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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Prophets/Pre-Cogs/Stargate Program 8, Github Download Script, and More

Obvious continuation from my previous other posts with regards to prophets/pre-cogs:
- if you watch this space one of the names that comes up continually is 'Uri Geller'. Israeli 'psychic' who exhibits paranormal abilities. If you've seen others do this not so 'interesting'...
- this is bizarre? There are heaps of notes online about this doing using shenanigans; fatiguing it to the point of breakage but not quite there, pre-cutting it, using a chemical substance and rubbing it into the actual surface of the metal itself, heating up the metal itself so that it becomes more malleable. Obviously, the experiments would be more interesting if they were completely non-contact? There's still other variables that can come into play here?
6 year old bends spoon with her MIND!  Amazing  --- Dorothy Hagen
geller's technique revealed!
Magic Secrets Revealed
- this entire field is a 'rabbithole' that could lead you to nowhere because of how few people there are out there with genuine 'abilities'. Based on what I'm hearing there may only be half a dozen people in the world with genuine 'abilities'? Things that are feel fairly common are pre-cogs, telepathy, remote viewing, etc...  but like I said earlier this abilities seem to be 'very limited'. The irony is that only those with abilities across the board are more likely to be able to make sense of this. Geller is possibly one of these? Frustrating thing is how religion and this other stuff fits together? In the past they interpreted not being 100% correct all the time as not being from God? That was the reason why others came down on them so hard (as well as heaps of people just engaging in untowards behaviour in order to get what they want...)? Possibly genuine pre-cogs/prophets who didn't know how to control their abilities. Investigation is very difficult especially given some of the methods we've been using. Hypnosis gives highly questionable results and even straight eyewitness testimony is often hugely problematic if you examine past history... Mind reading tricks are easily replicatable by normal people of the public if you know how to manipulate/pre-bias them and then 'predict' what happens afterwards (else just resort to spies?)
psychics religion
- CIA research says all organic beings have are somehow 'telepathic' and connected via some form of 'universal ether'?
- if you think of the Afterlife as simply 'classification' of people then it will make a bit more sense. For some people Heaven will be Hell while for others be Heaven to them. This is why the multiple levels arrangement make more sense? There are obviously those who can jump up and down between them and levels (at will)? Else, afterlife experiences of many wouldn't make sense if you examine them for many people? If it's a case of fitting people into their correct place then there isn't really a reason why you shouldn't do whatever you want though in your current life? That said, those who have 'warped' up and down definitely prefer staying upwards in spite of their 'shielding'...
dante prophet
- the overlap between of the Quran and Bible has been sighted as an example of plagiarism but if you think about this a bit it's a bit silly? If two pre-cogs/prophets have the same vision independently of one another does that necessarily mean they've 'copied one another'?
hierarchy heavenly
- there's a saying in the Jewish Torah which when roughly translated from Hebrew says "that to save a single person's life is like saving the whole of humanity". This makes sense to any of the pre-cogs/prophets. Things seem roughly laid out/ordained for them sometimes to the point where they're not quite certain whether or not humans have free will. If I (and others) are correct each one of us has a role to play in this particular world and the next. We might not like it when others leave us (or the way in which they leave us) but we're each part of a larger/grander plan?
- faith makes it easier to get things done for the pre-cogs/prophets. If noetics is a valid science then faith/focus are core because it can throw off what is ultimately being targeted (as I stated previously when Lucid Dreaming, Quantum Tunneling/Entanglement Theory, Noetics are combined everything makes a bit more sense). There's also something else that needs to occur. If there is a God (and others) are watching things they need to ensure that things play out according to how they want from time to time and not get too 'out of hand'? That said, if you build socio-economic systems that are rigged to classify people from a very young age you'll realise that the same result can also occur? The big issue is if they turn out to be to be imperfect...
- it's obvious a lot of people may not be aware of their own dormant 'abilities' (else there needs to be a certain group of individuals who will arrive and possibly provide them with a 'boost'?). To a certain extent we're still playing 'what the heck is going on' with these people? You watch the following experiment (and others), http://www.mirror.co.uk/tv/tv-news/uri-gellers-loose-women-experiment-9683878 and it becomes obvious that they're still playing how does this all work game still? Is it innate (the law of attraction and noetics experiment). Are 'abilities' independent of religion? Clear that we're still playing who's the valid 'Messiah' with regards to some of this? 
- if time is not immutable (can be changed by humanity) then (and religion isn't just a sham) then it opens up a lot of interesting possibilities. Technically, no one has really filled the requirements of the 'First Messiah' yet so how can there be a 'Second Coming' (unless the others just didn't have enough time to get things done the other times?)? As far as I see it, if any of those that are 'enhanced' just fixes/clarifies things and ignores all the lies then it shouldn't cause any problems down here?
second coming
- clearly abilities aren't localised (assuming that these people are real). Otherwise they wouldn't be able to warp through time and space... There have been instances of people who can predict and control weather? Most are saying it's easier to alter the weather rather then start from scratch
Ted Owens could move objects with his mind and control the weather 
It is an exploration of a scientific mystery -- perhaps, "the very greatest parapsychological find in history."  The book documents the extreme, apparent paranormal ability of one human being (the late Ted Owens) to contact UFOs and to influence other large-scale events -- including volcanoes, hurricanes, lightning, and power blackouts.  Owens felt that he was the first human being since Moses to exhibit power on such a grand scale. 
psychic weather control
Weather Control
- constant allusions to alien/angel contact with a lot of these guys? Often, at a very young age...
- none of these guys can achieve unity without bridging the gap between science and religion. If you read through a lot of the material you'll realise that the science confirms the religion. I don't think this will be a problem with the right group of 'enhanced individuals'. Like pre-cog 'visions' my guess is that they offer a better look into the way things work... It mightn't be the 'truth' but it may offer a better understanding of things
- plenty of exoplanets to visit out there should our 'alien friends' not be willing to provide a ride or our current spacecraft be 'limited'. With the planet beginning to strain with the resource issue guess we could start shifting people 'off planet'... 
Distant exoplanet hosts giant ring system
- if the pre-cog/prophet behind the Holy Scriptures was illegitimate the implications are rather humorous. It's an acknowledgement that all of the socio-economic systems that we've tried (capitalism in the main) don't really scale up. Basically what happens is that every once in a while a country/empire takes control and then buy stuff from everyone else. Then they basically hang on for as long as they can (just like the US, France, UK, Rome, USSR, etc...) until they crash (with part of that responsibility potentially being global security issues whatever that may mean?) and then the cycle repeats itself with another country/empire. As I said previously, the 'charity paradox' is core to all of this. We can either re-distribute things or else develop FTL drive capability (that comes with a whole host of other problems though: http://dtbnguyen.blogspot.com/2017/02/life-in-india-prophetspre-cogsstargate_82.html, http://dtbnguyen.blogspot.com/2017/02/life-in-iran-examining-prophetspre-cogs.html)
TPP & US base on Okinawa - Conflict of interest looms over Japanese PM’s visit to America
'Wars not diminishing' - Putin's iconic 2007 Munich speech (FULL VIDEO)
Moldovan President - I don’t think we’ll ever join EU, Brussels understands this
Blaming Socialism, US Media Distorts Venezuela’s Food Crisis
- the 'enhanced' will realise that since they have access to time and space they don't need to enter other people's minds (most of them have learnt not to do this anyhow). All they need to use their pre-cog abilities and they can achieve the same thing. It's very similar to dealing with metadata only with regards to intelligence collection
- there's also something else that they need to realise. If they gain better control of their abilities my guess it may end up making them appear 'God-like' to others. Instead of searching for something they may be able to use their pre-cog abilities to be think of what things may look like without heading for a book or a search on the Internet. It mightn't be perfectly accurate but accurate enough to make life a lot easier (the good thing about this one is that you can train yourself in it (should this ability exist)). It helps to explain a lot in human history as well and why certain people were looked on as God incarnate?
- as I said previously, I don't think that the time travel issue is as simple ahead as you think. You can't just warp ahead ahead in time and take science and technology repeatedly. If you chance the present culture now from 'hard working' to 'slack' then there will be nothing ahead to warp to. A good analogy is a swimmer who stops swimming. If he warps ahead to his future self he'll be stuck in the same spot. Had he previously continued to swim though he be way further ahead though. My guess is that there also other potential issues. For instance, 'straight out shielding'. It seems obvious that a lot can't warp straight into arbitrary levels?
Keiser Report - Ingredients for a New Global Crisis (E 1035)
- most of the people involved in this have a decent sense of humor? Even they realise how rediculous it all sounds. Some of the more interesting experiments relate to psycho-kinetics. Namely, changing the physical environment with your mind...
Confirmed, Multiple ET Bases on Earth   Stargate Program   Declassified   Lyn Buchanan CRV
Uri Geller Loses His Temper in Spoon Council Interview
Military Remote Viewing Psychic Training Course   FULL DVD ON YOUTUBE
- continual interest in in alien/ET targets. Lot of jibba-jabba. A lot of them want mainstream acceptance. Other just don't care and are using it to 'get by'
Remote Viewing the Roswell UFO Crash at Corona
- once you understand how most of them do this type of stuff 'the magic' sort of disappears
James Randi - Secrets of the Psychics Documentary (Full)
- Dick Algier, Daz Smith, Princess Jenee.  Constant theme of alien/ET contact
Guess What Remote Viewers Saw in Ancient Egypt Pyramids
RIR-A.Basiago HR2-Supressed Technology,911&Crucifixion-Jesus 15_16
New Thinking Allowed
- Cosmic Voyage book by Courtney Brown. US thinks everybody can do it. USSR targeted those who were 'talented'. Theory is that we see optically, we see uploaded memories in the same way, remote viewing is the third layer. Our souls are effectively 'immortal'? Gil McGonnical. People making money doing industrial espionate. Moving forward in time and tapping into terrestrial and ET technology. Becoming patent trolls. Can enter minds of others? Engel Swan. Program gone further underground or discontinued? 'Naturals' don't need to go through all of the scientific rigour/procedures to achieve same results. That's the main difference. Results are the roughly the same otherwise. Future timeline can be changed. 30-40 years population/climate/starvation issues. 2075 and we have a Mad Max type situation? 300-400 years out the Earth is being re-terraformed again. Robert Monroe going out 1000 years out and things are completely different. ETs have phase shifting technology to allow them to pass through matter? Human like populations living on Ancient Mars. Not much different from Ancient Egyptians? Solid evidence for remote viewing for decades, hasn't made a dent on humanity though. Martians blew their planet up? Grays exhausted their own planet's resources?
AB -  Courtney Brown - Remote Viewing Jesus
AB - Courtney Brown - Remote Viewing Jesus
- this is the problem right here. The subconcious can fill it in a lot of blank details. It's very hard to genuinely study/verify this phenomenon
Farsight's Time-Cross Theory
- a lot of them aren't poor. Examine the educational background of a lot of them and it's clear that are tertiary educated so they've either come from middle to upper class backgrounds or else they have worked hard? So the idea that spiritual awakening involves massive sacrifices may be untrue? Most of them believe in God and religion so the idea that they are somehow separate from the normal stream of events is unfair/wrong?
psychic demographics
Cold Reading: Confessions of a psychic
- people say that 'patterns and entropy' is a a measure of intelligent design, a Supreme Being, etc... but it if you think about the nature of interstellar travel that's a really bad thing. If you think of sub-FTL travel as a series of finite hops from one point to another and with and Hyperspace/FTL (Faster Then Light) travel as basically travel at effectively infinite speed this actually makes a lot of sense. If 'space' is just a repeating pattern then you can't establish a set of co-ordinates from which to navigate if things perfectly repeat. If they don't repeat, then the mechanism for FTL/Hyperspace travel suddenly opens up which seems to be how warping/Noetics/Quantum Entanglement theory works... It's for this particular reason that the notion of space-time navigation as through an 'ether' of some sort begins to make more sense (with regards to those from up-above watching everything uniqueness actually helps a lot with respect to this as well. They don't need watch all of the time if everything is unique. They can warp through to specific events because the world effectively acts like a 'giant search engine' (but not) as I mentioned previously but this one obviously requires no active monitoring, http://dtbnguyen.blogspot.com/2017/02/life-in-venezuela-examining-prophetspre.html)?
- two hyperspace gates is the ideal arrangement obviously (two gates space separated from one another). Conventional FTL travel is of course possible by opening up a Hyperspace window ahead of you but that feels significantly more difficult then a gate type arrangement
- clearly, humanity has been trying achieve 'immortality' forever...
- obvious initial experiment is to get subspace/Hyperspace communication working properly (technically may already be occurring though inadvertently due to fluctuation/ripples in space/time). Guessing phenomenon not limited (brain structure, brain wave pattern, neurochemistry, all important in this phenomenon and it's frequency? Don't like theory that it occurs in other parts of the body besides the brain because that doesn't explain 'heightened reality' issue that occurs throughout history with these people...) to organic matter or else
Quantum Entanglement/Tunneling wouldn't work? So first issue is getting substrate/medium right (most difficult component as I've mentioned previously). Then you use project arbitrary EM phenomena (could be a simple hologram/picture) onto the substrate/medium in order to establish a tunnel between two points in space/time. Quantum containment is a huge issue for each 'pixel'... The irony is that they may be on the verge of having enough basic abilities in this area to make it work (see the work on Quantum RADAR out there and you'll realise it's utility in this particular area) 
- Geller thinks that all of us can do this?
Uri Geller bends a key for Fern Britton on This Morning
Uri Geller
- some US research seems to indicate that this ability may be 'innate' across all humans but the funny thing is if you examine their methodology and think about some of it it becomes clear. One thing that is distinctly different between this research and the pre-cogs/prophets in the Holy Scriptures is that those of yesteryear seemed to have use a form 'heightened reality' to identify the difference between real pre-cog visions and just standard dreams/life while the US experiments allude to lower levels of sensitivity compared to real life to help identify the difference between standard dreams/life and pre-cog visions... Not saying, whether one particular method is right or wrong but it just seems that the former is easier to work with since is has inherent mechanisms to reduce the chances of false positives? Examine the methodology of the US experiments with regards to CRV and it seems clear that it is dangerously open to interpretation as well. Most pre-cogs/prophets of yesteryear got super high detailed visions that didn't need interpretation while the CRV experiments seem to rely on strange relationships which could ultimately end up being 'abberations'. Only way to verify which one is more valid is to observe each anomaly over the long term...
Military Remote Viewing Psychic Training Course   FULL DVD ON YOUTUBE
- super cynical and optimistic people make this a very difficult field to investigate. Over and over again, what I don't get about some of the reilgion and science out there is how they don't seem to be able to explain certain things better?
- read into the background and selection of many leaders such as the Pope, Dalai Lama, Ayatollah, etc... of many religions and you'll realise the same thing. Examine the way that they are selected and it soon becomes obvious what is going on... Many of them may be 'screened' for particular abilities (look at the wording/descriptions of some of them in particular)?
- some of the ideas floating around make a bit more sense (humans are possibly composite beings with a soul and physical body). In this sense, you can only 'die' if your soul is destroyed. How this particular set of ideas is governed is the obvious question. Is it entirely in the hands of each person or of a 'God' of some sort?
- when did the prosperity gospel come into play? (if you aren't aware there is something called the 'prosperity gospel'? Wealth is a sign of God's favour. Donations will result in faith coming back to you. For instance by providing money to preacher faith and good favour will come back to you?) This leads us to another funny paradox in religion. How can God favour if you are rich (and mostly un-Godly) and poor (but humble but perfect according to every other way)?
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver - Televangelists (HBO) 
So let's be clear: this has nothing to do with the word of God and the Bible - it's merely how you're interpreting it, and your interpretation on this issue, I suspect, is based on one thing alone. 
- whether or not religion is real or not I think in some ways it helps people to maintain their sanity? It helps them to believe that no matter what happens someone's always looking out for them?
- let's say religion is true I think that the religion/Holy Scriptures is basically a set of instructions/set of puzzles that are supposed to be solved by humanity (as a whole)? If there is a God something good should be waiting at the end (for me, it's obvious what the prize is. Control of time and space and therefore interstellar travel, access to resources from all over the Universe, access to those we have lost, etc...)? Look at all of those people who have been able to make headway into this particular area. Most of them were polymaths (specialists in more then one area of human expertise) of some sort. Honestly, I think if this is to be solved on this it will require a lot more people then currently seem to be involved? Specialisation seems to get in the way of solving this problem? 
- most of the trouble (with regards to religion) has come from people 'interpreting' things in certain ways that they want? Lying has actually got in the way of figuring things out (either way)? 'Love thy enemy' and the nature of good/right versus evil/wrong makes no sense unless you think about this in a different way. It's just a series of puzzles to solve in the overall context of life
- for me, one of the obvious implications of the existence of God is that everything should basically 'line up'. Like ecosystems seem to 'work' there should be roughly enough enough people to field a credible defense, enough people who want to cook, enough to want to educate others, etc... and we'll ultimately be happy doing what we do? We just haven't figured out adequate ways to figure this out yet (I have a strong suspicion it's unrelated to most of the social systems that we've tried thus far)? 
- to this end it makes me interested in the nature of religious conflicts and insurgencies? Currently, security services 'de-stablise/convert' other countries by creating havoc amongst the civilian population. In reality, this has a minimal chance of succeeding because the civilian population has no genuine access to arms (as we've seen in the case of the 'Arab Spring'). At the other end, you have attempts which try to work on the 'security apparatus' alone. Neither really work. I think at the end of the day when the time is right things should 'unravel' (similar to the end of the UK and USSR empires) whether for good or worse? In the meantime, do what you can?
- not enough data on pre-cogs/prophets in general. Lot of junk data. No reason for them to come foreward for political reasons (examine Einstein in particular and it becomes clear that he suspected what he may have been. He played a limited role with regards to Israel/Zionism in spite of himself being Jewish). Suspect that they may even be using it to 'get by' and that a lot of them aren't 'real'? Am thinking that that if things are 'directed' the big, important messages would have to be 'directed' in some way? Pointless sending messages that can't be interpreted. For instance, if the equivalent of Homer Simpson was a pre-cog/prophet what chance would he have of interpreting things correctly? Obvious conclusions from existing data is that most are religious/spiritual
psychics nationality
psychics by country
- one of the interesting things about the experiments are how small scale they are and the repeatability of things. If you examine some of the experiments that achieving 8/10 oods (1x10^-8) is possible even if you do things by random and aren't 'enhanced'. The key question is how often can you repeat it and how far can you push things. Namely, 1x10^-?
Secret CIA Psychic Lab Experiments with Uri Geller at Stanford University
- lot of pretenders and 'comedians' out there...
RFG ChosenOne
RFG ChosenOne
- since E=mc^2 and pre-cogs/prophets seem to exist then it should stand to reason that since data/information can travel at Faster Than Light (FTL) so should matter? I'm not of the opinion that science and religion don't mix. If you across human history and religions you'll realise that they have been core to one another. One helps to confirm the other. Go through my previous posts on some of the 'others' and you'll realise that they thought the same way
subspace communication
Was Pope Francis Wrong about Islam?
- interesting that this phenomenon may run across a large chunk of society? Problem is when you look at the definition of things. Then everything narrows down very quickly/drastically. What people previously thought was pre-cog/prophetic abilities seems to be reserved to a relatively small proportion of the population. Narrow things down further to who has control and can figure out things further and it funnels down to a very tiny group. Possibly single digits worldwide based on some experiments by national governments?
- according to the US experiments everyone can 'remote view' or be a pre-cog/prophet but if you examine how they do it there are some drawbacks to their 'technique' (check my point about Courtney Brown). Look at their methodology (things have probably changed by now though?) and it becomes clear that it's extremely prone to 'false positives', various forms of cognitive bias, problems with interpretation (because they've seemed to view this as a militaristic endeavour and not a scientific one), etc... This subject is difficult to study at the best of times... Look back thousands of years and it's clear that the tell tale sign for them was also a form 'heightened reality' as I've mentioned in some of my others posts regarding this subject (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ezekiel, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Book_of_Ezekiel)
Precognition (from the Latin præ-, "before" and cognitio, "acquiring knowledge"), also called prescience, future vision, future sight is an alleged psychic ability to see events in the future.[1][2][3][4]

As with other forms of extrasensory perception, there is no evidence that precognition is a real ability possessed by anyone and precognition is widely considered pseudoscience.[5][6][7][8] However, it still appears within movies, books, and discussion within the parapsychology community, with claimed precognition of earthquakes sometimes covered by the newsmedia.[9]

Scientific investigation of extrasensory perception is complicated by the definition which implies that the phenomena go against established principles of science.[10] Specifically, precognition would violate the principle that an effect cannot occur before its cause.[10] There are established biases affecting human memory and judgment of probability that sometimes create convincing but false impressions of precognition.[11]
- it would be slightly scary and slightly cool if some of the ancient tales were all true?
- the work of the other pre-cogs/prophets helps to identify/self-identify others and themselves (as long as the material out there is valid?)?

Random Stuff:
- completed code for my github downloader. You can download it here, https://sites.google.com/site/dtbnguyen/github_downloader-1.08.tar.gz Obviously, more portable and has more functionality then the other Python github downloader script that I looked at previously, http://anantshri.info
- everyone who's worked with JSON knows how frustrating it can be. Thankfully, there are a lot of tools to deal with this problem out there...
beautify json linux command line
- I've tried transcompilation projects previously. Non-trivial plus you geuninely need to know how each language works in fairly good detail. The real problems are when people start using 'cool shortcuts' that are language specific that need to be translated somehow. Infuriating! Once you're done it makes more sense though
- more funny animals... Anybody notice that Quokkas look like mini-Koalas?
quokka instagram
- Chinese seem to have  a of 'modified clones'? Speculation that they have a B-2 lookalike?
- I guess this is an alternate vision for the future? Basically, if even 4th-Gen jets are LASER capable and super-maneuverable they can destroy all incoming kinetic/projectile weapons which means that stealth effectively becomes worthless especially if you can draw them into visual range where dog-fighting skills and the on-board canon comes into play...
- you don't really get what the whole whole fascination with flying unless you take a ride inside the cockpit of a flighter jet...
- the impression that you get is that there have been a lot of unresolved issues since the 'World Wars' and other conflicts. Feels like everyone is gearing up for a war of some sort now (Cold or Hot)?
- I wonder what the incidence of mental illness is amongst the military-industrial complex is? Life must drive them crazy at times?
- life isn't so bad in Russia...
Elizabeth Curry
- North Koreans and US at it again...
Japan's PM: North Korea has developed a new threat
- what next? Curious to know how much of our food is 'fake'? If you know about medicine most of is taken up by 'filler' while a tiny fraction is made up of the 'active ingredient/s'. It may becoming similiar with food now/in future?
- it's going to be a really wierd future when/if Islam takes the lead?

Random Quote:
- The CIA has been coordinating weapon deliveries on the Turkey-Syria border, German journalist Jurgen Todenhofer, who recently spoke with a Jabhat al-Nusra commander, told RT. He added that the US knows that the weapons it delivers to rebels end up with terrorists.

“This is a game everybody knows. It’s very clear that the Americans know that their weapons will in the end be in the hands of terrorists,” Todenhofer said speaking to RT.

“The CIA was coordinating the weapons’ delivery from Turkey and they brought the weapons to the border… These weapons were taken by terrorist groups, Al-Qaeda, Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL). This is well-known.”

This is neither a mistake nor a case of negligence, Todenhofer believes, despite some opinions suggesting that American weapons could have accidentally fallen into the hands of terrorists.

In response to a recent State Department release which said the US had not been supporting terrorists, but some of its allies could have been, Todenhofer said, “maybe there were allies in between. But everybody knows that they are using allies and they are allowing allies... It doesn’t matter if a TOW rocket or a TOW missile, which is an American missile, comes [to terrorists] from another group.”
- Russia has successfully created a “combined aircraft engine” that will allow sixth-generation space planes to fly in both Earth’s atmosphere and near space at hypersonic speed, the commander of Russia’s Strategic Rocket Forces (RVSN) has announced.

“An engine for a promising space plane has been developed at Strategic Rocket Forces Academy,” General Sergey Karakaev, RVSN’s commander, told reporters on Wednesday.

“The know-how allowed us to create a combined [aircraft] power plant that enables switching the engine from an atmospheric flight mode to a rocket mode while flying in space,” he said, as cited by TASS.

The engine will be on display at Russia’s grand international arms expo, Army 2016, in September, General Karakaev said, adding that the new engine had “proved operational” in live tests.

He did not elaborate on the type or design of aircraft that might make use of such an engine, but its advanced capabilities allowing flights to near space and back indicate it could be earmarked for a sixth-generation fighter jet. Earlier media reports have stated that research and development of a 6G jet is in progress in Russia.

While not much is known about Russia’s cutting-edge fifth-generation T-50 jet, there is even less information on the concept for a 6G fighter. Air Force Commander General Viktor Bondarev said in March that a 6G jet is being designed in both manned and unmanned versions. 
- China has also warned South Korea against deploying THAAD, warning earlier in the summer that such a move would harm the “foundation of mutual trust.” It urged Seoul to “think twice” about the decision.

Moscow voiced concerns over THAAD’s potential to tip the global balance of power, as the system is designed to intercept short, medium, and intermediate ballistic missiles at the terminal incoming stage.

Additionally, THAAD deployment has also met strong opposition in South Korea, with regular protests taking place against the deployment of US weapons.

The site of the soon-to-be-deployed air defense system should be announced this week, after South Korea and the US agreed on its initial deployment in July. According to the South Korean defense ministry officials that spoke with Yonhap news, the location will be chosen from among the three candidate sites in Seongju County.

The defense sources believe that Lotte Skyhill Country Club (golf course) will most likely be selected as the host site. The location sits 680 meters above sea level, about 300m higher than the nearby artillery base.
- Computer networks of some 20 Russian state, defense, scientific and other high-profile organizations have been infected with malware used for cyberespionage, the Russian Security Service (FSB) reported, describing it as a professionally coordinated operation.

“The IT assets of government offices, scientific and military organizations, defense companies and other parts of the nation’s crucial infrastructure were infected,” the FSB said in a statement as cited by the Russian media.

The security agency said that all the cases are linked and appear to be part of a well-coordinated attack requiring considerable expertise. The coding of the malware and vectors of attack are similar to those used in previous cyber-offensive operations against targets in Russia and other nations, the report stated.

“The advanced software was tailored for each target individually based on unique characteristic of the computer under attack,” the report said.

The malware could be used to monitor internet traffic, take screenshots, secretly take recordings with an infected computer’s camera or microphone, log keyboard strokes and conduct other forms of surveillance, the FSB said.

The agency did not specify which party it suspects to be behind the reported cyber espionage or whether it was sponsored by any foreign government.
- Authorities in the Russian capital plan to substitute US computer software with locally produced alternatives. As a first step, about 6,000 Moscow officials will start using a corporate e-mail system called MyOffice Mail instead of Microsoft Outlook.

An idea to get rid of foreign software from computers used by Russian authorities was backed by President Vladimir Putin due to his security concerns after the relationship between Moscow and the West deteriorated over Ukrainian crisis.

In March, the Russian President said that starting from the second half of 2016; all state-backed companies should switch to Russian software. If public authorities want to buy foreign software, they must first consult with a special registry and make sure that there are no similar Russian products. If there are Russian alternatives, authorities will have to explain why Russian software doesn’t suit their needs.

Next year, Moscow wants to expand the software substitution developed by Russian company New Cloud Technologies to as many as 600,000 machines, said Artem Yermolaev, head of information technology at the Russian telecoms operator Rostelecom. Microsoft Windows and Office may be abolished later on, Yermolaev added.

According to the Minister of Communications and Mass Media Nikolay Nikiforov, Russia spends about 20 billion rubles (over $300 million) every year on foreign software, while local companies are ready to provide the government with similar IT solutions.
- A hosting provider in France has been hit by a distributed denial of service attack that went close to one terabyte per second.

Concurrent attacks against OVH clocked in at 990GBps.

The attack vector is said to be the same Internet-of-Things botnet of 152,464 devices that brought down the website of security expert Brian Krebs.

OVH chief technology officer Octave Klaba tweeted that the network was capable of attacks up to 1.5TBps.

Initially, Klaba said the network consisted of 145,607 devices. Later, he tweeted that an additional 6857 cameras had joined the attack.

    Last days, we got lot of huge DDoS. Here, the list of "bigger that 100Gbps" only. You can see the
    simultaneous DDoS are close to 1Tbps ! pic.twitter.com/XmlwAU9JZ6
    — Octave Klaba / Oles (@olesovhcom) September 22, 2016

The devices in the botnet were CCTVs and DVRs. These devices have lax security settings and are mostly used in their default state.
- Splunk interprets this mass of data in real time, and can automatically pull out interesting fields, while still allowing rich control and analysis of the data.

While Splunk became well known as being a really great log aggregation tool for systems administrators, businesses are finding it is a rich data mining system also. In fact, the more data you put into it from diverse sources, the more you can hone in on just what happened in your business at specific points of time.

A Web server timeout may be a manifestation of high disk I/O on your database server, which in turn is a manifestation of an SQL injection attack from a foreign nation, which in turn has its root as faulty program code just checked in. Splunk is proving its worth to many enterprises in reducing root cause analysis from months or days — or in some cases even never — to minutes.

"There are many use cases," Eid said. "It allows business to be preventative rather than reactive."
- And in a new twist, organised criminal groups were now targeting universities, recruiting graduates with financial qualifications to work in "boiler rooms", making cold calls to vulnerable Australians to sell them bogus financial products.

"Organised crime groups target some of the best universities in the world and bring these people into the organisation. That's actually what we're up against."

In a previous role, Mr Jevtovic joined with Thai authorities to raid such a group. "The organised criminals had purchased the personal profile of thousands and thousands of Australians." Retirees, single widowers and self-managed super funds were particular targets.

"They had all the information down pat. They were able to contact thousands of Australian in a week. They employed university graduates who had learnt English but also had the financial knowledge to be able to sell the [bogus] products to innocent, vulnerable Australians."

He also told the story of a fourth generation farmer who lost $4 million by giving money to a bogus financial scam. 

The recent Panama Papers revelations were an unprecedented - outside of Wikileaks - data leak and were a "wake up call" to the magnitude of global attempts to conceal illicit wealth and reduce tax.

Within 48 hours of the leak, AUSTRAC and other members of the Government's Serious Financial Crimes Taskforce, including the Australian Federal Police and the Australian Tax Office, had been in touch with international counterparts and, in an "unprecedented step", began sharing intelligence with industry contacts.
- In the past Riyadh could be relied on to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Washington. But these days the relationship is infused with anger and frustration – over the US-led nuclear deal with Tehran and Riyadh's role in the wars in Syria and Yemen.

A key argument against the bill is that it is likely to provoke retaliatory legal action abroad – against American military and intelligence members and business operators. The European Union has flagged that if the US legislation is enacted, other countries are likely to act similarly, to make their preferred exemptions from sovereign immunity.
- It’s obviously too late to reverse history. The North Korean nuclear weapon almost certainly is going to exist so long as there is an independent North Korea. However, something still might be gained from a U.S. opening to the North, including gaining diplomatic ground against Beijing. However small the chance might seem, it would be better than doing more of the same, which is likely to yield the same failed result. If Washington keeps its policy toward the North on autopilot, it won’t be long before the latest Kim has added another twenty weapons to his nation’s nuclear arsenal.
- But the antiglobalization, anti-immigrant tide is unlikely to recede on the basis of a careful examination of the facts. It is stoked by deep-seated fears about national identity, and sustained by emotional appeals, not rational ones. And, as I saw firsthand here in Germany, it isn’t a solely American phenomenon.
- The Afghanit active protection system (APS) mounted on Moscow’s powerful new T-14 Armata main battle tanks has been proven effective at intercepting depleted uranium-core armor-piercing fin-stabilized discarding sabot (APFSDS) cannon shells if Russian sources are to be believed.

If Moscow’s claims are accurate, the new Russian active protection system would be a game-changing development in the realm of mechanized warfare. While active protection systems were thought to be effective mostly against incoming anti-tank missiles and rocket propelled grenades, most industry and defense experts had believed that active protection systems were ineffective against kinetic energy (KE) round such as the U.S. Army’s M829A4 120mm APFSDS. Thus, if the Russians have genuinely achieved a breakthrough in defeating KE anti-tank rounds, U.S. and NATO ground forces could face a very serious problem in the near future as the Armata family of combat vehicles becomes fully operational over the next several years.

The Russian-language news outlet Izvestia—citing a Russian Ministry of Defense source—has reported that the Afghanit APS has been successfully tested against incoming depleted uranium-cored APFSDS rounds flying at speeds of been 1.5km to 2km per second. “The first test interceptions of ‘crowbars’ (Russian military slang for sabot rounds) took place this year. This newest system was able to cope with such complex goals. Previously, it was thought to be impossible to destroy armor-piercing projectiles,” the Russian MOD source told state-owned Izvestia. “Much attention has been paid to the destruction of depleted uranium ‘crowbars’, which is now commonly used in NATO armor-piercing tank rounds. There is currently further work underway to improve the system, in particular, computer algorithms that control the interception.”
Michael Kofman, a research scientist specializing in Russian military affairs at the federally funded Center for Naval Analyses, said he is skeptical about the Izvestia report. “I don't see it as realistic,” Kofman said. “A discarding sabot is a depleted uranium dart, the entire concept is that the material is incredibly dense to serve as a penetrator. The Afghanit APS uses a fragmentation charge and is not liable to do much to the A4—the latest variant—of U.S. munitions.  I can see it possibly pushing the dart off course with some sort of hit-to-kill approach, but I doubt much can stop it—besides combinations of ERA [explosive reactive armor] and composite armor.”
- The Bulava—and its land-based Topol-M and Yars counterparts—fly a flatter trajectory and have built-in protection to counter lasers and other ABM weapons, but those defenses come at the cost of some performance. However, the Kremlin has decided that the performance penalty is worth it for the extra survivability as the United States builds up it missile defense capabilities.

In any case, the Kremlin does not need to rely on its sea-based deterrent for an effective second strike capability. Indeed, while the Soviet Navy of old would defend heavily fortified bastions in the Arctic where their SSBNs would operate in relative safety, the much truncated current day Russian fleet does not have the ability to defend those regions as effectively. Thus, road-mobile or rail-mobile ICBMs such as the RS-24 Yars offer a much more survivable alternative given the vast reaches of Russia’s landmass. “Keep in mind Russia's sea-based deterrent is not its survivable second strike, and is much less important,” Kofman said.
- China’s richest man, Wang Jianlin, has been on a buying spree in Hollywood.

His media conglomerate, Dalian Wanda Group, has aggressively expanded into the U.S. film industry. The company, which already owns the nation’s second-largest theater chain and a major U.S. film producer, recently signed a deal to invest in Sony Pictures movies. Now, Wanda is in talks to buy the iconic Dick Clark Productions, producer of the Golden Globe Awards, in a deal that values the company at about $1 billion.

And Wang, 61, may just be warming up. The brash executive has proclaimed his desire to acquire one of the six major Hollywood studios and vowed to “change the world where rules are set by foreigners.”  Wanda recently was in talks to buy a 49% stake in Paramount Pictures until parent company Viacom  Inc. scuttled the sale.
- In February this year US Secretary of State John Kerry vowed to bring in a ‘Plan B’ for Syria if peace talks and government transition in the country failed. The same month, Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir said that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad would be removed either way. "He will either leave by a political process or he will be removed by force," al-Jubeir said. 

By “personalizing conflict in Syria” the US and its allies are simplifying the problem instead of really trying to resolve it al-Jaafari told RT. “We do not need to simplify things. The conflict in Syria has a rather geopolitical dimension. And this is what Moscow got from the beginning, this is what Beijing got from the beginning, this is what Tehran got from the beginning. The issue is much-much bigger.”

Instead the West itself appears to be one of “root causes” of the conflict, according to the official.

“The root cause of this conflict in Syria ravaging the country is due to mainly speaking this imposed terrorist war on the Syrians, governments and people as well. And this imposed terrorist war is backed by the western countries as well as Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia" al-Jaafari said.

He added that the US-led international coalition is not really engaged in battling terrorists like al-Nusra. “The American campaign called the international coalition… never targeted al-Nusra front for instance, never ever.”

Washington and its allies are "using al-Nusra front as a shield to protect what they call the armed moderate groups in Syria." That in return shows that the "American administration is not genuine and not serious about combating al-Nusra front terrorists, which is a terrorist entity according to the [UN] Security Council list." He also slammed Washington’s claims that “to do so is difficult” during the Russian and Syrian airstrikes as “hypocritical.”

This view is shared by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, who on Monday told the BBC that the US had failed to deliver on its obligations to ensure that “moderate” Syrian rebels separate from al-Nusra jihadists. The Russian official added that it lets Moscow assume al-Nusra is being reserved by Washington for its ‘Plan B’ in Syria.

During a special UN Security Council meeting on Sunday the US envoy to the body Samantha Power accused Damascus and Moscow of “barbarism” while conducting anti-terrorist strikes in Aleppo. In the interview to RT al-Jaafari rebuffed the accusations as “devoid of all accuracy and credibility.” He noted that the situation inside Aleppo is being complicated through al-Nusra and other “terrorists” who effectively have taken people hostage in the eastern part of the city.

Al-Nusra is "using them as human shields and preventing them from getting out of the eastern part of Aleppo through the four humanitarian corridors opened by both the Russians and Syrian army." The corridors were established by the Russian Reconciliation center in Syria and the government forces on July 28 to allow aid deliveries and exit to those willing to flee Aleppo. Al-Jaafari also told RT that the UN is ignoring reports from own staffers who witnessed hospitals in Aleppo “occupied” by militants.
- A US court of appeals ruled that the Pentagon does not have to disclose the names of people who were trained in counterinsurgency at the School of the Americas, an institution that lists some of Latin America’s worst dictators among its graduates.

In a divided 2-1 decision, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco overturned a 2014 decision by the Northern District Court of California, which said the US public had a right to know who the US Army trains at a facility located at Fort Benning near Columbus, Georgia. The DoD appealed the decision.

Originally called School of the Americas, it was founded in 1946 and trained Latin American troops in anti-communist counterinsurgency. The school was rebranded as the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (WHINSEC) in the early 2000s. Critics say people involved in torture, extrajudicial killings, and other violations of human rights got their training at the facility funded by US taxpayer money, with some labeling it School of Assassins.

The graduates of the school include Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega, a CIA asset who was eventually ousted by the US in 1989; Roberto d’Aubuisson, a convicted drug trafficker and leader of the Salvadoran death squads suspected of torturing and killing thousands of civilians; Efrain Rios Montt, Guatemalan military dictator who stands accused of ordering the genocide of indigenous peoples.

Instruction manuals for the school released by the Pentagon in 1996 included references to torturing and executing insurgents.

The Pentagon argued that disclosure of the names would put graduates at risk of retaliation by terrorist groups. It also said that WHINSEC has courses (mandated by federal law) on human rights which are required for all students, and that it screens out members of Latin American military units with records of abuses.

Dissenting Judge Paul Watford said in his opinion that the school has a “checkered history” and that relying on the government’s word that the school does its best to prevent abuses was a “fox-guarding-the-henhouse notion.”

He also questioned the safety argument, saying there was no evidence that any of the 60,000 SOA graduates who were identified in the past had been targeted with harassment or violence based on their attendance.
The Russian footprint in Syria remains relatively light, and though it includes advisers on the ground, is mostly confined to airstrikes. It is costing the Kremlin an estimated $3 million a day, a small fraction of its $55 billion annual defense budget. Though Syria might well be a quagmire, Ford said, “it is a sustainable quagmire.”

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