Monday, April 1, 2013

Random Thoughts and Bugs

Perhaps you've heard of developer Bob's mis-adventures? A fun re-interpretation...

The things spies will do...

In spite of the trouble he created you have to admire his sense of humour, creativity, zeal, and skill.

Warned about this previously in the context of intelligence/law enforcement systems previously on this blog. Interesting to see how much information can be 'extracted' (both explicity and implicitly) just by using social media platforms.

Covered this in 'Convergence' report. Basically, new/popular platforms are most likely to be targeted and easiest to find bugs in.

Have to admire his tenacity...

Even dictatorships need hard cash! Opening a chain of restaurants is something I'd never thought they'd do though.

Thought about this in 'Convergence' report. Can have notion of 'Super-Portals' but must be customisable. Suspect that it will be based client side if it does actually work.

If you like your Easter eggs 'hot' here's an early Christmas present.

The HP Mini 210 is nice looking machine but it isn't without it's problems. Overheating seems to be one of them. Not playing games seems to be a suggestion for avoiding it?
Pity it seems to still have the keyboard/trackpad bug that I found out about on the DM1 though.
Like the DM1 great/neat internal setup and easy access though.
Hilarious system specific bug...

Repairing laptop cords.
Solder heatshrink looks very interesting if you've ever had to repair any wiring before.

Some interesting gun control and NRA background articles

In case I/you need to reset a USB port every once in a while.

Bugs of the Week

Un-named Technology Retailer Website (company/more details undisclosed for reasons of reputation and security)

Recently a local technology retailer had a competition. Basically, they would have pictures of iTunes vouchers randomly distributed throughout their website. This sounds likes a neat way of gaining extra marketing. Pity they allowed for directory listing through various image directories though. Combine this with a download manager which can download the contents of entire directories without user intervention and thumbnail previews (image filenames were helpful as well!) in many file managers now and you basically have enough iTunes credit to last a while.

YouTube News Downloader Script, Music Composition for Lazy IT People, and More

YouTube News Downloader: - if you're on a Not Really Broadband Network (NRBN) you somehow need to deal with networking/buffering issu...