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Saturday, December 23, 2017

Linux BASH Resume Maker, Random Stuff, and More

- ever wondered about those people who have auto generated resumes? I have. I decided to build my own proof of concept to see how well it would work. You can download it here (examples of HTML, DOC, and PDF output are included in the ZIP archive):
- description of program is as follows:
# After seeing a few people construct automated resume builders online I
# wanted to build my own. It works very simply. Fill in the correct
# variables in this script and it will build you resumes of various types,
# based on job class/type and provide you with short, mid, or full sized
# resumes and various output formats (Please skim through the entire script.
# Everything is there and it's pretty simple to modify to ensure you aren't
# wasting your time trying to figure something out that is obvious.).
# It relies on pandoc as I've discovered it's one of the more flexible 
# and comprehensive markup format handlers out there. 
# It does this to save on time and to help deal with issues during updates.
# When combined with an automated job application system (such as the
# one I built earlier for Seek job application website) it also helps to
# increase the chances of being able to get past any existing filtering
# systems as well.
# I have to admit that while the HTML output is pretty ugly the
# PDF and DOC output options are really good given how simple the code is.
# Example files were created via following command: 
# ./resume_maker.sh ref gen
# As this is the very first version of the program it may be VERY buggy. 
# Please test prior to deployment in a production environment.
- here are examples of some other people's work...
resume maker bash github
resume markdown
- this combined with my automated job application bot is perfect for 'mass spamming' of potential employers or CV collectors (such as recruitment agencies). This way you can sort of control what type of information you send out, who it goes to, etc... It's pretty obvious that with minor work you can completely automate job application with custom cover letters, resumes, and applications completely...
- wanted to try it with asciidoc but was too limited. Looked at other markup languages but they were either too limited or too comprehensive (and therefore complex to use). Had to go with Pandoc with reference to markdown in the end. It's still kind of limited but as you'll see by the output from the ZIP archive the DOC and PDF output is very clean and good looking

Random Stuff:
- as usual thanks to all of the individuals and groups who purchase and use my goods and services
- I wonder whether people are interested because he's so weird and out there?
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