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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Explaining Prophets 3, Random Thoughts, and More

Obvious continuation of my other two posts:

- many of the world's top scientists seemed to be have possessed the same abilities with regards to 'pre-cognition' and 'lucid dreaming'. Like the other scientists I mentioned in the other post there are huge advantages if the phenomenon that they are experiencing is actually true. Note, that many of them were fairly religious as well?
top scientists throughout history
- Neils Bohr (physics; structure of atom)
niels bohr prophetic visions
niels bohr atom dream
- Albert Einstein (physics; relativity theory, photo-electric effect, quantum mechanics, etc...)
- Srinivasa Ramanujan (mathematics; partitions, combinatorics, infinite and geometrics series, etc... astronomy; black holes)
Leonardo da Vinci, Goethe, Charles Darwin, Thomas Edison, Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie, Steven Spielberg, Quentin Tarantino and Srinivasa Ramanujan
- Frederick Banting (medicine; insulin)
- Nikola Tesla (physicist; electrical motors, remote control vehicles, etc...)
Nikola Tesla prophetic dreams
- Max Planck (physics; quantum mechanics)
- this phenomenon goes back thousands of years. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot more other prominent scientists and other people also doubled as pre-cogs/prophets but didn't step forward
chinese prophets
hindu prophets
japanese prophets
- people don't get the irony of the religious prophet versus scientist debate. Examine the list above and you'll realise some of histories greatest scientists were likely also prophets/pre-cogs?
- you can't become a truly 'global empire' (empire to end all empires) without dealing with the religion question. Part of the problem is dealing with the pre-cogs and others with 'enhanced abilities'. Regardless of whether or not humanity has known about the likely truth behind these people humanity would have likely been held back by several thousand years without them. Marx/Lenin and the US/West have not been able to deal with these issues. Until they do, they're stuck with all the awkwardness that they currently face
marx prophetic visions
karl marx fate quotes
marx visions inevitable
- it was once thought that prophets/pre-cogs were only existed within particular religions or within particular cultures. It seems pretty obvious that this is wrong
- most of the 'true prophets' know that there is something wrong/different with them. They can't seem to put their finger on it but they realise that they have an 'advantage' of some sort. You can recognise them by the way they talk about certain things. Religious circles talk about these people being 'blessed'
- holding back these people will only make life more difficult for humanity? I previously said that humanity has likely been held back several thousand years by repeating past errors. What's also clear that these people have likely played a role in speed up humanity's progress by several thousand years. Help yourself by helping these people
- alien theories make a lot more sense then a lot of what's out there often (if religion is true)?
David Icke - The Archons
- each one of these people are wondering the same problems; why them? How did they end up like that?
- there were many people who experienced a supposed 'call from God'. It's possible to attack this from a pure mental illness perspective (schizophrenia) but the more interesting among these people are those who sort of changed radically or seemingly gained 'abilities' of some sort. For those, who have gained 'abilities' it may be argued that the abilities were already present? Their changed state could may allow them to recognise that they have 'abilities'?
- not sure whether lucid dreaming and higher states of meditation are related? Have a funny feeling all of them are trying to achieve the same thing though? Pre-cognition and 'enhanced abilities'? No real progress made for most people though
- if there is a God it's so obvious that he wants us to conclude that we shouldn't be attempting to 'blur the lines' so much? If he exists, guessing he will keep on feeding down more crazy groups of people until we figure things out once and for all. That said, it's clear that a lot of people have tried that throughout history and that hasn't really worked out well thus far either. Moreover, wars as a consequence of religion and ideology have caused us no end of trouble. Clearly, religions thought as both blessing and curse throughout history? We wouldn't be at this point without it though?
- if they exist, it's easier to get them young train them while they remain 'pure'. Unlikely that they will lie about their 'visions' at that age. Moreover, if they can be trained things will be easier at that age?
- in lucid dreaming there is about a one for one correlation in time based on some experiments that have been performed
- schizophrenia (and visions) has afflicted those who have seemed to have done right as well as wrong?
- what's so obvious is that a lot of them worry that what they are seeing will come true. They will all wonder whether prophecy is a good thing or a bad thing?
- my guess is that some of them are sort of partly self aware, most of them completely unaware, etc...
- many obvious complications with them; trouble if multiple prophets see same thing but in different time frames? Interpretations are going to be different based on the background and perspective of the prophet in question, even if you can see it's pointless without understanding what you're seeing, what's the point in being able to see forward/back if you can't change the future? what if multiple futures are possible?
- this leads me to the next point. Finding a reference point in time is extremely difficult for any of these pre-cogs. Think carefully, time is just an abstract construct. In fact, different civilisations have come up with difference calendars and mechanisms for measuring 'time'. That means, that if you're looking for a time reference time and space effectively melts into one another. You need to use the 3-Dimensional world to provide a 4-Dimensional reference point (if things are in a heightened state you can interact as you would in the real world which gives you a better 'reference point'). This is why the 'perspective problem' is so dangerous. If two genuine pre-cogs can't reference time/space but agree on the same topic but they disagree (good example is prophecies regarding 'Israel' is a good example given the controversy surrounding it) we're in 'trouble'. If they exist they need greater control over the abilities?
- the reference point problem is incredibly important for another reason. You can't 'navigate without it'. It's clear that scientists involved with noetics, defense, intelligence, etc... have tried to seed people to help them create a reference point with limited success. The problem is that most of these people are undergoing instantaneous movement from one point in 4-Dimensions to another which means that conventional points for reference are unusable (remember, no Doppler shift in a lot of accounts. Instant transport from point to another. Then do what you want there in conventional 4-Dimensions. Those who have been best able to navigate are those who have gone into semi-concious/lucid states). Combine this with more complex situations (such as the birth of the Universe)(if that's what's actually occurring) where standard 3 or 4-Dimensional space time no longer applies and you realise the problem you're dealing with
- there's another critical problem to the time reference problem. For smaller experiments, I guess that they may notice they can predict thing on a small basis (which means that can control or predict space but not necessarily time). If all it comes back to not knowing a proper reference frame though then that's the problem and basically Quantum Mechanics goes out the door (as I said previously)...
- this bring me to another problem. It still doesn't provide you with a valid reference point if you want to navigate time/space at will? If they can find a valid reference point then they'll be able to verify whether a particular time stream can be changed?
- obvious problem over and over again is why are some people 'enhanced' and others not? Seem as though distribution of 'abilities/powers' based on hierarchy based on what a lot of others are saying (religious interpretation)?
The time-travelling brain
- possible for a prophet to 'fake miracles' by merely foretelling them?
- possible to fake prophets through spy networks and enormous manipulation. This doesn't account for actual pre-cogs though who can't have advance pre-knowledge though
- one thing that bothers you about all prophets is that a lot of them end up seeing/having 'common knowledge' in spite of not having contact with one another or any background knowledge (good example of this is knowledge of past life (as done in selecting of next Dalai Lama) and also common knowledge about angels, demons, Heaven, Hell, God, etc...). Sort of assumes innate knowledge, hive mind, telepathic capabilities, etc...? Difficult to explain purely scientifically...
- religions decided people couldn't live a certain way so they split off (secularism)? Choice is with community. If they can see through good for them, else bad luck?
- worst part of a lot of them is that we learnt more of them once they had died then while they were still alive
- as I said in my previous posts, if you know enough of the science and see enough of the world you'll realise that there are an enormous number of contradictions all over the place (and heaps of stuff which doesn't make sense). Makes you wonder what the potential actual density of FTL particles travelling through space and dark matter is. We could probably 'sail' through space like we sail across the oceans? Wonder why we haven't hitched a ride via comets and then use standard aero/jet style tech to accelerate to even higher speeds. Guessing feasibility?
- if all true prophets had 'abilities' it's clear that a lot of them would try to abuse them at some point. We hear a lot about them winning the lottery or at the casino though so either they can't control their abilities or they aren't talking about them?
- they all just seems like people who had better intentions (and carried them out)? One interesting thing about them is that many of them seemed to have effectively 'ascended' while on Earth. In terms of materialism they've sort of transcended this? To this end it makes you wonder whether or not we're being held back by a tiny group of people. If the Occupy movement is telling the truth (most of the world's wealth is held by 62 wealthy families) then basically those who have already gone past this point (where material trappings aren't as big of a factor) are being held back by those who believe in this system? It would be interesting if the world could actually exist without money. Financial/economic/asset management would actually be a lot easier?
- guessing in past when these people (if they exist) took sides they were demonised/lauded depending on what side they took?
- one of the surprises for me is that a lot of these groups that conspiracy theorists talk about actually exist. They're not just the result of the over imaginations. What they do is the obvious question?
- some scientific explanations for what is happening. One of them is that brain was previously split in half. At a particular moment in history the brain sort of merged. However, there's still a lot of people out there with this 'split arrangement' left out there in the community. That accounts for voices which seems to be common to schizophrenia and prophets. It also accounts for incremental 'new knowledge'. If one side of the brain is working on an idea but the other half is not aware of it then it look like a 'new discovery'. Still doesn't encounter for inductive jumps/leaps in knowledge though. Ripples through space/time could explain it (doesn't necessarily require a God)?
- the most dangerous thing is that even if there are true prophets out there there will be people who will not want to acknowledge some of them. If time can be changed these prophets could make life a lot easier 
- there'a big difference between theologians and theologians and prophets. The theologians can basically read and interpret but that is based on their own sense of logic. May not really work or make any sense? 
- look around and you'll see that people having visions are very common and that research into these affairs seems to be more common than acknowledged? Clear (when they're honest with themselves) they can identify the difference between standard dreams and 'pre-cognitive visions'. They can roughly 'date things' by nothing things in their 'visions'
Your Young Men will see Visions
Seeking Immortality - Russian Scientists' Hunt for Elixir of Life (RT Documentary)
- a lot of 'pretenders' out there as well
- if time is pre-determined it doesn't matter whether any of these people turn to one side or another
- there seems to be a yearning for fundamentalism out there. People want for structure in their lives?
- one of the things that needs to be understood with regards to some of the religions is that some aspects of them 
- Thomas Aquinas and Moses discovered a lot of important things. Two of the most interesting things is their analysis of evil. Think of the nature of war and deception. Only one side needs to push the other and they both must travel down a slippery slope. In the West, they ultimately decided to separate church and state in order to overcome this problem. Those who wanted to travel particular paths had a choice
- the irony is that over and over again people seem to be hinting at these ideas. Think Jumpers and Minority Report. Exactly the same. Humanity will face all of the same problems should these people exist
Jumper (2008)
Minority Report (2002) 
Deja Vu (2006) 
- one of the interesting things with Buddhism is that it effectively started with a prophet and for those who have read enough about it will realise there isn't much of a problem reconciling Buddhist teachings with the others because the primary difference is that they didn't necessarily conclude that there was a God? Ironically, Buddhism and Hinduism share the same root/origin and once again Hinduism share large overlaps with the Abrahamic religions but the main thing is that in a lot of interpretations there are multiple Gods unlike the monotheistic Abrahamic religions (although what seems clear is that their interpretation of Gods seems to be different. For instance, a angel could be interepted as a God? Moreover, it's clear that the other religions went through 'strange periods' as well?). Once again, a few different prophets here and there and the whole thing can easily be reconciled
- ethical conundrums for people with and without abilities. Based on the interpretation in the Abrahamic religions it's either temporary (Judaism) or else permanent (Christianity). Either way, it seems unlikely that these people could be controlled via God unless their were failsafe mechanisms in order to keep them in line. My guess is that the visions helped to keep their behaviour in check and there may have been other documented mechanisms to stop them from abusing their abilities
- why good/evil? It's simply a different choice. There are some important things that we should all listen to. The core 'Ten Commandments', the 'Seven Truths' in Buddhism, etc... Read throughout the rest of history and it's basically a shade of grey a lot of the time. It comes down to an issue of perspective so is it really a choice between good and evil?
- pure prophets/pre-cogs seem to be simply messengers. Others with other abilities such as tele-kenetic/pathic powers, weather control, remote viewing, warping, etc... are considered 'higher up the chain/ranking' (will not necessarily require 'science and technology')
- may be worthwhile experimenting if you're among one of the 'lucky few'? Abilities such as pre-cognition, tele-kinetic/pathic powers, weather control, remote viewing, warping through time-space, etc... have been mentioned throughout history... Evidence for pre-cogs seems strong. Not so much the other stuff though...
- if experimenting with abilities try to isolate as much as possible to reduce the probabilities of an anomaly (for instance, try to neutralise the experiments as much as possible in order to reduce the chances of bias. A good example of this would be trying to pick the suit and rank of cards from an unbiased deck of cards. Be honest with yourself...). Like the pre-cog/warping stuff it feels like part accident and part experimentation until you figure things out? Then just like exercising you may continue to get stronger?
- clear that many in humanity will say why do we need religion if we have science and technology? The other way to achieve law and order is is via mass surveillance. Lot of resistance...
- clear that at least some of them learnt to at last partially control their abilities
- any hierarchal system that attempts to impose rules/a way of life/system over as large a number as possible that they don't necessarily believe in/works will look and feel the same
- existence of pre-cogs implies FTL travel is possible. There's an irony to this. Since the speed of light is finite and FTL travel feels possible the further you travel into outer space the further back you are looking back in time (assuming you are looking at a single point). This means that with regards to Earth we may be able to theoretically/literally look back into time via a sufficiently accurate and powerful telescope which means that we may be able to verify a lot of what may have happened/not have happened in the Holy Scriptures
- I previously mentioned that stabilisation of a pre-cog (the paranoid schizophreniacs who are claiming to see pre-cognitive visions continuously may be most pertinent? Ironically, it's commonly acknowledged it's an extremely complex 'condition') may be required in order to get them to achieve visions on a consistent basis. Clearly, this idea has also been pursued by others (with limited to no success based on what has been said publicly). Chemical stabilisation is likely to require increases in Vitamin B, C to increase the chances of dream recall and also induce a semi-lucid state between wakefullness and sleep. Since brain neurochemical toxicity can increase chances of instability (particularly overly high levels of metals and free-radicals) it may require a cleansing mechanism such as high dosages of antioxidants. Use of melatonin/cortisol may be required in order induce sleep/wake states at will. Since it has been determined that it is a neurodegenerative disease, often with high presence of free radicals/oxidation in brain, neurotoxins (see next point), beta-amyloid plaque buildup in brain, etc... some steps need to be taken to deal with these problems. Free radical problem dealt with via increase in anti-oxidants. Beta-amyloid problem clear up can  generally be achieved by a number of mechanisms but amongst the most successful thus far have been a combination of Vitamin-D3 and Omega-3 oils and ultrasonics
Chinese government has conducted numerous studies on Superhuman Powers 
Minority Report (2002)
vitamins and sleep
- it's clear governments have at least looked into research into this area. The irony (or not) is that a lot of the food that we consume actually reduces these abilities (if it's based on neurochemical balance)(which reminds me of an idea for an 'Anti-Drug' concept that I was thinking about a while back. Drugs would have no market if they didn't work? If anti-bodies could be created which attacked the impact of drugs there would be no market for them?)?
- if there is a God and those previous pre-cogs/prophets that were sent forward were told to provide specific instructions around diet it makes sense that they should congregate around particular geographical regions. By sticking to a known diet they were able to maintain a relatively stable and healthy neurochemistry
- it's obvious that there were of people who claimed that they were prophets/pre-cogs which probably led to heavy punishment as they were causing more trouble than good?
- with regards to co-operation with security services they can live normal lives and just report in from time to time?
- the process of exorcism makes much more sense in this context. If it changes the neurochemical balance of the brain then it makes sense what they were thinking (which can be changed through meditation as well as through medication/prayer as has been experienced by military troops who've come back through wars and suffered from PTSD)
- the key thing is enabling them to hit a semi-lucid state. If pre-cogs are basically jumping through time-space at will then basically you can use this as a reference point to gauge how good/bad they may be
- if you read certain passages you'll realise what the significance is of the 'Space Race', the 'World Wars', and the 'Cold War'. If the world's political class were genuinely religious then they obviously interpreted that the US being the last empire standing implied that they were 'it' (else they could try to simply fulfill it and choose to interpret things that way). It's not that simple. Anybody who understands how genuine pre-cogs works knows that they are basically 100% infallible. What they see is what ends up happening 100% of the time (if they interpret things correctly). They also know that no matter what you do to them what they see will happen 100% of the time (they feel that humanity mostly has free will but part of the time things are pre-ordained). Everything is perfect because it is perfect not because people want it to be. That puts the behaviour of Jesus, Muhummad, etc... into context (assuming they were both genuine - for them it's like playing a computer game knowing that they have infinite lives but they are also aware that they are just bit players as part of God's plan (if there is a God)). They all look like crazy to the average person but they probably believe in the 'Afterlife' for this particular reason. They warped forward (accidentally or they had some control over their abilities) and saw what things look like on the 'other side'
quran scientific prophecies
- it's obvious what they were thinking when they experimented with hallucinogenic drugs. For many, it would clearly looks like there's no difference between mental illness, a drugged state, etc... For those, whose abilities may have 'diminished' they're using it to supposed to amplify whatever existing abilities they may have. The problem with hallucinogenic drugs is that it can clearly produce a large number of false positives/gibberish as has been indicated by others (for me, it's akin to turning up the gain/volume too high on your stereo system. Turn it up too far it will start to distort things). Actual genuine pre-cogs don't require much 'enhancement'. They're fine as long as they're healthy
LSD Experiment - 'Schizophrenia Psychosis Induced by LSD25' 1955 CIA Funded (MKULTRA) 
- so many movies about people with 'abilities'. If there is a God, he would know who can be trusted and who can't right? Look through some of the Holy Scriptures and it's clear that there are limitations placed on these people? Even if you only believe only partially in the Holy Scriptures (of any religion) you'll realise what most of the people who are 'enhanced' go through (they seem to get 'tested' in a lot of cases). They are on a leash? Given the way things are currently, there aren't too many good sides to favour anyhow?
- if you read through the accounts of some of some of these people what seems clear is that they went through to the 'other side' and know that they can take other forms which seems to match up against what's in the Holy Scriptures? What also seems clear is that they're more interested in this phenomenon then in the real/mortal world. Hence, it makes sense that they'd rather dabble there then dabble here (in the real/mortal world)?
- there's a lot of junk mixed in with religion at the moment. On top of this clearly they've been politicised, likely translation errors during translation ancient languages, etc...? A lot of it doesn't make sense? Some of it is meant is meant as a test? What seems clear is that people who are generally more intelligent seem to be able to handle things better and make greater inroads into how these abilities work. Interesting to note distribution of IQ by region and the reason why it's so? Often physical challenges (such as disease, malnutrition, etc...) that can be overcome
average iq by country
biblical scientific prophecies
quran scientific prophecies
judaism scientific prophecies
buddhism scientific prophecies
- deep down I think most of the pre-cogs/prophets believe that you're not supposed to interpret things the way you like? They're supposed to be interpreted as stated? The most dangerous are those interpreters/theologians who have ended up morphing/twisting things into something for which it was not supposed to be intended? One thing that may shock some people is how much content may have been 'interpreted'. Some prophets may not have actually said what others have said they said?
- Marx, Jesus, Muhummad, etc... were all actually correct? In a way, it feels obvious in some has been said that they are only part of a grander picture/greater plan but it feels obvious that particular events need to come to pass before. In a way they were all correct? They all knew that we've hit the limit for our social system. The critical flaw in humanity and most of the social systems that have been imposed so far has been people have effectively been indoctrinated into a particular system and based on that they move up and down a hierarchy. The obvious problem is that this system is often flawed and can easily be corrupted. This means that people can often end up in strange positions (good, bad, or otherwise). Until we perfect our systems (or else come up with a better one) we're stuck with the raw resources problem which means that we'll likely require FTL drives?
- humanity seems to currently interpret order and value of one another in terms of capital/money. The problem is how you accumulate this capital/money. If most of us have hit a point of 'transcendence' then it life becomes much easier. People will gravitate towards what the like and what they are good at which is both good for the individual as well as the group but since dodgy behaviour is so common it's also one of the reasons why things now seem so strange
- there will be those who think they can bypass God (and these people)(if God exists) through science and technology. Every one of these pre-cogs knows it won't work like that. They may be physically different, God may have set things up differently, but they have to be involved in order to 'unlock everything'. It's likely that they have conducted experiments with themselves that may be helpful. They know that humanity will remain on the outer as long as those who aren't supposed to hold particular knowledge continue horde it thinking that they are supposed to 'unlock things' when in fact they might not be 'it'. Things should 'unravel' for them with a lot less effort
- for those who may eventually figure out how to control their 'abilities' they realise that there could be significant political problems should they step forward. Even those who have limited control will realise that there is something wrong with some of the religious texts written as is... However, they will also realise that if the pre-cogs behind the 'Second Coming' are authentic then things will play out exactly as written whether they step forward or not. There may be many who will require 'immunity'? For instance, if there are who those can warp back warp back and prove that there is a lot of questionable out there things may end up being difficult (else they could simply not say anything?)?
- it's so obvious what various national governments were thinking. It's almost like acknowledging the 'advanced humans' exist. Why do they exist? What happens if they abuse their abilities? What about 'average people'? What about the present 'world order'? Ask yourself the following question, if I'm correct about that list of scientists being pre-cogs/prophets then how far back would humanity would have been held back?
- despite what they're saying, feels like the governments know more then there willing to let on (in spite of some recent releases)? Guessing they're still holding back stuff? Would they be crazy enough to automatically designate them 'threats' and try to blunt them (if they exist)? If they have tried to block likely would have been via EM wave or chemicals?
Chinese government has conducted numerous studies on Superhuman Powers 
- in a way if there is a God and an 'afterlife' it's a nice way of balancing things up. The troubling thing is for everyone, it isn't really much of a balance. If it's an immortal threat versus a mortal threat you see what the problem is?
The Fake 'Choice' - God or Non-Existence - The David Icke Videocast Trailer
- given the importance of preparation for the 'afterlife' in many ancient societies at all levels of society having a hard time believing that the leaders thought of it is as a sham?
- whether or not the secrete research has proven outright that whether there is an afterlife or not there is an interesting question that is raised. If people were genuinely religious surely we would be living different lives? or is it a case of a lot of people knowing they have no chance so they they do whatever they want in the meantime and hope for the best? Else, there's not enough proof around so do what you can and hope for the best?
- if there are any pre-cogs/prophets out there reading this sticking to the stuff that can be proven, ignore the stuff that can't
- if any of the pre-cogs/prophets exist and have gained control over their abilities then they'll realise that they can warp through time/space, see the 'afterlife', that they may have telekinetic/pathic abilities, etc... They'll also realise (like the others) that they can take any form they want (at least, in other places). Figure these people out and you gain all of these 'abilities' plus science/technology and more than likely FTL capability. Think of how rediculous this may look to some of them if they realised what was going on?
- if my guess is right then these people may have shortened lifespans owing to the higher toll that their abilities may have on them?
- we want laws for practically everything now. The problem is that this can get a lot of good people in trouble for what a tiny majority may want. Perhaps some things are best left for individual circumstance to decide?
- cynics want proof which is difficult to supply. If there is a God he likely would leave a trail that others would be able to identify and track. If most people don't have a genuine chance why bother? If the pre-cogs know what's going to happen whether they act or not what's the point of life?
- power of suggestion/placebo effect actually could account for some of the stuff mentioned but the problem is what about knowledge about third party entities for which there was no prior knowledge (for instance, two pre-cogs apart who have no knowledge of an third party entity but come up with the same idea. This is particularly the case where neither are particularly religious but come up with similar ideas such as the nature of Heaven, Hell, God, angels, etc...) on either party. Can come down to telepathy or a third party?
- people seem to want to have a purpose in life. Religion is one of the things which seems to provide that purpose to them (even if it's wrong or corrupted)?
- hierarchal structures can be abused if used in the wrong way. Even the silliest things can cause the entire group to move in the wrong direction. However, it's this hierarchal structure which allows people to do greater things?

- no matter the social system it's clear that people are conditioned to the point whereby they believe in the system (right or wrong). The irony is that school is a controlled system. The real world isn't. The interesting thing for me is that most of the systems attempted have ended up producing roughly the same results
- after the mistakes that a lot of people/religions have made it's easy to see why many of the pre-cogs have not come forward with their abilities. They likely knew that they would get attacked no matter what they said
- there are major problems with this form if you to solve these issues. Those with a lot of capital/money can shape the world as they see fit regardless of whether they are fit guardians of humanity or not. Alternate system has everyone with enough and a bit more. In that case, capital/money is re-allocated to those not best able to manipulate but those best able to provide for themselves as well as the group which means that we may be able pursue things that everyone wants to rather than specific minorities/groups? Would have to overcome finite resource problem though
- ironically, while it feels easy to test for pre-cognitive abilities in reality, this is much more difficult then you think (especially if the people in question have limited to no control over what they are seeing or doing). Obvious tests are whether you can predict coin tosses, dice tosses, roulette wheels, picking cards, etc... Problem is conducting them in such a way that they that isn't biased in any form. If you think about it carefully it's more difficult then you think. The other irony is this, while most people are interested in how to control others, the most unbiased test that you can actually perform is on objects not people (who are subject to all sort sorts of psychological biases). Here's the other problem those who aren't 'enhanced' have no real way of verifying that others are 'enhanced' especially if those who are 'enhanced' can't control their own abilities
- obvious dangers with kids is that if it's publicly advertised that these people actually exist they'll start trying to do crazy things (like jumping off buildings in the hope that they have flying abilities) and so on. They need to start small
- one of the obvious things is if they couldn't really figure out how to distinguish true from false prophets one of the obvious answers would have been to simply split up the religions and create artificial barriers which would never allow them to intermingle until there were people who could explain everything for them?
- it feels obvious that pre-cogs/prophets are definitely real. The problem is the rest of it. One particularly strange thing is noting the types of voices that people here during schizophrenia seems to be distributed based on region/culture. Could strike this down to religious issues or else religion is a complete sham? Still doesn't explain the other phenomena that you get from them though
- notice that those who could make the most progress in these affairs were often polymaths?
- it seems obvious that 'unlocking these people' will unlock a lot of other doors. We may fast forward science and technology several thousand years and gain FTL capability. Those best able to make use of their abilities and push things forward often double up with regards to spirituality and another field of human endeavour

Random Stuff:
- animals can be incredibly funny from time to time
- India's ancient (but pretty smart) version of a water dam
- when you think about it that's a pretty large chunk of the human population?
- about the fake news stuff. Think very carefully about this. If there are spies being ordered to watch over journalists who have to go to an editor, who check regularly to make sure things check out, etc... what does it change? There's no difference between paying that particular person to watch grass grow and doing their job? It doesn't really change anything? On top of this, if they have the technology to censor stuff online what's the fuss?
- looks neat. I previously theorised drag reducing technology obviously. Should be interesting particularly in the context of larger countries/states. Imagine living and working hundred of kilometres apart?
- given the end of 'Google Reader' and the proliferation fake news it should make sense that there would be a proliferation of online alternatives
build free online news aggregator
alternativeto individurls.com
blogspot news aggregator
How To Build A News Aggregator Website With Blogger - YouTube
free online custom news aggregator
- as I said previously there's been a spate of military aircraft crashes of late. Makes you wonder whether something wierd is going on?
- if you've tried any 'health supplements' you'll realise that they often contain the same ingredients. They don't often do a lot for people who are already healthy as well... 
- heaps of free online proxies now
- enemies except when it comes to food?
South Korean Snacks and Sauces Find Market in North Korea Despite Import Ban
- yet another DAW aout there. Looks pretty basic? Apparently, things are handled by MAGIX now
ACID Pro 7 - Professional Digital Audio Workstation
A total music production platform
- more work on algorithmic music generation and executable packers
perl algorithmic music generator
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linux executable packer
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- SAN FRANCISCO — Want to invisibly spy on 10 iPhone owners without their knowledge? Gather their every keystroke, sound, message and location? That will cost you $650,000, plus a $500,000 setup fee with an Israeli outfit called the NSO Group. You can spy on more people if you would like — just check out the company’s price list.

The NSO Group is one of a number of companies that sell surveillance tools that can capture all the activity on a smartphone, like a user’s location and personal contacts. These tools can even turn the phone into a secret recording device.

Since its founding six years ago, the NSO Group has kept a low profile. But last month, security researchers caught its spyware trying to gain access to the iPhone of a human rights activist in the United Arab Emirates. They also discovered a second target, a Mexican journalist who wrote about corruption in the Mexican government.

Now, internal NSO Group emails, contracts and commercial proposals obtained by The New York Times offer insight into how companies in this secretive digital surveillance industry operate. The emails and documents were provided by two people who have had dealings with the NSO Group but would not be named for fear of reprisals.

The company is one of dozens of digital spying outfits that track everything a target does on a smartphone. They aggressively market their services to governments and law enforcement agencies around the world. The industry argues that this spying is necessary to track terrorists, kidnappers and drug lords. The NSO Group’s corporate mission statement is “Make the world a safe place.”

Ten people familiar with the company’s sales, who refused to be identified, said that the NSO Group has a strict internal vetting process to determine who it will sell to. An ethics committee made up of employees and external counsel vets potential customers based on human rights rankings set by the World Bank and other global bodies. And to date, these people all said, NSO has yet to be denied an export license.

But critics note that the company’s spyware has also been used to track journalists and human rights activists.

“There’s no check on this,” said Bill Marczak, a senior fellow at the Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto’s Munk School of Global Affairs. “Once NSO’s systems are sold, governments can essentially use them however they want. NSO can say they’re trying to make the world a safer place, but they are also making the world a more surveilled place.”
- The report, commissioned by NBN, said the number of sole traders had increased by 3700 in the 12 months to June 2015, taking the total to almost 1.2 million.

It said new technology including virtual reality, video collaboration, data analytics, cloud computing and Fintech were contributing to the growth in start-ups.

Mr Salt said the days of car manufacturers or companies such as Alcoa coming from overseas to Australia to hire thousands of workers on local pay rates were over.

"We have to create our own jobs of the future," he said. "Therefore any level of entrepreneurship should be encouraged."
- There is precedent for fearing Chinese espionage attempts. In 2008, a Downing Street official, who was accompanying then-Prime Minister Gordon Brown, was preyed upon by a beautiful Chinese woman.

The UK official took the Chinese spy back to his hotel room, but woke up to find his Blackberry and documents from his briefcase were missing.

Damien McBride, who was previously Brown’s spin doctor, witnessed the incident, which he recorded in his memoires published in 2013.

He woke up the following morning "minus his Blackberry and half the contents of his briefcase,” as cited by the Telegraph.

The official also had a “very bad headache, owning to the Mickey Finn nightcap his overnight companion had administered to him in his hotel room.”

Documents leaked by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden in 2014 revealed that the UK actually employed the very same “dirty tricks” that it is warning its delegation to Hangzhou to be wary of.

Snowden stated that British intelligence has used sexual “honey traps” to ensnare rival agents, hackers and suspected terrorists, with targets lured “to go somewhere on the internet, or a physical location” where they are then “met by a friendly face.”

Later in 2014, a leaked UK Ministry of Defense (MoD) document said that detailed instructions had been given to British officials that the Russian intelligence, the FSB, may try to compromise and blackmail foreign agents “through knowledge of marital infidelity or sexual activity the target may wish to hide.”

Chinese intelligence, meanwhile, has a “voracious, vast and indiscriminate appetite” for all types of data, and allegedly recurs to blackmail as well.
- “Thank you very much for the gift, for the tasty ice-cream. In my every trip to Russia I always ask to buy Russian ice-cream. And then, at home, we eat it,” the Chinese leader said.

“You have the best cream, and it makes it so tasty. I like it very much. Thank you for this courtesy,” he added.

And Xi isn’t the only one who thinks Russian ice-cream rocks!

On Friday, a Chinese businessman in Russian Far-Eastern city of Vladivostok complained to Putin that the customs doesn’t allow Russian ice-cream to be brought to China.

“It’s the first time I’ve heard this. Starting from now, each time I go to China, will bring ice-cream as a gift for Xi [Jinping],” Putin said, as quoted by TASS.

The G20 summit started on Sunday in the Chinese Hangzhou, and prior to that, Putin took part in an informal BRICS countries meeting (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa).
- It all had the look of China’s Communist Party putting the leader of a superpower in his place.

“It’s a potent message for the Party to say ‘we have made China so strong we can snub [the U.S. president] with impunity,’” wrote Jonathan Sullivan, director of the China Policy Institute at the University of Nottingham, on Twitter.

“Sometimes, when people finally get powerful and important, they no longer worry about concealing their bad habits,” said David Mulroney, the former Canadian ambassador to China.

In Hangzhou, Mr. Obama acknowledged “friction,” but smiled it off as normal jostling between two countries. “The seams are showing a little more than usual,” he said.

By the numbers, no one cares more about world opinion than China.

Beijing spends roughly $10-billion (U.S.) every year on “external propaganda,” political scientist David Shambaugh has estimated. It’s enough money to run Manitoba’s provincial government, far more than any other nation spends on its external image – and an obvious mark of how badly China covets global affection.

But if the idea is to show an ancient civilization retaking its peaceful place in the world, that effort has struggled against China’s own hectoring.
- Chinese security services are engaging the most intense collection of intelligence by a foreign power Australia has ever seen. And Australia does not have the resources to stop it.

Spying in Australia today is probably as intense as during the Cold War, security officials say. But it's a new form of intelligence gathering.

In the new era, the Chinese have replaced the Soviets. Instead of listening devices hidden in government offices, or communist moles working their way close to power, spies today sit at computers working on ingenious ways to break into foreign networks, or debrief countrymen who may have come across titbits of useful information.

Information held by the Defence Science and Technology Group of the Department of Defence and CSIRO are also among highly desirable information sought by Beijing. Katherine Griffiths

"China's intelligence gathering is pervasive but not overtly intrusive and by and large not breaking any laws, but it is on an industrial scale," says an expert with connections to the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation who asked to remain unnamed.
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Spying by China is far easier than it was during the Cold War era. Some one million Chinese citizens visit Australia every year on tourist visas. Thousands already live in Australia, and many come and go for business and mix with Australians at all levels of society. They are free to go anywhere an Australian is, and there are far too many for the security services to monitor.

"Chinese Australians doing business in China are very susceptible to pressure from the legal system in a way round-eyes aren't," says Paul Monk, an intelligence expert and author of Thunder From the Silent Zone: Rethinking China. "They put pressure on Chinese Australians, saying 'you are ours'."

The Chinese intelligence services are exploiting Australia's openness, security sources say. The huge number of regular conversations between Chinese citizens and Australian businessmen, public servants and politicians creates a stream of intelligence that is collated by China's security services.

"They are just people with links with China who pass on information in small bits," the expert says. "In themselves the pieces of information are not that significant. But connecting it's an extraordinary effort. It's very hard to avoid it and negate it."
- Israeli voice emotion analytics start-up Beyond Verbal has raised $3 million as part of a Series A round, led by China's KuangChi Science Limited, a member of the Kuang-Chi group.

Tel Aviv-based Beyond Verbal’s technology enables the understanding of emotions, well-being, and health conditions through the human voice.

Founded in 2012, the award-winning company’s emotions analytics technology has numerous applications - from improving call center effectiveness, to quantifying emotions for market research purpose, and all the way to tracking health conditions over time - and is grounded in more than two decades of research by chief science officer, Dr. Yoram Levanon.
- "The average large Australian business (revenue more than $900 million) has at least 18,700 TLS/SSL keys and certificates, 42% more than two years ago. All of these are created manually, most out of the control of any security teams who are supposed to create them. When a breach or vulnerability occurs, it is impossible to remediate."

Hudson said there was a need for education in order that the idea of certificate management was more widely taken up.

Bugs like Heartbleed and and Shellshock have underlined the need to tell the difference between a genuine certificate and a fake one and Venafi has gained from such incidents.

Venafi, a 11-year-old start-up based in Salt Lake City, is a private company that three years back had to reduce a quarter of its staff. Last July, the company had just 250 global customers.

But things seem to be improving now, with 50 of the Fortune top 200 companies having invested in the company's software platform. A year ago, it had also increased its headcount from 100 to 180.
- Yesterday we noted how President Obama received a very undiplomatic welcome in China for his last official visit to the country as Commander in Chief (see "Tarmac Altercation Erupts After Obama Lands In China: Official Shouts "This Is Our Country, Our Airport"").

Upon arrival on Saturday in China as part of his last visit to Asia as US Commander in Chief for the periodic photo-op that is the G-20 meeting, something unexpected happened: a very undiplomatic greeting when an unusual tarmac altercation involving Chinese and U.S. officials, including national security adviser Susan Rice, devolved into a shouting match by a member of the Chinese delegation.

It all started with the actual landing: as AP reports, the first sign of trouble is that there was no staircase for Obama to exit the plane and descend on the red carpet. So, as the photo below shows, Obama used an alternative exit. Needless to say, a diplomatic fuck up such as this one, was not accidental - Beijing was sending a loud and clear message.
Turns out someone manning the Defense Intelligence Agency twitter account over the long holiday weekend was feeling a little snarky and decided to send the following tweet about the incident which reads, "Classy as always China."
- Tony Abbott's grin said it all. When the former prime minister left Parliament House after Thursday's embarrassing lower house debacle he looked perilously close to schadenfreude overdose.

Abbott's government was an incompetent mess from top to bottom; a circus that lurched from one self-inflicted crisis to another until it finally tore itself apart. But at least it never lost a vote in the house.

Abbott will never get the vindication he truly wants – he'll never reclaim the top job – but he's already getting the next best thing: a front row seat to watch as the man who vanquished him falls apart.

Malcolm Turnbull had one job last week: to prove to Australians that his "solid working majority" was real.

Bill Shorten reneged on his promise to be a constructive opposition leader in favour of "schoolboy tricks"; frontbenchers Peter Dutton, Christian Porter and Michael Keenan were guilty of "complacency" for leaving Parliament early; the government whips clearly didn't crack the whip hard enough; the media was making a mountain out of a meaningless, procedural molehill.

It was all very reminiscent of his graceless election night speech. Shorten was a big liar; Labor sent out tricky text messages; the Australian people were too dumb to see through the Mediscare campaign.

The result had nothing to do with his dull and lacklustre campaign. Or his uninspiring and threadbare agenda. Or the previous nine months of backflips, thought bubbles, scandals and sellouts. It wasn't until days later he finally shouldered some of the responsibility for the disaster.

But make no mistake, here too the buck stops with Turnbull. He's at the top of a government that was careless and sloppy.
- In February 1946, George Kennan sent back from Moscow the “Long Telegram,” an analysis of the sources of Soviet foreign policy, which came to serve as the intellectual foundation of the containment policy the United States pursued during the Cold War. The telegram landed in the midst of a reassessment of American Soviet policy as the hopes born of the grand alliance against Hitler’s Germany that the allies would continue to cooperate in peacetime crashed against the harsh reality of Soviet suspicion and hostility. As John Gaddis notes in his biography of Kennan, his telegram did not bring about a shift in U.S. policy but it crystallized the thinking of senior administration officials. “It was,” Gaddis writes, “the geopolitical equivalent of a medical X-ray, penetrating beneath alarming symptoms to yield at first clarity, then comprehension, and finally by implication a course of treatment.”

Today, we need a similar analysis, for we find ourselves at a similar juncture. Two years ago, Russia’s annexation of Crimea and destabilization of eastern Ukraine irreversibly dashed all the assumptions that had guided America’s Russia policy since the demise of the Soviet Union a generation ago. No longer is it possible to maintain that Russia is being integrated, albeit slowly and fitfully, into the West and, for that reason, is a suitable partner for addressing global issues. Moreover, Russia itself is no longer interested in integration, if it ever was. Rather, it presents itself as a unique construct, intent on challenging the U.S.-led world order across a broad front, including hard geopolitical matters like Ukraine, as well as the values that animate Western society. This does not mean that from time to time the United States and Russia will not cooperate on discrete issues, only that the cooperation will not be grounded in a sense of shared values and a common vision of a just global order. In these circumstances, there can be no talk of a “strategic alliance with Russian reform” (President Clinton’s phrase), “strategic partnership” (President George W. Bush’s) or “reset” (President Obama’s). The times call for a new relationship, without illusions about what Russia is and where it is headed.

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