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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Network Mapping Tool, Random Stuff, and More

- had to build a network mapping/auditing tool recently. You can download it here:
- details are as follows:
# Ever entered a new network and you didn't quite know what was available,
# wanted to do an inventory check/audit, or you want to run a set of 
# simple tests to see what sort of security profile your network is 
# currently at? That's the purpose of this script.
# I had intended for it to be more customised but found that nmap 
# contained much of the functionality that I wanted so I basically stuck
# with that. It can be slowish but it's still much faster then
# a lot of network auditing, mapping, and vulnerability checkers out there.
# Obviously, it can be used for attack as well as defense purposes.
# Read through for a better understanding. Ideally, you'll be running 
# this against your own network. Turn off security detection systems 
# prior to running this so as not to set off spurious alerts.
# Integration of this into your existing network will give you 
# micro-SIEM capability (use in combination with something like fail2ban 
# and/or RRD type databases. This will give you better data on where 
# attacks are coming from).
# Usage is as follows. You can just fill in the network variable in 
# this script with what you want and then run it, you can fill in
# target hosts in the 'scan_hosts.txt' and then run it, or you can
# run it in combination with hosts from the command line itself.
# Usage Examples:
# ./network_mapper.sh
# ./network_mapper.sh
# ./network_mapper.sh
# ./network_mapper.sh
# ./network_mapper.sh www.microsoft.com
# ./network_mapper.sh www.car.com www.dog.com
# Go through the following if you want to add more functionality...
# detect common vulnerabilities nmap
# Note, if you aren't great with CIDR format there are plenty of tools
# out there to help you with this:
# network range to cidr format converter
# As this is the very first version of the program it may be VERY buggy. 
# Please test prior to deployment in a production environment.

Random Stuff:
- as usual thanks to all of the individuals and groups who purchase and use my goods and services
- latest in science and technology
powershell for linux
powershell i386 linux
puppet recipes
linux chef recipes
South Korea to shut off computers to stop people working late
- latest in finance and politics
- latest in defense and intelligence
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Random Quotes:
- The head of the Defense Department's F-35 program office worries that quality lapses at Lockheed Martin's production line could lead to delayed aircraft deliveries. On March 5, Jeff Babione, Lockheed's vice president of F-35 programs, said half of all quality escapes involve low observability systems. (Airman 1st Class Caleb Worpel/U.S. Air Force)

WASHINGTON — As the production rate of Lockheed Martin’s F-35 joint strike fighter goes up, the company is wrestling with quality escapes involving the jet’s low observability features, which now amount to about half of all defects on the aircraft, the company’s vice president of the program revealed Monday.

Last week, Vice Adm. Mat Winter, the head of the government’s F-35 Joint Program Office, slammed Lockheed for what he sees as its too-slow progress on eliminating so-called “quality escapes”— errors made by Lockheed’s workforce that could include drilling holes that are too big or installing a dinged part.

While those errors are minor, the rework done to bring the plane up to requirements is driving up the amount of money and time spent producing an airplane, Winter said.
- There are two fundamental political-economy questions posed by the imminent arrival of LEV. One question is: If millions, and eventually billions of people live for hundreds of years, how will a population explosion be averted?

The answer to that is that the rate of child-bearing will have to go way down in compensation, in order to ensure a stable global population. If LEV becomes a reality, then as a percentage of the population, children will become rare.

The other question is: Is human civilization going to accept the emergence of a caste of immortal super-rich aristocrats? Or will humanity impose an upper limit on the aggregation and hoarding of personal wealth and ownership titles?

If LEV proves technologically feasible, these two basic questions will need to be addressed within the next few decades. We live in interesting times.
- “Marriage is a process of tolerating each other, and it’s impossible that everything goes your way,” the article read.

“Change your attitude, return to the reality. Maybe there’ll be some imperfection, but your life will be full for it.”
- In addition, Medcraft noted that in 2016 and 2017, there had been around 900 ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings), nearly half of which had failed; giving some weight to the risks outlined above. 

He also observed that there is still a “wild west” mentality in much of the Blockchain environment and there is a need for the “rule of law” to come to play in order to permit monetary applications to become more main stream.
- The problem for Musk is what the industry lacks in innovation, it will make up for in execution. And if the past few months is any indication, execution isn't Musk's strong suit. 
- "Facebook and Google will have to ask users a lot more permission to track them," Carroll said. "Most people are going to say no, so I think it's going to have a huge impact on these companies."

Carroll has filed a legal action in Britain calling on Cambridge Analytica to disclose what data was gathered and used on him.

An undercover investigation of Cambridge Analytica by Britain's Channel 4 said executives boasted they could entrap politicians in compromising situations with bribes and Ukrainian sex workers, and spread misinformation online.

The executives claimed to have worked in more 200 elections across the world, including Argentina, the Czech Republic, India, Kenya and Nigeria.

The British firm said it "strongly denies" the claims from Channel 4 as well as reports on misuse of Facebook data.

"Facebook data was not used by Cambridge Analytica as part of the services it provided to the Donald Trump presidential campaign," a statement read.
- "The reality is we are fighting two wars, in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the F-22 has not performed a single mission in either theater."

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