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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Replacing LCD on Toshiba NB200

Make sure that you have the correct replacement screen. Remove all power from the device including battery and from the power adapter. Remove the bottom two rubber fittings from the bottom of the screen and then unscrew the screws underneath. The panel itself is not really made to be repaired. You need to push inside out as there are plastic latches holding the panels together. Do this carefully or you're very likely to snap something and be unable to put it together again. A screwdriver from outside levering the panels away from each other while pushing with with your fingers from the inside may be necessary. Unscrew the LCD panel and carefully remove it. Unplug the ribbon cable from the motherboard to the old LCD and and fit it to the new LCD. Turn it on and ensure that the max resolution is correct. Note that 10 inch net-books can come in variants of 1024x600 and 1024x576. Re-fit LCD panel into laptop and then snap the plastic panels together again. Of course, you could always pay someone else to repair it as well.

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