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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Random Thoughts

Had a USB flash drive go bad on me. Was considering repairing (many of the drives that I've come across have had some sort of soldering issue but were out of warranty when I repaired them. This was difficult to open/fix without voiding the warranty though as it was a 'nano' style device which basically sits almost flush to the casing of your computer) it but it was still under warranty. Thought there would have been more USB specific utilities out there but resorted to using storage specific utilities such as HD Tune, Scandisk, fsck, badblocks, and so on.

Based on what I've observed it may actually be harder to find a reliable flash type storage (randomly) then first thought. It seems no matter which brand you choose they always seem to have a 'bad batch', counterfeiting problems, or product line issues every once in a while...

Concept that I was theorising about ('Cloudnet', a predecessor to 'Skynet' like capabilities) in my 'Cloud' report. Will be interesting how far they can push this. Ideally every robot/computer out there will be able to interface with the same 'core'. In a way, the concept/technology reminds me of of many robots from science fiction.
Another power management utility. Given number of computers in use around the world, I wonder how much of a saving we would make towards Carbon emissions if we were to mandate use of such programs (and better hardware) everywhere (aware of extensive power management technology deployment throughout portable and server technology. Don't see as much of an impact (in the real world) in the desktop/workstation (except in major enterprises) space though).

Which reminds me, curious to know just what impact of this style of carbon reduction worldwide would be (I recall a statistic that said that cows were the source of several hundred litres of methane gas each day)?

Easeus Data Recovery Wizard, nice free data recovery option for those under Windows and don't really have the time/desire to learn/skill to use more specialised forensic utilities. Limited to 1GB recovery in free/trial version though.

Figured out I had left some 'extraneous material' in a header for the Aspire One referred to below (labour intensive device to open if you've never seen this particular model). Resulted in occasional short. Have since done a trace back to larger, pads/points (easier to solder 'cleanly' 1mm target as opposed to something about 0.25-0.50mm in size) and are using these as connection points. Works perfectly now.

Another alternative to 'netbooks'. Note small battery capacity, difficulty upgrading, casing, and heating dissipation problems (dealt with by underclocking in subsequent BIOS versions apparently).

Some things impossible/difficult to simulate. If simulation/training runs aren't realistic then you could be doing more harm than good.

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