us who need or would like to extend the trial period for Windows 7.

If you haven't realised already the Kobo VOX is basically a low end tablet running Android. Moreover, there is an active community out there that is working on unlocking  the full capabilities of this device.

You can mount filesystems other than FAT32 on Android and have multi-partition support though I wouldn't say that it is 'clean' at this stage.

If you haven't heard already it is possible to run Debian alongside Android on your smartphone making the possibilities almost limitless.

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