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Friday, January 27, 2017

Life in the Philippines, Duterte Background, and More

- interesting history. Aetan people were original inhabitants of Philippines. Now a minority group. Malaysian and Indonesian people settled there thereafter. Then Chinese and Muslims came. Finally, Spanish and US colonialism and now relative independence... Two main wars that changed it's history. That between it's colonisers (US and Spain) and between itself and the US which helped them to gain relative independence
A brief history of the Philippines....
The Philippine  History of 490 Years
History of the Philippines - Timelapse (1456 - 2016)
- was under colonial rule by a number of countries throughout history. Effectively a large grouping of islands. Large population of ~100 million. Read enough of their media and there's no way that you could consider it stable or peaceful in the Western sense of the word. Still feels like it's developing and that there are core issues that need to be dealt with such as food, political stabliity, etc... Read their media and it's easy to see why they don't want to get dragged into a superpower tussle between the US and China. They have significant local issues that need to be dealt with (they become much more obvious if you do further background). Reminds me of some of the former Soviet states in a way. Not really strong enough to fend for themselves so things end up being very awkward for them
- relatively small economy. Has been traditional partner of the US for recent history. Increasing co-operation between China and Philippines. It's easy to see what Duterte meant recently when he said about China possibly being more generous than the US? Some of the promised funding alone seems to dwarf their recent trade figures
Duterte sees China-Philippines ties 'not limited to one issue'
- plenty of variety in local media. Much of it in English as well. Their media seems to be much more locally orientated then a lot of other international outlets? Websites very basic. Remind me of some other Asian media in a way. Not much in the way of fanfare. Just the news?
philippines media
- sampling of food in the Philippines
philippines food recipes
- shopping centres just like in the US/West. Homeless people seem much more common then in US/West?
Everyday life in the Philippines - Capitol Site, Cebu City Pt1
Everyday life in the Philippines  - 7-11, Homeless Kids & Surgical Mission
- poverty levels fairly high? There have been targeted programs and improvements but it's a difficult problem to solve. Difficult to believe that conditions in the Philippines are that difficult at times? Slum areas in particular... Tens of thousands of people live in some slums. People do seem to do crazy things to make a living such as sorting through garbage, fishing in polluted waters, really basic mechanic work with virtually no tools to work with, etc... Many want for very basic things (such as enough money simply to survive). If there is a fire (or accident) in the slums things can change drastically for a lot of people very quickly
Life in the Slums - Manila Philipines
Philippines - A Hard Knocked Life
-  anti-Schizophrenia medication actually works to block the dopamine pathway in the brain. In which case, it may be used to 'reset' someone's neurochemistry (thinking about 'Anti-Drug' concept I've been fiddling around with, http://dtbnguyen.blogspot.com/2017/01/explaining-prophets-3-random-thoughts.html Obviously, has other implications in other addictive activities such as gambling, alcohol, etc?)?
- severe drug problem in the country. Things are desperate. Clear that things are going 'over the top' because they are desperate to get rid of the problem. Corrupt police, crazy prisons, etc... Even the locals admit that things may have gone overboard from time to time? That said, it's easy to see what's going to happen. If you look at his history it feels like he'll 'get the job done'. Even if people outside of the country don't like what he's doing, it probably is a 'least worse' solution?
Project Duterte. Law enforcement or mass terror? The Philippines’ war on drugs.
Life is Full - A Street Children in Bacolod Philippines Documentary - Human Documentary Films
Philippines - A Hard Knocked Life
Duterte - I will declare martial law to preserve my nation if drug problem turns 'virulent'
- life is clearly cheaper in the Philippines then when compared with the US. Lot's of choice up and down the scale depending on what you can afford
Cost Of Living In The Philippines
cost of living comparison philippines united states
- day to day life can be very different depending on who they are. This is life on a rice farm with a seemingly huge variety of animals. Very little mechanisation on some of the farms that I've seen. Clear that use of pesticides and chemicals is minised on some farms but not all in the Philippines
One Day in the Life of a Philippine Rice Farmer - Alexander Baumgartner
- in virtually all pictures and video that you get of the Philippines you'll realise that development isn't that spread out like it is in the US/West. Very up and down. A lot of poor people still. Wild animals running through the street. Development reminds me of some other South East Asian countries. It's a complete mish mash
Everyday life in the Philippines - Capitol Site, Cebu City Pt1
Everyday life in the Philippines  - 7-11, Homeless Kids & Surgical Mission
Filipino Culture through Everyday life in Cebu Philippines -- Exciting Cebu
- very limited resources in outer areas. There seems to be a lot of Americans over there?
Life in the Philippines - Small Roadside Restaurant w_ Charming Women
Life in the Province - The Best Part of the Philippines!
Philippine province life with Filipina Gaile. Concrete building materials ~ Iloilo Philippines
Philippines - My Most Life Changing Travel Experience Ever
- lack of development has actually been good for environment. Pristine in many parts
Philippines Village Life Vlog 2015 _ ASHA ETC
- tourist focused media paints only a very narrow view of things
Life in the Philippines - My Year
- usual amenities and things you'd expect in the US/West at hotels and in more developed areas. Things seem ridiculously cheap when purchased in the Philippines compared to the US/West. They have many of the same things. Their food (fast food in particular) often seems to be a strange fusion of Eastern and Western thinking
Philippines - Cuarto Hotel Restaurant Cebu
Walk around Cebu City Philippines - Thrift Store Prices, Chow King & Rain
- a lot of funny looking animals over there
funny philippines animals

- political family background. Was one of several children. Married German-American air hostess. Divorced on basis of his infidelity. Has three kids. Smart and tough. Expelled from high school twice. Beaten by mother in spite of small size. Never though he'd end up as mayor let alone president. Often mixes Cebuano, Tagalog with English during interviews? Perhaps this is normal in the Philippines? Open minded. Knows the history of Philippines. Tough but fair. History of rewarding those who behave well and punishing those who don't (police and drug addicts in particular). Awkward religious perspective owing to personal history as well as that of the Philippines in relation to religion. Passion for bikes. Man of the people
- ironically, Duterte sounds quite reasonable when you listen to a complete interview with him. The way the media decides to frame what he says is often part of the problem?
Rodrigo Duterte interview - Death, drugs and diplomacy - Talk to Al Jazeera
Rodrigo Duterte on US relations - 'No more military exercises' - Talk to Al Jazeera
The Stream - Duterte, Trump and Philippine-US relations
Inside Story - Does the ICC target African states
Should the US be the world's policeman - UpFront
The Stream - South Africa tells International Criminal Court - 'We quit'
- wants to take the Philippines in a different direction. Clearly, the thing which broke the camel's back was South China Sea issue. Since, the US was unwilling to go to war with China he chose to shift the direction of his country slightly. It's clear that if you watch carefully that the US empire is breaking apart? A few other countries in the region have broken away in a more China friendly direction as well... Clear that in future China and Philippines will ignore the South China Sea issue and share the spoils of any resources that may be found there? Not sure whether Duterte's move is simply just a gamble to see whether he can get a better 'arrangement' with regards to the South China Seas. Can't believe that he'll drop things entirely without considering what Trump's policies are (possibly may have done this in secret?)?
Duterte in China - Will the Philippines pivot away from Washington (part 1)
Japan may tell Duterte to be less naive - analyst
He said there was a better chance of resolving the escalating conflict through diplomacy.
He reiterated his earlier statement that the United States could not be relied upon to defend the Philippines if an armed confrontation
n developed with China.
“America will not die for us,” Duterte said, pointing out the US did not lift a finger when China was building structures recently on
the disputed islands.
“Now they’re there. [The US] allowed them to be finished,” he said.
- Duterte personally has an awkward/background history with the US
- clearly, the above made have made other alliance members slightly nervous? Watch closely enough and you'll notice a lot of unusual activity all around the world... Like Russia in the USSR, the US is the core military power in the US empire. If they're shown to be unreliable 'security partners' things break apart very quickly
- a lot of what he's doing reminds me a bit of the Western 'Drone' program. With some of these countries that are having 'Human Rights' difficulties you wonder whether or not whether that is the only choice that they have? If you think of perspective of moral purists the world is just a horrible place with horrible people in charge. If you think in more practical terms people are just doing the best that they can?
- a patriot. Doesn't care what others think of him... Seems to mean well. Is philosophical about life...
- he may be physically fairly old but he reminds me of a childish, intellectual clown at times? Feels like his humorous side is always on the verge of breaking out?
Duterte Funny Moments Best Jokes Compilation
Light and funny moments at President Duterte's SONA
Duterte Funny Moments Collection
ANC Live - Duterte to US - Forget EDCA 'if I stay longer'
NapakaTINDING SPEECH ni Duterte Departure to JAPAN FULL Press Conference
President Duterte 'POWERFUL MESSAGE' on his Departure for Japan 10_25_2016
The Funny Moments of Rodrigo Duterte

Random Stuff:
- this is the only real choice for a lot of people anyhow. What they say about networking is gibberish
- as I said previously my news feed is kind of buggy but does what I want, http://individurls.com/myfeeds/dtbnguyen/ Problem is that a lot of other services out there don't really do what I want. Have been half playing around with the idea of building something of my own. The problem with FOSS though is that you can get a lot of stuff of variable quality and some of it is built with only a specific job in mind. You often have to make modifications to get things going or to make it more suitable for the job at hand
online rss feed reader
online rss feed aggregator
feedreader publish public
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perl rss reader cli
buidling an rss feeder chrome addon
- such is life? I wonder how much dodgy science impacts on others though?
- the obvious solution are laws which say that only information relevant to your particular business can be collected?
- I wonder if it helps him to maintain better balance (like a Kangaroo)?
- this reminds me... My flashlight could be a bit more powerful?
- ET is finally caught in the act? I can only guess what everyones favourite questions might be? What's with all the anal probing? Why haven't you bothered to say hi? What's your favourite food on planet Earth?

Random Quotes:
- Russian security services are expecting major changes; a new reform is seriously being discussed. According to our sources, a new super-ministry will be created. It may merge both structures of the FSB (counter-intelligence, counter-terror and protection of constitutional basis of the state), SVR (Foreign Intelligence Service), and Federal Protective Service (Service in charge of security of top officials). The new body will receive the name MGB (Ministry of State Security). In fact, the creation of a super-ministry will mean a significant increase in Russian security forces. A joint agency significantly strengthens its position in domestic politics. De-facto it means the return of the good old KGB in new historical circumstances.
- The truth is that this trio wanted to invade Iraq because they thought it would be easy. It was never a sensible response to the Afghanistan-based al-Qaeda's attacks on New York and Washington, but they figured it would teach the rest of an uppity world a lesson on the extent of American power – instead we were shown the limits of American power.

Chilcot's report resonates hugely today – as the world grapples with the inordinate terror threat of the so-called Islamic State, the report is a reminder that it was the invasion of Iraq that spawned IS; and as Americans consider their vote in the upcoming presidential election, Chilcot's chilling analysis might move some to consider if they can vote for Hillary Clinton, who so enthusiastically backed the absurd Bush-Blair adventure in Mesopotamia.

And outrage upon outrage, while the British have had the good sense to investigate and, hopefully, to learn from their mistakes; Americans will have none of that loser-ish introspection.

They invest an unrelenting investigative effort into the Hillary Clinton emails and the Benghazi debacle, in which just four Americans died, but they leave untouched, their two wars of invasion in which, cheered on and abetted by Tony Blair and John Howard, two populations swapped the chaos and injustice they knew to be their lot in life for an alternate chaos and injustice that was all the more shocking because, the buccaneers had promised dignity, prosperity and democracy.
- "If only Fed Governors and Presidents understood a little bit more about Monopoly, and a tad less about outdated historical models such as the Taylor Rule and the Phillips Curve, then our economy and its future prospects might be a little better off," Gross wrote in the outlook, published on Janus's website.

Federal Reserve chair Yellen and other central bankers, who have lowered interest rates to try to stimulate economies, have been unable to boost credit growth in the real economy, Gross wrote - whether because commercial banks don't want to take the risk, or consumers and corporations don't want to borrow. While lower interest rates helped fuel economic expansion by increasing the "velocity of credit", that's coming to an end as rates turn negative, Gross wrote.

"Our credit-based financial system is sputtering, and risk assets are reflecting that reality even if most players (including central banks) have little clue as to how the game is played," he wrote. "They don't believe in Monopoly as the functional model for the modern day financial system. They believe in Taylor and Phillips and warn of future inflation as we approach 'full employment'. They worship false idols."

Economists John Taylor and A.W. Phillips devised models for guiding interest-rate policy based, respectively, on inflation and the unemployment rate. Those models disregard the importance of private credit in the economy, according to Gross.

Gross, 72, has warned for months about the limits of central bankers to spur growth and the risks of deflation. In September, he said the Fed needed to "get off zero" interest rates "and get off quick". Cause for alarm has risen with $US10 trillion of global government credit yielding negative interest rates, he said in Wednesday's outlook.

"Credit is the oil that lubes the system, the straw that stirs the drink, and when the private system (not the central bank) fails to generate sufficient credit growth, then real economic growth stalls and even goes in reverse," he wrote.
- Silva and Volkova's research is based on the concept of probability of informed trading, originally developed in the mid-1990s by David Easley and Maureen O'Hara, also of Cornell. The researchers developed a way to track something they call Volume-Synchronized Probability of Informed Trading (VPIN). Essentially, it's the share of trading orders that are likely made by informed participants or insiders, based on their ability to correctly anticipate a move in prices. If the VPIN value for a stock or index rises sharply compared to an historical benchmark, it means insiders have become a lot more active. That suggests a momentous event is probably coming. The VPIN model predicted the Flash Crash of 2010 two hours before it took place.

Silva and Volkova applied the model to trading in 161 Russian stocks and the RTS index futures between Jan. 6 and April 4, 2014. For the RTS futures, the typical VPIN is 34 percent, compared with 22.5 percent for the E-Mini S&P 500 futures. (That doesn't mean a third of the orders are usually placed by criminals using illegal insider information; VPIN broadly defines "insiders" as people with better information than others.)
- Even if the Pentagon can exercise the full capabilities of the new jet in simulations, there are questions as to how effective the F-35 will be against the latest Chinese and especially Russian integrated air defense systems in the real world. The Russians, especially, have been investing in long-wave networked radars operating in the UHF and VHF-bands for over two decades in their efforts to counter American stealth technology—particularly the Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit strategic bomber. “The question is not who’s fighter is stealthier, the question is how stealthy are our aircraft relative to their long-wave UHF/VHF radars, designed more to return a holistic signature image of low observable aircraft,” Mike Kofman, a research scientist specializing in Russian military affairs at the Center for Naval Analyses told The National Interest. “Maybe JSF can make it going in, but it is a rather expensive platform, and could get into big trouble trying to make it out."
- The West’s seeming inability to identify Russian maneuvers for what they are, assault by all means available, and to devise an effective strategy to counter Moscow’s aggression has led a number of observers to explain the problem as due to the Kremlin’s success in a new kind of warfare. The term of art being used is “Gray Zone Conflict.” As one analyst explained, this is “activity that is coercive and aggressive in nature, but that is deliberately designed to remain below the threshold of conventional military conflict and open interstate war.” A veritable cottage industry (or perhaps more of a Potemkin village) has grown up in academia and among think tanks around the promulgation of theories of thresholds in gray zone conflict, the appropriate application of non-military coercion and aggression, the relationship between forms of governments and decision making styles and their penchant for using techniques for coercion and low-level aggression.

What is termed asymmetric, hybrid and gray zone conflict is classic state-on-state or even non-state actor-on-state politics and subversion that often were the preludes to war. Russia’s current campaigns to undermine U.S. and Alliance will to resist their activities in Eastern Europe are taken almost directly out of the Soviet playbook. The Soviets sponsored all sorts of terrorist groups and proxies (e.g., Cuban forces in Africa). Is that any different than Iran supporting Hezbollah and Hamas? Does anyone remember the Soviet political campaign to prevent the deployment of Pershing II ballistic missiles and ground-launched cruise missiles to Europe? We found out after the Cold War ended how deeply penetrated Western European political, administrative and security apparatuses were by Soviet and Eastern European intelligence services. But we are surprised that Moscow had been penetrating and subverting the Ukrainian government and military. What is new about all this? The answer is nothing.
- Moscow has dispatched a specialized spy ship off the coast of Hawaii with the likely mission to monitor the U.S. Navy led Rim of the Pacific 2016 exercise, USNI News has learned.

A Russian Navy Bal’zam-class, “auxiliary general intelligence ship recently arrived in international waters off Hawaii where exercise Rim of the Pacific is taking place,” U.S. Pacific Fleet spokesman Lt. Clint Ramsden told USNI News this week.
“The ship’s presence has not affected the conduct of the exercise and we’ve taken all precautions necessary to protect our critical information.”

While it wasn’t unusual at all in during the Cold War for Russian spy ships to linger off the coast of the U.S. to suck up signals intelligence information or monitor exercises like RIMPAC, the Russians have been lax in their surveillance until recently.

“It used to be that AGIs would deploy regularly off their ports and we would encounter them and they would operate very safely and professionally — mostly looking for signals intelligence,” Bryan Clark, a naval analyst at the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments and former aide to retired Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Jonathan Greenert, told USNI News.
- Russia is one of seven key zones for international trade along with the USA, China, Germany, Italy, France and the UK, the Kommersant daily cites analysis of global value chains (GVC) carried out by the European Central Bank (ECB).

The GVC includes the full range of activities required to bring a product from its conception to the final consumer. The concept has been used to analyze international trade. The studies based on the approach reveal the degree of integration of national economies to each other.

- as usual thanks to all of the individuals and groups who purchase and use my goods and services

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