Friday, December 5, 2014

Music Production and Experimentation - Part 2

I've recently been working on music as an alternative hobby/career as has been indicated by the contents of this blog.

For an idea of some of the stuff that I'm interested in, please checkout my YouTube profile. There may be some remixes and some original stuff coming out in the near future via this avenue (some of the lower quality productions/samples are likely to go out via YouTube while the higher quality stuff is likely to go out via other outlets).

Compression as opposed limiting to reduce impact of increasing volume and limiting effect.

Some interesting information on creating Vinyl effects in Ableton.

If you've ever heard electronic music you'll have heard strange electronic, vocal sounds before.

Listen closely to a lot of modern music and you'll realise that a lot of it contains multiple drum machine synthesisers with often clever overlapping and layering.

Despite what I had previously thought about building modern electronic music it's not that easy.

Building software synthesisers for profit using Reaktor and other software.

Some notes that should keep your stuff from sounding amateurish.

Sound effects feature heavily in modern music. Keep up with your reading.

Some interesting software synthesisers/VST's out there.

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