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Friday, July 22, 2011

WAN Acceleration on a Budget

Once upon a time computers were completely independent. With the advent of networking (especially the Internet) latency, bandwith, and redundancy are playing increasingly important roles. This is where WAN optimisation technology comes in. Depending on its configuration it can be configured to act as a proxy, and/or a reverse proxy or even in multi-node configuration that is used to accelerate LAN (most likely between multiple sides/nodes in a VPN) as well as WAN traffic. There are obviously many different vendors attempting to sell there wares which include hardware appliances, virtualised appliances, as well as complete software solutions whether they are installed on a dedicated server and/or your local desktop. Based on what I've seen they operate on multiple levels that may be protocol dependent and/or not. Below are some of the more inexpensive options out there along with premium options further down.

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