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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Asus 1005P disassembly

The Seashell series look a little bit intimidating since they hide most of the hardware under a very streamlined exterior which seems to be fairly fragile. To upgrade the hard drive you need to remove all four screws from underneath. Then you need to remove a screw from underneath the RAM cover. Then using a business card push in the notches at the top of the keyboard (to avoid scratching the keyboard) inwards and lever upwards and towards you the keyboard. Then remove all screws underneath. You may need to remove the ZIF connector for the keyboard. Then use the business card around the edge of the laptop to separate the top from the middle panel. Remove the ZIF connector from the top of the hard drive by levering the notch upwards and towards the side of the laptop. Then remove relevant screws and pull the hard drive out. Reassembly should be the opposite.

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