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Monday, December 4, 2017

Are Anti-Weapons Technologies Viable?, Faster Then Light Strategies, and More

AWT Technologies:
- I guess this is a continuation on my previous religious research?
- have been exploring this idea for a while now. It's effectively a means of complete weapons/defense access denial for all sides within a particular area. Wondering whether it's viable/practical? The primary means is to avert war by stopping all possible means of achieving it in the first place?
- one of the interesting things about nearly every single change of global power is that violence is nearly always involved? Examine the Apocalyptic scenarios across nearly every single religion... Surely, if someone is 'Ascended' surely they could figure out a better way?
- distribution via weather and/or EM waves. Think of sound waves (ultrasonics in particular) which are inaudible but can be used to float/send objects silently via traktor beam style mechanisms. Of particular interest are biological and chemical agents...
- there are nano-tech variations of such technology as well. Across the entire world there has been a lot research into this particular area...
- if 'Ascended Beings' are real then my guess is that once upon a time they figured out how to 'Ascend' then they sort of offered it to others who fit in with their view of the world, could contribute to the existing 'Kingdom of God' (if it exists), etc...? Guessing that they have a large network of planets that they inhabit, a larger number of planets/worlds that they simply 'look after', and the rest they know of but aren't active in? Given the fact that so many different cultures (regardless of the supposed 'God' that is being worshipped), the total number of apparent inexplicable 'miracles' their apparent 'ruleset', etc... it would make sense that some humans would be given 'Ascension' if 'Ascended Beings' (if they exist) took pity on them? If there is any 'Final Group' once authentication is proven beyond reasonable doubt there is no way that those who have passed can possibly be instantly be brought back? My guess is that direct communication/diplomatic relations of some sort would have to be setup which means that Earth would have to change (it doesn't feel like Earth would be able to offer much besides 'friendship?' to them?)? Without a more direction communications mechanisms timeline issues would be problematic (could have to sit around waiting forever? Issue made more difficult without more direct FTL capability?)
- for the current 'Ascension/Descension' agreements to be 'broken off' it would require a formal agreement between 'Ascended Beings' (if they exist). It's not as simple because there have apparently been many instances of 'Ascended Beings' interceding in situations where they wouldn't be normally be expected to (people who are irreligious such as atheists, agnostics, etc... Ruling out mental issues, intoxication, etc...)? Breaking off all previous 'Afterlife' agreements and becoming a semi-independent/semi-autonomous extension of any current 'Empire of God' means big problems... Not as simple as stop worship of a particular God? If 'Afterlife', life extensions of electro-chemical is completed, establishment of 'Hell', etc... is done then what about questions of judgement? 'Backtrace' indicates that interpretations are hugely problematic still? Moreover, most humans aren't a great judge on these issues yet? Given the history of a lot of pre-cogs/prophets on Earth you wonder why any of them would want to be stationed/sent there? Makes sense that the only way a 'clean up' would work would be if they 'Ascended' themselves (switch out of their electro-chemical form? They would have to build from scratch using science or technology on Earth or else make contact with Heaven/Nirvana (if it exists) so that 'others' can bring the relevant knowledge, science, technology, personnel, etc... over?) 'First Contact' type situation likely to be awkward either way...
Mission To Mars - The End
Contact the Movie - journey through universe
- many countries are really interesting with regards to religion? Are China and Cuba genuinely non-religious/purist Marxist/Leninist states? Members of the Chinese Communist Party have been caught funding the Dalai Lama? Are they simply waiting for confirmation of something 'real' or looking to make more sense of the material thrown previously thrown at them?
- it's obvious that if AWT proves practical it provides the user with a formidable advantage. What's clear is that it is open to abuse. For certain 'corruptible people' it can stop them from realising that they've done something wrong? It would make sense why it would be used sparingly (if previous miracles were true?)
- either way I can not not seeing Earth joining existing 'Kingdom of God' (if it exists) for hundreds of years even if all core science and technology can be delivered with a short space of time? Do a backtrack on a lot of pre-cogs/prophets and they effectively go through what feels like at least a partial nervous breakdown? Forget about trying this 'at high speed' on a planetary scale? Raising the dead via 'alternative means' other then through/via the current set of 'Ascended Beings' who have given people 'Ascension' likely to result in significant problems (causality is the obvious one if you reach through space/time, gaps if done via memories of others to recreate something similar, etc...)? If there is a 'Final Group' some will have to stay back? They'll have to provide some form of life extension/ascension to others that fit the necessary criteria to provide for a 'smooth switch over'? Social-economic systems will need further research and be looked at?
Alien: You're an interesting species. An interesting mix. You're capable of such beautiful dreams, and such horrible nightmares. You feel so lost, so cut off, so alone, only you're not. See, in all our searching, the only thing we've found that makes the emptiness bearable, is each other. 
- weather manipulation is another method...There have been claims/rumours (confirmed) of weather manipulation/experiments for much of human history... Tey've tried chemicals, EM waves, prayer, everything...
- one of the strange things about all of the Apocalyptic scenarios across all of the religions is that somehow supposedly all of the 'sinners' (non-believers in a particular religion, ideology, God, etc...) are supposed to die? Personally one of the interesting things I'm interested in is whether or not Earth has somehow tripped over some 'imaginary line' that they might not be aware of? Technically, things have been somewhat 'stable' for thousands of years (social mobility, wealth inequality, etc...)? These things have been roughly static or have become slightly worse over time (science and technology has changed a lot though)? If numbers are correct Earth deserves neither punishment or reward? 'Static' with regards to status according to any potential 'Kingdom of God' (should it exist). If anything it's past horrors (World Wars, religious wars, etc...) which are likely to have triggered 'external intervention' (if they exist). The irony is that humans seem to be continually worried about 'external threats' but it feels like they're 'a massive threat to themselves' (they require four Earth's to deal with resource consumption rate yet the basis for much of the Earth is based on capitalism/consumption, healthcare problems across the board even in developed countries, wars/conflict, refugees, etc...)? They're worried about being called out on 'laws of God' that they profess to follow? One of the obvious things is that despite time transpiring some of the elite still think about 'sinners' in the same way from thousands of years ago? For those who have 'lost perspective' they may be engaging in a slow motion cull of 'sinners' as opposed of a the rapid cull that seems to be presented in many of the Apocalyptic scenarios. The irony is that none of the empires that have thus far raised their heads on Earth fulfil the requirements of being able to overcome the 'Empire Paradox' (Empire which causes harm to as few people as possible or no one at all?)? My guess is that if the religions are built on true pre-cogs/prophets then at least large chunks of it 'lock in' when and if a 'Final Group' (if they exist) arrives and starts their work? Even if Earth has 'alien/ET allies' they clearly are of 'limited (if any) help'... If they did at least one country (or group of countries) would be pulling out ahead of everyone in terms of share of GDP (and fulfill the 'Empire Paradox'. If they have to hold such science and technology secret it's also useless as well?). That isn't the case though, almost all Earth Empires thus far seems to be 'reverting to the mean' over time? Makes sense, if any of the elite have convinced themselves that they've been doing God's Work/Work of the Lord it makes sense what has happened?
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The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are described in the last book of the New Testament of the Bible, called the Book of Revelation of Jesus Christ to John of Patmos, at 6:1-8. The chapter tells of a book or scroll in God's right hand that is sealed with seven seals. The Lamb of God opens the first four of the seven seals, which summons four beings that ride out on white, red, black, and pale horses. Though theologians and popular culture differ on the first Horseman, the four riders are often seen as symbolizing Conquest[1] or Pestilence (and less frequently, the Christ or the Antichrist), War,[2] Famine,[3] and Death.[4] The Christian apocalyptic vision is that the Four Horsemen are to set a divine apocalypse upon the world as harbingers of the Last Judgment.[1][5] One reading ties the Four Horsemen to the history of the Roman Empire subsequent to the era in which the Book of Revelation was written. That is, they are a symbolic prophecy of the subsequent history of the Empire.[6]
- has been said that 'Ascended Beings' such as angels would destroy all 'sinners'. A version of AWT style technology would likely be the delivery mechanism? Combine with FTL capability it could be used to save humans (through medical treatment) or destroy them (payload would be something that would trigger a suitable brain response (food for 'gluttony', aphrodisiac for 'lust', general addictive drug for 'greed/gluttony', body fat/cholesterol level for 'gluttony/sloth', dopaine and dopamine recepter levels for 'envy/pride', brain region activation (sociopaths/psychopaths and borderline sociopaths/psychopaths brains work slightly differently then normal people) for 'wrath/pride', etc...). It would be a multi-part payload? External buffer/shell to delay release. Next layer would be trigger 'sinful' brain response. Next layer another external buffer/shell to allow absorption of medicine. Next layer would check body response to trigger suitable release?
- containment field for all 'Ascended Beings' (if they exist) within a particular range possible? Same methodology as above for human AWT mechanism? Just need to overlay with Satan's (if he exists) behavioural signature?
- the most mass scale AWT version that can be easily/safely deployed combines subliminal messaging combined with biochemical agent? On exposure to subliminal messaging (via media) if brain response is abnormal then they are incapacitated (good example of this is leadup to major crime)... Similar mechanism to above? Should be able to stop/reduce incidence of unusual and mass shootings over time?
- a backtrack on many different religions often makes little logical sense?
Sex and religion - God is going gender-neutral in Sweden (DEBATE)
- conspiracy theorists have a big problem. Technically, if the US/West had FTL capability they should be a long way ahead of everyone but their GDP relative to the rest of the world has actually been coming back towards the pack rather then moving further forward?
- extremely obvious that some humans have literally been trying to cause an Apocalypse to create 'New Earth' if you know where to look (out of desperation?)? One of the funny things with regards to this is that if I'm reading things correctly humans may be headed for a near-Apocalyptic type situation in the future anyhow? If my Elysium theory is correct, capitalism is collapsing, etc... then technically the only choice may be a large scale war to re-balance the consumption versus human population problem? People may believe this to be cynical but look at some of the more covert and overt population control mechanisms globally? National Security Memorandum 200, China's One Child policy, policies regarding the Rohingya people, etc... Wouldn't be surprised if the elite had a covert plan somewhere if things became really desperate (food to population ratio) to 'cull' the human population through a false flag war of some sort if they couldn't figure out a viable means of genuine, workable, space travel capability?
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- overlay of AWT style technologies on chained physics (requires genuine Grand Unified Theory (GUT) theory. Similar to Holy Spirit on physical matter overlay to produce enhancements that can be had on some of the pre-cogs/prophets (if their miracles were true?) then effectively we can disable weapons on mass across an entire region instantaneously?
- as an aside wonder whether or not Grand Unified Theory (GUT) is genuinely possible? It feels like matter is composed of multiple layers? There is no smooth dilineation from one level to another reducing the chances of a genuine GUT being achievable?
- the irony is that with anyone with sufficient background in science or technology would know be capable of some of the 'miracles' that were professed to have been performed during a 'defense/security' type operation (if they occurred) such as when Moses 'freed the Jews' from the Egyptian pharaoh. Lots of possible ways to achieve this (sacrifice all 'First Born') around this particular issue. Learn enough neuroscience and you'll realise that brain storage and brain recall process works slightly differently. If you simply ask the question of all children or adults (provided they know the correct answer) then a remote scan will provide the correct answer. Then it's a case of actually 'completing the act'. Could be via any mechanism. Another way is via micro-organism/nano-tech which effectively does the same thing... Another is protein marker of some sort? Humans have clearly played around with DNA based bio-chemical style warfare. They've been less inclined to work along the lines of something less discriminating (since their socio-economic systems effectively rely on at least partial hypocrisy. Anyone looking to deploy AWT properly against humans is basically asking for trouble?)? The obvious way is to rely on brain chemistry. A lot of experiments have proven that addiction/sin appears somewhat similar on matter what type of addiction/sin (same parts of the brain light up). Effectively an 'agent' of some sort to effectively do the same thing as the Moses miracle but on a mass scale... 
For instance, experiments have proven that there isn't too much of a difference between what junk food does to our brain chemistry and what long term drug addiction can do it.
- one of the other ironies is that the current wealthy/elite have basically made targeting of them via biological, chemical, nanotech, and other agents easier because they base their society of 'stratospheres' (Namely, an elite, extreme variations in capitalism, etc...). What happens is that most people's immune systems have built in memories (this is basically how immune systems work in conjunction with vaccines). Wealthier people will have a bigger bank of broad spectrum responses to a wider array of particular diseases which means they're easier to target (humans tendencies are crowd driven but basically driven by a 'small elite' for the most part once you understand how things work). In general they're healthier (junk food is actually cheaper in a lot of developed/Western countries) which makes them easier to target. A fairer more even distribution of resources actually makes direct attacks via biological, chemical, nanotech, and other agents less feasible? Ironically, in the case of a oligarchy/dictatorship such attacks are much more likely to be possible/feasible? Use buffer/shell to delay release, vary incubation time, target areas which you know their elite are susceptible to, deliver in aerosolised form, etc... My guess is that if 'Apocalyptic' scenario were likely to happen it would likely be a few decades/hundred years into the near future (the 'trigger' would likely humans creating another 'World War' triggered by overpopulation, climate change, lack of resources, lack of genuine space capability, etc...). This would correspond with 'Apocalypse/Revelations' scenario across a number of different religions (if they were from true pre-cogs/prophets)?)? Would also correspond with some of the accounts of purges in the 'Old Testament' as well?
- if the religions are based on true pre-cogs/prophets then there's basically a trail of crumbs literally leading towards better science, technology, philosophy, law, etc... It's simply a matter of interpreting things correctly? The reason why everything seems to come at once for an individual/group is that they are all corollaries... Past policy on heresy extremely detrimental. Destruction of material means that others won't know where 'not to look' during a 'traceback'? If a 'Final Group' ever arrives on Earth and pieces things together they'll all wonder why didn't more people bother to look?
- there's no records of any machines/technology being carried by 'Ascended Beings' (if they are real) to aide process of 'Ascension' or to perform their miracles? They've mastered physics to the point that it's almost like 'transmutation'?
- AWT style strategies against vehicles/vessels include training drones/birds to fly into their air intakes (diverterless air intakes on stealth aircraft, stealth tanks, stealth helicopters, etc... are apparently very sensitive to variations in airflow. Blockage of this would be somewhat easy to achieve owing to their smaller aperture)?, weather control, etc... Most Earth bound vehicles rely on combustion engines, turbines, and rockets run on air. Possible to simply clog engines so that they don't run? Options can include animals, plants, other material, else nano-tech. Most susceptible in this particular area are aircraft, helicopters, ships, and tanks. Even they are operating on their limit for much of the time?
Fighter pilots told 'keep windscreens clean' to avoid crashes
- AWT style strategies against small arms fire/guns include using superconducting magnets that could be used to divert low velocity bullets over some distances (Reilly book)? Air density changes. Smoke bombs. Vests. AWT fields. Shaped energy charges? Rules/regulations to quarantine/lockdown hazardous areas. Specialised gases to create side neutral erroneous explosive discharges as well?
- AWT style strategies clearly an alternative (lethal or non-lethal) to guerrilla warfare/counterinsurgency? Obvious, that it works against 'all sides' though?
- generalised AWT style strategies against oil and fuel supplies possible (will freeze almost all mechanically based vehicles?). Mass scale sabotage of oil and fuel supplies possible because it's clear that some bacteria used to cleanup oil slicks, certain South American worm eats ethylene glycol. Humans are drink petrol, what organisms do so also?
- generalised AWT style strategies against rubber useful in particular. Rubber and silicone in significant use across all military vehicles/vessels. This means tyres, seals, sealants which are used to maintain stealth profile on stealth vehicles/vessels, etc...
- generalised AWT style strategies against metal useful in particular. We know that based in certain warzones that metals only of a high enough 'grade' can be used to develop makeshift mortars, weapons, etc... We know that halophiles are salt loving organisms. If a hybrid could be created they could build up salt and burrow into military grade metal? As I said most interesting thing would be in attacks against bolts, rivets, etc... Note, that attacks against metal are critical (can be biological or nano-tech based) because it stops the attack from coming in... No missile defense, reaction, etc... required
- generalised AWT style strategies against stealth vehicles/vessels. Some of them actually require a highly intensive maintenance and environmental control cycle... Attack all aspects that may be required for this...
- generalised AWT style strategies against in the field type repairs against military equipment...
- elimination of all weapons through AWT style technologies, FTL capability, etc... should lay the basis for peace and prosperity on Earth. My guess is that only at one particular point down the line will Earth be extended an offer of formal diplomatic ties with any existing 'Kingdom of God' (should it exist). One of the interesting things about all this is that it's possible likely that cracking particular pieces of core science and technology are likely to lead to the others being possible? Note that certain pieces of science and technology likely to be held by certain members of the 'current elite'? Such technology will likely have to be 'reverse engineered' or other arrangements will need to be made? Humans so/more concerned about where they stack up against one another then overall basic science that they've lost sight of what is important?
- religion could also just be a bunch of idealists thinking about alternatively better ways of life/structuring of society?
- two way AWT fields (provides defense for both sides on either side of the AWT field...). Ironically, solving FTL issue is core to this in gaining higher energy levels (see next section for details)
- generalised AWT systems against and for sensor systems. Electronic warfare, physical walls, any form of echo cancellation to reduce sensitivity of EM based technology such as RADAR... There was a long range mind reading technology that I was looking at?
Chinese claim they can detect F-22 and F-35 over 100 km
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- at times I wonder who exactly is reading this blog? Use micro-drones in combination with long range mind reading drones (both ideas which I've previously wondered about and am aware that they are experimenting with) and you could have the potential to at least limit the damage from terrorist attacks? The only worry for me is that this is abused? For instance, what's the difference between a rebel uprising, terrorist attacks democratic protests, etc... and how would you 'codify' it?
#####End Quote#####
- my suspicion is that on a backtrace from a 'Final Group' who can be successfully authenticated is that either way it may be possible/easier to come to an 'agreement' of some sort?
- clear that some of the current elite engaging in mass scale shenanigans. Over-flouridation supposedly results in stunted emotion/anger/sedation. Makes them less likely to 'strike back' even in the case of the case of something bad being done to them. Sounds outlandish but actually done in real life? Some of the cynical practices against Palestinians supposedly include reducing food rations and increasing the supply of illicit drugs into the 'West Bank' and 'Gaza Strip'?
- makes it clear that non-lethal AWT strategies against humans en-masse are possible (some of the stranger strategies against humans have included Brown Note research/certain frequencies cause people to defecate on exposure, light based research which causes temporary blindness, skunk spray, etc...). We know that certain diseases target inherent characteristics present in humans. Moreover, certain classes of humans develop particular habits in order to complete their job. Combine this with a delivery agent such as 'Narcolepsy Syndrome' and you have the basis for long term suppression of all 'aggressive issues' (beyond particular heart rate, blood pressure, etc... soldiers/terrorists fall asleep?). Clear ethical problems. Can deliver via bacteria/virus (this most viable option with changed strains delivered globally on a regular basis? Would work given humans still struggle dealing with bacteria and viruses?) or else tablet until they can get rid of 'anger issues'? Hook up to neural interface to test for changes? Deny oxygen. Brain resets itself after a certain amount of time? Think of highly effective concussive agents. A lot which are used by the secret, intelligent services, criminals, etc... Think of a universal agent that is delivered to everyone? Desire for death causes them to go to sleep immediately? They seek to actually change the system rather then sit around talking about it?
- there are a lot of non-lethal biological and chemical agents that could be piggybacked on top of AWT style technologies (this sounds crude but it's clear that some governments may already be engaging in this). We know that there are certain agents such as Dragon's Breath (temporary memory loss), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) which would cause enormous problems on for any member considering violent/military action. We know that certain fighters would not go out and engage in violent conflict were it not for certain 'stimulants' such as 'Captagon'. Cancelling agents already exist in the real world but have obvious side effects. Increase/reduction of certain vitamins (B which can have enormous impact upon mitochondrial efficiency which leads to fatigue), increased/reduction of nutrients (calcium through hypercalcemia can lead to massive fatigue), worms/parasites, significant increase/decrease in certain hormones (testosterone) can cause significant fatigue. Ironically, a lot of conflict has resulted in strange side effects. Supposed use of Agent Orange in Vietnam (Vietnam War Syndrome) and depleted Uranium and other chemicals in Iraq (Iraqi War Syndrome) has supposedly resulted in increased amounts of PTSD then normally the case? Induced vertigo possible via hallucinogenic type drugs (magic mushrooms, LSD, etc...)... Induced seasickness similar?
- complete AWT denial achievable through multiple means. A lot of governments and individuals have worked on non-discretionary concussive weapons (flash bangs, grenades, weapons which relay on EM to incapacitate, etc...)
- wonder whether you can train animals to deliberately fly into the pathway of military equipment consistently. Particularly large ones which may possibly cause problems for such equipment? Blind spots for heaps of vessel types... Larger ones in particular?
Fighter pilots told 'keep windscreens clean' to avoid crashes
- standing wave/tractor beam technologies have been attempted before using ultrasonics. Viability? More interesting in water type situations then air?
- spread in virus/bacterial form? Actually more efficient because it's 'living'... Notice how barnacles cling to the bottom of ships all the time? Cross with certain types of salt loving creatures. Automated rusting. More small...
- do a 'traceback' and things become a little more obvious why the number actually going through may be so small. The measure of someone is how they act when they switch positions (while on Earth) and ability to maintain same good, bad, etc...character? How they deal with what life throws at them (while on Earth)?
- military equipment tends to require higher tolerances/limits. Think of logistics alone for a lot of defense vehicles/vessels? AWT will not interfere with civilian operations provided implemented correctly...
- behavioural locking/fingerprint based technology 'Dynajail' (something I looked at a long time ago
('Cloud and Internet Security' Book, p.403) could be used for this type of AWT programming technology? 
- remove main weapons from the battlefield and things shouldn't be too bad (think of old style warfare that was present with )?
- assuming different 'Ascended Beings' (if they exist) exist across different planets, worlds, dimensions, etc... They all have differing attitudes towards Earth owing to their own individuality and characteristics? Only measure of whether 'Ascension' technology measures up is if transfer in/out is identical? Currently, those who have 'access' (if they exist) to Holy Spirit (if it exists) knows that this is the yardstick against which ascension technology should be based.... Religion (if based on true pre-cogs/prophets) seems like an 'open invitation' for anyone who wants to join them? The humiliating thing (for those who follow other ways) is that my suspicion is that a 'traceback' of true pre-cogs/prophets will likely yield them all the science, technology, philosophy, territorial disputes, etc... that could turn Earth into another planet/extension of any 'Kingdom of God' (should it exist)? Perhaps a direct invitation to the join the network provided you can figure out the clues (and should it actually exist?)? Everything is there but not enough people (or the right people) were interested? All of the various 'Ascended Beings' are all of slightly differing character so slightly differing pathways? Either way, you earn your into 'Afterlife'?
Turkish leader stresses need to establish independent Palestine
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- physics and AWT style technologies may be key to containment of Satan (should he exist. Stops him from taking 'possession' of people. At this point, the 'Ascended Beings' from Heaven/Nirvana (if they exist) can go after the 'Fallen/Satan' (if they exist?) on more 'sane terms' (my guess would be it's a bit like urban combat at the moment given the ability of both sides to go FTL, change bodies, mask/cloak themselves, etc...). In the event of wide spread destruction humans will be sent to other planets, 'Ascended', etc?) If he exists in 'Ascended Form' then technically you can at least stop his impact via AWT style technologies? Best chance is 'containment' if he can't be 'removed from the equation'? Actually makes sense that he would make a good 'ward' in 'Hell' (if it were to exist)? As an aside, let's say Satan exists. People worship him basically because they think that they'll get everything from him. Think carefully, if Earth is currently Satan's playground and people are unhappy on Earth then how would it get any better in any 'Afterlife'?
- science has been commercialised to the point whereby it no longer makes sense anymore? Technically, any scientist who believes in the way of Heaven/Nirvana (if it exists)(overcome the limitations of the 'human/materialistic' nature of Earth) will come a long way out ahead of a 'commercial scientists' over the long term? Outliers book from Malcolm Gladwell interesting with respect to this... Easier to do something if you enjoy/understanding it rather then forcing it... Intrinsic motivation vs extrinsic motivation?
- my guess is that in the event that Earth is invited to join any 'Kingdom of God' (if it exists) AWT style technologies may be deployed worthwide? Nations may have to give up on conflict with one another and pledge allegiance to the existing network of worlds/planets under the terms that they already live under (similar process to joining the European Union, ASEAN, UN, etc...)? Any armed forces will need to follow the rules that the others ('Ascended Beings' who deal with defense/security issues) already live under?
- another interesting Anti-Weapons Technology (AWT) style technology looked at in the movie GI Joe movie is something that eats at existing material. A high speed oxidisation/chemical process to disable all weapons within a particular range? Dispersion obviously possible via a gas/aerosolised and liquid type bomb. It can also be carried by the wind or water then technically, all weapons downstream should be disabled? We've also trained animals (such as seals) to carry and target things before? Why not use them to target weapons systems and platforms? Think about organism which have specific affinity for materials? Is it possible to produce something similar artificially? Theory can be extended across the board including large capital vessels. Alloy type material and certain types of metals more impervious to this type of attack but theoretically possible. Knives made of certain metals? Attack carbon which is often used in unison with iron to make carbon steel which is generally stronger? For carbon fibre type materials attack glues. Attack the least strong materials as part of an overall structure? Notice that in detection of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) can be detected through various ion/atomic/smell based mechanisms. Water incursion. Irony is this normally, drills are run in order to maintain readiness. Readiness increases the likelihood of exposure to AWT type systems/weapons which will likely reduce capability, readiness, etc... in which case the only defense is 'storage' or low scale drills which reduces capability, readiness, etc... Theory is that guns will jam, knives will snap, naval vessels will break up, propellers will break off, missiles will malfunction, etc... Note that particular grades of metal, carbon materials, etc... are generally required for military applications and hence this should have no impact upon civilian operations. Useful for 'safe zone/DMZ' type situations such as Israel/Palestine, North Korea/South Korea, etc... Change 'incubation time of AWT style technology so that there is 'plausible deniability' as well? Attack surface structures like rivets, glue, any material that can react/be broken down (stealth aircraft/vessels very susceptible to this particular issue due to their high dependence on stealth in operations), etc...
- humans are strange? Their interpretation of how the Apocalypse would unfold across the religions is 'odd'.  As I said previously, it feels like some of them have actually tried to cause it rather then realising the timing comes down to God (whoever/whatever he is?). Anyone would realise the only to fulfill the promises would be some version of AWT style technology? Due to Earth's 'stablish nature' (see above) and AWT's inherent indiscriminate nature any member of a defense/security team would surely struggle to deploy it without further/sufficient justification/impetus?
#####Start Quote#####
- clear that religion is part authentic, part sham, part wrong, part mis-interpretation, etc... Wonder if part of the extravagant claims were simply 'marketing' to get people to follow a particular way of life much like the current political elite use a lot of manipulation and covert mechanisms to get what they want (if this is the case, it's obvious how the hierarchy works. God/Lord = some member of the elite or a 'cutout', Satan = greatest rival of elite in question, Saints + Angels = security and/or intelligence services, Demons = opposition security and/or intelligence services, Worshipers = population, etc...)? Even if it's just a bunch of fables it's required to keep people stable/happy in what seems to be an incredibly cynical world at times? 
#####End Quote#####
- Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (FUD). Create non-existent threats in a concerted hybrid warfare campaign such that ultimately it consumes the rival's financial resources and economy so that it can no longer function in a 'normal fashion'... Rome, USSR, and now US have all been subject to this issue?
- what's interesting for me is that anyone who traces back through history knows that the 'Ascended' may have been reluctant to use AWT style technologies simply because of their indiscriminatory and destructive nature. Makes me wonder whether if there is a 'tracebook' through history whether or not there may have been intervention of some sort during previous major wars and/or conflict?
- if you examine how things work in any potential 'Kingdom of God' (if it exists) it becomes obvious why and how things may be so 'pure'? My guess is that there is a hierarchy of worlds that they come under their purview. Conversion of mortal life to immortal life requires scan of soul/concious? If 'Ascended Beings' live amongst mortals it's easier to maintain purity of things (Old Testament speaks of this?)? Mass deployment of AWT style technologies means that no one can really be a hypocrite? Since they have achieved FTL capability and mastery of time/space no one can really hide anything. Moreover, if scan of soul/concious is required from time to time there really is no where to hide? One of the interesting things is this. Angels in Western religions have been known to take human or 'Ascended Form', with a few instances of animal control (story of Balaam) and 'Ascended Beings' of Eastern religions have supposedly. I guess it's dependent on the 'Ascended Being' in question as to what they do?
- if you were to put Earth on an evolutionary scale, Earth would currently be about somewhere between child and a teenager still (relatively speaking)? Is there something like a 'Prime Directive' regarding natural evolution of planets like Earth? They must pass a series of tests/figure out a bunch of clues to establish formal relations with other members of 'Kingdom of God/Ascended Beings' (should they exist?)?
In the fictional universe of Star Trek, the Prime Directive (also known as Starfleet General Order 1 or General Order 1) is a guiding principle of the United Federation of Planets prohibiting the protagonists from interfering with the internal development of alien civilizations.
- notice something very funny about all of the religions? They all have a disclaimer at the end of it saying that one day the pre-cogs/prophet in question will be back to 'clarify things' in spite of people claiming that the so called religious text in question is 100% perfect?

Going FTL:
- my previous research indicates heaps of alternate ways of achieving FTL capability. Here we'll look at a bunch of options? They'll focus in on achieving this via a single particle (such as a photon) first (small steps before trying something more practicle)? Most of these options have somewhat of a grounding in science... They will allow increases past the speed of light from anywhere between several percent upwards towards several multiples of it? People don't realise the benefits of being able to go FTL as opposed to pure light speed? Note, in a lot of cases these techniques don't actually allow FTL capability per-se but a short cut to move beyond FTL?
- following technology obviously gives light speed travel of concious and access to resources of local Solar System...
#####Start Quote#####
- 'offworld teams' building new colonies will have to build new bases themselves if humans are to maintain 'their human form'? Gas harvesting on gas giant planets such as Juniper and Saturn. Think of para-sailing? Collect, store in tank, ignite, fly off? 
#####End Quote#####
- think of higher energy issue like magnets being forced together? Under normal circumstances they'll come together. Under pressure higher then average energy possible? Going deeper should yield better results? Particle accelerators find more efficient ways of achieving higher energy levels? Look for perbutations that can't be explained in current models for missing particles? Interaction is the problem?
- possible to nullify impact of mass? We've only recently discovered Higgs-Boson though? Which means that discovery of alternate particle is probably way off of the horizon (reminds me of discovery of electron versus positron, etc...)?
- possible to replace m in E=mc^2 with something else? Changes the nature/physical properties of what is sent though?
- bending space/time to create Hyperspace is incredibly difficult but possible (think of behaviour of objects, matter, light, etc... around Black Holes)? Not practicle though?
- seems obvious Quantum Mechanics is valid but invalid? Reminds me of Earth, Wind, Fire, Water to Atom to Quark theory of matter? It's just that we can't dig deeper yet?
- seems obvious that if Intelligent Design were involved in creation of Universe that 'Pulsars' can be used for sub-FTL navigation? Very useful. Almost like inter-stellar lighthouses of some sort? Wonder if inhabited planets are more likely to be around 'Pulsars' or other 'celestial markers'?
- time space is currently thought in 4D/Four Dimensions but we know that objects of sufficient gravity causes deviations in space as well (bending of light around super massive objects). Does this imply infinite connectivity? This is the basis for super-string theory? Normal time-space occupies 4D? If you vectorise this it results in dots to infinitely long strings/chains through implication?
- can electromagnetism be used to flatten space? Even slight flattening would lead to Hyperspace type arrangements? Realistic energy levels. How much of a gain over standard un-flattened space-time?
- light is energy. Strip mass from from light. Should allow it to go quicker (think neutrinos, tachyons, etc...) Do electrons decay slightly with emission of energy light, radiation, etc?
- if light can't travel out of a black hole then it means that light travels/accelerates towards a black hole? c is the terminal limit (think terminal velocity and how it works for objects travelling towards Earth? Is it similar?) for light speed into black hole (light can't escape black holes). Would neutrinos and other massless particles travel faster into a black hole? Is it possible to replicate aspects of a black hole's properties on a sub-atomic level without creating a black hole?
- even if natural emitter of smaller natural FTL non-interacting particles possible? Neutrinos obvious candidate? Look for shadow of some sort? Interaction problem enormously problematic (heavy water tanks work on basis of probability contact. Possible to increase density of water? Change state to change speed like my other potential FTL speed up theory?)?
- do smaller objects in general travel faster then light? Smaller objects have a greater potential to travel faster then light? Reminds me of the movement through gas versus liquid versus solid issue though? Technically, if you particles are 'smoothed out' to the point that spacing between them becomes irrelevant (like Bose-Einstein condensate) then technically travel should get quicker and quicker and the fundamental manner in which matter works completely changes? It's simply finding out the conditions under which such a condesate can be achieved (wondering whether this is what makes 'space' so different. Perhaps one of the components missing for deciphering the 'Cosmological Constant' issue that scientists have been struggling with? If meditation/remote viewing works it's perhaps just blocking out the noise of the 'matter Universe' which humans have become so much more interested in?)?
think of speed of sound issues
v=f*lambda? where v=c?
- compress, cool down, heat up, bend, bombard, etc... matter in front to effectively make it more amenable to FTL travel?
- warp bubble, sheath, tunnel, etc... are other options. Effectively try to evacuate anything within a tunnel in front of you that stops you accelerating towards and past the speed of light. Extremely difficult...
- create FTL particle stream in front and travel though it (Destiny ship in Stargate Universe)?
- genuine FTL capability required for inter-stellar communication ('token efforts' have been made thus far really. Pioneer and Voyager probes have barely gone past the edge of our Solar System. Standard communications are only speed of light. Put this into perspective. Rocket from Earth to Mars is several months. Light speed from Earth to Sun is 8 minutes. FTL time is dependent on how much faster? Huge advantages!) Sun is a natural emitter of neutrinos/FTL particles? Is it possible to create a shadow (something closer to the Sun better as it produces a shadow effect...) and turn it into a morse code based signalling system of some sort? Basic, Morse Code? Realstically, need something smaller/more practical though?
- transmutation of signal from one form of matter into another should allow for FTL capability?
- Quantum Tunnelling effect just effectively looking for 'gaps' in space/time which creates an FTL capability but not on a larger scale? Wondering whether you can freeze/polarise atoms in series (like a 'magnetic particles' on a magnet) to provide holes on a larger scale? Should allow travel at FTL at faster levels then Quantum Tunnelling alone over longer distances?
- are we wrong about the nature of EM waves (travel through vacuum) versus mechanical waves (travels only through mediums)? Humans still can't detect 95% of the Universe (Dark Matter and Cosmological Constant problem)?
EM spectrum 
v = f * lambda
E = hf
- ironically, solving this problem solves physics problems, allows humans to detect 'Ascended Beings' (if they exist), allows for better understanding of 'Ascension' (if it's real), etc...
- think about ball bearings and lubrication... Does this sort of exist in the world of FTL travel? FTL particle within an FTL particle type arrangement? Should allow for greater speed ups as long as heat, friction, other issues aren't a problem? Is it possible that FTL particles create a wake/drag behind them? Surely, slipstreaming type arrangements are possible?
- encapsulation (neutrinos surrounding a particle with mass? Much like an aerodynamic sheath?) is another possible technique? Reason for encapsulation makes more sense after you factor in angular momentum?
- can you flatten 4D/3D space into 2D (and lower dimensions) space? Worthless/impracticle technique? They've actually used this technique to achieve slightly faster then light travel on a micro-scale? Think about an atom in a 3D shape/basketball. Compress it? It's effectively the same as warping space/time?
- makes you wonder whether 'funneling' is possible? Much like Bernoulli's Equation with regards to water in a large diameter tube moving to a smaller diameter tube. How much of a gain is possible?
p + 1/2pv^2 + pgy = a constant (Bernoulli's Equation)
- higher energy can clearly be achieved by splitting things that are smaller and smaller. Quark fission produces roughly six times the amount of energy. Makes sense, anything that is more tightly bound will produce higher levels of energy? Think of Higgs-Boson. If Higgs-Boson is mass particle and E=mc^2 under standard conditions what does energy emitted from fission of Higgs-Boson give? Makes research into particle/theoretical physics better to understand? Is there a point whereby our current Einstein's theory breaks down (but we haven't reached it yet)? Reminds me of problems between reconciliation between Newtonian Physics and Quantum Dynamics. It was only when we went smaller that we realised that there was a problem. Maybe things change completely once you reach another level as well? Think back towards birth of Universe and birth of other major celestial objects and we may be able to figure this out without the need for particle accelerators such as SLAC and CERN. We're basically looking for things that look 'generally out of place' according to our current understanding of physics/science... If there was a civilisation that was involved in the creation of the Universe then we should be looking at 'rippled areas'... or else at areas of construction/destruction/entropy that look out of the ordinary (we should have the data available by now? Just a matter of knowing where to look deeper?). Automated Analysis/Research critical to this type of work to speed up progress?
#####Start Quote######
- it seems obvious is that if there is a 'God' and a 'Big Rip' leads to an implied regular implosion and explosion cycle of the known Universe then it's possible that there may be some evidence of some of this? For instance, ripples (if the previous implosion and explosion cycle are imperfectly overlaid? Evidence seems to be of around 2-3 up to about 12 pressure waves of some form in the structure of the Universe) in space/time itself from time to time? If the Hindu/Buddhist interpretation is itself correct then it's obvious this may be where the Eastern and Western religions could somehow possibly be 'bridged' (the alternate proposition is that either the Eastern or Western religions are sort of brought into disrepute. The currently accepted answer seems to be they are of equal validity until proven otherwise)?
A renowned scientist says he has spotted evidence that a universe existed before the Big Bang. Professor Roger Penrose from Oxford University says concentric circles discovered in the background microwaves of the universe provides evidence of events that took place before the universe came into being. The cosmic microwave offers us a ghostly look at the the universe just 300,000 years after the Big Ban' - a microscopic amount of time compared to the universe's estimated age of 13.7billion years. The research by Penrose, who was awarded the 1988 Wolf Prize along with Stephen Hawkings for adding to our cosmic knowledge, adds evidence to the theory that the universe has expanded ('the Big Bang') and contracted ('the Big Crunch') many times. The Daily Galaxy reports that Prof Penrose, along with Professor Vahe Gurzadyan of the Yerevan State University, Armenia believe images of the CMB from NASA's Wilkinson Microwave Anisotophy Probe shows imprints in the radiation that are older than the Big Bang. They say they have discovered 12 examples of concentric circles, some of which have five rings - which means the same object has had five massive events in its history. The rings appear around galaxy clusters in which the variation in the background radiation appears to be strangely low. 
#####End Quote#####
- you can't prove something isn't there or possible? You can prove something is there is possible?
- if we think about how Quantum Tunnelling actually works seems obvious that the smaller particles are the more likely they can effectively 'punch holes' and go further and further beyond FTL?
- we're missing something? If remote viewing/prayer/meditation works then messenger then clearly there are particles which travel FTL?
- reshaping of individual particles (think about flattening theory that I was looking at above? Planet 'Earth' is slightly bowed/elliptical and according to De Broglie)? Wonder if to a certain extent light is like sound? We need to sweep back wings the faster we go. Can you reshape individual/flatten individual particles to go gain further inefficiencies as we go beyond FTL (think about first supersonic jets. High instability/buffeting as we approached the speed of sound. Chuck Yager (in Bell X-1) dealt with it by pushing further forward and finally broke through the 'sound barrier' through this particular 'trick'?)? 
- given minor perturbations in orbits of particles/objects (think of Earth and the way it regularly 'wobbles')  wonder whether you can sequence fla
- part of problem of heading towards speed and of light and going FTL is finding an efficient way of building up momentum (think of a 'Golf Swing'. Correct sequencing and technique makes for easy, efficient, accurate, speed, etc...). Easy methods would including slipstreaming a comet, grapling hook on to a comet at which point it would provide you with a massive speedup (there are already projects which involve landing on comets but they haven't really been used in this capacity before?), gravity slingshots from behind cellestial objects such as a planet, Star, etc... For a single particle I've been thinking in terms of 'MAGLEV' (think particle accelerators). Combine with other techniques? Wonder what sort of potential there is? Polarise, time, sling forward, repeat, etc... Sequence atoms around you to give you a nudge? Random, impracticle especially in 3D configuration?
- classic Hyperspace Window arrangement as in my previous theoretical work? Virgin birth made possible via such technology of course?
- idea of space as a 'vacuum' needs to be abandoned? Dark Matter/Cosmological Constant issues?
- think about conversion of energy between stored/potential and kinetic energy? Is it possible to change energy of a different form into something that transfer into something more useful that can go FTL? Think about dams, springs, gravity, which store energy but can then be converted into something radically different (0 m/s to ? m/s velocity). Multiple components, sound at ~340 m/s, light at 3x10^8 m/s, physical mass itself at ? m/s. Can we store light or other things in such a fashion and alter in some way to push further past FTL?
- is this in itself (Bernoulli's Equation and funnelling to produce further increases beyond speed of light) a variation of mutation (Conservation of Energy always applies or isn't valid beyond a certain point. Only this way would some aspects of the Universe make sense)? Can you mutate in such a way to push further ahead with regards to FTL? Think of amplitude, frequency, etc... increases in particular in unison with superposition? Is it possible to move from original form to the other and back while preserving increases?
- 'trackback' through work of Srinivasa Ramanujan (he was said to have communicated with another 'Ascended Being' regarding high end mathematics and the nature of black holes? Trackback through work of Albert Einstein, Neils Bohr, Max Planck, Nikola Tesla, etc... Were likely to double as pre-cog/prophets?
- how does would fission/fusion of FTL particles even work? How does this stack up again standard fission/fusion?
- if any of them gives you FTL capability and AWT style capabilities (deals with finite research issues as well as defensive capabilities) it won't matter if a security/defense team from Heaven/Nirvana (if it exists) were deployed?
- if mass acts as a type of impediment to further speed (towards and beyond FTL) I wonder whether we can reshape it's nature? Is there the equivalent of aerodynamics with regards to light? Particles 'flatten out' in particle accelerators based on what I've heard (as they head towards the speed of light)? Viable/impracticle? If there is the equivalent to aerodynamics can we find a a type of lens/patterns to remove mass or reshape it? Synthetically manufacture sub-atomic particles (someday) and fit them like 'Lego blocks' to reshape matter themselves?
- fracture 'sub-atomic particles'?
- fracture existing particles?
- create new particles?
- ironically, FTL capability as well as AWT creates the key to disabling all explosive (but most especially implosion type devices such as nuclear devices, hydrogen devices, etc...) as well? If a Quantum Tunneling  (or something similar) can allow you to insert a substance which nulls/makes inert the explosive substance or cancels the implosion effect then they all devices within a specified area should be nullified?
- the core theory/principle of AWT style technology is that everyone (within range) loses offensive weapons capabilities at once?
- my guess is that some point you can create something that violates E=mc^2 and goes much higher
- if light can not escape from a black hole then it's not just mass that interacts with light? Could be that it's something that absorbs light energy?
- more efficient ways to produce energy (as stated above)?
- think about messenger particles?
- opening up FTL capability opens up time travel opportunities as well?
- figure out more stuff later... It's not that easy given the 'gaps' that seem to be missing in science at the moment?
- as I've said previously my plan is to make sense of this all somehow and publish a book sometime down the track?

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Random Quotes:
- "If you push the stick forward, the houses get bigger, if you pull the stick back they get smaller."
-- Unknown instructor 
- As for the US, it tries to capitalize on the World War II victory, presenting itself as a "liberator" and the winner in the war: It "cannot acknowledge the role of the Soviet Union in attempting to organize collective security in the 1930s, or the Red Army's role in the crushing of Nazism because it would undermine American mythology about the Cold War."

"Genuine history would challenge American assumptions about the US having 'won World War II' and about being the exceptional nation, 'that shining city on the hill' which leads 'the free world,'" Carley said, stressing that "present day western hostility toward the Russian Federation and its president are fed by this bogus American and European 'history'."
- Democracy has never promised ideal outcomes. Its strength is to allow the bloodless removal of bad leaders, as the Austrian philosopher Karl Popper pointed out. And that's part of the 80 per cent.
- Since threatening military action, Trump has not backed down. Speaking to world leaders at the United Nations, Trump warned of "further action" and urged world leaders not to look the other way as Caracas unwinds democratic institutions and the Venezuelan people suffer under a deep economic crisis.

Confident in Russian aid in the face of more threats from Washington, Maduro thanked Moscow for its help and spoke of the respect and mutual admiration between former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and Putin that has continued today. Calling it a win-win relationship, Maduro said cooperation with Russia had made Venezuela's armed forces "three times stronger over the past 15 years."

Maduro thanked Putin publicly for his ongoing support and called him the true leader of the world.

"Putin is the leader of the emerging world, the world we want to live in. Putin carries the banner of decorum, dignity and peace," he said.
- Here's one of the many gems from Stamos: "A lot of people aren't thinking hard about the world they are asking SV to build. When the gods wish to punish us they answer our prayers."
Stamos reminds me of a man who jumps out of a plane, looks for his parachute on the way down, and then starts blaming the airline/pilot/stewards when he cannot find it. Facebook has taken on a task that is beyond its level of competence — look up that phrase in The Peter Principle, dear Alex — and is now looking to cover its arse.

This has happened numerous times before in Silicon Valley so one should take Stamos's rant with a pinch — nay a tonne — of salt. And just refuse to give him even the time of day.
- On social media, critics poked fun at Ms. Koike’s reputation for political slipperiness. Twitter users posted doctored images of a popular brand of instant noodles, known as Green Tanuki Soba, with a picture of Ms. Koike. The tanuki — or raccoon dog — is considered a master of shape-shifting in Japanese folklore. “Increasingly dubious, lip service, irresponsible, blatant lies,” read one of the fake labels.
“It’s kind of old themes that have been put in a blender,” said Tobias Harris, a Japan analyst at Teneo Intelligence, a political risk consultancy based in New York. “So it looks a little different, but the ingredients are actually the same.”
- Policy to deal with climate change is like primitive people killing goats to appease volcano gods, former prime minister Tony Abbott has told an audience in Britain overnight.

Mr Abbott has argued that "at least so far it is climate change policy that is doing harm; climate change itself is probably doing good — or at least more good than harm".

"In most countries far more people die in cold snaps than in heatwaves, so a gradual lift in global temperatures, especially if it is accompanied by more prosperity and more capacity to adapt to change might even be beneficial," he told the Global Warming Policy Foundation in the United Kingdom in a speech called Daring to Doubt.
- The US navy crews aboard missile cruisers tasked with monitoring North Korea have described their job as a "floating prison" amid plummeting levels of morale, a survey has revealed.

The crew aboard the USS Shiloh "hate" their job, complained about being overworked and suggested the boat wasn't in good working order, according to an anonymous Navy survey, the responses of which have been detailed by the Navy Times.

“It feels like a race to see which will break down first the ship or it’s [sic] crew,” one sailor wrote.

The complaints were raised in three surveys conducted between June 2017 and August this year during which time the ship was commanded by Captain Adam M. Aycock.

According to the Navy Times, the Captain has not been fired.

"I just pray we never have to shoot down a missile from North Korea, because then our ineffectiveness will really show," another response read.

The Shiloh is part of the Navy's 7th Fleet which has been under enormous scrutiny after two of its ships crashed into commercial boats in separate incidents this year.
Rumors of vampires allegedly originated from Mozambique and "spread across" the borders to the Malawian districts of Mulanje and Phalombe, according to the UN.

Malawi, where witchcraft is widely believed and education standards are low, is regularly dogged by rumors of "vampire" activity.

The United States embassy has also temporarily withdrawn its team of Peace Corps volunteers from the districts surrounding Mulanje and has advised its citizens not to visit the affected districts.
- U.S. and European drug companies indirectly yet knowingly funded Iran-backed Iraqi militias that carried out attacks against U.S. troops, veterans of the Iraq War alleged in a lawsuit filed Tuesday.

The lawsuit alleges that five drug companies won contracts with the Iraqi government during the 2003 peak of the war with knowledge that free drugs and medical devices would end up in the hands of a Shiite militia.

That militia would then sell the drugs and devices to the black market to fund its operations against the U.S., the New York Times reported.

Named in the lawsuit are U.S. firms General Electric, Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer and European drugmakers AstraZeneca and Roche Holding A.G.

The companies won contracts with the Iraqi Ministry of Health that at the time was controlled by the leader of the Mahdi Army, a group known for attacking U.S. troops and working closely with Lebanese paramilitary group Hezbollah, which the U.S. has designated a terrorist group, the Times reported.

The group was known as the “Pill Army,” according to the Financial Times, as some of the fighters were known to have been paid in drugs rather than cash.

The budget for Iraq’s health ministry skyrocketed from $16 million in 2003 to more than $1 billion in 2004 following the influx of aid from the U.S.

To win the lucrative deals with the ministry, the companies allegedly paid bribes in the form of “free goods” – amounting to as much as 20 percent of the contract value, according to the suit, USA Today reported.

The Iran-backed militia then allegedly sold the free drugs and medical devices to the black market – providing an important source of income to carry out attacks against U.S. troops, the lawsuit alleges.
In his address to synod, where Archbishop Glenn Davies announced the $1 million donation, he cited the Reformation and Luther's call to return to Scripture. What he failed to emphasis was that Luther's actions were a response to what he perceived to be the abuses of the Roman Catholic Church of his time: abuses that related to its use of power to control and the use of money to purchase salvation (indulgences). Both sides in the Reformation used Scripture; they just used it differently. The irony is that Luther was deemed a heretic for his views, yet is used as an exemplar by this diocese that itself embodies control through power and wealth.
- Greg Clark: “We just have taken a policy decision to say, ‘Any foreign government that wants to read our source code, the answer is no’.”

So does Symantec, an American company, have anything to hide? If Kaspersky, a Russian company, is accused of allowing Moscow to fiddle with its source code in order to spy on others, then could not Symantec be accused of having backdoors in its code that would help the American Government conduct espionage activities?

After all, installing anti-virus software on a computer is the equivalent of installing a rootkit – the software has carte blanche when it comes to file inspection and upload. It can do anything and everything, and the user has to rely on only one thing when he or she makes a choice as to which A-V to run - trust.

If Symantec does not allow other countries to inspect its code when asked, the likelihood of it doing business in those jurisdictions is likely to evaporate.

HPE allowed the inspection of the source code for ArcSight — which is now owned by British mainframe company Micro Focus — because it wanted to sell the product in Russia.

Another big American technology company, Microsoft, had to allow China to inspect the source code of Windows, a process that took two years, before it was allowed to craft a product — Windows 10 China Government Edition — that could be sold to the Chinese public sector.

A good deal of the paranoia over privacy has come in the wake of the revelations by Edward Snowden, a former NSA contractor, in June 2013, that the NSA was conducting blanket surveillance of all Americans – plus most of the rest of the world. Privacy has slowly come to figure more and more in the conversation of ordinary people.

Recent attacks by Western governments on encryption have not helped to boost public confidence about their intentions.

Foreign companies have grown wary about dealing with US corporations, fearful that having their data within the US will mean that it will be open slather for the NSA. And US companies have suffered as a result.

With this being the current situation, Symantec's stance does not seem to make business sense.
- Greek opposition politicians have seized on an article by Spanish paper El Pais which uses the Greek word kolotumba or somersault, to describe the post-referendum stance of Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont.

El Pais explains that kolotumba means a U-turn in politics. It’s most famous practitioner was the Greek PM Alexis Tsipras who made the term world famous, the paper says.

Recalling the Greek referendum of 2015, El Pais says that Tsipras launched a referendum on the country’s rescue plan and “ended up doing the opposite of what people voted for”.
- “Russia is talking about the necessity to construct a multipolar world,” said Victor Kheyfets, a professor of international relations at St. Petersburg State University, referring to the country’s efforts to decentralize global power. “Latin American countries are doing the same. But I’m not sure if their visions of a multipolar world are the same.”

Cheesy Tomato Based Pasta Recipe, Adding Subtitles to Video Files, and More

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