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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mac OS X G4 on a PC via PearPC

Old technology but I wanted to take a look at MacOSX without having to fork out the dollars for the technology. First step is acquiring a copy of MacOSX. Best place is via technology classifieds. Next step, is getting a copy of PearPC and PearPCSetup (to ease setup of the configuration file as well as virtual hard drives). Then extract PearPC (jitc version) to a directory of your choice. Run PearPCSetup. Then create a VM as you would in VirtualBox and/or VMWare. Depending on your version of OSX you may need to setup a network adapter as well and/or setup a TAP device. After this boot from a relevant boot image and install as any other MacOSX installation would go. Note that depending on the size of the hard drive you have setup you may have a very long wait. Moreover, you may need to reboot in order to have the installation recognize this as something that you can install the operating system to. Note that it may also be easier if you decide to rip all CD's to ISO files first and use this as your installation media. This can be both quicker as well as quieter. You'll also note the CD's have a tendency to be smaller in size (about the 350 mark for my G4 cd's).

- as usual thanks to all of the individuals and groups who purchase and use my goods and services

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