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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Ending Disease and Disability/Extending Life, Prophets/Pre-Cogs, and More

On Disease/Disability/Ageing:
- for interest's sake, I decided to see what it would be like to see whether realistically we can cure disease, ageing, and disability issues (particularly within the context and history of religion where relevant)?
- the never ending life/ageing/disease issue is more difficult to tackle then you'd expect but I don't think it's as insurmountable as some people think. A lot of them seem to be tackling it as a tackling it as a systems engineering or hybrid black/white box type testing problem. Namely, divide and hope to understand all parts of the body on their own hoping that one day they could 'play God' . Notice that many of them seem preventable?
causes of mortality
top diseases
1. Coronary Artery Disease (Ischemic Heart Disease)
2. Stroke
3. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
4. Lower Respiratory Infections
5. Trachea, Bronchus, and Lung Cancers
7. Diarrheal Diseases
8. Diabetes Mellitus
9. Preterm Birth Complications
10. Tuberculosis (TB)
  Disease Annual
rate Percent
of all
1. Ischaemic heart disease 7.25 million 12.8%
2. Cerebrovascular disease 6.15 million 10.8
3. Lower respiratory infections 3.46 million 6.1
4. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease 3.28 million 5.8
5. Diarrhoeal diseases 2.46 million 4.3
6. HIV/AIDS 1.78 million 3.1
7. Trachea, bronchus, lung cancers 1.39 million 2.4
8. Tuberculosis 1.34 million 2.4
9. Diabetes mellitus 1.26 million 2.2
10. Hypertensive heart disease 1.15 million 2.0
- ironically, it feels like we're close but far from a solution? If we case each cell of the body part by part and find a substrate/medium which can maintain the cell in a perfect/unchanging state (if you've worked in a biological lab you'll have worked with substances such as Formaldehyde and PBS which can be used to preserve cell state and even aide growth of biological substances). If we can isolate and preserve each parts of the body without further input then that gives us the basis for 'stasis pods' (the current method revolves about basically freezing the body to a temperature and thawing it in a way that basically doesn't allow for the possibility of 'crystalisation' which makes 'stasis pods' impossible. Obviously, the aim is to stop/freeze a body completely in time but slowing down necrosis/metabolism in the meantime is a more realistic target? Irony is that we know that certain hormones are released into the body which effectively do this but it seems to actually brings about an increased likelihood of death in medically traumatic events?). Combined with organ transplants and experiments with 'animal resurrection' (by many different individuals, organisations, states, etc... They seem to indicate as long as excessive necrosis/cell death doesn't take place resuscitation via electric shock should be viable for at least a short amount of time) then it seems obvious that death via accidents could/should end? 
Seeking Immortality: Russian Scientists' Hunt for Elixir of Life
12 Extinct Animals That Can Be Brought Back With Science
- the systems engineering perspective makes you wonder what ageing actually is? It feels like we're dancing around the edges a lot of the time? We're just looking/seeing the side effects of ageing (such as telemeres, etc...) rather then seeing the 'big picture'? Wondering whether we should just grow to a particular age (target age would be 30-40s as that seems to be when most people have become wiser but their bodies are relatively young and healthy and less susceptible to disease in general) and then freeze things there? This means re-generation or else freezing things as they are (via switch over to cell cloning internally). Restarting body physically completely not worthwhile because you effectively lose the point of never ending life by forgetting previous experiences? Can be offset by storing things offline (via a neural link) and then transferring back and forth when required? Certain parts of the body must be at least 'be frozen in time' (brain is the obvious issue)?
death by disease by age group
longest living animals
In humans, ageing represents the accumulation of changes in a human being over time,[1] encompassing physical, psychological, and social changes. Reaction time, for example, may slow with age, while knowledge of world events and wisdom may expand. Ageing is among the greatest known risk factors for most human diseases:[2] of the roughly 150,000 people who die each day across the globe, about two thirds die from age-related causes.

The causes of ageing are uncertain; current theories are assigned to the damage concept, whereby the accumulation of damage (such as DNA oxidation) may cause biological systems to fail, or to the programmed ageing concept, whereby internal processes (such as DNA methylation) may cause ageing. Programmed ageing should not be confused with programmed cell death (apoptosis).

The discovery, in 1934, that calorie restriction can extend lifespan by 50% in rats has motivated research into delaying and preventing ageing.
- leads me to my next point. Don't destroy 'bad cells' but take a snapshot of a body in a healthy state and use this as the basis to re-program the body to a more healthy state? Re-programming avoids the program of destroying potentially useful (but malfunctioning) cells (such as cancer). Delivery mechanism could be by simple injection into the target area. Delivery mechanism (modified cells) have modified cell walls which adhere to target area (makes more sense if know a bit more about biology. Certain cells adhere to certain parts of the body better to others which when combined with a virus and gene splicing, gene re-programming, reverse transcriptase, etc... techniques can be used to re--program cells to a required state)
- interesting thing is if this is simply a game of inputs and outputs then only way possible is to isolate cells in Petri dish and then attempt to try it individually. As long as the good re-coding occurs more often then the bad re-coding then technically we should become immortal? The bad code should eventually simply die off? Technically, only possible if we can create 'biological wires' (substrate/blood), artificial organs, etc... Create the simplest version and attempt to scale things up? Then we'd know whether we were on the right track or not? Else try to give mortal animals immortality first?
As noted above, senescence is not universal. It was once thought that senescence did not occur in single-celled organisms that reproduce through the process of cellular mitosis.[36] Recent investigation has unveiled a more complex picture. Single cells do accumulate age-related damage. On mitosis the debris is not evenly divided between the new cells. Instead it passes to one of the cells leaving the other cell pristine. With successive generations the cell population becomes a mosaic of cells with half ageless and the rest with varying degrees of senescence.[37]

Moreover, cellular senescence is not observed in several organisms, including perennial plants, sponges, corals, and lobsters. In those species where cellular senescence is observed, cells eventually become post-mitotic when they can no longer replicate themselves through the process of cellular mitosis; i.e., cells experience replicative senescence. How and why some cells become post-mitotic in some species has been the subject of much research and speculation, but (as noted above) it is sometimes suggested that cellular senescence evolved as a way to prevent the onset and spread of cancer. Somatic cells that have divided many times will have accumulated DNA mutations and would therefore be in danger of becoming cancerous if cell division continued. As such, it is becoming apparent that senescent cells undergo conversion to an immunogenic phenotype that enables them to be eliminated by the immune system.[38]

Lately, the role of telomeres in cellular senescence has aroused general interest, especially with a view to the possible genetically adverse effects of cloning. The successive shortening of the chromosomal telomeres with each cell cycle is also believed to limit the number of divisions of the cell, thus contributing to aging. There have, on the other hand, also been reports that cloning could alter the shortening of telomeres. Some cells do not age and are, therefore, described as being "biologically immortal". It is theorized by some that when it is discovered exactly what allows these cells, whether it be the result of telomere lengthening or not, to divide without limit that it will be possible to genetically alter other cells to have the same capability. It is further theorized that it will eventually be possible to genetically engineer all cells in the human body to have this capability by employing gene therapy and, therefore, stop or reverse aging, effectively making the entire organism potentially immortal.

The length of the telomere strand has senescent effects; telomere shortening activates extensive alterations in alternative RNA splicing that produce senescent toxins such as progerin, which degrades the tissue and makes it more prone to failure.[39]

Cancer cells are usually immortal. In about 85% of tumors, this evasion of cellular senescence is the result of up-activation of their telomerase genes.[40] This simple observation suggests that reactivation of telomerase in healthy individuals could greatly increase their cancer risk.
A proto-oncogene is a normal gene that could become an oncogene due to mutations or increased expression. Proto-oncogenes code for proteins that help to regulate cell growth and differentiation. Proto-oncogenes are often involved in signal transduction and execution of mitogenic signals, usually through their protein products. Upon acquiring an activating mutation, a proto-oncogene becomes a tumor-inducing agent, an oncogene.[12] Examples of proto-oncogenes include RAS, WNT, MYC, ERK, and TRK. The MYC gene is implicated in Burkitt's Lymphoma, which starts when a chromosomal translocation moves an enhancer sequence within the vicinity of the MYC gene. The MYC gene codes for widely used transcription factors. When the enhancer sequence is wrongly placed, these transcription factors are produced at much higher rates. Another example of an oncogene is the Bcr-Abl gene found on the Philadelphia Chromosome, a piece of genetic material seen in Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia caused by the translocation of pieces from chromosomes 9 and 22. Bcr-Abl codes for a tyrosine kinase, which is constitutively active, leading to uncontrolled cell proliferation. (More information about the Philadelphia Chromosome below)
- current techniques of attacking disease seem to kill a disease. This works for a non-moving target over the long term. By using a 'biological reset' technique as I advocate though we stand a better chance over the long term (this is also the basis for stem cell research. The irony is that technically even if they contract the disease once more in the future more time has subsequently transpired which gives them a better chance at finding a cure in the meantime. It also deals with the issue of penicillin/antibiotic resistant bacteria/superbugs and handles the issue of unknown diseases as well...)? It allows us the benefit of evolution while allowing for the benefits that come from genetic engineering while also potentially reducing the flaws that come from a reduced gene pool through pure genetic engineering? The irony is that technically we've seen this working from time to time already. There was a man with AIDS and Cancer who had a bone marrow transplant which reset his body and allowed him to overcome both diseases simultaneously. The irony is that it only really ever worked for him? Wonder whether this is true across the board? If all of us are genetically unique then techically we all must seek a different solution to end death and disease for each and every person? Biologically resetting ourselves also gives us more time to deal with those diseases which are simply more difficult to defeat
Rich People Are Now Buying Blood Transfusions From Teenagers
- in reality, lifestyle (diet, job, etc...) and environmental issues are playing less of a role in modern society due to globalisation. Can't really track health outcomes based on local conditions because everything is becoming very similar in more and more parts of the world?
age expectancy by country
diet by country
- the irony of developing better biological tracers and really digging further into the sub atomic-particle science/physics is that technically a lot of what we seem to find isn't really stable in anture. Therefore, the cons might outweigh the pros?
- we're missing something no matter what? We've broken things down. Is 'soul' just another part of time and space which we haven't picked up on? That would at least explain why many genetic twins (identical DNA) appear nothing alike?
- disabilities should disappear once we get a baseline for all and map everyone's genes. From this it's a simple case of doing a bitwise AND (and subsequent XOR) operation across all individuals to find the likely source/cause of disabilities. Once we do this we can 'reset people' so that they'll have no disabilities as well? The irony of this is that here we will discover that the value of those with problems outweighs those that don't have problems because those with problems can tell us where to look. Moreover, over the long time a diverse genetic pool is genuinely the only real way that the species can survive? (one thing I don't get about the religion and disease thing is that a lot of people have assumed that it was because of sin that people have disease. The irony of this is that somehow healers and pre-cogs/prophets such as Jesus and Muhammad were somehow to heal/forgive people?)
- I wonder how much placebo effect plays across all medicines? Curious as to whether prayer is partly down to placebo effect or noetics? Start of interesting stuff starts at 8 minutes in this video regarding medicines outlined in Holy Scriptures. Frankincense, Gold, Myrrh gifts to Jesus. Frankincense, Myrrh both from same plant group. Useful in blood sugar/insulin regulation and weight control. Myrrh useful in neuro-degeneration, anti-inflammation, anti-cancer, etc... Transition Metals such as Gold, Chromium help in diabetes. Twelve ingredients are Cinnamon, Bitter Gourd, Ram's Horn, Crape Myrtle, Mukul Myrrh Tree, Chromium, Sweet Root, Manganese, Yarrow, Guinea Spice, Juniper, Mulberry. They help in Type II Diabetes, body fat, cancer, and two dozen additional diseases
HL12 supplement
hl12 medicine
- reverse the way we attack disease? Namely, invert it? Learn to build 'life' and then strip things back and then use this as the basis for attacking more complex disease that humans (and multi-cellular organisms) face. A good example of this is the following. Technically, we can already 3D-print body parts. What if we take it a step further. Strip back the extraneous bits and it will be interesting to see whether or not our bodies become less fragile (reminds me of a human motion studies whereby people)
- starting backwards is possible but it's very difficult. This is effectively how stem cell research, 3D printing of body parts, gene splicing technology, etc... works. Hugely difficult and there are massive risks involved
'Monsanto wants total control, covers up grave GMO dangers' - Researcher
Genome Editing for Cure of Chronic Viral Infections
- why not make additions as well? As I've said above in the section of curing cancer why not add artificial organs to remove carcinogenic materials out of the bloodstream (this does not mean that we shouldn't take measures to reduce our contact with carcinogenic and other problematic materials. It just provides a little bit more 'buffering' against potential issues that we may face. Could even be as simple as rare earth magnets around certain parts of the body (not necessarily embedded into the body. Place on the skin) to pick up/localise metal for more efficient removal later on)
- a lot of identification is based on pure surface structures themselves
The Cure for 97% of Diseases
- difficult to attack. Reversing the process and attacking from inside out is possible but will also weaken the host, internal firewall inside of cells is probably the simplest but also amongst the most difficult to manufacture
Specific proposed high-risk transmission channels, allowing the virus to adapt to humans and spread throughout the society, depend on the proposed timing of the animal-to-human crossing. Genetic studies of the virus suggest that the most recent common ancestor of the HIV-1 M group dates back to circa 1910.[137] Proponents of this dating link the HIV epidemic with the emergence of colonialism and growth of large colonial African cities, leading to social changes, including a higher degree of sexual promiscuity, the spread of prostitution, and the concomitant high frequency of genital ulcer diseases (such as syphilis) in nascent colonial cities.[138] While transmission rates of HIV during vaginal intercourse are typically low, they are increased many fold if one of the partners suffers from a sexually transmitted infection resulting in genital ulcers. Early 1900s colonial cities were notable due to their high prevalence of prostitution and genital ulcers to the degree that as of 1928 as many as 45% of female residents of eastern Leopoldville were thought to have been prostitutes and as of 1933 around 15% of all residents of the same city were infected by one of the forms of syphilis.[138]
- deal with cancer by changing tampering with communication mechanisms (most cancer cells seem to ignore existing communication systems. Use nanotech to send signal (like IFF on military aircraft). If no response destroy cell. Possible to forge signals in order to re-acquire normal cell growth (wondering whether it is ignoring signals or simply mis-interpreting them. If things work at an electro-chemical level then it's possible that the mutations themselves are making it more difficult to distinguish standard signalling mechanisms. What if we alter it slightly?)? Increase thickness of cell walls such that they will die off naturally effectively creating a 'quarantine' area within the human body (the good thing is that 'cancer cells' are 'loosely coupled' which actually means it's easier to isolate them). You can either do this to cells or group of cells at once. Break down cells and then allow for transportation out of body by mimicking existing mechanisms for transport of foreign bodies out of body), block access to building components (already being done/tried. How not to interfere with existing cell growth though), try to take control of cancer cells themselves (difficult as they are difficult to distinguish from normal cells), alter the cells themselves (difficult for reasons for identification), try to target and poison cancer cells (identification issue once more), find a natural predator (certain animals such as dogs have been known to be as accurate as diagnostic equipment in identifying cancer in patients. Then Reverse engineer mechanism for detection to track down cancer cells for destruction. Artificially manufacture an enemy/predator for cancer if we can't find one), replace possible problem organs in question entirely with artificial equivalents (technically already done), create a shield around existing organs to stop cancers from metastasizing (allows you to filter the bloodstream externally like you do with patients who need to go on dialysis. Another way to attack this is to replace existing blood with artificial blood. That way, you allow the body to naturally gradually replace it's own blood supply with a clean/fresh supply or else filter it quickly outside the body and then re-insert it back into the body like some elite athletes have been known to do?), decoy cells (if cancer cells are highly primitive forms of life then then we can trick cancer cells into 'infecting' cells whose ), firewall (change the surface of the with a chemical), decoy organs (if they like to infect particular organs let's create decoys which they can attack and which we can easily remove periodically), give them a disease themselves (most organisms have a natural predator/enemy. Let's say that it ingests something which destroys it from the inside out things suddenly look a little bit more interesting, )
cancer in single cell organisms
Well, let's look at the six hallmarks of cancer:
self-sufficiency in growth signalling - already present
insensitivity to anti-growth signals - not really applicable
evasion of apoptosis - probably possible
enabling of a limitless replicative potential - already present
induction and sustainment of angiogenesis - nope, can't happen
activation of metastasis and invasion of tissue - nope, can't happen
So, you see, they can't. Can they get something similar? Sure, a virus infection can be analogous to cancer to a single cell organism. But they can't get cancer
does cancer target specific organs
can plants get cancer
Of 31 cancers studied by scientists at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in the US, just nine were found to be linked to lifestyle or genetic faults. The remaining 22 were mainly just the result of ‘bad luck,’ with DNA and behaviour only having a small impact. 

The scientists claim that because it is impossible to prevent most types of cancer through behavioural changes or genetic screening, more should be done to speed up diagnosis so they can be spotted as early as possible. 

"If two-thirds of cancer incidence across tissues is explained by random DNA mutations that occur when stem cells divide, then changing our lifestyle and habits will be a huge help in preventing certain cancers, but may not be as effective for a variety of others,” said Dr Cristian Tomasetti. 
Treatment and survival is determined, to a great extent, by whether or not a cancer remains localized or spreads to other locations in the body. If the cancer metastasizes to other tissues or organs it usually dramatically increases a patient's likelihood of death. Some cancers—such as some forms of leukemia, a cancer of the blood, or malignancies in the brain—can kill without spreading at all.

Once a cancer has metastasized it may still be treated with radiosurgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, biological therapy, hormone therapy, surgery, or a combination of these interventions ("multimodal therapy"). The choice of treatment depends on a large number of factors, including the type of primary cancer, the size and location of the metastases, the patient's age and general health, and the types of treatments used previously. In patients diagnosed with CUP it is often still possible to treat the disease even when the primary tumor cannot be located.

Current treatments are rarely able to cure metastatic cancer though some tumors, such as testicular cancer and thyroid cancer, are usually curable.
- fire-walling the body also has other advantages. For me, the obvious one is the statement 'you are what you eat'. Technically, it wouldn't matter what we eat if our body deals with excess well. For instance, think of fat, cholesterol, salt, and sugar intake. If you know/understand the chemistry then you'll understand that technically if we can break down substances that are bad for the body while ingesting the bad foods then it should never result in 'consequences' (obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, etc...) for our bodies. Now you can eat what you want with reduced consequences? I guess this is theory behind taking vinegar which seems to constrain/inhibit carbohydrate uptake?
drink vinegar lose weight
- many diseases killed off through simple exposure to UV light? Mix saline solution with blood during transfusion back in. Kills virus and bacteria and increases 'photonic' energy/blood uptake of blood. If it works wonder why they don't just encapsulate it in a nano-pill?
UBI Overview
Tom Lowe - Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation & Ozone Therapy For Ultimate Healing
- if basic pattern recognition it can largely be dealt with using nanotechnology at some point (computerised robots)... For instance, small cytoplasm that you can deal with by checking for different resistance/capacitance levels between the the exterior cell wall and shell of the nucleus. At some point my guess is that we'll acquire the ability to re-program biological organisms to do this? The irony for me is that in all of our research attacking one another we've neglected research into how to take care of one another and therefore ourselves?
difference between cancer and normal cells
animal mind control
- of course, all of the above techniques/mechanisms mentioned can be used to attack other diseases and ailments as well?
- seems like an interesting property? If possible could be used to experience ageless life? Irony is that many different mechanisms have already been tried to extend human life but what's also clear is that animals are extremely complex. It's like trying to reverse engineer a extremely complex piece of technology that you're not entirely certain how it works
Cell Reproduction: Cancer cells acquire the ability to reproduce uncontrollably. These cells may have gene mutations or chromosome mutations that affect the reproductive properties of the cells. Cancer cells gain control of their own growth signals and continue to multiply unchecked. They don't experience biological aging and maintain their ability to replicate and grow. 
- unending life can be provided via multiple avenues; transfer concious, change form, traditional ascension, abolition of all current problems associated with our particular form, what the soul actually is critical to this problem though? It could simply be a different form of physical matter (much like 'dark matter')? If that's the case we need to figure out a lot more about the Universe before we figure out some of these issues
plants which live forever
The animals and plants that can live forever
animals that live forever
- wonder how many diseases are geographical/regional? One of the reasons why I think this is interesting is that sickle cell anemia is actually provides a mechanism against malaria but these two 'diseases' are technically geographically distributed. If we are somehow able to control the flow of people we should also be able to control the spread of disease (technically, this is already provided through quarantine services)?
simplify life science to extend life
Deadliest Disease In Human History  - Best Documentary 2017
Every Cancer Can be Cured in Weeks explains Dr. Leonard Coldwell
- each person is unique so the 'homeostatic model' of medicine is incorrect. Should we be trying to get a baseline for each individual person for good health instead of trying to homogenise everyone's health outcomes? Using quality of life as a baseline is not possible because most of the time it's too late by that point? What if we simply 'freeze our bodies' (with regards to age) at particular point (as has been envisaged by some scientists out there)?
- spoken about use of 'automated analysis' previously in 'automated/predictive analysis'. Huge problems as I mentioned from the outset with such technology such as filtering of invalid material. Moreover, the body isn't as simple as some make it out to be. Cascading issues in how they function. More, people seem to believe that it functions as a huge single machine but if you understand it better you'll understand that it's almost a like group of organisms that function individually as well as a group to form a single body. Tweaking the amount of a particular chemical in one part of the body could have strange effects elsewhere...
medicine dream discovery
- if Holy Scriptures correct, natural enemies/antidote for every disease out there on our planet (sort of makes sense. If their is a 'cycle of life' then technically there should be an antidote somewhere out there. We just haven't found it yet?)? Synthetic are difficult because we have to work from ground up. Modify and we have a mechanism for symbiotic medicine which is self-regulating and works in unison with the body?
- does feeding back waste to own organisms cells kill off diseases in those particular organisms and animals? Route blood around non-critical areas. Effectively poison diseased tissue? Still maintain life by reducing temperature or else suspending in correct type of biological fluid (this technique used in transportation in of transplant organs)
reverse photosynthesis
6CO2 + 6H2O ------> C6H12O6 + 6O2
Sunlight energy
Where: CO2 = carbon dioxide
H2O = water
Light energy is required
C6H12O6 = glucose
O2 = oxygen
In the process of reverse photosynthesis, the energy in solar rays breaks down — rather than builds plant material — as is the case with photosynthesis.

“You take a large sugar molecule to be oxidized; an enzyme called lytic polysaccharide monooxygenase, which is found in many fungi and bacteria; and some chlorophyll-containing green extract from leaves,” the scientists explained.

“Everything is mixed in a test tube and exposed to sunlight. The biomass is then completely or partially broken down.”

“In practice, this means that it becomes easier to break down larger sugar molecules into smaller constituents, which can then be used as clean energy in ethanol production for cars and ships, plastics, biogas, methanol, etc.”
Bleeding, also known as hemorrhaging or haemorrhaging, is blood escaping from the circulatory system.[1] Bleeding can occur internally, where blood leaks from blood vessels inside the body, or externally, either through a natural opening such as the mouth, nose, ear, urethra, vagina or anus, or through a break in the skin. Hypovolemia is a massive decrease in blood volume, and death by excessive loss of blood is referred to as exsanguination.[2] Typically, a healthy person can endure a loss of 10–15% of the total blood volume without serious medical difficulties (by comparison, blood donation typically takes 8–10% of the donor's blood volume).[3] The stopping or controlling of bleeding is called hemostasis and is an important part of both first aid and surgery. The use of "super glue" to prevent bleeding and seal battle wound was designed and first used in the Vietnam War. Today many medical treatments use a medical version of "super glue" instead of using traditional stitches used for small wounds that need to be closed at the skin level.
- plants don't naturally react, stabilise, constrict around area. How to focus though? Would have to use surface structure to provide adhesion? Can use magnetism and hybrid nanotech/genetically modified cells to focus around area without having to undergo more invasive surgical techniques
- we don't really have a cure yet for any human disease/virus? Kill them off not easy if infecting useful parts, targeted gene editing. Viral suppression drugs out there can extend life but can reduce one's quality of life due to side effects. One thing I'm wondering is why don't we try to prematurely age disease at a gene level? If it dies off before the host it should be easier/better? We're really struggling with delivery gene therapy in general? Most of the interesting stuff is ~50 min mark with regards to efficacy of current gene therapy. Very curious as to how decoys would work with HIV in particular which seem to particular types of cells. What if they target mostly decoys and they are broken down/rendered inert by the decoys (the decoys are basically bare minimum type cells. Effectively, nothing more than something that disease cells will bind to insert themselves into. Nothing more than that. If synthesised they need to be able to bind easily to something else which will allow them to be easily carried out of the body)?
Genome Editing for Cure of Chronic Viral Infections
Seeking Immortality: Russian Scientists' Hunt for Elixir of Life
- what seems very obvious is that people don't know how many diseases work. This why I feel the 'biological reset' mechanism may be a more viable/easier alternative?
'The permafrost is thawing, and I guess these bacteria get into the environment, into the water, so the local population, the Yakut people, in fact, for a long time are getting these cells with water, and even seem to live longer than some other nations. So there was no danger for me.'

He admitted he had no idea what the bacteria was doing to him.

'But we do not know yet exactly how it works. In fact, we do not know exactly how aspirin works, for example, but it does.
Influenza Virus -  A Viral Infection, Cause,  Symptoms and Treatment
- cowpox/smallpox binary pair (have cowpox and you can't have smallpox). Wonder how many binary pairs are out there? I guess it's the same as immunisation theory though? Somatic vs genetic immunity? Simple XOR comparison of relevant gene profiles would get what we need... Wonder whether there is a genetic profile for people who are effectively immune to most diseases out there? Would have to figure out whether it came down to pure genes of environmental factors before proceeding down this route though (especially in the case of so called genetically screened/modified 'designer babies'). Interesting thing for me is that Cancer/HIV demographics in US (multi-cultural and provides possibly the best breakdown of things without having to delve into international statistics which represent a whole different kettle of problems due to study, sampling issues, etc...). Pattern seems to be black people, white people, Latino people, Asian people, etc...
Virus Theory of Cancer
cancer demographics
hiv demographics
obesity demographics
- technically, the impact of multi-culturalism should have lowered disease rates across the board over time... Difficult to gauge impact though because gene mapping of human genome is still incomplete and our understanding of disease is still a bit lacking. Over and over again same rough pattern
which cultures have the least disease
- overall graphs indicate Eurasia, Africa, North America, Latin America, Asia, Europe, etc (not certain how valid these figures are. Also, these are a rough guesstimate. Didn't tally them)?
inherited disease by culture
- for certain diseases that require electro-chemical communication wonder whether dielectric effect could be used for detection and subsequent destruction of problematic cells? Requires sufficient miniaturisation of existing technology to work though?
- create a firewall through which it can't react (macro level), at a cellular level (micro level), attack it, new mucosal layer, etc... Diseases seem to be specific to certain classes of organism? A possible basis for developing biological firewalls? Can you live alongside disease and virus? For instance, let's think about the many animals (including humans). If the body doesn't receive enough food or nutrients it starts to burn internal fat and other internal stores of energy. Can you do this to slow down metabolism of disease at cellular level? Isn't this how anti-viral/suppression drugs work though?
animals which can't contract hiv
The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is a lentivirus (a subgroup of retrovirus) that causes HIV infection and over time acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS).[1][2] AIDS is a condition in humans in which progressive failure of the immune system allows life-threatening opportunistic infections and cancers to thrive. Without treatment, average survival time after infection with HIV is estimated to be 9 to 11 years, depending on the HIV subtype.[3] Infection with HIV occurs by the transfer of blood, semen, vaginal fluid, pre-ejaculate, or breast milk. Within these bodily fluids, HIV is present as both free virus particles and virus within infected immune cells.

HIV infects vital cells in the human immune system such as helper T cells (specifically CD4+ T cells), macrophages, and dendritic cells.[4] HIV infection leads to low levels of CD4+ T cells through a number of mechanisms, including pyroptosis of abortively infected T cells,[5] apoptosis of uninfected bystander cells,[6] direct viral killing of infected cells, and killing of infected CD4+ T cells by CD8 cytotoxic lymphocytes that recognize infected cells.[7] When CD4+ T cell numbers decline below a critical level, cell-mediated immunity is lost, and the body becomes progressively more susceptible to opportunistic infections.
- this guy seems to scream at you but seems to advocate using one of the techniques that I'm been advocating. Namely, killing the disease/virus by infiltrating them inside out
Oncolytic Viruses to Cure Cancer Health care, oncolytic virus research, future cancer therapy
liquids which kill retrovirus
organisms which eat retrovirus
retrovirus in body
Hypermutation of an Ancient Human Retrovirus by APOBEC3G
- not as simple as simply getting the code and doing a simple code comparison. Too many variations?
A Mendelian error in the genetic analysis of a species, describes an allele in an individual which could not have been received from either of its biological parents by Mendelian inheritance. Inheritance is defined by a set of related individuals who have the same or similar phenotypes for a locus of a particular gene. A Mendelian error means that the very structure of the inheritance as defined by analysis of the parental genes is incorrect: one parent of one individual is not actually the parent indicated; therefore the assumption is that the parental information is incorrect.[1]

Possible explanations for Mendelian errors are genotyping errors, erroneous assignment of the individuals as relatives, or de novo mutations. Mendelian error is established by demonstrating the existence of a trait which is inconsistent with every possible combination of genotype compatible with the individual. This method of determination requires pedigree checking, however, and establishing a contradiction between phenotype and pedigree is an NP-complete problem. Genetic inconsistencies which do not correspond to this definition are Non-Mendelian Errors.

Statistical genetics analysis is used to detect these errors and to detect the possibility of the individual being linked to a specific disease linked to a single gene. Examples of such diseases in humans caused by single genes are Huntington's disease or Marfan syndrome.[2]
In future, the bacteria could improve the health of humans, leading to the discovery of an 'elixir of life', he said.

Another bacteria found in the permafrost allegedly has the ability to 'destroy petroleum molecules, turning them into water with the potential one day to create a new system for cleaning up oil spills,' The Siberian Times reported. 

'A third strain of ancient bacteria is capable of eliminating cellulose molecules.'

Dr Brouchkov said: 'We want to understand the mechanisms of the protection of genome, the functioning of the genes.

'The key question is what provides the vitality of this bacteria, but it is as complicated as which human genes are responsible for cancer and how to cure it. The scale and complicity of the question are nearly the same.'

He said the permafrost where the bacteria was found is estimated to be around 3.5 million years old.

'This bacteria was isolated from the outer world in ice, so we are quite sure that this bacteria was kept in the permafrost for such a long time.

'Yet we are still working to prove this.'

He claimed: 'I would say, there exist (in the world) immortal bacteria, immortal beings. They cannot die, to more precise, they can protect themselves.

'Our cells are unable to protect themselves from damage. 

'These bacteria cells are able to protect themselves.
- arterial/heart blockage not that simple to fix. Need less invasive mechanisms. Work inside out again. For some strange reason, I think some doctors/scientists don't 'get it' here? The body gives off warning signs from time to time like a machine. For instance, a micro-fissure/crack in the wing of an airplane eventually results in catastrophic failure/breakage but before that there are always signs. Our science seems to only skim the surface of a lot of how things work without really getting to an efficient solution?
A cerebrovascular disease is a vascular disease of the cerebral circulation. Arteries supplying oxygen to the brain are affected resulting in one of a number of cerebrovascular diseases.[1] Most commonly this is a stroke or mini-stroke and sometimes can be a hemorrhagic stroke.[1] Any of these can result in vascular dementia.[2]

Hypertension (high blood pressure) is the most important contributing cause because it damages the blood vessel lining exposing collagen where platelets aggregate to initiate a repair. If maintained, hypertension can change the structure of blood vessels (narrow, deformed).[3]

Blood pressure affects blood flow in narrowed vessels causing ischemic stroke, a rise in blood pressure can cause tearing of vessels leading to intracranial hemorrhage.[4]

A stroke usually presents with an abrupt onset of a neurologic deficit, attributable to a focal vascular lesion.[5] The neurologic symptoms manifest within seconds because neurons lack glycogen, so energy failure is rapid.[6]
-   Ischemic stroke,the most common is caused by a blockage of a blood vessel in the brain, usually caused by thrombosis or emboli from a proximal arterial source or the heart, that leads to the brain being starved of oxygen.[7] The neurologic signs and symptoms must last longer than 24 hours or the brain infarction is demonstrated, mainly by imaging techniques.[8]
-   Transient ischemic attack (TIA) also called a mini-stroke. This is a condition in which the blood flow is quickly restored and the brain tissue can fully recover and the symptoms are only transient, leaving no sequelae.[9] In order to diagnose this entity all neurologic signs and symptoms must have been resolved within 24 hrs without evidence of brain infarction on brain imaging.[10]
-   Subarachnoid haemorrhage where blood leaks out of blood vessels directly into or around the brain.[1] The neurologic symptoms are produced by the blood mass effect on neural structures, from the toxic effects of blood on the brain tissue, or by the increasing of intracranial pressure.[11]
- water is a big issue across the board. Heaps of ways to attack the water issue. Most obvious way is to simply bring the 'gating technology' that I've mentioned previously in this series of posts to bring it off planet back to Earth. Otherwise, it's a case of making the most of what we've got. Namely, filtering sea water into clear/fresh water, getting it from the air (will have cascading problems in the ecosystem), artificial rivers, etc...
You can’t squeeze blood from a stone, but wringing water from the desert sky is now possible, thanks to a new spongelike device that uses sunlight to suck water vapor from air, even in low humidity. The device can produce nearly 3 liters of water per day, and researchers say future versions will be even better. That means homes in the driest parts of the world could soon have a solar-powered appliance capable of delivering all the water they need, offering relief to billions of people.  
UBC invention uses bacteria to purify water
membrane water filter
biological organs filter salty water
- one of the the interesting implications of the theory of evolution is that if two living organisms go up against one another each one fill attempt to figure out a way to survive? The harder one side fights, the harder the other side attempts to survive and vice-versa. Moreover, you need to factor in issues of symbiotic relationships. For some strange reason I think we need to re-think our perspective on diease? From the perspective of some plants and animals humans are the disease/parasite
- maybe we're thinking about this the wrong way? Maybe we should be gene mapping those people who are most healthy rather than those that are most diseased? That way we can compare the differences more readily/easily?
- not sure whether mutation isn't just a simple consequence of 'Quantum Mechanics'. Like Zero Point Energy is theorised as a corollary of Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle?
- stop the mutation in the first place. Since this occurs at the micro level there are no guarantees that quantum level effects aren't likely to have an impact?
- prevention. For instance, stop transmission/re-transmission of disease through better hygiene practices, diet (our diet is incredibly important because of the impact that it has on aspects of our body lower down the chain. For instance, free-radicals/oxidation process is supposed to occur in a rough balance of sorts...), prioritise finite resource issue to get out of current conundrum, tackle hereditary disease, etc... Sounds simple but isn't if you understand how our bodies are 'compound systems'
- single agent systems. A good example of this are drugs, single gene based diseases. Problem with this with single shot medical treatment think of body as singular entity. Clearly, most biological organisms are not as simple as that. Digestive system alone is composed of multiple bacteria types. Our bodies are fundamentally cyclic, an ecosystem within an ecosystem that exists in the world?
- multi-agent systems. Target inputs to get inside and mark them out. Use this to then target them. Synthetic isotopes with programmable half-lives are what you're after? Difficulty is with disease which basically integrates itself into your body. Basically, the body requires a reset mechanism (stem cell and genetic research)
- if you've seen certain experiments you'll be aware that you can technically raise the dead even after they've died? Block off killer signals? For instance, certain cells give off off potassium on death? Don't think it's as simple as that. The problem seems to be that a massive number of cells die off because other cells crucial to their survival die off which leads to a cascade of issues which ultimately leads to death?
- people think of the body as a machine but this is wrong? The whole thing moves as one entity. It's a group of organisms that communicates but also works independently of one another. That's why the whole concept of physical surgery looks quite interesting. If you do some research of doctors and surgeons it seems clear that they try to balance/figure out whether they are doing more good then harm but then again they're trying to figure 
- the problem of killing off all disease and never ending life reminds me of the automated analysis problem. Everybody is looking at it as a simple system but it's actually significantly more complex then that. Attack the problem in either two ways extend the life of every single object in the system or else extend freeze life at a single point and try to keep it going at that point forever?
- makes me wonder? Technically, if the body is just a whole bunch of components with the weaker parts failing first (which ultimately leads to death) then technically shouldn't fixing the weaker components lead to better overall circumstances? Obviously, this is a bit more complicated then to be expected especially given issues with regards to rejection
lifespan of transplant patients vs normal
Ten years of "extended" life: quality of life among heart transplantation survivors.
- surgery needs to reduced? If you've examined some sensitive surgery (such as neurosurgery, brain surgery, and in other complex parts of the body) and the impact of surgery (trauma) on the body it's clear that using mechanisms to fuse to different body parts and attempting to grow things inside out is the preferable means of re-generating the body?
- pointless trying to fuse DNA from multiple sources in order to produce 'chimera' like humans because they function differently. We know that as our bodies age they basically change: our hair grows grey and less full, telomeres get shorter with each generation, our organs and muscles become weaker, etc...
- multiple methods of resurrection: current science has cell fusion/chimeric experiments, cell cloning, if Heaven is real and my Hyperdrive design is viable then if their is an Afterlife we may at least be able to talk to them?, etc... 
12 Extinct Animals That Can Be Brought Back With Science
Experiments in the Revival of Organisms
Resurrection Biology - How to Bring Animals Back From Extinction
The Mission to Resurrect the Woolly Mammoth

On Prophets/Pre-Cogs:
- obvious continuation of my other posts on this topic:
- to summarise once again this phenomenon: can't be nuerochemical because they're seeing forward and it repeats in events that they have never seen before, can't be imagination because they're seeing it repeatedly and they're seeing things they've never seen before, can't be cognitive bias because people with geographical dispersion and no previous communication have seen the same thing, could be us ahead in time but it doesn't feel as though they're on Earth still, can't be mental illness because people without mental issues are seem to be experiencing this phenomena, can't be telepathic because people are seeing into events they can't have any knowledge of, it can't be substance abuse because they are people who are seeing things in spite of not taking any drugs, it can't be emaciation because if that were the case more homeless people would be pre-cogs/prophets, it can't be humanity in the future because it appears that they are 'off-world' at times, could be rips in space/time but if that were the case more people would be going through? They would be localised events etc... Since it's structured intelligent design must be involved? Therefore, there must be a God?
- one of the interesting things for me is that we're still playing the, "who's the valid Messiah figure?" to this very day. Think about the nature of democracies. You have a parties and leaders not much different from religious groups and Messianic figures? One interesting thing about all of the religions though is that they're looking for someone who can fix everything though which is a bit different from politics?
- it feels like many of the issues with religion come down to mis-interpretation/mis-understanding?
- once you examine the logic of the non-believers versus the believers you'll realise that both have massive flaws/blank parts in both of 'their logic' (examine 'intelligence design' versus 'evolution' as one example. Neither explains the things as adequately as you'd like if you dig further. This is still somewhat of a mystery?). The irony is that each side seems to make the assumption that the person on the other side knows the complete truth but it feels like both are just grasping for straws? The irony is that both seem to be searching for the same thing. A better life...
Stephen Fry - The Importance of Unbelief
Stephen Fry's Emotional speech in a debate, with Christopher Hitchens.
Stephen Fry and Christopher Hitchens The Intelligence Squared - Antitheist Atheist
Big Think Interview With Stephen Fry
Stephen Fry on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
- pretty interesting is the contradictions in what we believe God to be like...
Stephen Fry on God, drugs and sex
- moral relativism almost impossible to avoid (unless there is a major event which confirms what has been written in the Holy Scriptures?)? The whole group has to change... One thing I'm very curious about is how much of the contents of the Holy Scriptures (of any religion) is guaranteed to be completely legitimate/valid? Clearly, there are chunks that are still useful to this day. Parts of this include moral framework, some science stuff (as indicated by the remote viewing programs that have been pursued in particular and stuff regarding the workings of the Universe), etc...
- one of the strange things is that while the proportion of scientists who doubled as likely pre-cogs/prophets seem to be high those who doubled as doctors seem to be fewer in number (maybe, I'm just having a difficult time tracking them down...)? Doesn't feel like the idea of this being pure imagination because it feels like they're seeing roughly the same thing and they're seeing forward in time into things which they've never had any knowledge of (and can't really infer even with good instrumentation? On top of this they are geographically separated with no knowledge of one another which rules out any form of cognitive bias) multiple times (which rules out the issue of chance occurrence), it can't be substance abuse because they are people who are seeing things in spite of not taking any drugs, it can't be emaciation because if that were the case more homeless people would be pre-cogs/prophets, it can't be pure neurochemistry because the brain is just too complex and they should see the same thing over and over again if you replicate the environment, etc... one thing that can not be ruled out is that they're all just seeing humanity in the future?
gregor mendel prophet
"Alexander Fleming" lucid dream
Dmitri Mendeleev (periodic table)
Alfred Russel Wallace (evolution by natural selection)
August Kekulé (aromatic chemistry)
Srinivasa Ramanujan (thousands of proofs, identities, conjectures and equations to mathematics)
René Descartes (scientific method)
Otto Loewi (chemical neural transmission theory)
Louis Agassiz (fossil theory)
lucid dreamer doctors
doctors who were prophets
The neural correlates of dreaming
medical breakthroughs
6 Medical Breakthroughs That Matter 
dream "medical breakthrough"
Nobel laureate James Watson opens TED 2005 with the frank and funny story of how he and his research partner, Francis Crick, discovered the structure of DNA. James Watson, co-discoverer of the structure of DNA, reported stumbling upon the double helix image for the DNA chain through his dream of a spiral staircase.
James D. Watson was born in Chicago, Illinois, on April 6, 1928, as the only son of Jean (Mitchell) and James D. Watson, a businessman descended mostly from colonial English immigrants to America.[16][17] His mother's father, Lauchlin Mitchell, a tailor, was from Glasgow, Scotland, and her mother, Lizzie Gleason, was the child of Irish parents from Tipperary.[18] Raised Catholic, he later described himself as "an escapee from the Catholic religion."[19] Watson said, "The luckiest thing that ever happened to me was that my father didn't believe in God."[20]
-   Abraham Lincoln: Abraham Lincoln considered dreams important enough to record them in his diary through which we know that shortly before his death, he dreamed that he was assassinated.
-   Paul McCartney: The tune for “Yesterday” came to Paul McCartney in a dream.
-   Google: Larry Page dreamed the idea for google one night when he was 23 years-old and then spent the middle of that night scribbling out the details. Wanna know more about this one? Just google it!
-   Frankenstein: Author Mary Shelley was inspired by a dream which later became Frankenstein.
-   Medical Breakthrough in Neurology: Nobel Prize winner for medicine, Dr. Otto Loewi, had a dream in which he came to understand the chemical transmission of nerve impulses which up until then were believed to be transmitted electrically.
-   Madame C.J. Walker: The first female American self-made millionaire, C.J. Walker attributed her success starting a cosmetic company to a dream. Suffering a scalp infection made her hair fall out she tried every product imaginable with no results until she had a dream described in the following quote.
“He answered my prayer, for one night I had a dream, and in that dream a big, black man appeared to me and told me what to mix up in my hair. Some of the remedy was grown in Africa, but I sent for it, mixed it, put it on my scalp, and in a few weeks my hair was coming in faster than it had ever fallen out. I tried it on my friends; it helped them. I made up my mind to begin to sell it.”
-   The Sewing Machine: Elias Howe credits his invention of the sewing machine with a solution that he saw in a strange dream.
-   The Periodic Table: Chemist Dimitri Mendeleyev came up with the periodic table through a dream.
-   Theory of Relativity: Albert Einstein first conceived the theory of relativity in a dream.
    Ford Motor Company: The Practice of standardization at Ford Motor company came about through a dream.
-   The Twilight Book/Movie Series: The idea for the Twilight Series of books and movies by Stephenie Meyer came to her in a dream.
1. Carlos Slim Helu – Christian
2. Bill Gates – Atheist
3. Amancio Ortega – Christian
4. Warren Buffet – Agnostic
5. Larry Ellison – Agnostic Jew
6. Charles Koch – Christian
7. David Koch – Christian
8. Li Ka-Shing – Buddhist
9. Liliane Bettincourt – Jewish (by marriage)
10. Bernard Arnault – Catholic
11. Christy Walton – Christian
12. Stefan Persson – Christian
13. Michael Bloomberg – Jewish
14. Jim Walton – Unknown
15. Sheldon Adelson – Jewish
16. Alice Walton – Christian
17. S. Robson Walton – Christian
18. Karl Albrecht – Christian
19. Jeff Bezos – Christian
20. Larry Page – Atheist
turing worked during dream
Gödel was a convinced theist, in the Christian tradition.[28] He held the notion that God was personal.

He believed firmly in an afterlife, stating: "Of course this supposes that there are many relationships which today's science and received wisdom haven't any inkling of. But I am convinced of this [the afterlife], independently of any theology." It is "possible today to perceive, by pure reasoning" that it "is entirely consistent with known facts." "If the world is rationally constructed and has meaning, then there must be such a thing [as an afterlife]."[29]

In an unmailed answer to a questionnaire, Gödel described his religion as "baptized Lutheran (but not member of any religious congregation). My belief is theistic, not pantheistic, following Leibniz rather than Spinoza."[30] Describing religion(s) in general, Gödel said: "Religions are, for the most part, bad—but religion is not".[31] According to his wife Adele, "Gödel, although he did not go to church, was religious and read the Bible in bed every Sunday morning",[32] while of Islam, he said, "I like Islam: it is a consistent [or consequential] idea of religion and open-minded".[33]
louis pasteur "lucid dreamer"
insulin "lucid dream"
10. Frederick Banting: Advances in Medicine

Frederick Banting

After his mother passed away from diabetes, Frederick Banting was motivated to find a cure. Eventually he found the next best thing: a treatment using insulin injections which, though not a true cure, could at least significantly extend the lifespan of sufferers. The discovery won him a Nobel Prize in Medicine at just 32 years old.

Although he lacked knowledge of diabetes and clinical research, his unique knowledge of surgery combined with his assistant's (Charles Best's) knowledge of diabetes made the ideal research team. While seeking to isolate the exact cause of diabetes, Banting had a dream telling him to surgically ligate (tie up) the pancreas of a diabetic dog in order to stop the flow of nourishment. He did - and discovered a disproportionate balance between sugar and insulin. 
"Emma Goodman" dream
Anarchism, then, really stands for the liberation of the human mind from the dominion of religion; the liberation of the human body from the dominion of property; liberation from the shackles and restraint of government. Anarchism stands for a social order based on the free grouping of individuals for the purpose of producing real social wealth; an order that will guarantee to every human being free access to the earth and full enjoyment of the necessities of life, according to individual desires, tastes, and inclinations.[162]
- for me the interesting thing about all of the possible pre-cogs/prophets that have existed throughout history is the impact that they've had upon humanity. We would be far behind the curve across many aspects of society if we had never had had them (if I'm correct in my selection of scientists, doctors, politicians, mathemeticians, religious clergy, etc...). It's clear that they all battled the same issues: interpretation, understanding, what feels like madness (at times), the other side?, life itself, etc...
- we have rough criteria for those who are partly ascended now (calling them 'partly ascended' because full ascension only occurs once 'up there')? We have a rough idea of how to increase pre-cog/ability... (based on my previous posts and if I'm correct?) Let's examine some of the major pre-cogs/prophets out there. If we assume that no one is silly enough to deliberately worship a false pre-cog/prophet then there should be enough examples? Not limited to a particular sex. They're all clean. One interesting for me is that they're sort of like Muhammad. They seemed to receive their pre-cog visions/dream 'in order'? That's how they judged their progress into the 'Afterlife' (one really interesting for me is how the ancient Egyptian pharoahs viewed the 'Afterlife'. They seemd to think that their body seemed to be physically transferred from one place to another as opposed to the more modern religions which assume body and soul are separate?)
Abraham, Moses, Miriam, Isaiah, Samuel, Ezekiel, Malachi, and Job
- the reason why/how time occurs with regards to the pre-cog/prophets is important because of the immutability issue (can time be changed? I think it can be changed for the most part but certain events it must play out according to the 'Will of God'?). A lot of these pre-cogs/prophets seem to rarely receive things 'out of order'. It's important for a whole host of reasons. Let's say all of the major world religions have completely valid/authenticated pre-cogs/prophets at their head. That means by default Muhammad as the head of the last major world religion Islam is the one with the last pre-cog vision/dream as Islam at 'taking over the world' (it seems to be headed this way at this stage anyhow through greater population growth). That said, Muhammad has been wrong before so it isn't necessarily the case that this will transpire?
- interesting how many contradictions (even the same pre-cog/prophet of themselves?) there are throughout many of the Holy Scriptures in spite of the interpretation of 'Word of God' and 'Holy Spirit' as only being what is true? I guess some avoided 'political issues' by ignoring them?
- Jesus and Muhammad make for interesting case studies as pre-cogs/prophets (if both were valid). Jesus (and Abraham, Noah, etc...) was relatively 'clean' while Muhammad lead a more 'normal life' (relative to those around him during that time). The good thing about Muhammad was that they kept relatively complete records of what he experienced. Clear that Muhammad battled the issue of 'false positives' a lot. Think about the 'wives vision/dream'. He may have got his imagination mixed up with a pre-cog/prophetic vision or dream? Muhammad thought that time moved sequentially (or at least receieved them that way). Clear, that he used this mechanism to decide on his current state with regards to progress into the 'Afterlife'. This may have been one of the issues that faced the pre-cogs/prophets who were behind the Earth being the centre of the Universe?
- any pre-cog/prophet would guess that Muhammad was not talking about clay when he was talking about 'construction of mankind'. If it's the same substance that the pre-cogs/prophets are talking about during the creation of the Universe it's not 'unstable energy'. It's 'matter like/stable energy/mass' that can be reformed into any object that is desired. It makes you wonder at times where God is a single, separate entity or a 'composite entity/being'?
- there are some bonuses to some of the technology that I mentioned (in this series of posts of pre-cogs/prophets). In time, it's likely that you'll figure out how to build planets and stars from it, move planets around, rebuild planets, etc...
- self fulfilling prophecies is a problem that faces all possible pre-cog/prophetic candidates. This is especially pertinent to those who may have access to more opportunities then otherwise?
- the Revelations/Apocalypse can be read in another cynical way. Unless there is genuine proof of God things are going to stay this way forever? Else, cataclysmic issues could occur once people figure out what the truth is (if the Revelations aren't a valid pre-cog/prophetic vision/dream?)
- the one thing that has to run through the heads of every pre-cog/prophet is why should they help the rest of humanity? This runs both ways. The rest of the humanity thinks that they can 'take advantge' of them but since it feels like a push/pull relationship between Heaven and Earth for these guys then they'll know that certain things need to happen for the rest of humanity to be 'pushed across the line'
- one interesting thing/implication of the 'Eureka moment' was that they all assumed that the world would be united as one once they discovered 'it'. The irony is that this has led to countless problems (but has also sort of united humanity in a way as well?)
Why do Christian evangelicals have faith in Trump - UpFront
- assume all of the major prophets/pre-cogs are legitimate but mis-interpreted things? Either way, things are pretty interesting...
can a demon be a prophet
- the pre-cogs/prophets being messengers of God presents itself in many odd interpretations. 'Hearts and minds' means literal manipulation of facts to get people to desire a particular perspective of life. The key difference between what happens down here and what happens to pre-cogs/prophets is that the pre-cogs/prophets conclude that that that particular pathway is better (in Hinduism they call it 'Moksha' while in in Buddhism it's called 'Enlightenment'). 
- there's also another interesting conundrum here. Most who have felt they have been up realise that that technically 'sex' and 'race' no longer really take a role (because you shed your body). 
Why the only future worth building includes everyone _ Pope Francis
- what's pretty obvious is that a lot of though was given to the 'reasonability paradox' issue in the past. Many including St Augustine and even Muhammad (who was illiterate) seemed to ponder this issue. The World Wars forced humanity to confront the fact that large scale wars were a bad thing. They forced humanity to the 'brink', to reach the particular point whereby humanity was forced to re-consider their choices and look to a new direction. The irony is that is that basically sin has basically been shifted around. Instead of having direct wars we've resorted to proxy and hybrid wars. In spite of having a roughly equal spread of wealth we have massive accumulations where wealth has been built up while the rest go without... We now have rich nations and poor nations as opposed to the more equal distribution that we used to have prior (though we seem to be reverting to the mean now?)
Anti-Assad? You Are Supporting the Murder of Christians
Ray McGovern - The Deep State Assault on Elected Government Must Be Stopped
Google, Facebook & DARPA  - The Transhumanist Agenda - David Icke 2017
- the irony is that the pre-cogs/prophets get to see what's coming in any potential 'Afterlife' while none of 'the others' do. The obvious implication is that the others don't really get what the point is and that most people don't really have a genuine chance (if what they are seeing is true)?
- the interesting thing for me is that people have interpreted as any ideology which can take over the world is 'it'. The obvious irony is that most of the social systems attempted really 'scale up'. The other irony is that it's obvious to all of the pre-cogs/prophets (who have seemed to have been up there?) that they're all roughly the same. Technically, they aren't perfect but they're like 'springs'. They all revert back to roughly the same position, are very difficult to permanently corrupt, and are relatively 'cleaner' then most others around them? As an aside, one interesting thing for me is that people say they prefer life as an adult but think about children? They're relatively innocent but they seem to be happier then everyone else?
Ray McGovern on Russia, China, and U.S. Exceptionalism
CrossTalk - Le Pen vs. Macron
Who will control this digital space merged with our brain – Slavoj Zizek on Elon Musk’s AI venture
- nature of evil studies are very interesting because they acknowledge this. They work outwards back inwards until you have smaller and smaller 'sins'. In time, that becomes nothing and hopefully everything is better
- what if it's a trick question. Reasonability paradox critical to all of this?
- study blackholes to understand Hyperspace/subspace navigation. Suspect that Quantum Entanglement and Tunnelling (QET) phenomena is higher here? Makes logical sense since gravity warping much more likely to occur here?
- hyperspace travel possible in many different ways including creating a sheath of material to allow , Hyperspace/subspace gates, straight out teleporting 
- interesting what people believe (and what is out on the Internet in general)...
CrossTalk - Syria Escalation
'Our redemption is greater than the exodus from Egypt'
remote view jesus
- one of the things I don't get with the space defense thing is that if we have genuine inexpensive space faring capability then technically we shouldn't have a reason for conflict among humanity? Space is basically infinite in comparison to what we have on Earth yet we seem to be 'corporatising it'?
- if there is an Afterlife there seems to be multiple pathways into it. What I'm curious about is whether or not truth lies in the eye of the beholder? After all, each person's life is fairly unique even if they may be twins?
Overcoming The Satanic Alien like Demons
- one of the more interesting things for me is that in the Abrahamic religions the prophets/per-cogs don't really come in a 'continuous train' with one perfectly predicting the next one. On the other hand, Buddhism with the Dalai Lama and Panchen Lama seems to be on this rough track? It does help to explain a lot of things though. If there's been mis-interpretation, mis-attribution, outright lies, mixed in with truth then everything makes a bit more sense? One other obvious issue is that our current way of life actually makes it more difficult for anyone of these people to solve these issues (should they exist) since specialisation seems to be part and parcel of the modern economy?
Is Rome Trying to Manipulate Prophecy
- one of the bemusing things about this is if this were all true (even if only partially) there may be a chance that one day there may be an individual or group of people who can literally deliver everything on a plate (explain everything, raise the dead, cure all disease, provide enough for all, etc...) Wonder how humanity would receive them? If Muhammad, Buddha, Jesus, etc... were genuine then it's clear that it's likely that anyone else would face the same problems? They would have to be slightly mad to want anything to do with the politics?
- this entire field is a rabbit hole but it's extremely interesting because of what people believe... What's clear is that that religious history (as it currently stands) feels like a strange mix of fact and fiction. However, there are some oddities all over the place. For instance, if religion were a scam why would monks, priests, muftis, rabbis, etc... be willing to dedicate their lives to it and martyr themselves?
- something that's interesting for me is why does it really matter how you are cured? It stands to reason that since we're all basically genetically unique that for at least part of the time our cure should be somewhat unique (one of the interesting things is that every once in a while we hear about a one off incident and we call that a 'cure' for cancer but when it feels like 'faith' cured a disease somewhat that is invalid?
- if remote viewing (and all people had this ability as seems to be suggested by US experiments?) were completely true then wouldn't most people's gut feeling would be closer to the truth all of the time? People wouldn't be so easily misled/manipulated?
- if you examine some of what the religions actually thought they actually weren't that far off. Think of all of the major diseases out there that are caused by some sort of sin? It stands to reason their belief that all disease was somehow a consequence of it? 
- there's something very interesting about some of the 'Gods' being aliens of some sort. Clearly, a lot of the governments who've done investigations into Faster Then Light (FTL) and Hyperspace travel. They've come to a lot of the same conclusions that I have?
- once you understand how far ahead any species with FTL/Hyperspace travel capability is you begin to understand how/why any aliens who may have potentially visited Earth may view us incredibly primitive? The basis for FTL/Hyperspace travel seems technically feasible given time (see my previous posts for rough ideas on how this is done and how navigation is achieved...). The problem are the sub-problems that need to be fixed. Once you realise how it works then you realise how backward humanity may currently seem? Humanity would be animal like to them?
- it's also at this point you realise how our current way of life is literally the thing that's holding us back. If you think about some of what's been said you'll realise that there is a chance we may not have a finite resource issue in which our social systems as mechanisms are simply a means of keeping people behaving in a more primal fashion? Moreover, what's worse think about this. Under this particular system if a group of one hundred people are effectively geniuses they are forced into jobs which may not necessarily allow them to maximise their abilities (instead of working in higher skilled jobs they may be forced into a combination of this, hospitality, retail, etc...). They (and the entire group) lose because they haven't maximised their abilities. Moreover, since things are so competitive those in higher skilled jobs are often forced into engaging in 'less ethical' behaviour which means that any attempts at utilising automated research style technology is much less effective...
'Stasi on steroids' - Whistleblower Bill Binney on NSA's massive spy network
India's Child Geniuses - 101 East
101 East - India's Child Geniuses - 101 East
- most of the prophets/pre-cogs who seemed to have warped into what may possibly be 'Heaven' make no mention about resource consumption issues? The key difference between them and others feels as though they work in a particular direction in spite of what life throws at them? The only way their can possibly be global unity in religion, science, technology, etc... is if they can deliver what they see in 'Heaven' on/to Earth? Technically, the other prophets/pre-cogs were correct? The religions refer to this as a choice between good and evil, being guided by the 'Holy Spirit', choosing between the way of God and Satan, etc... When read in a certain way religion tries to establish a framework for perfect harmony between the individuals and collective. This is effectively what 'Heaven' is and that is what some attempt to create on Earth. The irony is that everything that is thrown in between makes this incredibly difficult to achieve. The other difficulty is this. I'm certain that even if there is an individual or group of pre-cogs/prophets who can deliver on everything that was promised there's no guarantee that others will listen to them. Others may even attempt to take credit for the work making things impossibly difficult and never allowing things to work out the way they're supposed to?
- doesn't matter whether religions they were complete fabrication or not they are actually correct... Any attempt at a manufactured order is counter productive in a world where most needs have actually been already met? It's simply a balance between the individual and the collective?
- one of the obvious interesting bits can be extrapolated from this this is why not every single prayer can be answered. If Heaven is real and people have to earn their way in then technically learning down here is the only method to really gauge whether they are ready or not? Do they choose one way or another? 
- something that feels obvious is that some of the religions obviously believe that those from 'Heaven' are basically 'aliens' of some sort. What's also clear is that they (as well as many others) have also taken advantage of this financially (increased tourism. If you look at the old flying saucer type prototypes and extrapolate to what they would/should be capable of now much of it feels like it could be more Earthly then extra-terrestrial?). That said, what's also clear is that even if belief/faith is enough to change things why should people stop believing in something (even if it isn't true?)? Notice a lot of the research on exotic energy sources or interstellar travel seems to lack details? Could possibly be a recruitment tool, as a mechanism to simply demoralise rivals. etc..?
Proof of Alien Moon Base - Nasa Evidence (Full Documentary)
New Evidence Aliens Built The Pyramids Documentary 2016
Mark McCandlish. Interstellar Travel, Zero Point Energy 2014 HD
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- it's obvious what they've been thinking thinking. Free market capitalism is a game of musical chairs and eventually one country will hold the world in their hands. The irony is that this is impossible under the current framework. Moreover, the current ideology isn't actually able to solve a lot of issues that need to be resolved. It sort of puts everything off until a later time including the issue of religion. My guess is that somehow people think that it's a complete and total sham or else they think that someone will supply the answers one day. The problem with this is that it neglects to a number of things. It's clear that if the current elite were somehow legitimate pre-cogs/prophets that many problems would be significantly easier to solve for them?
Keiser Report - Generational Gap (E1085)
ISIS Attacks in Jerusalem
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- something that is really interesting about all of the pre-cogs/prophets (if they exist) is that they know that they can either turn their dreams and visions into reality or else they happen in spite of whatever they do (an external influence that people often attribute to God). That's what makes some prayers so interesting
- creating single pixel communication/transportation of material via Hyperspace seems simple. Creating a Hyperspace/FTL tunnel can be done for macro sized objects seems much more difficult. Feels feasible in a number of ways. Transmutation of material, encapsulation, etc... Does not require excessive energy levels
- one of the bemusing things about all of the religions is that supposed 'Messianic' figures are supposed to be wonders of humanity. Fixing all of our problems in one foul swoop: ending all disease, dealing with all of energy and food problems, etc... It's bemusing because technically if there's an Afterlife what's the point of delivering that on Earth? Here's the other thing, in many of the prophecies regarding them, the 'sinners' are somehow all supposed to die while the non-sinners are supposed to gain never ending life and happiness. If the Afterlife is real then technically all of the non-sinners gain everything they want anyhow so how is this any different from the current setup?
- what's really interesting is that technically the prophets/pre-cogs were 'won over' without much need for force. Yet, in most accounts of the 'Second Coming' it feels as though most require violence of some sort? Surely, from a logical standpoint (if there is a God) he could come up with a better way? If they exist and could replicate what they think God has given them then it should work out as it should (though it's clear that no matter what there will always be those on the 'outer')...
Prophetic Alert - Middle East About to go Up in Flames
- some of the religions have reached roughly the same conclusions that I have regarding these people... They say that technically, while schizophrenia can make dealing with false positives significantly more difficult it also seems to increase the likelihood of pre-cog/prophetic visions occuring? Look up details surrounding the US 'remote viewing' program and it seems somewhat similar. They know that mental issues can lead to problems with regards to false positives. Hence, they exclude them from their programs
- afterlife experiences possible as an afterthought (after those who have lost consciousness come back to life)? Still doesn't explain those who are having such experiences in spite of not having a near death experience though?
- even if identical no two people can occupy the exact time and space? Therefore their interpretation of what truth entails must be different?
- technically FTL travel seems to be possible so thoughts could travel at also travel at FTL? Hence, able to discriminate between communications from 'elsewhere' and more Earthly bound stuff? The act of prayer (telepathy) makes more sense now given this explanation?
- does the charity paradox exist with animals? Would they act completely different if they simply had more food? Does this paradox need to be overcome before we see the world as containing less evil?
- if multiverse theory is true opens up some really interesting possibilities such as being able to travel to alternate realities. Would help explain a lot of false positives as well? If their are genuine pre-cogs/prophets out there access to time and space gives them one massive advantage (especially if the multi-verse theory is true). They can try things and see whether certain make them happy before trying them in real life?
Courtney Brown on Multiple Universes (Full Version)
- previously, I wondered what the other side of a hyperspace window would look like if there was nothing on the other side. Technically, it should come out as just a black hole? The other alternative is that (should parallel universe theory is correct) then travel to alternate realities might be possible?
- what feels obvious is that should any of these prophets/pre-cogs exist they'll know that deep down that everything is supposed to work out as directly transcribed to them (when correct). Not a variation on it. It leaves me wondering no matter what
- the irony is that it feels as though (when interpreted the right way) a lot of questions can be answered by examining the works of old religious philosophers (I guess that's why postgraduate students have to do such substantive literature reviews prior to handing in their work?)? It's just that people don't care to look?
- one thing that seems obvious, is that if an individual or any group of people are able to deliver on all of the what was promised our current way of life is literally getting in the way of a potentially better way of life? In a world where finite resource issues and issues of mortality are no longer a problem it would be insanity to continue along our present path? Even if they've figured out all these issues already and are holding it secret that's madness as well no matter how you look at it because people are withholding everything simply because they want to maintain their position of power? If these people exist, it will be significantly easier for them to deliver on and understand everything?
- interesting slant on the way our world currently works and it's similarities/contrasts with religion... That said, it's extremely difficult to believe that monks, priests, and nuns would martyr themselves for something that didn't have at least some grain of truth to it? It reminds me a bit of modern day FUD at times (a subtle means of social control and manipulation)?
Statism - The Most Dangerous Religion (feat. Larken Rose)
Random Stuff:
- latest roundup in funny and interesting animals from around the world
Cow in car! Russian traffic police stop driver for speeding, discover bovine in back seat
RAW - Elephants rescue calf drowning in zoo pool
- the obvious way around the new base issue is to simply use existing caves as a temporary home? Use a gas containing a substance which sticks to cave walls. Then use a thermobaric bomb to heat and seal the cave walls air tight. Once this is done you can develop an internal ecosystem where humans can live. Obviously, certain natural bodies (such as water, minerals, etc...) are only present in certain geographical areas. Could simply throw a dis-used probe with a 'shaped charge' at the Mars ground. Once done that would create a vertical channel from which a human habitat can begin to be created. Tunnels can be auto-generated by relying on science. Certain chemicals react one another violently. If mineral traces can be found laterally which react with substances which you subsequently throw down the vertically tunnel then they should naturally move outward laterally and create tunnels 'relatively cheaply'? Technically, this technique should also make it viable to build a Moon base relatively cheaply as well. It also provides protection against the elements since it's underground from the outset
- latest in science and technology. As an aside one of the things that has been bugging me is if virtualisation and containerisation technology such as Docker and VirtualBox is eminently viable and possible why don't they just create an emulation layer for the entire Windows operating system?
NatGeo 'My Brilliant Brain' featuring Susan Polgar
Free Windows 10 for Students
- latest in defense
Number of civilians killed in US strikes in Iraq much higher than admitted by Washington – UN
Radical Past - Finsbury mosque known for previous links to terrorists
‘Call it as it is - a terrorist attack’ – chairman of London’s Finsbury Park mosque on van attack
Finsbury Park - London police treating van collision incident as terror attack
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E35 in France - US jets show off amazing stunts at internation air show
Syria conflict: Why are air combat kills so rare?
F-35 has longger leg than Su-35
F-35 JSF vs Eurofighter Typhoon
- something tells me we mightn't be getting the full story here (from either perspective)? If you look at what he allegedly did his actions (apparently, he stole/tore off a government poster of some sort?) easily could have been construed as that of a spy or a subversive element...
Otto Warmbier - US student freed by North Korea dies
- at times, the current situation feels exactly like what to the world and the US did prior to the other World Wars? Slowing economic growth globally. They then isolated themselves and were relatively late in entering both World Wars? Technically, that's their only play to maintain global hegemony... I just can't see them winning in a straight up contest via trade...
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- latest in finance and politics
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- if you're like me you'll probably have been frustrated by having to work with some lower level languages from time to time. There are clear advantages to working with them but they reduce time to production in such rediculous fashion you wonder what life was prior (I sort of did but often used my own custom automated code generators to speed things up)?
python compression algorithm
perl compression algorithm
- young Russian perspective... Their people not much different from other people? Clear that Russia will maintain a 'hybrid warfare' style footing at least for the time being. What's also clear is that if the former Soviet states are just taking US money in the future if there is a reformation of something akin to USSRv2 it will be done peacefully and quickly (similar to Crimea?). One strange and bemusing aspect of Russian politics is their fascination with Nazis and homosexuality. China and Russia combined seems like a complementary force (one economic and the other more military)?
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- if you don't know about Selz, they seem to bombard you with emails once you sign up (even if you close your account)...

Random Quotes:
- “I’m not really clear on why I’m being asked to leave this plane. I purchased this ticket, I had an emergency. I had to pee,” Hamilton said in the clip. “I tried to hold it the first time and you said I absolutely couldn’t and I’m being kicked off the plane?” he added, before the crew member responded, “I need to talk to you outside.”

A second Delta employee confronted Hamilton and also asked him to leave. Hamilton eventually complied and was removed. He told local ABC affiliate WISN that FBI agents greeted him after stepping off the plane.

“[An agent] said he came to arrest me, but realized after our conversation, realized that some of the language that was associated with my name wasn’t accurate,” Hamilton recalled.

In the end, Delta grounded Hamilton who says he was forced to buy a ticket for a Southwest flight that was three times the price to get back to his family in Milwaukee. Hamilton had told Delta employees that he needed to return home for a field trip with 4th through 6th graders, according to local CBS affiliate WDJT.

Rosolino also told WDJT that Hamilton was refunded part of his Delta ticket. She said she’s not sure if he’s planning to sue, but put him in touch with an attorney.

All passengers on the Milwaukee-bound Delta jet were required to deplane and re-board, ultimately forcing the flight to arrive in Milwaukee more than an hour and a half late.

Delta released a statement regarding the incident on Wednesday.

“Our flight crews are extensively trained to ensure the safety and security of all customers. It is imperative that passengers comply with crew instructions during all phases of flight, especially at the critical points of takeoff and landing,” a rep for the company said, according to the Journal Sentinel.
- In 2016, German universities enjoyed another big rise in the international student population, according to the latest data. Germany recorded close to a 7 percent increase in international students coming to the country. This follows a jump of nearly 8 percent the previous year. Numbers have risen about 30 percent since 2012.

In most English-speaking countries, this kind of news would have university finance chiefs grinning from ear to ear: more international students means lots of extra cash from hefty tuition fees.

But in Germany, students -- on the whole -- famously pay no tuition fees, regardless of where they come from. Seen from the U.S. or Britain, this policy may appear either supremely principled or incredibly naïve. With international students making up nearly one in 10 students (and even more if you count noncitizens who attended German schools), why does the country choose to pass up tuition-fee income and educate other countries’ young people for free?

One reason is that Germany has a much bigger demographic hole to fill than the U.S. or Britain. It is second only to Japan in terms of the proportion of its population over 60, according to the United Nations, and so needs young, skilled workers to keep its economy going. Germany still offers an 18-month poststudy work visa for graduates from outside the European Union; Britain scrapped a similar policy in 2012.
- Sos Zoltan • a day ago
just ask the serbian army the way they shut down the so called invisible plane back in 1999,problem solved
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Actually it does.

NK has its own HT-16PGJ SAM which is a NK design based on SA-16 that shot down a stealth bomber over Serbia. B2s cost $2 billion each. Not worth risking them for crazy Kim.
- CIA spooks tried to spy on Soviet Russia using CATS implanted with microphones under their skin.

Declassified docs show how spy chiefs praised “pioneering” scientists for slitting open moggies and stitching in electronic hardware to uncover their enemies’ secrets.

Dubbed “Project Acoustic Kitty”, the grim £10 million programme was developed over five years in the 1960s as a novel but gruesome new eavesdropping method.

A cat’s tail was used as an antenna and a wire travelled all the way up its spine connecting to a microphone in its ear, while a battery was housed in its chest.

But on its first test, its CIA handlers watched on in horror as their robo-kitty was run over and killed just seconds into the mission.

CIA insider Victor Maarcheti told The Atlantic: “There they were, sitting in the van and the cat was dead.”

The robo-cat scheme — which was never deployed to the field — resurfaced after Wikileaks this week tweeted a link to the archive CIA memos, which were first unveiled in 2001.

Marchetti, a former CIA officer, told The Telegraph that year of the gruesome creation.

He said: “They slit the cat open, put batteries in him, wired him up.”

“They made a monstrosity. They tested him and tested him”, he added.

But the memo hails the “remarkable scientific achievement” reached by the American spy agency.

“The work done on this problem over the years reflects great credit on the personnel who guided it”, the document concludes.

Wikileaks has been carrying out a series of staggered releases of hacked info revealing the CIA’s inner workings.

The Vault 7 project, slammed by the agency as giving ammo to terrorists, earlier unearthed what Wikileaks said was evidence the CIA could hack smart TVs to spy on targets.
- In March 2003, Blair joined forces with then-US President George W. Bush in invading Iraq. The two countries attacked Iraq in blatant violation of international law and under the pretext of finding WMDs; but no such weapons were ever discovered in Iraq.

More than one million Iraqis were killed as a result of the US-led invasion, and the subsequent occupation of the country, according to the California-based investigative organization Project Censored.

The US war in Iraq cost American taxpayers $1.7 trillion with an additional $490 billion in benefits owed to war veterans, expenses that could grow to more than $6 trillion over the next four decades counting interest, according to a study called Costs of War Project by the Watson Institute for International Studies at Brown University.
- Moscow is likely to maintain a mixed fleet of fourth and fifth-generation fighters for the foreseeable future. One of the reasons is cost—fifth-generation aircraft are expensive. “I think there will be a mix even in U.S. since the USAF intends to keep F-16s flying until 2040s, as I understood and definitely there will be a mix in China,” Kashin said. “It seems no one can afford to maintain an air force consisting of only fifth-gen fighters. Too costly and redundant for most missions.”

Indeed, Kashin foresees the future Russian Air Force having three tiers to deal with different types of threats. “On the bottom, Su-25 upgrades and the MiG-35. In the middle, the Su-30 and 35. And some T-50s on top,” Kashin said.
- When contacted, Google's only response was to refer to a statement from one of its spokespeople: "We work with dozens of lobby groups from across the whole political spectrum. We can't always agree 100 percent with every organization on every topic. Regarding ecological sustainability and renewable energy we've shown that are involved long-term with it."

The question remains: how can Google pump so much money into think tanks with ostensibly opposite views to its on climate protection, and which try with all their might to undermine it?

"All these activities suggest that much of Google's committment is just greenwashing: Public relations to get an environmentally friendly image," said Dudis.

In the US political system, money plays a much larger role than in many European countries, meaning companies have a huge influence there on politics. Google is among them - if need be, even at the cost of the environment.
- What's your tips for getting ahead in life, besides scrouging Ozbargain for sweet deals? Personally, I think negative gearing is one.

Some offered below:

mokr: "surround your self with successful people, its mostly about contacts"

railspider: "get a good job that pays good money"

Archi: good general points but seems like people think good guys finish last

mini2: being frugal, delay kids, make use of family to help childcare

Seraphin7: "Study, work hard, demonstrate value to your employer/customers, spend less than you earn, repeat"
- "In the late 1980s, we were engaged in the development of the flat nozzle too and conducted a thorough research. The Ufa-based Motor Scientific Production Enterprise under the guidance of Chief Designer Alexei A. Ryzhov manufactured an experimental flat nozzle that underwent a series of tests. The conclusions were as follows. Presently, the flat nozzle has two inherent snags which, in principle, have not been dealt with yet. Firstly, the turbine is round but the nozzle is flat with a distance between them being small. The distance cannot be increased because this would lead to an increase in the overall length of the aircraft, a loss of thrust, etc. While transforming the circular gas stream into the flat one, the nozzle, developed by Mr. Ryzhov, was losing 14-17% of thrust. Unfor-tunately, the gas stream cannot be "bent" as we would like it to. It has its own laws too. So far, no one has managed to transform the circular gas stream into the flat one without losing thrust. The very same snag was hit by the Americans in developing their F-117 featuring a non-afterburning engine. Such engines lose approximately 15% of thrust too. However, the F-117 is a specialised Stealth aircraft with the main requirement of ensuring "invisibility". It does not need a real good thrust/weight ratio. That is why the Americans put up deliberately with an unavoidable loss of thrust but benefited from reduced signatures.

Secondly, the other primary problem is weight. The circular TVC nozzle produces only tensile stress while the flat one exerts bending stress as well. Those stresses require special measures to be taken to ensure the nozzle strength in order to avoid deformation of the nozzle. Those measures mean additional weight. The flat nozzle made of metal is heavier than the circular one by approximately half a tonne. Mind you, the whole AL-31FP fitted with its circular swivel nozzle weighs a little bit more than 1500 kg only. So, the use of a flat nozzle implies an extra tonne at the rear of a plane (two-engine are meant here, which make up the most of modern fighters). The problem can be circumvented through the use of the "carbon-carbon" materials which have low specific weight and can stand high temperature. But they burn in the end anyway, since they are based on the very same coal. Nobody has solved the problem of preventing carbon-carbon units from burning during their operation as part of an aircraft engine. Currently, such materials covered by a thick layer of fire-resistant ceramics are used only in manufacturing the control surfaces of rocket engines. The latter are actually disposable since their operation never exceeds 40-50 seconds while an aircraft engine service life amounts to 1,000 hours or more.

So, the problem of ensuring an effective long-term protection of the non-metal nozzle is still to be solved. Thus, development of the flat nozzle encounters two problems - the loss of thrust (and it is not resolved even in theory) and the extra weight. With those two problems in mind, we stick to the circular nozzle." 
- The Royal Navy’s new aircraft carriers will not be able to stop new high-speed Russian missiles by the time they enter service.

The new Zircon missile can reportedly travel at five to six times the speed of sound, using a state of the art “scramjet” engine, which takes the oxygen it needs for propulsion from the atmosphere instead of a tank on board. 

This makes it smaller, lighter and faster than other engines of its type. 

Developed by the Russian military, it could be operational as early as next year, at which point it will likely be fitted to a nuclear-powered Kirov class warship as well as strategic bombers and submarines. 

Travelling at a speed that can reach to between 3,800mph to 4,600mph, the missiles will be able to evade the air defence systems of the new 60,000-tonne naval carriers, HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales, which are currently under construction.

The Royal Navy’s current Sea Ceptor missile system can only shoot down missiles travelling up to 2,300mph. 

It means the two ships, the first of which is not expected to be fully operational before 2020, could be rendered obsolete by this new development in hypersonic warfare despite costing up to £7 billion to build. 

The US is also believed be developing hypersonic missiles but they are not thought to be close to production. 
- A stroke survivor and her partner have been forced to auction personal items and survive on Salvation Army food vouchers after Centrelink suddenly cut off their carer payments after a brief assessment over the phone.

But the Department of Human Services say they did nothing wrong.

Julie Davey was left paralysed on her left-hand side after a stroke two years ago. She had to resign from her job as a chief executive of a health care organisation and her husband, Peter Kronk, took on fulltime carer duties.

Since then the 57-year-old has made substantial recovery but still relies upon Mr Kronk to help with daily tasks, including bathing, dressing and eating.

However on March 7, Mr Kronk's payment was abruptly cut off after an assessment over the phone.

A few days before, the couple received a "request for information" letter asking them to call Centrelink.

"There was nothing about the carer payment," Ms Davey said.

"It was more like 'we need to confirm your details'."

Mr Kronk, who recently lost his job as a casual truck driver, said the "vague" conversation ranged from his salary to how much caring he did.

"But it was really general ... we didn't really know what they were asking us about ... there was no sense we were being assessed."

The couple were left reeling when the Centrelink staff told them at the end of the phone conversation lasting "20 to 30 minutes" that Mr Kronk no longer qualified for the carer's payment and their payment was being cancelled as of that day.

"We were in a bit of a shock," Ms Davey said.

"At the end of the interview, she said, 'have a good day', and Peter and I were left sitting there quietly crying."
- The US military has lots of money for fancy airplanes that don't fly, but when it comes to proper training — and giving pilots flight time — funds are seriously lacking. 

Back in 2013, the Wall Street Journal reported that US pilots flew only 120 hours or less per year, a drop of over 50 percent from a decade ago.

American pilots now fly fewer training hours than do Chinese, Indian, or some European pilots. 

And according to Defense One, things haven't changed much in the last four years. 
- NordVPN suggests:

1. Switch to an encrypted email provider, such as ProtonMail — a free encrypted email service provider, offering end-to-end encryption — meaning even the provider itself cannot decrypt and read subscribers’ emails. No personal information is required to create accounts, and the basic account service is offered free of charge. Other secure email providers include Tutanota and Countermail.

2. Use strong passwords and a password manager. Perhaps the most basic requirement for any online account set-up is using strong passwords and choosing different passwords for different accounts. Weak passwords make it simple for hackers to break into an account. A strong password has a minimum of 12 characters and includes a strong mix of letters, numbers, and characters. It’s not easy to remember strong passwords for each site, so it’s recommended to use a password manager, though some — such as LastPass — have also experienced security breaches. In any case, password managers are still recommended for safety and security.

3. Turn on multi-factor authentication. Multi-factor authentication is a security system that will a user to access their online account after they log in with their username and password, and then require the second-step authentication: either through a fingerprint scan or by sending a code via text. Most sites, including email providers, already offer multi-factor authentication as an option.

4. Use a VPN. VPNs encrypt all traffic between a user’s computer and a VPN server, providing complete privacy and security in Internet browsing experience. The only information visible to any intruder or hacker is the connection to a VPN server and nothing else. All other information is private as the VPN’s security protocol encrypts it. NordVPN is determined to secure users’ data with features like automatic kill switch and a strict no logs policy.
- While the US has restricted sales of combat drones to maintain its military advantage, China hasn’t held back. CASC already has customers in not only Saudi Arabia, but also Egypt, Iraq, and Jordan. It sells combat UAVs similar to US ones but less expensive—and still perfectly capable of conducting reconnaissance and destroying distant targets.

Establishing a local factory will help CASC improve after-sales services for clients in the region, and help further improve ties between Beijing and Riyadh.
- A senior Russian senator says the American bill allowing the US Navy to enforce international sanctions on North Korea through the control of Russian ports is a violation of international law, and is equal to a declaration of war.

“The realization of this [US] bill includes a proposed force scenario in which the US Navy would conduct compulsory inspections of all ships. Such a scenario is simply unthinkable because it means a declaration of war,” RIA Novosti quoted upper house Committee for International Relations head Konstantin Kosachev as saying.
- F-35C pilots say they are "hurting after doing three or four" of the aircraft’s signature catapult launches, which allow the F-35 to take off from shorter airstrips, Lieutenant General Chris Bodgan said. "That’s not good for the canopy or the helmet. So we knew we had an issue there."

Bogdan has been the Pentagon’s point man for defending the insanely expensive F-35, and even he has conceded that pilots aren’t in love with the Pentagon’s latest toy. 

"This is a very stiff plane … it beats the pilots up pretty good," Bogdan said during the McAleese/Credit Suisse defense conference in Washington, DC, March 22. 

- as usual thanks to all of the individuals and groups who purchase and use my goods and services

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