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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Medicine/Building a Human Body from Scratch and Pre-Cogs/Prophets/Religion 18, Random Stuff, and More

- an obvious continuation on my previous religious research:
- the issue of mental illness is critically important in all of the pre-cogs/prophets. High dopamine levels is thought to be the core contributor to the issue of Schizophrenia which some people have been confusing with what is happening with pre-cogs/prophets (as many religious scholars have alluded to the problem is that the information which can be transferred doesn't seem to come from Earth?) It also brings in question the whole set of what is a 'sin' and 'not a sin'. If a pre-cog/prophet suffers from both they'll have enormous issues with 'false positives' and will have a hard time distinguishing what is correct? Once you factor how our subconcious works (and how it may tie into our long time memory/memories) then you'll understand how/why we may have got some things really wrong with regards to how/what is a 'sin' and what is 'not a sin'. If a pre-cog/prophet suffers from Schizophrenia and a psychotic episode is 'induced' then the 'false positive' rate can shoot through the roof. The problem is that engaging in highly enjoyable activities can end up looking 'sinful' (for instance, eating foods that cause high dopamine levels, engaging in sex (note, that there are a lot of the other pre-cogs/prophets who have families?), engaging in behaviour which wouldn't be approved of by close ones, etc...) even if they mightn't be technically be 'sinful' in the eyes of 'God' (if there is a single God who is delivering all rules)?
- add in intoxication (via any means whether drugs, alcohol, etc...) some of the mechanisms which people have advocated (acetism) and you'll understand why the 'false positive' rate increases across the board as well? One of the great ironies is that technically those who have undergone 'enhanced interrogation/torture' may have possibly experienced something similar as well (it's quite possible that some have also been pushed past a particular physical limit which means that it may be difficult to bring them back)?
- the obvious thing to do is to take a Venn diagram and take an intersection across all religions to find a core and work our way outwards (which seems to be what some of the religions have been attempting?)?
- notice that alternative treatments for Schizophrenia and possession are very similar? In Schizophrenic patients high levels of brain oxidation are often noticed which chimes in with alternative healthcare/medical treatments for Schizophrenia which advocate high levels of anti-oxidants (garlic, Vitamin C, Omega-3 oil, etc...).
- that said, even if we've been chasing/following around a bunch of mentally ill people (pre-cogs/prophets) some good has come of it? The framework has mostly been good?
- any pre-cog/prophet will know that any one could have sat down and worked through the material and worked up much of this? It makes you wonder why they didn't bother to look further/how they've lost their way? Else, political issues got in the way of the truth?
- this 'perhaps' puts into context what may have happened to King Henry VIII and the formation/separation of the Church of England? Else, it could have really have been 'God' who told him that he could re-marry? - It's here that the behaviour of some of the mediums/prophets who engaged in 'unusual behaviour' becomes much more clearer as well?
- leads me to my next point, once you understand how the brain works you may be able to understand that the desire for suicide may be linked to unfulfilled/improper/flawed programming? Linked to what they were imprinted with? Or their physical makeup? This fundamentally has to do with what society offers up front and what it can deliver on? Suicide rates should therefore be higher in societies where impossible standards are set?
How should we tackle Syria's mental health crisis  - The Stream
- more options/binary pairs for diseases (see my other posts for more details regarding this. Basically, we're looking for diseases that counteract one another in the natural environment):
cancer: work, viral agent adds counter/dye of some sort to cancer cells which also adds surface marker. Use half life to zoom in/target relevant cells? Could be two part mechanism much like a 'binary explosive' (explosives that require physical contact of two components and then subsequent detonation)? As previously theorised (in another post), use hybrid flesh eating/stem cell to destroy and recreate at the same time. Helps bypass nature of chemotherapy/radiography? Re-build the entire body from scratch and transplant head over (works only if we can get API for stem cells and reproductive system)?
ageing: shut down all non-essential organs periodically (this excludes sleep cycles), add in artificial elements (to take workload off of body. Most transplant patients don't fare much better though this something clearly different?)? Re-build the entire body from scratch and transplant head over (works only if we can get API for stem cells and reproductive system. Also requires dealing with neuro-degenerative issues)? There has been theories regarding clean burning fuel/food (such as pure proteins injected directly injected into the bloodsream) for the body which means there will never be any waste. One thing I've wondered about is whether we can replace entire parts of the body. For instance, if we can change our 'power source' can we effectively shut down the digestive system? Would it forestall onset of death (if my theory of the body being like an electro-chemical battery cell is true? Basically, what I'm thinking if we stop/reduce usage does it reduce wear/tear and ultimately extend our lives? We bypass the hunger issue via alternative mechanisms obviously. Studies indicate that it's mostly in the 'brain'?)
antibiotics: one method that would be interesting finding the most natural (or engineered) adversary and then exposing both of them to the exact same environment. Technically, should cover most eventualities (as long as construction of bacteria is relatively mechanistic/simplistic)?
- re-build of body works only if we can get API for stem cells and reproductive system. Other possibility is a 'Futurama' type of future? Whereby, the head (neuro-degenerative issues obviously need to be dealt with) is basically transferred onto a new synthetic body? Ironically, this type of option may actually be easier to produce (we'll look at building a body (potentially compatible as well if I have time?) from scratch in another post) and also supplies us with a solution for stroke or paralysed people as well?
- another interesting possibility is when/if conversion of animal/human organ for compatibility. Virus type infection mechanism? Combination of DNA re-write as well as addition of cell organelles. Bio-mechanical engineered to add/change surface structure to reduce chances of immune system rejection? If a particular animal is immune to a disease that a particular human is susceptible to should make them immune to that particular disease as well?
- one thing I'm very curious about is whether or not a medical algebra type system is possible (especially with regards to medical binary pairs. Namely, disease or life which oppose or support one another?)? Reason why is because chemistry and mathematical equations particular formulas always balance all the time. For instance, if a+b=0 and a is a bacteria and b is an anti-biotic (where b=-a) is it possible to find a mapping system to consistently figure out the inversion of something else? The reason why this is important is the following. Life begets life and if you think about how life evolves then if we can figure out a set of mathetical proofs which changes in basically the same way then technically the a+b=0 relationship should remain static upon exposure to the same environment. For instance, on exposure to c(a+b)=0 where c is exposure to a mutagenic agent. This means naturally grown anti-biotic and bacteria exposed to the same environment should mutate in roughly the same fashion and cancel one another out at all times (this is just a theory of course)? This helps deal with the issue of mutation and coming up with cures quickly as opposed to running DNA sequencing from scratch each time a new disease/strain is found? The problem with destroying life is that you don't know how it will impact upon the overall ecosystem? Think about 'sparrows' and the 'Great Leap Forward' in China, introduction of the 'cane toads' and 'rabbits' to Australia, etc... Didn't really go well?
- Obviously, genetic mutations can be caused through multiple channels including exposure to radiation, chemicals, etc... My suspicion is that someday we may be able to alter the orbit of the planet some day down the line (particularly if these 'Ascended Beings' are real?) which means that mutations may reduce significantly?
- Former Soviet/Russian experiments indicate that 4 to 5 generations of selective breeding (of most placid and intelligent animals. These experiments involved domestication of red foxes if I recall correctly) is required to 'domesticate/de-wild' animals. Wonder how much breeding is required before we can genuinely live alongside animals (if we can 'grow' our meat then we no longer need to kill animals to fulfil our nutritional needs. They live, work, etc... with us. They still can look after their own food requirements and so on but we can 'deal with them'? You may see animals roaming around cities and towns but they'll respect the ways of humanity and we'll respect theirs?) and communicate with them? We ignore the rest of them or figure out a way to 'reset their DNA' in time?
- wonder whether it's possible to build a 'life mortar/bomb' to deal with de-forestation issues? Effectively, raw organic material/manure/fertiliser and seeds and then thrown into a explosive charger that can be fired from distance? Fun project for kids and allows us to replenish the planet using plants of our choice (spud gun type device or basic catapult)? Lazy way of re-seeing a forest/flat land/desert? Perhaps a more advanced version can be used to seed/re-seed a planet? Wonder whether we can use plants to turn the Earth (or Earth's atmosphere) into a heatsink (namely, force the heat down into the Earth or into the Earth's atmosphere at will by engineering plants from scratch?)? People may need to learn how to build custom life from scratch in the future for various projects that may be pursued by the 'Final Group' (if it exists)
- there are some obvious corollaries to the manner of communication between 'Ascended Beings' (if they exist). Over time, most pre-cogs/prophets have identified mechanisms from which to rid themselves of 'false positives' (if that was ever an issue?). It's potentially a clue into the issue of 'possession' (possible just difficult to prove given our level of particle physics). Mental illness is often a gradual thing while possession is more sudden? Induced mental illness (which can occur quickly through intoxication, sleep deprivation, torture, etc...) can look like possession as well though?
- Just like every other reasonably intelligent person out there I've wondered how to create a body from scratch. Below notes at creating a basic organism. Finding it hard to believe that there haven't been more advanced versions of 'soft robots' as yet? We'll assume that we're strating from a basic, simple embryo and attempt to reverse engineer something remembling life? Had previously thought about building something simpler such as a plant or another multi-cellular organism but this was too interesting a possibilty to pass up?
- General consensus is that body is made of several thousand parts
total body parts
- even if you start and re-create the body from scratch not that easy. Make it from the purest materials it would likely still only last several hundred years?
- X/Y chromosome setup actually makes sense from an empirical basis? Basic probablity theory and combinatorics? (Girl + Boy = Girl Or Boy) means at least 2 + 2 from each person?
- having each cell operating as semi-autonomous/living is actually easier then having discrete cells that only serve a single purpose as this allows us to integrate an immune system which rejects extraneous material, gives us redundancy in case something goes wrong, allows for re-generation in some cases, etc...
- creating organs is easy and difficult at the same time. Creating a solid object is simple. Just simple index counter at point source until you have the mass that you want. Creating a hollow object not so simple. Think of a set of 3D puzzle pieces in sequence? First create a 2D loop. The external structures of each cell lock together but the inside structure of the cells actually repel one another. This allows you to create a hollow object which can form the basis for organs such as the stomach, intestines, eyes, etc...
- how cells lock together sounds simple but is critically important (lookup what happens during cancer and this is part of the problem). It allows for re-shaping of organs, allows things to fit within a confined space, etc...
- sequencing is the issue from the reproductive system. Soft organs/core first? Then layer over protective bones and external surfaces last?
- it is difficult to fathom how some much redundancy, specialisation, etc... could be integrated into a single human being via random chance? In both the theory of 'Intelligent Design' versus 'Evolution' they're internally inconsistent? Human choice, animal preference, eugenics, etc... all result in 'gaps' that could look like 'Intelligent Design' whether a God is involved or not?
- we'll look at building various systems/cells in the following section (ultimately a 'humanoid type organism'):
nervous system: brain cells, nerves, basic intelligence programming in the following post (I suspect a genuine go at this will be much more difficult?). Basically sensory systems simply plant/press sensations onto basic neural storage units/brain cells. Core issue with integrating with human body is how does 'human body' store information exactly? Something which we only have a limited understanding/grasp of so far? Requires electro-chemical/battery storage mechanisms as well (currently human cells provide this via mitochondria. Something simpler is possible?) Cursory examination of brain indicates that nerve fibres seem to be running all over the place. Most basic form of electro-chemical storage may that I can think of revolves around two layers. One an external indicator of whether there is a memory stored in that particular cell the storage layer itself. Basically, senses send off impulses everywhere in the brain. Only those that don't have storage in them can be 'activated' though which leads to a storage of a 'memory'? Retrieval is similar (and in theory roughly equivalent to Hash Table structure?). Activation of similar pathway forces original pathway to resolve itself which is why you can sometimes remember bits and pieces but not everything?
hearing system: ear cells, nerves in the following post
sight system: eye cells, nerves in the following post. This basically covers a very simplistic light sensing system. To build a sight system with colour as well as variable focal length control requires more thought. You will need organo-chemicals that are sensitive to particular wavelenghts, extra muscles and a lens, cornea, etc... for focal control. Just extra layers of complexity.
tactile/touch system: basically a variation of muscle and ear cells when you think about it. It's effectively not much more then an electro-chemical MODEM? Check following post for more details...
smell system: basically a variation of ear cells when you think about it. Basically, the only difference is that there are sensors/chemicals on the surface that are reactive to particular types of chemicals/smells. Basic structure and nerves outlined in the following post
taste system: basically a variation of ear cells when you think about it. Basically, the only difference is that there are sensors/chemicals on the surface that are reactive to particular types of chemicals/foods. Basic structure and nerves outlined in the following post
digestive system: build hollow organ as above. Critical thing is addition of specialised cells and mechanisms through which to digest food. Creation of acid, enzymes, and liquids to help break down food obviously important. Ironically, the one that our current body uses is quite efficient. There are enzymes for each many specific food types and sub-types (lactase for lactose/milk, protease for protein/meat, cellulase for cellulose fibre/vegetables, etc...). The irony of food enzymes/bacteria is that since they are borders on being a 'living organism' it actually makes control/production of them much simpler. Life begets life. The only thing you need to do is control where the enzymes and bacteria actually go. The irony is there are actually broad-spectrum naturally occurring anti-bacterials (such as honey, garlic, thyme, oregano, myrr, etc...). Provided you secrete at strategic locations you can control most things? Mechanism required to stop the walls of the digestive organs breaking down. Can either be a mucous of some sort or else the linings are actually different somehow? It can either neutralise the acid or simply be there to 'contain it'? Structure is effectively a variation of a muscle type cell but with greater strength against an acidic environment that is required for generalised breakdown of food/material? Obviously, since it's easier to break down food in multiple stages so teeth and saliva type material may be required. Technically, a 'bile' like substance may not be required but helps to push things along? One interesting thing is the nature of 'fat' as well. Technically, the body could simply let food pass through if it didn't need to but for some reason it chooses to store it for another time whereupon it can be 'used up'?
hormonal system: critical system which allow for environmental control (thermal, electrical, etc...). Can be any combination of mechanisms, chemicals, enzymes, etc... but must integrate back with the rest of the body to allow things to maintain a decent state?
filtration system: critical system which allow for environmental control. Basically gets rid of all waste. Ironically, the way the body works is actually more efficient. Remove the liquid waste first (kidneys) and solid matter second (liver). What is expelled is entirely dependent on the nature of what the body's cells requires?
muscular system: muscle cells outlined in the following post. Key issue is obviously assembly which we cover later on
blood/circulatory system: bones are critical here as this is where bone marrows lie, stem cells are, and where blood cells are ultimately formed. Bones are basically one way diffusion layer? Most basic design is that things are simply bigger on one side then the other like the blood brain barrier? Another design, is ion gate type arrangement at regular intervals  along bone structure? Namely, gates that can only be opened from one side via an electrical impulse/voltage from inside the surface/structure of a bone? Obviously, it will need to carry necessary ingredients of life (air and an intermidiate form of energy such as glucose) to all cells in the body. Maintaining environmental integrity requires integration of immune system as well
immune system: fundamentally a memory is require of what is allowed and what is not allowed. Can be integrated into brain itself or else into multiple separate organs? Surface structures are obviously the easiest mechanisms to achieve this? Obviously this requires understanding of biochemistry? Requires mechanisms internal to cells to reject foreign objects to stop them from potentially destroying ecosystem within ecosystem nature of human body? Ironically, DNA may be core to this? If it can't link up properly, it simply dies off or causes and immune/auto-immune reaction/rejection? Actually, a really neat way to do this if you about it?
thermal control systems: this includes hair, subcutaneous fat, pores, etc... The irony is that hair is basically mostly protein? Enough biochemistry and we can reproduce such cells as bacteria and use same mechanisms that we use to control/maintain our theoretical digestive system as with our hair? Fat layer can easily be sequenced programmed in at birth to provide extra insulation. Pores can also be easily controlled built because they could basically be a variation of a bio-chemical thermistor in combination with a muscle cell?
protective systems: this includes skin and nails. Once again mostly protein. Enough biochemistry and we can reproduce such cells as bacteria and use same mechanisms that we use to control/maintain our theoretical digestive system as with our hair?
reproductive system: differentiation is provided by DNA obviously. Key is female in particular because she sets the template and provides the raw ingredients for 'human life'? The complexity of creating life itself may be a reason why fertility is such a problem? Organs aren't that difficult to produce if you think about it?
lung system: requires enough good gas/air to be breathed in and enough bad gas/air to be expelled on a cyclic. The difficulty here is the total number of cells in the body that need to be supplied with gas/air intake and exhaust. This entails blood supply to much of the body as well as enlarged surface area of the lungs. This implies highly specialised lung cells and 'shaping of them' to allow as much as air/gas as is required by the rest of the bodies cells. The irony is that this implies an extremely fine mesh/network of blood vessels to replenish all of the bodies cells (if there aren't alternative mechanisms for breathing for cells)? Basic filtration via hair follicles, mucus membranes, etc... now makes sense? Another layer would be something similar to catalytic converter. Since the body is bio-organic it has something similar in the lungs? Basically, very simply anything undesired sticks to the mucus and everything else passes through to blood cells to allow life to continue?
all body parts: technically, a body that grows if far more complex and difficult to 'grow' (from baby to man or woman) then a 'static' body (such as a robot). It inherently requires softer body issue and semi-firm skeleton from which the rest of the body can gain it's structure from. Obviously, once you attempt to build a body it's quite possible to build complex life form using existing science and technology. Howeover, the clear issue is how complex it is? Human reproduction itself requires an enormous amount of events to occur in sequence, correctly, and repeatedly which helps you understand why some couples really struggle to have children/have fertility issues?
sequencing/birth of life: you need to start inwards and then move outwards for an embryo? Since, organs are underdeveloped and it's not exposed to air you need some form of life support (umbilical cord). Over time, you need to force 'growth' though to allow it to become self sustaining. This includes hormones, enzymes, chemicals, nutrients required for growth, extraction of waste, etc... Obviously, hormones, enzymes, chemicals, nutrients push growth along. Programming is likely to be combination of what is already onboard inside of the embryo itself as well as externally via the female reproductive system? Inter cell communication absolutely critical here. This allows things to grow in way that allows life to continue to be sustained in healthy fashion.
- in theory, it feels quite possible to build living organisms from scratch using our current science and technology? If you can build a body then transfer of conciousness from body to body (of the type mentioned in some Hollywood movies) seems realistic? Technically, combine with FTL capability memory download and conciousness transfer also seems plausible? It also means that you can at least overlay/integrate with existing bodies which means that you should technically be able to give everyone good health?  Also, in theory for hard to find cancers you can simply remove a large part of the body to prevent re-occurrence and replace it with something less likely to become infected? For people with more severe problems complete replacement of a diseased body with a healthy body may be feasible/possible? There are also enormous benefits from being able to build a body from scratch. We can choose it's characteristics which means we can choose to not require as much food, have greater strength, intelligence, etc...

- the problem with the religions is that 'truth' is supposed to lie at the heart of them but somehow things have ended up strange? Instead of protecting the 'truth' they've ended up protecting 'institutions'. The irony is that technically a long time ago a key measure of a pre-cog/prophet was whether or not their prophecies came true. That became linked in/called the 'Holy Spirit' (look up the Montheistic religions for further proof of this. Tests for true/false prophets were brutal. False prophets were often killed (possibly for engaging in shenanigans and not just making honest mistakes?)). People have sort of lost the art of weeding out false positives or just haven't cared enough to look? You're supposed to confirm/lock things in before moving on. Things obviously don't seem to be functioning that that way? They seemed to look for a true pre-cog/prophet, lock him in and then believed everything that he had to say. It's not supposed to work that way? As you can see this is where the line between science and religion disappears. They aren't different. They are the same as many religions have been saying for thousands of years now?
- interpretation has been critical across all of the religions. Internal biases are clear to see in many of the pre-cogs/prophets before? They somehow need to figure out a way around their own bias to make best use of their prophetic dreams and visions?
- if you think about all of the Holy Scriptures/religions as part of a code/puzzle then my guess there may one day be a single/group of pre-cogs/prophets who can somehow unlock it? Upon complete decoding then technically, everyone's needs should be met while being in complete compatibility with religion (my guess is that they might not be sure which one it will fall to? Possible that most people just don't care and want the 'truth' but I suspect that may be a personal issue as well?)?
- some religions have been clearly trying to force a 'Second Coming' of some sort not realising that it's not easily to manipulate 'Ascended Beings' (if they exist)? If any of the religions (in whole or part) are right then it should make sense? 
- I think the only time when we'll genuinely say that 'life is good' is when we can honestly say that we prefer life to death. For a lot of people, it's clear that they can't tell? If there is a 'Kingdom of God' somewhere out there it will be interested when/if we can finally meet our makers? Seeing the pre-cogs/prophets as a possible 'mouthpiece of God' is not really a good way to describe them? If they're legimate it's easier to think of them as just members of a community out there somewhere (if it exists)? This means that they are technically just a taking a different perspective/camera view of the their Home/Heaven/Nirvana (if it exists) 
- the irony is that humans don't really understand the bonuses that anonynimity offers for the 'Ascended'. Earth is technically outside of the 'Kingdom of God' (if there is one)? They say that they're sort of following the 'way of God' but things aren't there yet? Look at the description in the Holy Scriptures, for those who have 'warped through' nothing on Earth looks quite right? For this reason, Earth is at most neutral territory and borders on hostile territory. Since they work in relative secrecy the sanctity of the entire system for progression into the Afterlife is maintained while also allowing humanity to progress at it's own natural pace? People need to learn what things are supposed to be, like versus how they actually are, and figure out a pathway forward?
- if we make food, water, shelter, education, healthcare a human right then technically the rest should fall into place? The irony is that many people link the nature of their lives to how they measure up against others? Ironically, if you lookup the way some of the 'Ascended' (if they exist) work then you would realise that they don't really measure themselves against one another? There aren't competitions amongst the Angels, Arcs, Gods, pre-cogs/prophets, etc... to see who is the 'greatest'? In a way, each one of them is an integral and important part of the 'Kingdom of God' (if it exists). Part of the journey involves taking the focus off of winning at all costs and just accepting that others members are better/worse suited for something? Choosing an alternate course and fighting back is only a method of last resort (if required at all. My guess is that all members are supposed to pass this as part of tests in their 'mortal life')? That said, I guess there is sort of a semi-ranking system but how they gain their ranks is more dependent on what they'd like to do and are good at?
- once you've warped through (to Heaven, if it exists) you'll realise why a lot of their pre-cogs/prophets were willing to lay their lives down to establish a 'Kingdom of Heaven' on Earth. Once you realise/understand realise what's on offer then you sort of realise the reason why they've completely turned their ways against the 'ways of Man'? My gut feeling if the correct protocols can be established people may turn 'en masse'? Things should be better and people will be better off with almost no side effects?
- if there are good and evil 'Ascended Beings' present on Earth they'll recognise one another through their abilities, personalities, etc? If it's time for the 'evil/Fallen' to be hunted down humans should just leave them alone/ignore them (it'll effectively be like animals hunting one another. It's a 'natural process')? These 'beings' will be less likely to make mistakes. Moreover, humans won't really understand or be able to put up a adequate defense (if they exist and are slightly pre-cognitive then it may feel as though they have extremely fast reflexes or a form of ESP?)? For those on either side they can sense one another through 'alternative mechanisms' as long as they aren't shielding/blocking their own abilities? If they exist and are removed from the equation things should become much easier for everyone especially if the 'good group' can be identified and are able to take control?
- Firmament structure actually makes sense but doesn't? It feels like they inferred a lot of information? Our knowledge of particle physics is still limited so technically we still don't know whether there is a 'soul' or not, whether possession is possible, etc? The obvious flaw in the 'Firmament sturcture' is that most of them describe alternative worlds, an Exoplanet (similar to Earth but cleaner, very much 'natural' but seems to have technological/scientific elements, etc...) which makes it difficult to understand how they thought it was on the edge of planet Earth (one possible guess is that they took a ride on/with someone/something and made the assumption it was above Earth because it looked somewhat similar)? That said, technically it is sort of true if the pre-cogs/prophets are to be believed. At some stage or another many of them seemed to have sensed Satan's (or something similar) presence on Earth?
where does satan live 
Where Does Satan Live? 
- the Apocalypse scenario can become a self fulfilling prophecy? If any pre-cog/prophet identifies who is saint and who is a sinner and others begin worshipping them then technically they can begin a whole set of problems/vigilantism? Clear that humans have been trying to 'manipulate' things to achieve 'prophecies' leading to more and more awkwardness. Humans extending/prolonging their own suffering by following false pre-cogs/prophets/ideologies? Note that the issue of colonialism, neo-colonialism, imperialism is hugely controversial. You'll notice that there's an extremely strong correlation between the GDP of countries as they go to war. You'll also notice that often the population beings colonised will often suddenly notice an influx or foreign companies taking up residence inside of their country and generally only a small minority being able to make much of it? As others have mentioned it's possible that people have divided people into groups for the purpose of creating 'just wars'?
- if the 'Holy Spirit' works the way it's been theorised to work then technically it can not be 'monitored/tampered with' by people oustide of those who are supposed to be 'allowed'? Guessing it can be used to identify one another (using symbols/mechanisms that only they would know to be useful or meaningful to one another)? Wonder whether there's something different about how the both sides work (if they exist) besides 'signature' of evil/darkness and good/warmth?
- it's clear that over the years many pre-cogs/prophets/people have tried to work around their flaws/sins? No human has really figured out a way to really overcome their 'internal flaws'. The irony is that by setting such a high barrier for themselves humans have sort of de-moralised themselves out of being able to step forward in a more rapid/substantive fashion? If there is a 'final individual/group' they need to overcome these issues, come up with mechanisms to minimise the impact of their 'human form', etc... The interesting thing is how humans have ultimately come up with mechanisms to work around these issues and integrate real world law with religious law. For instance, in Islam it's Sharia Law, in Judaism/Christianity it's been the 7 Evil Sins/separation of Church/State, Buddhism the 4 Noble Truths, in Hinduism it's the Caste System, etc... Obviously, things hasn't really panned out the way it should? My guess is that they attempted to seperate religion from other fields of endeavour when they could/should have been seen as an extension? The huge irony is that if you look at the original Holy Scriptures of many religions the rules don't look quite as extreme as some people have sometimes interpreted them?
In his address to synod, where Archbishop Glenn Davies announced the $1 million donation, he cited the Reformation and Luther's call to return to Scripture. What he failed to emphasis was that Luther's actions were a response to what he perceived to be the abuses of the Roman Catholic Church of his time: abuses that related to its use of power to control and the use of money to purchase salvation (indulgences). Both sides in the Reformation used Scripture; they just used it differently. The irony is that Luther was deemed a heretic for his views, yet is used as an exemplar by this diocese that itself embodies control through power and wealth.
Greek opposition politicians have seized on an article by Spanish paper El Pais which uses the Greek word kolotumba or somersault, to describe the post-referendum stance of Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont.

El Pais explains that kolotumba means a U-turn in politics. It’s most famous practitioner was the Greek PM Alexis Tsipras who made the term world famous, the paper says.

Recalling the Greek referendum of 2015, El Pais says that Tsipras launched a referendum on the country’s rescue plan and “ended up doing the opposite of what people voted for”.
- it's obvious that some religious leaders are secretly sending some wayward people deliberately to the end of their mortal lives? The "enemy of my enemy is my friend theory" (ironically, didn't work out well for the advocate of this theory) to get rid of sinners as well
- don't think of 'Satanic/evil' in terms of level of deviation from a 'particular standard'. Think of it in terms of deviation of 'way of God' and it may make more sense?
- my guess is that in any 'Apocalypse' type scenario (if real) for those who are partly/completely 'Ascended' (pre-cogs/prophets, Angels, Arcs, Gods, etc...) they will inherently know how to identify one one another, where they fit in the overall scheme of things, etc... For all others, they need to know where they stand? Play the game that they know they're good at? Know where their strengths and weaknesses lie (and that of the opposition side). Work towards them. People should know roughly where they stand on the overall 'chessboard' and move accordingly?
- we know that biopsies in particular parts of the brain don't really cause damage. Can we reproduce a brain outside of the body fuse it together with an existing dysfunctional brain and then retransplant into someone's body? Alternative to treatment via drugs for neuro-degenerative diseases?
- if we work on the assumption that we can't rely on the the Holy Scriptures 100% (but the idea is basically correct) then we can work our way backwards with regards to global mass extinction events and figure out whether they were possibly caused by an external entity of some sort. According to most accounts there have been around half a dozen global mass extinction events. As I said previously cyclic mass extinction events sould show some form of evidence in fossil records through drastically different strata levels and radical jumps in evolution. Since density can obviously be used to determine strata levels then technically a specialised satellite that can focus in on individual strata levels at will can obviously verify which religious mass extinction events are true and what their origins are? Explanation for Noah's Ark legend may have come from inference of cities that have been lost undersea over many ages?
- people clearly want clarification about how to achieve passage into the 'Afterlife' and what makes particular people different? I think the main difference is that most of them have moved beyond what this mortal existence offers? It doesn't necessarily mean you have to give everything away, retreat inward and pray all day (although it may help in some cases), etc... It simply means that you have to believe in something more? Get over life as it currently is on Earth?
- in any 'New Earth' type scenario, if there are a group of individuals/children who have to stay behind on Earth and groomed to fulfill roles they may need to never know what their ultimate role will be? They will have to earn their way into their position which means trying to fill the lessons of life into a shorter period/space of time. This means that they have to live outside the bounds of current society but they will/need to come to an understanding of the ways of both the 'Man' and 'Heaven' (should it exist) to plot a pathway forward in a 'better way'. Something which many seemed to have missed out on in the past? They may require their lives to be extended (they'll obviously have to earn their life extensions)?
- not sure how pre-cogs/prophets distinguish 'Ascended Beings' from one another. They can mask, change form, etc? One thing that if interesting is that everyone is sort interested in the 'God of Gods'. The one who 'started everything' (the Universe. The one who created this 'strange Afterlife' arrangement (if it exists). If there is a 'God'). Only real mechanism is knowledge I guess. If they know  explicit detail (and it can be verified) then you can at least verify that they know or were present at a particular stage during the birth of the Universe. Overall, it's clear that these 'Ascended Beings' as a species are more advanced (in every single way), they are intolerant of breaches of their rules/sin (which explains the rule set), they aren't all clones of one another (they have individual and separate personalities), they may take it in turns to take care of people on Earth (and possibly other places), they have mastered time and space travel, they inhabit multiple worlds, they can alternate their 'forms', they have their own mechanisms for communication and 'enhancements' (in the form of telekinetic, telepathic, etc... communication), etc...
- - 'Ascended Beings' faking/manipulating things also replicates prophecies? They might not have mastered
'time' after all?
- The other thing is interested in the 'Garden of Eden' of the Western religions (which looks remarkebly similar to Nirvana of the Eastern religions). An Exoplanet (similar to Earth but cleaner, very much 'natural' but seems to have technological/scientific elements, etc...) which makes it difficult to understand how they previously thought it was on the edge of planet Earth (one possible guess is that they took a ride on/with someone/something and made the assumption it was above Earth because it looked somewhat similar)? I guess that's the 'Home' planet that most people speak of in the 'Afterlife'. Most previously assumed that the 'domed city' was Earth and that 'Ascended Beings' were somehow above it? It could be a energy based force field or physical shield of some sort (unlikely to be physical because there seems to be no structural/support beams and there aren't too many materials that a dome of that type available that are currently known to 'Man')? Clearly, pre-cogs/prophets/remote-viewers have traversed various planets/worlds/dimensions across the various religions?
- One of the things I think the pre-cogs/prophets seem to understand is that things should 'lock in' once the final pieces are set into place (on Earth and when they head home to Heaven/Nirvana (if it exists)?) A lot of things that are currently set in place on Earth won't make sense. For instance, if you literally have all the resources you require, do you honestly need a way to spread out resources? Basically, Heaven/Nirvana seems to be a place which has basically evolved/transcended past a lot of what has happened on Earth? Imagine (through some miraculous act) Earth survives and thrives thousands of years into the future. All diseases are cured, resource needs are met, people effectively live forever, AWT/Energy type shields/force fields means defensive needs are met, easy space travel means it's pointless fighting against others for space on Earth, every person has a home, etc... Basically, at that particular point many of the instructions that have been sent will have made more sense? The instructions effectively attempt to find the perfect balance between the individual and collective with a set of rules that will make everyone happy at the same time. Everyone is sort of supposed to 'fill in the gaps' over time. If there is an 'Afterlife' then you'll understand the acts of some 'Ascended Beings' and why they loiter around Earth from time to time? During the transition time I guess it will look like Star Trek, then the Nox (of Stargate SG-1), and finally Home/Heaven/Nirvana (if it exists). When you compare this to how the current global elite seems to be plotting it's way forward everything suddenly looks awkward?
- It's at this point it makes more sense how/why/what the 'Holy Spirit' is? If it exists, it literally can not be used for anything bad/evil? It's almost like failsafe of some sort and probably why 'Ascended Beings' (if they exist) are made of something entirely different?
- For those who are protecting the present political system then they need to realise since it's quite possible that they're shooting themselves in the foot? Examine finance and science now and you'll realise that even the most prestigious organisations engage in 'shenanigans'. You can't eat 'shenanigans' though. My suspicion is if there is a 'Final Group' and they are on Earth progress will be much faster and the current 'ways of Earth' will not make much sense very quickly? One funny thing about Earth people worry about 'unemployment' as a core issue. It's like people can't find meaning in life beyond their jobs at times? Examine most of the pre-cogs/prophets of the past and most seemed to have moved beyond that particular point? If there is a 'Final Group' they may have to give up their allegiance/s to the current ways of this world? Pledge allegiance to humanity as a whole? To add Earth to the existing network they'll have to set about building an Empire that scales and is compatible with the ways of Home/Heaven/Nirvana (if it exists). As I said in a previous post, we may be forsaking one Kingdom for another? Basically, if you give up this life for the next life you may lose both? That said, trying to cram lessons of both mortal and immortal life into a single lifetime for most is impossible in the context of most people? There's a good chance that people may have to radically change their lives in both worlds to achieve both in time (it may incorporate elements of Marxist-Leninist philosophy)? That's probably the reason why so few people seem to be 'going through'? Any one who has observed this space should know that it should be like unlocking like a set combination lock of sorts? Specific types of types of individuals will be able to make sense of things and may be required for each stage?
- at times, you wonder if there was/is a civilisation of 'Ascended Beings' who created the Universe  whether they're still engaging in 'construction/destruction'. It would account for some oddities in the Universe such as the perfect timing of 'pulsars'? It would/could act as a lighthouse in space of sorts and a mechanism for sub-FTL navigation?
- funny contradictions in religion? God loves us. Why does evil exist then? He gives us liberty and free will. Pre-cogs/Prophets have to deal with the issue of pre-cog/prophetic visions. He also only wants us to serve him? God loves us. Why are there continual mentions of Apocalypse over and over throughout many of the religions? If gay people are 'damned' why don't they just go straight to Hell? Supporters of hardline, conservative religious positions likely to say that's when Apocalype is likely to occur?

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- I guess this part is a continuation of my other posts on Vietnam. Always wanted to know further Vietnamese history? As with most colonised countries the country was ransacked and only a small minority in the Vietnamese population managed to do well out of the French occupation. To some extent, it was only a matter of time before a rebellion occurred?

Random Quotes:
- The two biggest parasites in the digital world, Facebook and Google, have offered a sop to online publishers: we will allow the free articles of yours, that we exploit to make our money, offer a means of subscribing to your publications.

And for that, online publishers are supposed to genuflect and be grateful.

It's akin to a highway robber holding up a man and telling him, "I will only take your money, I will not inflict any bodily harm on you." For that, the man is supposed to weep with gratitude and praise his attacker.

In what is one of the most hypocritical statements of the digital age — and there have been some whoppers, mind you — Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg wrote recently: "If people subscribe after seeing news stories on Facebook, the money will go directly to publishers who work hard to uncover the truth, and Facebook won't take a cut."

For that, online publishers are supposed to shout: "Hallelujah!"

This kid uses material that he did not pay a red cent for and makes billions. Then he makes a statement like the one above. That is chutzpah as the original creator of the word intended it to mean.

Google is not far behind. Its founders, Sergei Brin and Larry Page, keep their public appearances to the minimum and have their own patsies like Sundar Pichai and Eric Schmidt who appear in public and make soothing noises that mean nothing.

But their mentality is the same: make money off other people's creativeness and then act as though they are doing the world a favour. One could be accused of making the biggest understatement of all time in calling them parasites.

However they are not the only hypocrites paying lip service to "saving" journalism. The Australian Senate is in the process of holding what it calls an inquiry into the future of public interest journalism; the sub-title of the inquiry is "Impact of search engines, social media and disinformation on journalism in Australia".

So far, there have been two hearings, the second being on 21 August. The output from each comes to about 70 A4 pages. Both Google and Facebook have been repeatedly identified as major causes for the disappearance of thousands of journalist jobs.

But the august bunch of senators who were at the most recent session of the inquiry — Sam Dastyari, Lisa Singh, Nick Xenophon and Sarah Hanson-Young — are unwilling to consider a levy on the two companies for the money they make for nothing.

And there are no government representatives there. I guess the ruling MPs and senators are reluctant to fight for journalism — the same thing that enables many low-lifes to get their messages out — because they would then be unable to land a cushy job with this corporation or that when they are voted out some time in the future.

Mind you, it is very doubtful if any of Dastyari, Hanson-Young, Singh and Xenophon would back away from supporting a law that decreed the payment of fines by those who download films or any other copyrighted material from the Web. It is essentially the same thing – using someone else's copyrighted content gratis.

But there is always one rule for the individual and an entirely different one for behemoths that steal in broad daylight. Did any of the bankers who caused the global financial crisis go to jail?

The inquiry is a farce because the people who are called to testify before are mostly a bunch of rent-seekers. I am yet to see a single journalist (a real one) who has been affected by the daylight robbery practised by Google and Facebook being called up to tell the truth about what it feels like to be unable to pay one's bills because a giant corporation stole one's lunch.

But like all inquiries, I am sure the senators will create a nicely bound report, present it at a press conference at which the mainstream media will be present, and then hold their peace forever.

And, don't forget, there is just a chance than one in a thousand of those "subscribe to our publication" buttons so graciously displayed by Facebook and Google will bring in some moolah. Man, I am an ungrateful son-of-a-bitch, aren't I?
- Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Ali Akbar Salehi says the country will carry out a photon entanglement test within the next few months.

“If carried out successfully, it will be the first time that a country in West Asia and the Muslim world is conducting this test,” Salehi said in an address to the First National Conference on Quantum Technology in Tehran on Sunday.

He added that Iran had held negotiations with the European Atomic Energy Community (Euratom) for cooperation in the field of quantum technology.

The AEOI chief said after the landmark nuclear agreement, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), was signed between Iran and the P5+1 group of countries in 2015, the Islamic Republic became a member of the Euratom club, which is active in the field of advanced technologies.

Iran and the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council - the United States, France, Britain, Russia and China plus Germany - signed the JCPOA on July 14, 2015 and started implementing it on January 16, 2016.

Under the nuclear agreement, Iran undertook to put limitations on its nuclear program in exchange for the removal of nuclear-related sanctions against Tehran.
- Security firm Symantec says it has discovered a new trojan development kit, an app that enables even those who know little about coding to create Android ransomware.

In a blog post, Symantec's Dinesh Venkatesan said these kits were different from the Android integrated development environment that could also be used to create similar malware.

Venkatesan said the app for creating the malware could be downloaded from a number of forums and via advertisements on a social networking messaging service that was popular in China.

He said there were plenty of options for customising the malware:

    The message that is to be displayed on the locked screen of the infected device;
    The key to be used to unlock the infected device;
    The icon to be used by the malware;
    Custom mathematical operations to randomize the code; and
    Type of animation to be displayed on the infected device.

After the options were chosen, a window opened to allow the would-be malware creator to subscribe to the service. One could chat to the person behind the app and agree on payment.

these details were out of the way, the new malware author could continue to make as many different malware samples as needed. (The malware generator app is seen on the right)
- Opposition is the time to acquire experience in so many aspects of political life. Knowing when an issue might "take off", learning to pick the people who know from the know-alls, learning to communicate clearly and how to build interest in an issue are just a few. The key one, of course, is learning how to accommodate different views, how to find a path that the majority can live with, to experience give-and-take on policy issues.

Only a psychopath could imagine they should or will always get their way, so this is crucial. Being a backbencher in opposition is a soulless task. With all the best will in the world you try to service your electorate, but both they and you know that you cannot at the press of a button get their problems before whomever is the relevant minister.

Lobby groups often make the mistake of ignoring you because you can't get much done for them in opposition. (It's dumb of them, really, because things change.) Why some of the new members can see this and others can't I just don't know. For those who can't see the obvious I wonder what their electorate thinks. Perhaps they are stupid enough to believe the few people who pat them on the back saying well done.

They clearly haven't recognised that not everyone who thinks you're behaving stupidly comes up and tells you. Beating your chest on a single issue is fine. So long as you appreciate what your electorate thinks rather than the relatively few people in your branches that work as a personal cheer squad.

People who vote for a party are often voting for the party rather than the person. They want that party in government more than they want you personally as their member. So when they see their new member siding with anyone who snipes and undermines they will be a bit dark, to say the least.

I'm at a loss to imagine what voters in a safe seat think when their member, on the backbench, threatens to bring the government down. Imagine if you voted in the preselection to give someone a safe seat. Then you find them threatening to bring the government down if they don't get their way.

That would certainly call into question the emotional intelligence, the IQ and maturity of any member. Failing to understand that you are part of a team, failing to understand that life is full of differences of opinion and that one needs to find common ground is a fairly serious knowledge gap.

You see this type of behaviour from safe-seat members more than marginal-seat ones. You can guess why. A few points off the government's margin might tip quite a few marginal seats out of office. The stirrer safe-seat member remains selfishly cocooned in their safe seat, almost immune to the consequences of their own stupidity. Only others suffer. You know the saying: With friends like this, who needs enemies?

Maybe government is lost, but the stupid safe-seat backbencher still remains. When they move to opposition the reality of backbench opposition life might sink in to even the stupidest mind.
- Ayatollah Khamenei further emphasized that younger generations “desperately need new ideas and Islam has new and attractive ideas in the fields of humanity, society and politics.”

Many in the world would certainly embrace Islam’s ideas if they become aware of them, the Leader said.

Ayatollah Khamenei added that there was an intellectual void stemming from a feeling of frustration caused by the failure of Marxist and Liberal ideologies, which has prepared the ground for the acceptance of new ideas that make up the Islamic way of thinking.

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