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Monday, October 9, 2017

Mental Illness/Medicine and Pre-Cogs/Prophets/Religion 17, Random Stuff, and More

- an obvious continuation on my previous religious research:
- neurological problems are key to this. Neurological disorders (such as Schizophrenia) could explain some of the pre-cog/prophetic visions but they don't entirely? For instance, they may explain why pre-cogs/prophets can see forward in time because their brains are going into overdrive but they don't explain how they're seeing things that they've never seen before and repeatedly over the course of their lives (if they are simply seeing forward in small amounts of time it could possibly be explained by mental illness. This feels drastically different. They're going forward seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, years, decades, centuries, millenia forward... without external manipulation or knowledge provided to others and no fore-knowledge of what the future is going to be like?)? Those who experience pre-cog/prophetic visions consistently and regularly understands the issue of mental illness (if you consistently see forward and no matter what you can't break out/away from it then you'll at least become anxious? There's no question that being a pre-cog/prophet can lead to madness if the person question doesn't figure out a way to relax and that mental illness and pre-cog/prophetic visions are not indicators/exclusive conditions?). The original Jewish, Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, etc... basically the whole set of pre-cogs/prophets over the entirety of human history seems to undergone the same problem. They seemed to be experience symptoms that were borderline epileptic/schizophrenic at times? At times, in the past it felt like they almost played upon this in order to gather evidence that they were somehow pre-cogs/prophets?
schizophrenia theories cause
Theories of schizophrenia: a genetic-inflammatory-vascular synthesis
- the way the subconcious works sort of explains Psychosomatics?
- sub-concious is merely a version of long term memory? Base instincts that come from when we are young? That's why we get things like PTSD, schizophrenia, etc... as we are basically taught from a young age that these particular forms of behaviour are unacceptable? Hallucinations tell you where the thoughts are coming from? This therefore makes examination of the subconcious in any sort of an enormous problem in any type of investigation (official or unofficial)? We've clearly discovered this in repressed memory studies in psychology/psychiatry. Brain is far too complex to be viewed in such a simple context? Also possibly explains other things though such as 'angels'. Could simply be our 'unconcious mind' kicking in? Stimulant psychosis means that the inverse is possible? Note the treatments as others have explored? Bridging multiple personalities required. Once catharsis achieved then a single personality can be achieved? This makes the behaviour of returned military veterans into more context?
- there's an obvious major implication to 'mental illness'. Namely, the issue of 'false positives'?
- if there is a place called Heaven and there are 'Ascended Beings/Gods' of some sort wonder whether they think humans are self-destructive/wasteful? If you look at the Earth so much of it seems under-utilised?
- aware that their have been experiments towards seeing whether humans can survive in a closed biosphere. Wonder whether it's possible to create an 'Earth within an Earth'? Effectively start a small colony that is entirely closed off but is still fundamentally cyclic? They start with a limited amount of land but have access to all the sea water, limited fresh water, limited food/seeds, etc... Sea water can be passively cleaned up via mangroves, certain sea animals/organisms (evolved salt glands which produce fresh water but reject excess salt/sodium), etc... Certain cacti absorb water/moisture from the air. Wonder whether sewerage can somehow be filtered/purified by certain plants out there? Obviously, this means that technically if these plants are collected then technically they can be 'crushed' to produce 'clean water' if there isn't a clean source nearby? Aware that their is work going into things such as graphene diffusion gratings through which sea water can be cleansed to the point of being drinkable but obviously graphene is fairly expensive?
- if colony is built next to sea alternative sewerage system is whereby windmills are used to pump water inland. Toilets are effectively a place to sit on with a panel opening to a artificial river/conduit whereby sewerage is pumped elsewhere (from windmill idea). Constant flow of water inland to a different biosphere where sewerage is cleaned up. We know that sewerage gives rise to bacteria but can also give rise to other life? There are actually plenty of animals out there that seem to be perfectly capable of eating/processing dung/sewerage and seem to be able to process it while producing a body that is still basically non-toxic? Examples of this include elephants, monkeys, dung beatles, etc... Wonder whether that original dung becomes less toxic over each cycle?
- plants can obviously be grown from this material as has been discovered in the past, in space exploration experiments, in poorer countries, etc... Combined hybrid weed plants wonder whether it's possible to build a self sustaining colony?
- given sufficient understanding of stem cell differentiation am guessing it may be possible to literally 'grow homes' one day? Cross weed (fast growth) with creeping plants (create relatively solid roof) with tree (provide walls)? Cross with animal cells would complicate things because of extra complexity involved? Else otherwise dig downwards as ground will provide walls/insulation and roof provided by trees? Have obviously thought about tunneling technologically previously as well to construct homes in my other posts? To stop animals from munching on homes there would have to be natural defenses such as pheromones...
French researchers have aggregated stem cells containing magnetic nanoparticles to engineer a tissue that's deformable at will using magnets. This approach does not require any external supporting matrix for the tissue and could be the building brick of the regenerative medicine of tomorrow (Nature Communications 8 400).
- heat and electricity? We know that technically compost can create extremely high temperatures without necessarily creating a fire hazard. Wonder how practical it is to create temperature control based on purely passive mechanisms? Guess it could simply come down a steel box with vents of some sort? Double structure with one of the vents to go outside to vent biodegrading gas? If home is built into ground it's unlikely that cooling with be a problem? Evaporative cooling? Have seen some extremely simplistic cooling units built of soft drink bottles working on principle of Bernoulli's Law in Bangladesh? Temperature reduction of about ~5 Degress Centigrade? Humidity control via plants is possible as well? Think about Amazon forest and multi-layer structure? Hybrid trees to create shady/shadow areas? Another way of easy tunneling is to hybridise a weed with a plant which has a extensive known/root structure? A plant with a known lifetime or is seasonal?  In the case of 'Dung Beatles' is it possible to build an organism that lives and enjoys building 'bricks'?
- entirely organic lights may be possible since we know that many underwater organisms are effectively doing just this?
- forget about trying to turn any of them? If Jesus was entirely legitimate then it's clear that he had no choice, Muhammad had the same issue. In fact, all of the them have the exact same problem? They effectively believed that they were 'built' for a particular reason. Else, nothing would make sense. The other irony is this. Technically, my guess is that all of the pre-cogs/prophets/Ascended Beings know that 'God' (if there is one who controls everything) owes nothing to anyone? The human perspective that 'God' gives away everyone without others earning it (or learning that his way is somehow better) would make no sense to any of pre-cog/prophet? Of more sense, would be that they serve 'God' and that humans are bound to the same agreement? That God somehow provides for those who believe in roughly the same philosophy? If pure worship was involved then surely it wouldn't be much different from 'Satanism' (if he's real)? Note that God in 'Old Testament' seems radically different then in 'New Testament'?
- Adam/Eve story inferred (Adam and Eve story sort of implied in Bhagavad Gita - Karma Yoga)? Basically, nothing as complex as a human body can be created without some form of 'Intelligent Design'. Since there were pre-cogs/prophets that were able to 'warp through/gain early access to Heaven/Nirvana' (should it exist) it was naturally assumed that humans were therefore 'thrown out' of Heaven/Nirvana (makes sense that people thought that they didn't think they wouldn't be silly enough to get themselves thrown out so that takes another player/Satan in as indicated in the Western religions)? Ironically, story is basically mirrored across Eastern and Western religions. Technically, the key two players that are stopping all religions from being united are Muhammad and Jesus. Hindu and Buddhism are already effectively united through Buddha who is accepted as a re-incarnation of God on Earth? Ultimately, the only way it plays out is if Jesus returns or someone who's willing to explain things on behalf of him? The obvious irony is that anyone who looks at it in detail will notice strange discrepencies in Jesus/Muhammad which need to be weeded out prior to any possible unification or having the entire Earth fall under one particular religion (if that is to be the case)? In any 'Second Coming' any version of Jesus needs to be accepted as a 'God' of some type which means that somehow the 'Trinity' needs to be validated (if unification is to be achieved rather then one taking over the others). If the final individuals/group does arrive then Earth effectively becomes formally part of the 'Empire of God' and 'First Contact' is made and if Earth chooses it? 
- why focus in on particular religions when the issues are faced across multiple religions? 
- gut feel is that it doesn't really matter which way it falls in the end. We should be happier either way?
"I learnt from Hussain how to achieve victory while being oppressed,” reads the quote attributed to Gandhi. Moneycontrol could not independently confirm the veracity of the quote but did find various mentions of it across the web.

- note, either way it feels like all major progress in human progress seems to have come via people who possibly doubled as pre-cogs/prophets so technically even if it chooses to remain on it's own then they're still technically being looked after? Ultimately, it makes it irrelevant to think about issues about why any God (if he exists) allows certain things or not since they're technically not part of the 'Empire of God'? For this particular reason, just like a paranoid patient it will drive people crazy and lead to nothing which will make any sense? 
- my guess it that technically even if there is a semi-permanent presence on Earth currently it will have to become permanent/felt if it's to be incorporated into the 'Kingdom/Empire of God' (they will have to extend their own lives if they intend to stay on Earth in a 'human form' or else leave instructions detailed enough that others will be able to follow them? This means either stripping back DNA to it's base form or else starting completely from scratch and building any potential 'beings' who intend to complete the rest of the work on Earth?)? You can't become a member of the Kingdom without knowing the rough rules/guidelines (if you compare the two worlds and they don't make sense it probably because things aren't 'right' on Earth)? All of the pre-cogs/prophets know the difference between Heaven and Earth? Everything will look strange/awkward to them? Guess is that Earth can't become part of network until these details are sort of figured out? The closest examples of what they are genuinely like would be something akin to the 'Ancients or the Nox' of the Stargate SG-1 television series? Highly advanced, peaceful, etc... to the point where the ways of humanity just don't make sense?
“In the Kingdom of God, service is not a stepping-stone to nobility: it is nobility, the only kind of nobility that is recognized.”  ~ T.W. Manson 
- upon cleanup planetary gate is added, transportation supplied, else Earth is literally pulled into closer orbit into existing network? Forget about direct contact/raising of the dead (if you read through things it feels as though people are basically/simply transported elsewhere depending how they've lived their life at the end of their lives? Cloning is obviously a radically different process?) without cleaning things up? Since the job of cleaning things up may may take several hundred to several thousand years this may possibly be the reason why the final few seem to have extended lifespans? Once the final few individuals/group are identified then it's possible that the 'others' will be found, 'made' (from scratch), found by identifying those who have the required characteristics and then trying to find suitable match ups (by choice. It's too difficult to 'mold' people), etc... (human genome projects and similar projects). They'll be able to identify one another and those who have studied them may possibly have an understanding of them as well? They'll be able to organise themselves. It's those that are underneath who are the problem?
- 'Ascended Beings' are basically made of something 'different'. Not sure that humans will be able to harvest significant amounts independently? Humans limited to transhumanist techniques for the time being until 'First Contact' with 'Heaven/Nirvana (if it exists)' can be established?
- there's something else that all of the pre-cogs/prophets know. That is a billionaire would be happier as a slave (based on what I've researched no such thing?) in Heaven/Nirvana/Home (if it exists) then if they had a thousand lifetimes on Earth. Once/if the final individuals/group arrive then the rest of the things should make sense others they learn to let go of the ways of Earth everything should just click into place? Obvious move by some members of current and dark elite (if the conspiracy theorists are right about them?) is that to have them assassinated (since current power structure is likely to collapse) but hopefully they'll realise that most major human advancements has possibly come from pre-cogs/prophets. They would literally be destroying their own future? Forget about torture. All of them know that everything comes because others are providing it to them? Final group likely to have a individual/group handling security affairs as well? Other alternative is that they push them until they break so that they can take everything they can and maintain the system that they have (which leads to their own destruction anyhow)?
- make assumption that people are not always going to be 'bailed out'? Several billion people lost through religious conflict alone... Means that (if their is a God and a Heaven) they aren't easy to manipulate. Certain members of the 'Ascended' aren't as 'tolerant'? It also tells you can't expect that they'll help people fix everything. The rest is basically up to people of their own free will. In order to join/be part of the network then you effectively need to know the right thing to do independent of whether others are there to help you? Forget about exceptions, all of the 'Ascended' seem to have to deal with this 'problem'?
- if you look into the history of many indigineous socities and cultures it feels as though many of the pre-cogs/prophets involved may have been basically seeing the same things in spite of complete separation. A lot of our conflicts may have been for nothing? One thing to watch for in anything is whether people are willing to die for a particular cause (of any sort)? It can either mean that they've reached a deal with someone else here on Earth, that they have reached a deal with someone/something elsewhere, etc? It can also mean that someone hasn't explained something well?
Drawings by Rohingya refugee children reveal the horrific experiences they’ve suffered
- given smallish difference in genetic makeup makes you wonder how smart some animals are? Would be interesting if we could find a better way with communicating them over time? If we are that genetically not far off of apes and chimps then technically, we could come up with an intermediary language to help communicate with them? Human bodies make it easier to produce a wider range of sounds then the other way around? Wonder whether we could actually live, work, and have fun side by side with them? Aware that Buddhist monks (indeed many people) seem to have experience with this? Wonder whether you could ever boost the intelligence of an ape/chimp/animal to be comparable to that of a human? Is it simply a matter of training/education (think of a human child who never has an education?)?
A Conversation With Koko
Orangutan Asks Girl for Help in Sign Language
Orangutan understands 72 words! - Extraordinary Animals - Earth
Ape Makes A Fire - Kanzi The Bonobo Makes A Campfire
Bonobo builds a fire and toasts marshmallows - Monkey Planet - Preview - BBC One
Chimp vs human! - Working Memory test - Extraordinary Animals - Earth
Chimps Are Capable Of Cooking, Researchers Say
Bonobo ape cook their own meal
- ironically, in the past weeding out true from false pre-cogs/prophets was based on the pre-cog/prophet prophecising something and others attempting to verify. At times, I wonder whether those in 'Heaven' had issues getting pushing people over the line on Earth? The 'Holy Spirit' supposedly is limited by the fact that you need to be of a certain level of 'purity' which meant that it was possible that there weren't enough on Earth? Science and technology was only real choice?
The Galileo Myth
The Sentence of the Inquisition on Galileo Galilei   by Cardinals of the Inquisition
- forget about using remote viewers/psychics/pre-cogs/prophets for super accurate work? It's not really possible? There's no signs indicating time and there's no sense of scale because you may be changing body/form? Even if an 'Ascended Being' communicates to you metrics/means for quantifying things it still wouldn't make any sense? Even if you attempt to scale by using your body in that realm there's no guarantee that technically you're technically in your own body (think about the Eastern religions and their concept of reincarnation? How do you tell if you're in the same body? Not completely reliable?)? Eastern pre-cogs/prophets seeing multiple lifetimes? Must be seeing from first person view? Everybody is somehow supposed to become a pre-cog/prophet to confirm that they get through?
- interesting corollaries. If 'Holy Spirit' can only be used for 'good things', then 'early access' can only be granted to those who are good? Not those seeking to take from Heaven for their own purposes? Wondering whether those who 'Ascend' have the same problem? Technically, you can't exist in the next realm without reaching a particular thresh hold (sin cycle is critical to this)? Interesting thing is whether access to Heaven is granted to those who are on temporary assignment on Earth to help them remain 'sane'?
- as an aside think very carefully about an Apocalypse type scenario? Attempting to fight against 'Ascended Beings' who possibly created the Universe seems ludicrous (no matter how advanced your species or your allies may be?)? My guess is that since those from the 'good side' will be able to recognise one another then they'll be able to recognise those from the 'bad side' as well (should they exist). Pointless for humans getting involved in a fight between 'Ascended Beings' in their alternate form... Either way, God should ultimately prevail since he created everything (if it comes down to it)? The obvious worry is that any reconciliation could easily blow up and lead to an 'Apocaplypse' either way (intentional or not)?
- given that there are a lot of experience where people see to have 'shed their bodies' on warping through/gaining early access to Heaven (should it exist) is it possible that we have our perspective on this (homosexuality) wrong? Only real way is to figure out whether the total/average number of pre-cogs/prophets is the same across the heterosexual vs homosexual population?
homosexual prophet
Lut ibn Haran, known as Lot in the Old Testament, is a prophet of God in the Quran.[2][3] He also appears in the Bible, but the biblical stories of Lot are not entirely accepted within Islam. According to Islamic tradition, Lot lived in Ur and was the son of Haran and nephew of Abraham.[4] He migrated with Abraham to Canaan. He was bestowed as a prophet to the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.[5] He was commanded by God to go to the land of Sodom and Gomorrah to preach to his people on monotheism and to stop them from their lustful and violent acts.[4] According to both the Quran and the Hebrew Bible, Lot's messages were ignored by the inhabitants and Sodom and Gomorrah were subsequently destroyed. Their sites cannot be exactly located, but it may be supposed that they were somewhere in the plain east of the Dead Sea or underneath its current limits. Lot's story is traditionally presented as an Islamic view against rape and homosexual acts.

Lot's people are the people to whom he is sent on a mission. He was not one of their own brethren, as was Salih or Shu'aib. But he looked upon his people as his "brethren".[6] The Quran says that Lot is a prophet, and holds that all prophets were examples of moral and spiritual rectitude, so the report of Lot's drunkenness and incest is considered to be false.[4]
Lot's story is traditionally used to demonstrate Islam's disapproval of rape and homosexuality.[29][ISBN missing] Lot's struggle with his tribe is seen as concerning the question of homosexuality in general or more specifically male-to-male anal penetration, specifically.[30] These interpretations have sometimes widened to condemn homosexuality as a whole, including psychological and social dispositions. However, some scholars dispute these interpretations.[31] They also point out that Quranic narrative is ambiguous as to whether Lot's tribe was punished because of homosexual acts in the first place or because of infidelity vis-à-vis God.[32]
- the troubling thing with the Eastern and Western pre-cogs/prophets is the following? In both the Eastern and Western religions they seem to imply that it's possible to gain entry straight away but the Eastern religions imply it needs multiple cycles in order to get in? In which case, if the religions were to somehow fall in a particular direction it would likely be to fall in that of one of the Western religions? The irony that it feels like the 'truth' is only possible if you can find enough information and the our world can be cross referenced with that of the 'Ascended Beings' and science in which case you need you need reliable records of everything? If you are to believe the pre-cogs/prophets, it feels as though there is some form of 'Afterlife'? The mechanisms and pathway through which people take seems entirely dependent upon how they've lived their lives though? Therefore, it seems on balanced that perhaps it shouldn't be a case of choosing your religion based what we believe but what is most appropriate to our circumstances? Some pre-cogs/prophets know that technically they can change form? Is it that they are seeing this in 'Heaven'? Proof for them seems to indicate that it occurs on Earth?
- wonder whether 'Breath of God' is simply low levels of radiation? If you see body as simple bio-chemical machine and then want to trigger simple mutations/variations then radiation? Eastern religions have much more technical/scientific information and low level details in general? At a macro level they think in terms of balance still? Very curious whether or not it's possible to build a basic animal (sort of already has been done within the field of 'soft robotics' but not to the level that I'm thinking of?)
In Hindu philosophy including yoga, Indian medicine, and martial arts, prana (प्राण, prāṇa; the Sanskrit word for "life force" or "vital principle")[1] is all cosmic energy, permeating the Universe on all levels. Prana is often referred to as the "life force" or "life energy". It also includes energies present in inanimate objects. In literature, prana is sometimes described as originating from the Sun and connecting the elements of the Universe.[2] This life energy has been vividly invoked and described in the ancient Vedas and Upanishads.
The Four Tantras (Gyushi, rGyu-bzhi) are native Tibetan texts incorporating Indian, Chinese and Greco-Arab medical systems.[11] The Four Tantras is believed to have been created in the twelfth century and still today is considered the basis of Tibetan medical practise.[12] The Four Tantras is the common name for the text of the Secret Tantra Instruction on the Eight Branches, the Immortality Elixir essence. It considers a single medical doctrine from four perspectives. Sage Vidyajnana expounded their manifestation.[2] The basis of the Four Tantras is to keep the three bodily humors in balance; (wind rlung, bile mkhris pa, phlegm bad kan.)

    Root Tantra - A general outline of the principles of Tibetan Medicine, it discusses the humors in the body and their imbalances and their link to illness. The Four Tantra uses visual observation to diagnose predominantly the analysis of the pulse, tongue and analysis of the urine (in modern terms known as urinalysis )
    Exegetical Tantra - This section discusses in greater detail the theory behind the Four Tantras and gives general theory on subjects such as anatomy, physiology, psychopathology, embryology and treatment.
    Instructional Tantra -The longest of the Tantras is mainly a practical application of treatment, it explains in detail illnesses and which humoral imbalance which causes the illness. This section also describes their specific treatments.
    Subsequent Tantra - Diagnosis and therapies, including the preparation of Tibetan medicine and cleansing of the body internally and externally with the use of techniques such as moxibustion, massage and minor surgeries.

Some believe the Four Tantra to be the authentic teachings of the Buddha 'Master of remedies' which was translated from sanskrit, others believe it to be solely Tibetan in creation by Yuthog the Elder or Yuthog the Younger. Noting these two theories there remain others sceptical as to its original author.
Like other systems of traditional Asian medicine, and in contrast to biomedicine, Tibetan medicine first puts forth a specific definition of health in its theoretical texts. To have good health, Tibetan medical theory states that it is necessary to maintain balance in the body's three principles of function [often translated as humors]: rLung (pron. Loong), mKhris-pa (pron. Tree-pa) [often translated as bile], and Bad-kan (pron. Pay-gen) [often translated as phlegm].[14]
- rLung[14] is the source of the body's ability to circulate physical substances (e.g. blood), energy (e.g. nervous system impulses), and the non-physical (e.g. thoughts). In embryological development, the mind's expression of materialism is manifested as the system of rLung. There are five distinct subcategories of rLung each with specific locations and functions: Srog-'Dzin rLüng, Gyen-rGyu rLung, Khyab-Byed rLüng, Me-mNyam rLung, Thur-Sel rLüng.
- mKhris-pa[14] is characterized by the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of heat, and is the source of many functions such as thermoregulation, metabolism, liver function and discriminating intellect. In embryological development, the mind's expression of aggression is manifested as the system of mKhris-pa. There are five distinct subcategories of mKhris-pa each with specific locations and functions: 'Ju-Byed mKhris-pa, sGrub-Byed mKhris-pa, mDangs-sGyur mKhris-pa, mThong-Byed mKhris-pa, mDog-Sel mKhris-pa.
- Bad-kan[14] is characterized by the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of cold, and is the source of many functions such as aspects of digestion, the maintenance of our physical structure, joint health and mental stability. In embryological development, the mind's expression of ignorance is manifested as the system of Bad-kan. There are five distinct subcategories of Bad-kan each with specific locations and functions: rTen-Byed Bad-kan, Myag-byed Bad-kan, Myong-Byed Bad-kan, Tsim-Byed Bad-kan, 'Byor-Byed Bad-kan.
Biomedicine (i.e. medical biology) is a branch of medical science that applies biological and physiological principles to clinical practice.[1] The branch especially applies to biology and physiology.[2] Biomedicine also can relate to many other categories in health and biological related fields. It has been the dominant health system for more than a century.[3][4][5][6]

It includes many biomedical disciplines and areas of specialty that typically contain the "bio-" prefix such as:

    molecular biology, biochemistry, biotechnology, cell biology, embryology,
    nanobiotechnology, biological engineering, laboratory medical biology,
    cytogenetics, genetics, gene therapy,
    bioinformatics, biostatistics, systems biology, neuroscience,
    microbiology, virology, immunology, parasitology,
    physiology, pathology, anatomy,
    toxicology, and many others that generally concern life sciences as applied to medicine.
- proving things one way or another is almost impossible at times (especially without direct contact)? Therefore, abolish notion of 'heresy' in all but the most extreme/known cases? If I'm correct then technically all of the major pre-cogs/prophets across the world are somehow important in some way? Moreover, if we are dealing with 'Ascended Beings' there so far advanced of humanity then it's trying to understand them in some ways would be almost impossible?
Jīng (essence) should not be confused with the related concept of jìn (power), nor with jīng (classic/warp), which appears in many early Chinese book titles, such as the Nèi Jīng, yì jīng and Chá Jīng, the fundamental text on all the knowledge associated with tea.[2]

The characteristics which constitute signs of good Jing (e.g. facial structure, teeth, hair, strength of adrenals or kidneys) share the embryological origin of neural crest cells. These cells undergo immense and challenging cellular migrations requiring great organisation. As such, Jing may simply represent the strength of embryological self-organisation in the organism. This will be manifestated most strongly in those cells which require most organisation; that is, the neural crest cells. [3]
- it's only when you attempt to build a body from scratch that you realise how difficult it is to come about completely randomly. At this point that you realise that the debate between 'Evolution' vs 'Intelligent Design' isn't really settled?
Dalai Lama graces conference on ‘Western Science and Buddhist Perspectives’
- have to know whether it's possible to build a body cell by cell? Some people say that the Evolution effectively rules out a Divine Creator of some sort. The irony is that people work to templates all of the time. Why can't a Divine Creator use a template as well?
Series 18 Heartbeat: The Miracle Inside You
A zygote (from Greek ζυγωτός zygōtos "joined" or "yoked", from ζυγοῦν zygoun "to join" or "to yoke"),[1] is an eukaryotic cell formed by a fertilization event between two gametes. The zygote's genome is a combination of the DNA in each gamete, and contains all of the genetic information necessary to form a new individual. In multicellular organisms, the zygote is the earliest developmental stage. In single-celled organisms, the zygote can divide asexually by mitosis to produce identical offspring.

Oscar Hertwig and Richard Hertwig made some of the first discoveries on animal zygote formation.
In cell biology, mitosis is a part of the cell cycle when replicated chromosomes are separated into two new nuclei. In general, mitosis (division of the nucleus) is preceded by the S stage of interphase (during which the DNA is replicated) and is often accompanied or followed by cytokinesis, which divides the cytoplasm, organelles and cell membrane into two new cells containing roughly equal shares of these cellular components.[1] Mitosis and cytokinesis together define the mitotic (M) phase of an animal cell cycle—the division of the mother cell into two daughter cells genetically identical to each other.

The process of mitosis is divided into stages corresponding to the completion of one set of activities and the start of the next. These stages are prophase, prometaphase, metaphase, anaphase, and telophase. During mitosis, the chromosomes, which have already duplicated, condense and attach to spindle fibers that pull one copy of each chromosome to opposite sides of the cell.[2] The result is two genetically identical daughter nuclei. The rest of the cell may then continue to divide by cytokinesis to produce two daughter cells.[3] Producing three or more daughter cells instead of normal two is a mitotic error called tripolar mitosis or multipolar mitosis (direct cell triplication / multiplication).[4] Other errors during mitosis can induce apoptosis (programmed cell death) or cause mutations. Certain types of cancer can arise from such mutations.[5]

Mitosis occurs only in eukaryotic cells. Prokaryotic cells, which lack a nucleus, divide by a different process called binary fission. Mitosis varies between organisms.[6] For example, animal cells undergo an "open" mitosis, where the nuclear envelope breaks down before the chromosomes separate, whereas fungi undergo a "closed" mitosis, where chromosomes divide within an intact cell nucleus.[7] Most animal cells undergo a shape change, known as mitotic cell rounding, to adopt a near spherical morphology at the start of mitosis. Most human cells are produced by mitotic cell division. Important exceptions include the gametes – sperm and egg cells – which are produced by meiosis.
Meiosis (About this sound listen) is a specialized type of cell division that reduces the chromosome number by half, creating four haploid cells, each genetically distinct from the parent cell that gave rise to them.[1] This process occurs in all sexually reproducing single-celled and multicellular eukaryotes, including animals, plants, and fungi.[2][3][4][5] Errors in meiosis resulting in aneuploidy are the leading known cause of miscarriage and the most frequent genetic cause of developmental disabilities.[6]
- there are some extremely interesting implications to being able to program cells at an anatomic scale. 'Human style' production and technology can you take you so far... Would be possible if we could literally 'grow homes' over time? We know that animal cell cultures work for a limited number of cycles outside of the human body. If you inbreed plant material to weaken the basic structure and then overlay/inlay animal cell structures can we 'grow meat' instead of having to grow animals for slaughter (if the 'texture' is wrong at least you can feed it to animals)? Can you grow wood, plastics, or paper organically from scratch (they're basis is cullulose)? Josiah Zayner. Came up with ODIN basic toolkit for basic manipulation of biological organisms in an inexpensive toolkit
French researchers have aggregated stem cells containing magnetic nanoparticles to engineer a tissue that's deformable at will using magnets. This approach does not require any external supporting matrix for the tissue and could be the building brick of the regenerative medicine of tomorrow (Nature Communications 8 400).
Saving Papua New Guinea's rainforests - The Voice of the Forest _ DW Documentary
The $140 Mail-Order CRISPR Kit - Is Unregulated Biohacking the Future of Science
- clear that gene editing on the cheap can be done? Eating is basically the same is binding? Bind and then consume into cell and then process into various parts...
- the people who may fill positions of importance may be different in future if a 'Second Output/Second Heaven' is to be created? Position paradox (do you honestly recognise when/if someone is better/badly suited for a job?), Reasonability paradox (you're ability to get things done without forceful measures?), Recognition Paradox (can you recognise genuine evil? Most of the pre-cogs/prophets who've somehow warped through early then will realise how different how different Earth/Heaven feel from one another in spite of what many people have said?), Coward Paradox (will you do what is necessary to get things in the proper shape. Doesn't matter whether you're considered a leader or a just a citizen)
- on the medical front likely first step would be to stop zygote/gamete from forming with defecting genes, next step would be altering reproductive organs to produce 'cleaner genes', next step would be to kill off/freeze/slow down ageiing which helps to deal with some of the diseases which come naturally as part of the ageiing process, attack each disease class in sequence/parallel, next step would be to cleaning up human DNA and reverse problems bit by bit. Not sure whether certain individuals/groups have been holding off on providing cures given how easy some of it seems at times?
- just track brain responses to have another form of diagnostic mechanism (increase mucin during pancreatic cancer)? 
- why does faith heal (even if completely false hope (where applicable))? Speeds up metaboilism, makes you happy? Alternative is flatline or negative which reduces efficacy of existing body systems? False belief in false ideologies is much the same. It may not hold up?
- it all sounds rediculous at times? All of the pre-cogs/prophets are in the exact same predicament as humans are? Whether the decision comes from a central, single God or from a group of 'Ascended Beings' it seems obvious that basically all of them have someone to report to? Even for those who are supposedly 'on the way up' things are confusing? The generally accepted answer is that everything is a test of some sort? The thing that normal humans have over pre-cogs/prophets is 'ignorance'. They don't feel as though a third party is manipulating things (God, angels, Satan, demons, or otherwise)... Clearly, the impact of pre-cog/prophetic visions/dreams can drive a person to insanity. This is why their seems to be a higher incidence of mental illness amongst pre-cogs/prophets. The anxiety of dealing with this problem can drive them to madness if they don't learn to simply go along with it... Every single one of them knows of the same issue that they all call 'God's Will'. Muhammad and Jesus understood this problem only too well. Insallah (translation is 'If God Will's It' from Arabic) and Jesus's prediction that he would be crucified. No matter what they do, they can't break out of it? There's nothing they can do about it? That same predicament may apply to humans as well as pre-cogs/prophets but they may not be aware of it? The general consensus seems to be that you need to learn to adapt (don't do it, just get on with life) to the visions/dreams or else it could cause the onset of mental illness amongst pre-cogs/prophets. It means that they'll be less likely to require medication for anxiety...
    Rabbi Yekutiel Halbershtam, of blessed memory (1905-1994), who lost his wife and all eleven of their children in the Holocaust, was asked a similar question. His response was moving:

    “I too have many, many questions for G-d,” he once revealed to his students. “And I know that G-d would be glad to invite me to the heavens and give me the answers to all of the questions I have. But I prefer to stay here on earth with my questions, then to die, and go up to the heavens, to receive the answers.”

    Indeed, tragedies are, almost always, inexplicable, in the realms of human understanding. Sometimes, G-d is super-rational. And, sometimes, our finite minds will never be able to comprehend the ferocious disasters conducted by the infinite Creator of the heaven and the earth.
- if you look around at Earth's history you'll notice that their are evolutionary 'jumps' that are seemingly unexplained every once in a while. This is particularly interesting in the case of Humans themselves. We have thus far found a continuous train of evidence that suggests that apes/primates and modern man sort of evolved seperately but haven't found the evidence to link the two up (yet?). Things to factor in: does Eastern Africa have something specific to it that makes preservation of human fossils more likely?, are spies/religions stealing evidence of evolution of humans?, did they find skeletons of primates and assumed that they lived longer? If you look things up you'll be aware that most species have mechanisms to stop them from mating with one another to protect themselves from disease (hence, our laws on 'beastiality'). My assumption that apes/primates and humans are somewhat similar? Makes you wonder whether Genesis is actually true with regards to some form/type of 'giant humans, Titan, angels, Gods, etc...' mating with ancenstral humans to produce modern humans?
oldest living apes
brain like organisms
The centerpiece of a treasure trove of new fossils, the skeleton—assigned to a species called Ardipithecus ramidus—belonged to a small-brained, 110-pound (50-kilogram) female nicknamed "Ardi." (See pictures of Ardipithecus ramidus.)

The fossil puts to rest the notion, popular since Darwin's time, that a chimpanzee-like missing link—resembling something between humans and today's apes—would eventually be found at the root of the human family tree. Indeed, the new evidence suggests that the study of chimpanzee anatomy and behavior—long used to infer the nature of the earliest human ancestors—is largely irrelevant to understanding our beginnings.

Ardi instead shows an unexpected mix of advanced characteristics and of primitive traits seen in much older apes that were unlike chimps or gorillas (interactive: Ardi's key features). As such, the skeleton offers a window on what the last common ancestor of humans and living apes might have been like.
The biggest surprise about Ardipithecus's biology is its bizarre means of moving about.

All previously known hominids—members of our ancestral lineage—walked upright on two legs, like us. But Ardi's feet, pelvis, legs, and hands suggest she was a biped on the ground but a quadruped when moving about in the trees.

Her big toe, for instance, splays out from her foot like an ape's, the better to grasp tree limbs. Unlike a chimpanzee foot, however, Ardipithecus's contains a special small bone inside a tendon, passed down from more primitive ancestors, that keeps the divergent toe more rigid. Combined with modifications to the other toes, the bone would have helped Ardi walk bipedally on the ground, though less efficiently than later hominids like Lucy. The bone was lost in the lineages of chimps and gorillas.

According to the researchers, the pelvis shows a similar mosaic of traits. The large flaring bones of the upper pelvis were positioned so that Ardi could walk on two legs without lurching from side to side like a chimp. But the lower pelvis was built like an ape's, to accommodate huge hind limb muscles used in climbing.

Even in the trees, Ardi was nothing like a modern ape, the researchers say.

Modern chimps and gorillas have evolved limb anatomy specialized to climbing vertically up tree trunks, hanging and swinging from branches, and knuckle-walking on the ground.

While these behaviors require very rigid wrist bones, for instance, the wrists and finger joints of Ardipithecus were highly flexible. As a result Ardi would have walked on her palms as she moved about in the trees—more like some primitive fossil apes than like chimps and gorillas.

"What Ardi tells us is there was this vast intermediate stage in our evolution that nobody knew about," said Owen Lovejoy, an anatomist at Kent State University in Ohio, who analyzed Ardi's bones below the neck. "It changes everything."
The Ardipithecus ramidus fossils were discovered in Ethiopia's harsh Afar desert at a site called Aramis in the Middle Awash region, just 46 miles (74 kilometers) from where Lucy's species, Australopithecus afarensis, was found in 1974. Radiometric dating of two layers of volcanic ash that tightly sandwiched the fossil deposits revealed that Ardi lived 4.4 million years ago.

Older hominid fossils have been uncovered, including a skull from Chad at least six million years old and some more fragmentary, slightly younger remains from Kenya and nearby in the Middle Awash.

While important, however, none of those earlier fossils are nearly as revealing as the newly announced remains, which in addition to Ardi's partial skeleton include bones representing at least 36 other individuals.

"All of a sudden you've got fingers and toes and arms and legs and heads and teeth," said Tim White of the University of California, Berkeley, who co-directed the work with Berhane Asfaw, a paleoanthropologist and former director of the National Museum of Ethiopia, and Giday WoldeGabriel, a geologist at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico.

"That allows you to do something you can't do with isolated specimens," White said. "It allows you to do biology."
- interesting how life has been interepted across the various cultures and religions? Think of specific body parts in terms of chains (organ is an ecosystem within a larger ecosystem within something called a human body?)
- oddly similar to Western and other Eastern religions?
Lowe's summary of a Taoist worldview highlights points such as:

    society seen as multi-level self-organising "living" systems[108]
    aesthetics favored over absolute or scientific "truth"[109]
    nominalist consensus about acceptability[110]
    social constructivism[111]
    dialectical acceptance of simultaneous multiple realities[112]
    non-abstract narrative or context-based knowledge[113]
    multivalent, non-linear holistic acceptance of contradiction and paradox[114]
    relationality, with the whole as a system of related parts[115]
    virtue as an organising principle of identity and harmony[116]
Ideological and political rivals for centuries, Taoism, Confucianism, and Buddhism deeply influenced one another.[151] For example, Wang Bi, one of the most influential philosophical commentators on Laozi (and Yijing), was a Confucian.[152] The three rivals also share some similar values, with all three embracing a humanist philosophy emphasizing moral behavior and human perfection. In time, most Chinese people identified to some extent with all three traditions simultaneously.[153] This became institutionalised when aspects of the three schools were synthesised in the Neo-Confucian school.[154]

Some authors have dealt with comparative studies between Taoism and Christianity. This has been of interest for students of history of religion such as J.J.M. de Groot,[155] among others. The comparison of the teachings of Laozi and Jesus of Nazareth has been done by several authors such as Martin Aronson,[156] and Toropov & Hansen (2002), who believe that they have parallels that should not be ignored.[157] In the opinion of J. Isamu Yamamoto[158] the main difference is that Christianity preaches a personal God while Taoism does not. Yet, a number of authors, including Lin Yutang,[159] have argued that some moral and ethical tenets of these religions are similar.[160][161]
Chinese spiritual world concepts are cultural practices or methods found in Chinese culture. Some fit in the realms of a particular religion, others do not. In general these concepts were uniquely evolved from the Chinese values of filial piety, tacit acknowledgment of the co-existence of the living and the deceased, and the belief in causality and reincarnation, with or without religious overtones.
- at times you wonder whether or not whether life is more cruel alive or not? If things are so that people can't figure which is better then it's doubtful that it could join? Humans are too animalistic to genuinely have a chance of ever joining 'Kingdom of God'? Their basic tendencies are too primal? They've somehow tricked themselves into believing that they are doing something correct in spite of so many problems that still remain?
- certain animals have no place in pure Darwinist/Evolutionist theory. Pandas and Koalas are notoriously lazy and basically only eat and sleep? It's also internally contradictory? It neglects Eugenics movement and humanities own efforts at creating a 'pure race'?
- if people are honest/serious about creating a 'Second Outpost/Second Heaven' it becomes obvious that it'll be more efficient to attack things from a 'class break' perspective? Fighting each individual fight is obviously worthwhile but (particularly for those with the abiliity to do so) attacking an entire class of problem at the same time may be a more worthwhile pathway? For instance, eradicate an entire disease class at one time, an entire problem at it's root/base, etc... Ironically, only those who have spent time thinking about this, 'have been sent', or are 'on the way up' are likely to understand better ways of achieving this?
- the strange thing is that capitalism has somehow become synonymous with religion? Mass production has lead to greater efficiency and profits but ultimately it leads to other problems such as depriving a particular group of natural resources. In this respect liberalism and capitalism sort of canabilise one another and surely are incompatible with any 'Second Outpost/Heaven' that humans may attempt to make?
- mental illness (epilespy and schizophrenia in particular) is core to all of this. The basic modern medical theory goes that exceptionally high dopamine levels lead to all sorts of problems which leads to delusions and brain dysfunction which gives the appearance of drastic behavioural change? Explains some of the behaviour of some of the pre-cogs/prophets? For instance, excess dopamine levels basically lead to 'short circuits' in brain function? Could account for some of the pre-cog/prophetic visions of some of them. Doesn't account for other abilities that they may have (think of miracles such as healing (if real))? In patients who are supposedly possessed the medicine also works in roughly the same way (blocks specific pathway which rewards pleasure/reward centre)? 
- no matter what your status one frustrating thing is identifying the face and voice of God? How do two seperate (though valid) pre-cogs/prophets tell whether it's the same 'Ascended Being' they're talking to especially if they can change/alternate form? The frustrating thing across all of the accounts of contact with 'spiritual beings, angels, etc...' indicate huge variations to the point whereby you wonder whether or not it's just 'confirmation/cognitive bias' based on the particular religion that they may follow?
- one thing I'm curious about is whether or not all of the pre-cogs/prophets couldn't really describe what they are seeing? That technically, all of these 'Ascended Beings' basically live in the same place and that all of the pre-cogs/prophets have effectively taken only a snapshot of what things are like? Only real way is to make face to face contact? Am extremely curious whether we're worshiping the same God basically or whether we're worshiping seperate ones? Certain things can't overlap? Certain pieces can be interpreted in drastically different ways?
- break down a body and/or build one from scratch and you realise how crude a lot of human medicines are? A purely reductionist perspective (which most medical professionals are) will not be able to push to deal with a lot of the medical issues that human face? You have to understand how things work on both a macro as well as micro level? Once you understand how biomedicine works you understand why they have such enormous side effects (look on the prescription). It feels and looks incredibly crude?
dinosaur dna
- same mechanism for weeding out false positives in visions/dreams for Eastern religions? Historical records for time/location lock in past for Eastern religions for belief in re-incarnation? Must have felt soul of another person in animals in time in order to believe?
- a lot of theories say that high pressure situations can cause psychotic breaks. This explains why people with mental issues. Those societies which have a lower incidence of internal contradictions should therefore have lower levels of mental illness? Difficult to know difference between possession and mental illness since our base science/physics is still 'limited' (we can only detect a fraction of what seems to exist in the Universe)?
notice strong smells/shocks in treatment for possession? What if we're mixing the both of them up?
- clear that 'passive science' much more effective over the long term then 'human science'? Humans are the problem? Growth rate too fast? Too greedy or is it because they're way of life is simply inefficient? Make assumption that not always going to be 'bailed out'? Several billion people lost through religious conflict alone... Means that (if their is a God and a Heaven) they aren't easy to manipulate. When you think about the world in general you notice that everything grows in rough synchronistion/balance? Apart from humans most other animals aren't so destructive to the global ecosystem?
- my guess is that the smaller countries would be the most welcoming in any potential 'Second Coming'?
Thank this 9th century scientist the next time you fly
How did Islamic scholars study the universe without telescopes
- huge problem for pre-cogs/prophets. Extremely difficult to ascertain what's going on? Especially for telepathic communication? - how are you supposed to tell whether it is the actual 'God' that is talking to you? Any 'Ascended Being'/advanced alien could claim to be 'God' and a human would struggle to know since humans would be relatively much more backward in comparison? As such, wonder whether Holy Scriptures were akin to a bunch of nursery stories at times?
- I guess everyone would prefer that God weren't mean (if he exists)? Check lifespan of various species/animals who were precusors to humans to verify age cut issue (spoken of in Genesis)? Use mass extinction events and leaps in evolution to explain certain things? There is one huge flaw in the science vs religion argument. Namely, Dawkins expects that human science is the one that will somehow be able to explain things that other more sophisticated alien races/species may be able to achieve?
In The God Delusion, Dawkins contends that a supernatural creator almost certainly does not exist and that belief in a personal god qualifies as a delusion, which he defines as a persistent false belief held in the face of strong contradictory evidence. He is sympathetic to Robert Pirsig's statement in Lila (1991) that "when one person suffers from a delusion it is called insanity. When many people suffer from a delusion it is called religion."[4] With many examples, he explains that one does not need religion to be moral and that the roots of religion and of morality can be explained in non-religious terms.

In early December 2006, it reached number four in the New York Times Hardcover Non-Fiction Best Seller list after nine weeks on the list.[5] More than three million copies were sold.[6] According to Dawkins in a 2016 interview with Matt Dillahunty, an illicit Arabic translation of this book has been downloaded 3 million times in Saudi Arabia.[7] The book has attracted widespread commentary, with many books written in response.
Dawkins dedicates the book to Douglas Adams and quotes the novelist: "Isn't it enough to see that a garden is beautiful without having to believe that there are fairies at the bottom of it too?"[13]:7 The book contains ten chapters. The first few chapters make a case that there is almost certainly no God, while the rest discuss religion and morality.

Dawkins writes that The God Delusion contains four "consciousness-raising" messages:

    Atheists can be happy, balanced, moral, and intellectually fulfilled.
    Natural selection and similar scientific theories are superior to a "God hypothesis"—the illusion of intelligent design—in explaining the living world and the cosmos.
    Children should not be labelled by their parents' religion. Terms like "Catholic child" or "Muslim child" should make people cringe.
    Atheists should be proud, not apologetic, because atheism is evidence of a healthy, independent mind.[4]

- curious about food supply issues? Are weeds edible? Grow everywhere? Wondering about African and arid Middle Eastern countries in particular? If we can cross them with something more 'edible/digestable' (such as fruit or vegetables) then food supply issues should be significantly reduced (if you've watched them closely enough you'll be aware that they can shoot up at an incredible pace, several centimeters a day at times?)? Same theory could apply to certain types of medicines that occur naturally as well? If apply weed theory then just cross everything with local native plants and see what potentially happens? Obvious issues that need to be dealt with with potentially destroying local biosphere?
eating weeds
- wonder whether you can grow meat from scratch like a plant (this is different to 3D printing technique as it's entirely natural)? For instance, we know that cancer and liver cells grow remarkably quickly (without requiring hormones such as steriods/Human Growth Hormone). Can we safely eat this type of meat? To do this at a base level would require that you create a plant cell and animal cell from same piece of RNA/DNA (to rule issues related to immune rejection)
Replacing the meat in our diets with soya spectacularly reduces the land area required per kilo of protein: by 70% in the case of chicken, 89% in the case of pork and 97% in the case of beef. One study suggests that if we were all to switch to a plant-based diet, 15m hectares of land in Britain currently used for farming could be returned to nature. Alternatively, this country could feed 200 million people. An end to animal farming would be the salvation of the world’s wildlife, our natural wonders and magnificent habitats.
Now it is time for a new revolution, almost as profound as those other great shifts: the switch to a plant-based diet. The technology is – depending on how close an approximation to meat you demand (Quorn seems almost indistinguishable from chicken or mince to me) – either here or just around the corner. The ethical switch is happening already: even today, there are half a million vegans in the land of roast beef. It’s time to abandon the excuses, the fake facts and false comforts. It is time to see our moral choices as our descendants will.
carnivorous plants
Carnivorous plants are widespread but rather rare. They are almost entirely restricted to habitats such as bogs, where soil nutrients are extremely limiting, but where sunlight and water are readily available. Only under such extreme conditions is carnivory favored to an extent that makes the adaptations advantageous.

The archetypal carnivore, the Venus flytrap, grows in soils with almost immeasurable nitrate and calcium levels. Plants need nitrogen for protein synthesis, calcium for cell wall stiffening, phosphate for nucleic acid synthesis, and iron for chlorophyll synthesis. The soil is often waterlogged, which favours the production of toxic ions such as ammonium, and its pH is an acidic 4 to 5. Ammonium can be used as a source of nitrogen by plants, but its high toxicity means that concentrations high enough to fertilise are also high enough to cause damage.
- if anyone has examined the structure of DNA/RNA they'll wonder whether AT/GC is the equivalent of base-4/base-2 digital/organic programming (AG always bonds with GC)? If it all came about randomly/evolution then technically, things should be more random across the board? Obviously, body is no where near that simple though. Certain markers are there for immune processing, others are for cell differentiation, etc... Is the structure of DNA actually logical? I remember some Israeli scientists who found words encoded in human DNA. Is it structured in a logical way like a computer program of some sort? Makes you wonder whether you can overlay it between different organisms which should make analysis significantly easier and quicker? Obviously, the more complex the organism the more code is required? First layer is of number of organs in body. Then each one needs to be somewhat unique in order to guarantee integrity and stability of the immune and human life system. This means that if humans were created there is likely to be a coding system of sorts? If you've ever been involved in any programming though it's obvious.
Key findings of the draft (2001) and complete (2004) genome sequences include:

    There are approximately 22,300[28] protein-coding genes in human beings, the same range as in other mammals.
    The human genome has significantly more segmental duplications (nearly identical, repeated sections of DNA) than had been previously suspected.[29][30][31]
    At the time when the draft sequence was published fewer than 7% of protein families appeared to be vertebrate specific.[32]
DNAStar (Lasergene)
The First Human (Evolution Documentary) _ Timeline
Nova - Cracking Your Genetic Code (PBS Documentary)
Why DNA computing?

DNA molecules’ many appealing features include their size (2nm width), programmability and high storage capacity – much greater than their silicon counterparts. DNA is also versatile, cheap and easy to synthesise, and computing with DNA requires much less energy than electric powered silicon processors.

Its drawback is speed: it currently takes several hours to compute the square root of a four digit number, something that a traditional computer could compute in a hundredth of a second. Another drawback is that DNA circuits are single-use, and need to be recreated to run the same computation again.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of DNA over electronic circuits is that it can interact with its biochemical environment. Computing with molecules involves recognising the presence or absence of certain molecules, and so a natural application of DNA computing is to bring such programmability into the realm of environmental biosensing, or delivering medicines and therapies inside living organisms.

DNA programs have already been put to medical uses, such as diagnosing tuberculosis. Another proposed use is a nano-biological “program” by Ehud Shapiro of the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, termed the “doctor in the cell” that targets cancer molecules. Other DNA programs for medical applications target lymphocytes (a type of white blood cell), which are defined by the presence or absence of certain cell markers and so can be naturally detected with true/false Boolean logic. However, more effort is required before we can inject smart drugs directly into living organisms.
- is homosexuality a mixup of genetic material? Not quite one way or the other? Wonder whether they have cues/physical aspects which help them to identify one another or whether people in general can identify them physically? How does it even work?  Is attraction all in the mind? We need to understand how attraction/love/libido works and then isolate these particular pathways? Basically if attraction/sexual pathway is identical then neural pathway is the critical problem? Does the brain trigger all of the desire though? Can we simply up the amount of one sex hormone in critical stages of development to 'normalise people'? Is it their genes or that way they're brought up? Some of the treamtment sto 'cure' homosexuality making more sense now? Emetics, lithium choride, cyclophosphomide, apomorphine, male hormophones, electro-convulsive therapy
- starting/understanding from biological organisms from scratch allows for many bonuses such as no longer having to save/harvest stem cells, amniotic fluid, etc... which is often painful, costly, impracticable, difficult
- once you understand how many different variables go into making a body you begin to understand why fertility is such a problem, the miracle of what we call 'life'? Medical professionals currently thinking of the body like a digital machine? It's not that simple? Like I said try to build one and it's much more difficult then you think...
- one thing I've wondered is why haven't there been more robust mechanisms to stop people from commercialising our genome? Surely, that information should remain public (though the medication is a different story?)?
- we know that the body basically burns it's own fat as soon as it runs out of food. Wonder whether cytokine storm and potassium that is produced in Crush syndrome/mass cell death avoided simply a version of this? The cells are simply metabolising/canabalising themselves leading to substances which can not be metabolised by other cells downstream which leads to mass cell death? 
critical body function monitoring is simple
- basis for status pods liquid includes: paralysing agent (shut down as many parts as possible to save energy), saline/formaldehyde type substance (keeps cells alive and in a relative stasis), blocking agent (stop mass cell death downstream)
- reason why it's not so easy to grow body/stem cells outside of body for multiple cycles is because it requires greater sequencing/programming? That's where the reproductive system comes in. You at least need to replicate at least part of this? This means you may need a basic API for the reproductive system? If you're aware of some pre-natal developmental issues then you'll be aware that steroids/human growth hormone is used to speed up development is the baby is premature. Have to build parts of the external structures of the target structure that you want. Then extract and transplant into the target body. For non-critical organs this is reasonably easy. For larger organs it may be difficult to get to the correct size that is required for organ transplant. Induce faster rate of growth by using genetically modified hybrid of Progerias, Hutchinson-Gilford syndrome, Werner syndrome, etc... As long as it can be contained to a certain area should be useful in this respect? Reproduce the reproduce system externally to a certain extent to produce tissues of certain types? Then it's a case of re-programming/stimulating it to operate in sequence? Regeneration only possible this way? Immerse body in embroynic type fluid. Insert stem cells into target area. Reprogramming and sequence layer by layer. Massive ethical issues that need to faced obviously. obvious people who are sources for such a mechanism would be mothers of people in question. Menopause obviously complicates things. May require building reproductive system from scratch artificially. Not easy. Alternate method is 3D print but thus far humans have only been able to achieve this on fairly basic body parts? Would require much more work to get anything near something approaching the complexity of a human brain, lungs, eyes, etc...? Humans have obviously been able to grow body parts on other animals (ear on mouse)? Another method would be to take donor organs from other animals and convert them into something compatible (been done previously with valves, kidneys, livers, etc...)? Would require reprogramming in order to remove requirement for immune rejection mechanisms, Female reproductive system far more complex then that of male once you understand what goes into creating a human body... Subconcious section of mind handles things or is it handled automatically (secondary regulatory systems)?
- you require external surface structures in order to build them up in Lego like pieces. You require programming/sequencing in the reproductive system to send out the correct cell at the right time. You require structuring sequencing in order to maintain the correct programming/sequencing inside each cell as they go out. Depending on cell type you will require individual sub-cell units/cell organelles which are used to create energy to allow the cell to survive, to do it's job, to allow for cellular intelligence and communication with other cell units, etc...
- lots of bits and pieces which would go into timing and control flow which possibly explains why there seems to be so many extraneous aspects to an organism which seem to completely break down things. Controlling timing in an electrochemical relatively easy. You require variable resistence mechanisms of some sort which may explain why there's a chunk of genes (and other bits and pieces) that feel like they don't do anything in animal and plant genomes at times?
- error checking/checksumming mechanisms need to be built in to stop incidence of particular events arising. For instance, there aren't many people with nine arms or five legs walking around? Part of the problem is created by humans themselves through the way they live their lives? We know that particular forms of cancers/disease that take particular pathways no matter what happens and use this to our advantage to attack them
- we know that transferring nucleus into different cell will allow for cloning. Can't cut parts off as the body is an ecosystem within an ecosystem? Stem cell growth outside of body has obviously been tried as well as outright/printing of body parts? Only way you can grow it outside the system is to somehow? Obvious option is to grow other parts in animals/plants/test-tube? Neural network breakdown during torture is not much different from de-conditioning/de-programming?
- ironically, our 'way of life' actually means it's more difficult to make use of our land? Scientists to be retrained to work with what they have and from base elements at all times? Surely, our form of socio-ecnomic setup/capitalism is not compatible with any religion?
UN - Yemen faces world's 'largest humanitarian crisis'
80% of population to live in around 600 cities in next 20-30 years – economist, best-selling author
- understanding how we were made in the first place key to understanding to reconstruction (and possibly re-engineering) of human body for increased robustness? To a certain extent we can do this with stem cells and 3D print basic body parts already? Curious experiment was whether we could do 'basic resets' of muscles and then work backwards? As in previous post creation of singular compatible cells wouldn't be difficult. The primary issue would be to dealing with rejection of cells that are created? Wonder whether it's a bit like blood? Seperate plasma and the rest of it becomes acceptable?
Blood is a body fluid in humans and other animals that delivers necessary substances such as nutrients and oxygen to the cells and transports metabolic waste products away from those same cells.[1]

In vertebrates, it is composed of blood cells suspended in blood plasma. Plasma, which constitutes 55% of blood fluid, is mostly water (92% by volume),[2] and contains dissipated proteins, glucose, mineral ions, hormones, carbon dioxide (plasma being the main medium for excretory product transportation), and blood cells themselves. Albumin is the main protein in plasma, and it functions to regulate the colloidal osmotic pressure of blood. The blood cells are mainly red blood cells (also called RBCs or erythrocytes), white blood cells (also called WBCs or leukocytes) and platelets (also called thrombocytes). The most abundant cells in vertebrate blood are red blood cells. These contain hemoglobin, an iron-containing protein, which facilitates oxygen transport by reversibly binding to this respiratory gas and greatly increasing its solubility in blood. In contrast, carbon dioxide is mostly transported extracellularly as bicarbonate ion transported in plasma.

Vertebrate blood is bright red when its hemoglobin is oxygenated and dark red when it is deoxygenated. Some animals, such as crustaceans and mollusks, use hemocyanin to carry oxygen, instead of hemoglobin. Insects and some mollusks use a fluid called hemolymph instead of blood, the difference being that hemolymph is not contained in a closed circulatory system. In most insects, this "blood" does not contain oxygen-carrying molecules such as hemoglobin because their bodies are small enough for their tracheal system to suffice for supplying oxygen.

Jawed vertebrates have an adaptive immune system, based largely on white blood cells. White blood cells help to resist infections and parasites. Platelets are important in the clotting of blood. Arthropods, using hemolymph, have hemocytes as part of their immune system.

Blood is circulated around the body through blood vessels by the pumping action of the heart. In animals with lungs, arterial blood carries oxygen from inhaled air to the tissues of the body, and venous blood carries carbon dioxide, a waste product of metabolism produced by cells, from the tissues to the lungs to be exhaled.

Medical terms related to blood often begin with hemo- or hemato- (also spelled haemo- and haemato-) from the Greek word αἷμα (haima) for "blood". In terms of anatomy and histology, blood is considered a specialized form of connective tissue, given its origin in the bones and the presence of potential molecular fibers in the form of fibrinogen.
- wonder if organisms can smell/taste diseases across the board? Use as basis to stop before they start?
- body is like a bunch of electro-chemical batteries set end to end? Each part slowly becomes less efficient over time which ultimately results in death? Brain is like an electro-chemical cell. Makes sense why you're memories would disappear over time. Why renewal is the only choice? Removal and replacement of body parts may be the only choice
- once you understand this that you understand why techniques such as CRISPR are likely to produce unintended mutations down the line. need to understand it in part and as a whole in order to make genuine progress on life extension. We know that body parts at different life stages are compatible. It also helps you understand why the issue of fertility is so complex. It's not as simple as simply fusing DNA from a male and female there are a whole bunch of sub-conditions that need to be met
- Nuclear explosions in Chernobyl, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Marshall islands, experiments indicate radiation can last multiple generations. Iodine is obviously the mechanism used to pickup. The problem isn't the radiation but the mutations that the radiation causes? Why does the number of problems reduce over time? Is it because their are checksumming mechanisms built into the body which reduce the problems passed over with each generation? Only way is to 'reset' their reproductive organs and try to revert their original DNA? Most realistic course of action is to track back and upwards along their hereditary line since too many mutations may have occurred on those in the same geographical area? Ironically, mitochondrial DNA studies indicate that we have similar 'roots' to a woman somewhere in Africa? Same theory could also apply to people with genetically coded disease/disability?
- antioxidant theory (for anti-anging) makes sense but doesn't. Basically it works on theory of clean burning fuels much like the theoretical 'manna' provided from Heaven for the Jewish people thousands of years ago? They're trying to 'freeze their DNA' in time it's obviously not that simple. This is the reason why the ageing issue is so difficult to attack? Cell differentiation mechanisms means you just can't graft one group of cells to another. If you reset one part you need to reset a another part leading to a cascade of problems? It's almost like cosmetic surgery as opposed to complete re-engineering of the body?
Manna, sometimes or archaically spelled mana, is an edible substance which, according to the Bible and the Quran,[1] God provided for the Israelites during their travels in the desert during the forty-year period following the Exodus and prior to the conquest of Canaan.
- is a bacteria/virus which simply cloned human cells would be enough to at least slow down ageing or freeze it? Something which attacks all cells (ironically, if we could modify cancer to be less virulent it might actually be suitable for this?) would be suitable
- you won't really understand how a body genuinely works and why it's built that way without trying to build one from scratch cell by cell? Bare minimum you need a basic skeletal structure of some type to create a free standing structure. Thereafter, you need an external skin. Motion requites energy which implies the need for a digestive and neural system (static is difficult enough to achieve. Factor in movement and things become much more difficult...). Since energy distribution can not be achieved easily via solid contact you require a liquid based transport mechanism which implies the need for a circulatory/blood system as well as mechanisms for cleansing and renewing it (lungs, bone marrow, stem cells, etc...). Since you can't have foreign bodies messing up the entire body it implies the need for skin and an immune system. Regulation of the overall system can be centralised but ultimately requires multiple organs/systems to allow for redundancy such as that we currently have with our nervous system as well as hormonal/endocrine system. Cell replication/cloning only works up until a certain point and only really for basic life forms. You actually need sexual based reproduction to produce more complex lifeforms? Moreover, for the system to maintain it's integrity you need to maintain mechanisms to ensure that only those that are supposed to be part of the system are in their which requires a form of data storage and checking? Waste disposal could actually be a single system but the irony is that a dual based system is actually more efficient (kidney to get rid of waste and liver and other organs to deal with solid matter)? You obviously need control systems to co-ordinate everything which requires both conscious as well as sub-concious mechanisms? To maintain homeostatic environment then you require sensory organs, both internally and externally. Since energy storage is limited it requires from form of intelligence. Intelligence requires some form of rudimentary programming. The sub-concious systems could somehow represent a mechanism for survival? This basic structure actually makes it much easier to fix pre-natal physical defects (as long as Quantum Mechanical effects come into play which I suspect they almost certainly do?). Immune system is fundamentally critical. It maintains integrity of the entire system. What bugs me is that technically all of our life runs off of RNA or DNA as the storage/base mechanism which makes me wonder about the integrity of the system. If humans were actually built I wouldn't be surprised if much of RNA/DNA was null and was used for differentiation? If the theory of Evolution is completely correct then shouldn't the basis for our composition/coding encompass more then just DNA/RNA? All of our theories try to encompass everything but never really do so?
- thermal environmental control entails inlets, outlets, and thermal control mechanisms... You can't have bone marrow/stem cells in a non-solid as you'd have to worry more about integrity of that so it requires a diffusion/grating gate type mechanism. Reproduction entails reproductive systems. For a plant this is remarkably simple. For a biological organism which reproduces via eggs or sperm and eggs then things are significantly more difficult
- sleep cycle is is basically body shutting down for maintenance like a machine can't work for all the time? You can see this with regards to the brain in particular. Sleep deprivation can lead to brain cells/proteins not being 'laid up' correctly which means that brain function can be impaired. Can also lead to neuronal dysfunction and problems such as psychosis, loss of memory, onset of neuro-generative disease, etc?
- there's a lot of bits and pieces in the human body which makes it feel as though though it's over engineered? You only need a single kidney, don't need a spleen, multiple lymph nodes, a smaller liver is possible, reproductive organs aren't really required, etc...? It feels 'too efficient' to be something that came through chance at times?
- people have tried to reduce human intelligence in too simplistic a fashion (people even underestimate the intelligence of animals and their abilities)? They're searching for simplicity where there is none? Basic programming requires need to survive which requires integration of sensory organs and digestive system. Since body can only carry a limited amount of food and waste at any one of time their needs to be feedback mechanisms to ensure that optimal levels are achieved of both. Sense of taste/smell required in order to determine what types of food are required (smell reduces danger because you can sense taste from far off (statistics that I've heard of indicate that taste is composed of 2/3 smell)? Notice that people who suffer from cramp prefer salt/sodium, people who require energy go after sugary and foods rich in protein and carbohydrates, etc...). Requires natural sense of curiosity if you are to take a hands off approach. Requires cause and effect type mechanisms as a means of conditioning (neural network theory just forms part of the system). Requires compassion and empathy in order to build a social network/structure? Emotions fundamentally feedback mechanisms from various parts of the body? Progress fundamentally determined by ability to master your own body but humans have effectively circumvented the ways things are supposed to work in favour of what they believe in themselves? Multiple types of memory required. Reason is because accessing all memory is is time consuming without a good mechanism through which to access it. Sensory feedback require external actions as well such as reflexes which when were found to be common across an animal species helped to establish a basic communications protocol? Loss of local food resources means that they have to move outwards. Curiosity has to be built in for this particular reason or else is it more because of a fear of starvation? It's found that either greater strength or knowledge found to be advantageous. Knowledge has to be stored in memory somehow and passed on generation by generation? This explains progression from illustration/pictographs, writing, etc... Modern language is simply an evolution from controlled grunting? multiples lobes/processing units to handle sight, sound, taste, etc... They're effectively types of Modems (Modulator/Demodulators)? Memory storage is linked not only to the localisation of actual body parts to most efficient locations. Lobes imply localisation. Storage mechanism is key so implies some sort of hash table style based mechanism? Brain mapping technologies supposedly decades off of being workeable? We've been able to move objects on screen for a long while now though...
- Diabetes and other diseases where individual organs effectively shut down are pretty interesting because the way in which these things are currently dealt with is via synthetic manufacture and perodic regulation through needles/syringes. Obvious, implication of engulfing theory (think about stomach bacteria) is that it can be used to deal with this permanently in the context of the human body? Basically, as long as you can find a way to mesh the new cells of an intermediate group of cells into the body and they can metabolise then you can't redirect into the correct parts of the body. Obvious question is total number of cells that need to be either synthesised from 'stem cells', transplants from other organisms, or else synthesised from scratch. Obvious way, in which to maintain ratios of body parts and not let runaway process occur is to try to maintain a particular strength in cell walls/extra cellular communication? Like a tree/gravity or other forces should thereafter takeover which allows the system to maintain it's symbiotic relationship? To this end you wonder whether our pharmaceutical/medical industry is as efficient as it could be or whether it's more driven by revenue models?
- so much of life is just interpretation? It's hard to know what to think at times... A lot of the same mechanisms used to relieve issues with libido can also be used to fix other issues since they overlap so heavily (mental issues)?
Duterte's son questioned over illegal drug smuggling
Based on what I'm seeing it feels like most religions are a combination of science and religion?
- wonder whether targeted known disease can be used to treat certain diseases? If you can alter the intensity dosage you can achieve the required effect. Obviously, in any naturally occurring plant/organism concentration is the primary issue which is why artificial is easier? Certain naturally occurring plants/drugs can actually be used to speed up/down heart rate/BP? Animals which have a high accuracy rate in detection of certain diseases in particular can be used as basis from which to start development of agents which can be taken regularly to guard against them (much like a vaccine of some sort)? Funnily enough, in the past a lot of things were looked at via the GI tract. Now not as much. DNA diagnostic tests often too slow in comparison with other diagnostic methods...
- only way to be able to interface and cure all disease is to be able to build from the ground up and then cross? There in lies the interesting thing. Most diseases are targeted but cancer on it's own is radically different. It seems to attacks everything and seems to bypass all the immune system over time. it seems to be appear part of the the local system but is not apart of it at the same time which is the reason why it's so difficult to attack and also feels like our saviour and destroyer at the same time (in fact, some theorists have come to the conclusion that understanding cancer provides us with the clue to everlasting life? Understanding how life is formed from the ground up obviously puts many of humanity's efforts into everlasting life into perspective and puts into perspective just how backward we seem at times?)
- this is where cancer looks interesting. What happens is that we effectively try to cut things back until. Cancer not easy to attack problem because of the way in which it works. Cell differentiation triggered by heaps of different mechanisms (including extracellular communication, intracellular programmi, etc...). Wonder whether you can extract cancer/tumors via a syringe (think about bone marrow extractions which simply require a large bore/guage syringe as opposed to laproscopic/keyhole surgery?) provided adquate live/imaging mechanisms? Another way is lighting them up with one scan and then using an Ultrasound scan in order to narrow things down further? Wild viruses which go after cancer cells. Herpes, rabiis, etc... Tagging basically comes down to proteins that are unique to that partcular individual. Quantum Mechanics in this particular regard. Massively parallel and super quick operations. Nanobots but it's like reverse engineering something rediculously complex. Protein re-insertion into macrophage can trigger autoimmune response
cancer by country
- tag/marker into cancer, bacteria, virus cells get instroduced into all subsequent cells during reproduction? Radiative isotope, colour dye, physical markers filtered during copy/transcription process therefore has to be something relatively simple but transferrable?, etc... (aware that we already have some of this?) Introduce into wild cells so that we can get a tag on absolutely everything out there? Else, is this is somehow already part of our environment if we look closely enough? Actually quite primitive how they remove cancers when you think about it, cut away?
- wonder whether flesh eating diseases/bacteria can be modified and targeted for surgery? Non-invasive. Simple injection and finished? Waste byproduct flushed out by existing immune system response systems? Certain organisms/animals eat eggs? Wonder whether these abilities/senses can be extracted/copied to create contraceptives? Other organisms/animals eat members of certain sex/those with certain characteristics. Wonder whether technique can be refined to allow choosing of sex/weed out improperly formed DNA (simple liquid inserted into reproductive organs. Guess this is how 'spermicides' work?)? Particularly useful for carriers of recessive genes which are carried by only one particular sex ? Obvious alternative is drug which targets SRY (Sex-Determing Region Y) gene or TDF (Testis-Determining factor)? Broad spectrum liquid/treatment should eliminate all genetically carried disease/disability? Key ethical issues that humanity will face though is that it brings designer babies into the equation and whether or not we should re-build/re-engineer our bodies from scratch to be more robust?
- neurological disorders can be attacked in heaps of different ways. If in brain direct is obvious (though has dangers, compound transfer, etc... Fundamantally body is bio-chemical machine. Re-inforcing nerves in disease such as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinsons, etc... Critical issue is absorption of particles which can restore and insulate pathways. Protocol has to be either molecular with external component as insulating component and core as conducting which reinforces pathway; operate as a first level which restores signal pathway then next insulating component (use sheath/needle to insert layer into system and hopefully they find their way they need to); use simple diffusion/chain/capillary effect to push things along?; use similar process to electroplating to guide molecules/compounds along correct pathways and reinforce signal pathway? 
- mental illness? Have to restore physical baseline first? Have to increase metablism a bit for energy (B-Complex)? Restore normal cicadian rthyms to restore body function, neurochemical, hormonal, sleep cycles, and other body cycles, etc? Work backwards from there? Works completely different where critical parts of the body break down
- cardiovasculor disorders can be attacked in a bunch of different ways as well? Blood thinner is most commmon to deal with constricted or otherwise old and less elastic arteries/veins (could also try to change eslasticity of vascular walls by changing slowly over time or quickly with temporal impact, could be as simple as something as bi-carbonate soda which is used as a meat tenderiser (obviously need it to soften not tear though). Obviously, requires something that is unlikely to react blood though. Else, flush body of blood run alternate fluid through body and then restart. Else, mix in with blod at same time?); remove blockages/abnormalities/tumors (arthroscope, multi-beam or else high power focused ultrasonics, laser, etc...); etc...; replacement of core valves (replacement of parts from animals, grown from stem cells)
- the thing that bugs you over and over again is how efficient (relatively) the body is. Scientists and technologists say that computers outdo people but once you present all the facts things look quite a bit different. Mass storage may have hit the point whereby they can approach the raw storage capacity of the human brain but not the efficiency of it. For instance, the raw power usage and portability are radically in favour of the human brain which is why you can easily become leery of pure Darwinist/Evolutionist theory over time?
- Virus/Virii difficult to attack because they inflitrate existing DNA/RNA. Thrown in issue of mutations and things become even more difficult to fix? Use RNA/DNA structure to advantage? Since base pairs composed of ATGC then is it possible to design something interesting useful. Virus to enter and break open. DNA sequencing slow. Takes time before impacts are felt by which time it's often too late? They're will be repeating sequences? Makes no difference? Even if you just random repeat base sequences from virus in question and then culture outside speed and limited memory onboard body in existing immune system which means it sometimes has to be boosted? Obvious way to attack is based on physical shape? Cell identification is often based on surface structure alone. How possible is this? Can't be that simple since it's so much time is transpired? Wonder whether you could add something like Diffey-Helman Key Exchange into people's bodies? Wonder whether something like that would be possible in the future? Two shells which lock themselves around shapes that look like virus/bacteriophage? If shell is encoded then it should be picked up by immune system? Too prone to false positives? Simple shell which are designed to catch the legs of Virus/Bacteriophage? How to deal once cells have been infected though? Can't be random code. They cause targeted problems which means that they're coded to targeted specific organs or pathways, etc...
- stem cell differentiation is not much different to bacterial/viral invasion? Internal reprogramming which allows for differentiation but not allowing for identification. Means that effectively all of our body parts are marked so that they aren't picked up as being foreign by our immune system? Can't be stripped of content otherwise they'd be picked up as foreign... Calcification of vessels indication that with some modifications structure of body could be radically changed/modified without significant possible side effects?
- sub-structure is implied through X/Y chromosome system? 
- heaps of alternative routes for medicine including use of disease as a mechanism for treatment and diagnosis? Finding binary pairs as blockers and attackers against one another is extremely interesting (as advocated in Holy Scriptures of some religions). The other interesting thing about his is the prevalence of supporters. Namely, diseases which piggyback upon one another against a host. This type of medicine commonly used in remote environments? Ironically, a lot of modern medicine may simply be isolating core compounds/active ingredients?
anaethesia, paralysis, induced coma: animal venom, certain drugs (diluted to not produce hallucinegic and addictive effects?), plants with paralytic toxins that wear off. Myrr was Tylenol of ancient Rome?
Can Uruguay's marijuana experiment succeed - The Stream
anxiety and sleep: plants such as Rhodiola Rosea, plants and animal venoms in lower doses? Valerian, Hops, Lemon Balm
necrosis/gangrene: medical grade Maggots used to get rid of necrotic/burnt tissue as they only seem to feed off dead tissue. Hybridised variant of flesh eating bacteria?
antipsychotics and antidepresants equivalent: the treatment for schizophrenia and high libido are strangely similar based on the research that I've read. Past treatment focused on the GI tract but later research has focused more on brain/dopamine theory. See previous post for treatment
fat and cholesterol: need to break down food in a way that it bypasses digestive system altogether, it gets broken down into something that can't be processed, etc...
anti-coagolant: water, garlic, turmeric, ginger, cayenne pepper, cinammon, etc... Wonder whether you can breed a type of leech like organism (with limited lifespan) to feed on blood clots?
natural blood thinner
blood thickener: Schleroderma, Church-strauss, any auto-immune, infection that cause granulomas, TB, mycobacteria. Cancer thickens blood which causes clots
malaria: sickle cell anaemia
cancer: plants, ware of some viral/vaccine theories, anything which moves slow/can't transfer? Herpes, Rabies, etc... Cool it to reduce/localised paralytic/venom (to reduce metabolism)
Cross flesh eating bacteria with protein marker combined with stem cell treatment to reproduce as fast as destruction rate? Worry is that it triggers auto immune condition obviously. Known targets introduced to target which can be re-targeted later on? Natural enemy for particular disease introduced to bloodstream to stop it from spreading (as opposed to vaccines which do roughly the same thing). As an aside wonder whether flesh eating/fat eating bacteria can be engineered and used to attack malformed tissue (enema, tumor, cancer, granuloma, fat etc...) in general? Even for cosmetic surgery. Limited lifetime bacteria with a targeted injection directly into target area and should be able to deal with the problem?
AIDS/HIV: is there anything that these things will more strongly bind to? 
pneumonia/frostbite: cold, fever?
cold/fever: pneumonia/frostbite?
blood hemorrhage: different/incompatible blood type should force blood clot, pressure obviously
cholera: scarab/dung beetle?
cuts/bruises: tree sap and leaves? Campers should be familiar with this
anti-inflammatory: Turmeric, Omega-3, Aloe-Vera well known, likely other cactii like plants/organisms which require high temperature/thermal control mechanisms?
broken bone/fractures: crustaceans hybrid with human bone DNA? worry is that it'll make too difficult to function? as long as it only covers a small section then things should be fine?
antibiotic: honey (manuka is supposedly one of the most effective and works against drug resistant strains/superbugs that are currently a problem in hospitals), coconut oil
epilepsy/seizures: if you think of body as an electro chemical machine then technically are seizures a version of a cough? A neuro chemical glitch somewhere? Treatment similar to MS, Parkinsons, Huntingtons, ALS, etc... Reduce current, increase current? Does it occur in brain, spinal cord, nerve fibers, elsewhere? Neurotoxins/temporary paralytic agents which deal with this? Body has a hormone which is secreted which paralysis the body during sleep to stop sleep walking? Isolate in animals and use this during this particular moment?
strokes/heart attacks: look to bloodworms/flesh eating bacteria?
bacteria/fungal/parasites: Coconut oil, garlic, pomegranates
- obviously, if religion is a scam prayer is a really neat distraction? If the people are focused on prayer rather then actual action and there are no 'Ascended Beings' around then technically the elite can do anything they want without any repercussions?

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US & the Wall - Deportees in Mexico unwanted by either side after decades in the US (RT Documentary)
Talk to Al Jazeera - Iran's FM Mohammad Zarif - 'The US is addicted to sanctions'
Inside Story - What are Turkey's plans for Syria
Inside Story - Can Russia and Saudi Arabia be allies

Random Quotes:
- WikiLeaks has released details of a CIA project known as ExpressLane which enabled the agency to steal biometric data from its liaison services such as the NSA, Department of Homeland Security, and the FBI.

The release was part of its ongoing Vault 7 document dump which was kicked off on 7 March. The tool only works on computers running Windows.

The whistleblower website said the CIA's Office of Technical Services had a biometric collection system with liaison services "with the expectation for sharing of the biometric takes collected on the systems". 

But this was used to instead exfiltrate data from the systems that were provided to liaison services.

ExpressLane was installed under the guise of being an update for the biometric software.

It was initially developed in 2009 and expected to remain secret until 2034.

The user guide for ExpressLane says: "ExpressLane 3.0 will overtly appear to be just another part of this system. It’s called: MOBSLangSvc.exe and is stored in \Windows\System32. 

"Covertly it will collect the data files of interest from the liaison system and store them compressed and encrypted in the covert partition on a specially watermarked thumb drive when it is inserted into the system."

WikiLeaks said the main parts of the system were based on software from Cross Match, an American company that makes biometric software for law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

In 2011, the company's software was reported to have been used by the US military to identify the late Osama bin Laden during the successful bid to assassinate the Al-Qaeda leader in Abbottabad, Pakistan.
- Turkey’s plan for a joint operation with Iran against the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) militants is a “big deal” for the United States because Washington does not like members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) to act independently, says an analyst.

“America’s tentacles are wide and Turkey, a NATO member who is now engaged in security operations with Iran that will almost certainly be against the mutual Kurdish threat, this is a big deal to the United States because the United States does not have partners. It has dependents and it has deputies,” Adam Garrie, editor of theDuran.com, told Press TV’s ‘On The News Line’ program.  

“Turkey is no longer acting like a deputy in NATO. It is acting like a free and sovereign nation and President [Recep Tayyip] Erdogan will soon find out that America does not like countries in NATO exercising their own prerogative even when it is clear it is in their own self-interest as this rapprochement, as these good relations between Ankara and Tehran certainly are,” he added.
- Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu is planning a working visit to the Philippines in order to sign a defense industry cooperation agreement between the two nations, Russian Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Fomin said Tuesday.

Moscow and Manila have so far not signed a single contract on defense industry cooperation. At the same time, the Philippine side has certain difficulties in purchasing new weapons from the United States as Washington imposes certain conditions on Manila. In May, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said in his interview with Russian media that Manila would like to buy Russian arms, as Moscow "does not impose any conditions."
- In 2016, up to 1.8 million Muslims arrived in Saudi Arabia for the trip to Mecca. Of those 1.8 million, an estimated 221,000 came from Indonesia, 179,210 arrived from Pakistan, 170,000 from India and Bangladesh and Egypt rounding off the top five countries, according to Al Jazeera.

Of the total number, up to 1,082,228 were male and 780,681 were female.
- More than 80 years ago, the most decorated American soldier, Marine Corps Major General Smedley Butler (1881-1940), came to the stark conclusion that "war is a racket" – at least American wars are. Butler described his 34 years of service fighting wars in the Philippines, South America, the Caribbean, and China as being "a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism."

One might conjecture that this realization is dawning on more and more serving US personnel. Their operations, sacrifices and violence against others is not for any just cause. This realization inevitably leads to flagging morale among ordinary servicemen, whether they are riding in a Humvee in the Middle East, installing missile systems in NATO countries on Russia’s border, or sailing ships that threaten nuclear war with North Korea and China.

Sooner or later, the lousy paycheck and missing family at home no longer makes sense or morality. To hell with it, as Smedley Butler declared.
"Russia continues to return not only to the markets it had lost after the collapse of the Soviet Union, but it also enters so-called 'disputed' markets, where it [Russia] competes with the EU countries and the US, as it has competitive advantages related to relatively cheap cost of its products and their high efficiency," the expert said.
- As the paper describes, quantum radar uses a novel concept in physics, which scientist are only just starting to understand. “Quantum physics says that if you create a pair of entangled photons by splitting the original photon with a crystal, a change to one entangled photon will immediately affect its twin, regardless of the distance between them,” the paper states. “A quantum radar, generating a large number of entangled photon pairs and shooting one twin into the air, would be capable of receiving critical information about a target, including its shape, location, speed, temperature and even the chemical composition of its paint, from returning photons.”

Could Beijing’s quantum radar technology render stealth aircraft obsolete?

While theoretically, if such a radar existed, it would be able to detect and track stealth aircraft with impunity, but it is unclear if China truly mastered such technology. The Chinese defense industry has claimed a breakthrough in mastering quantum radar technology, but Western defense industry officials said that such a system is not likely to exist outside a laboratory. Even then, the quantum radars would be difficult to build and test reliably even in a lab environment. Indeed, it is likely that networked low-frequency radars—which can also detect and track fighter-sized stealth aircraft—are more likely to be a more pragmatic development.

Last year, China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC) announced it had tested such a radar at ranges of roughly 60 miles.  While 60 miles is not particularly huge feat, the fact that such a radar would be able to provide a weapons quality track on a stealth aircraft at those distances is impressive.

Most radars operating in the fire-control bands such  X or Ku are only able to paint a low observable aircraft at much shorter ranges. And indeed, Chinese sources claim that the range for an operational version of the quantum radar is likely to be much greater. “The figure in declassified documents is usually a tuned-down version of the real [performance],” a Chinese military researcher told the South China Morning Post last year.

As the paper describes, quantum radar uses a novel concept in physics, which scientist are only just starting to understand. “Quantum physics says that if you create a pair of entangled photons by splitting the original photon with a crystal, a change to one entangled photon will immediately affect its twin, regardless of the distance between them,” the paper states. “A quantum radar, generating a large number of entangled photon pairs and shooting one twin into the air, would be capable of receiving critical information about a target, including its shape, location, speed, temperature and even the chemical composition of its paint, from returning photons.”
- Syria has written to the UN again, urging the world body to take immediate action against a US-led bombing campaign, which is taking a heavy toll on civilians and devastating the country's infrastructure.

In two letters addressed to the UN chief and the Security Council chairman, the Syrian Foreign and Expatriates Ministry has denounced repeated US attacks on civilians and the country's infrastructure. 

The letters cited a deadly US airstrike on al-Suwar town in eastern Dayr al-Zawr Province on Wednesday and a similar air raid on Markadah town in the northwestern Hasakah Province, which killed a number of civilians.

The ministry accused the US of being engaged in “war crimes and crimes against humanity” in Syria under the pretext of fighting Daesh.

Damascus also regretted that some countries, which claim to respect human rights and international law, are members of the US-led coalition, urging them to leave an alliance that has marred their reputation and "shed plenty of the Syrians’ blood in their name.”

In the letters, Syria demanded a swift action by the UN Security Council to stop “barbarous crimes” and “gross violations” of international humanitarian law by the US and its allies.

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