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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Ending Disease and Disability/Extending Life 2, Prophets/Pre-Cogs 14, and More

- build certain cell types from ground up to better understand (decent high school education should be enough to do this)? Simple prototypes (given current human understanding?). Heart cell - a cell which rhythmically beats periodically (electro-chemical storage of electrical current? Upon complete charging of cell transmit current to neighbours which could be pure muscle cells? Seems to form rough basis?). Muscle cell - a cell which physically changes form based on electrical input (think of simple thermistor structure? Two layers of material stacked on top of one another which react slightly differently to electrical input? If electrical input applied it flexes in a particular direction but then flexes back). Brain cell - electro-chemical storage (a variation of a muscle cell which I've outlined which doesn't flex back?). Ear cell - physical phenomena conversion (think of MODEM is best analogy which basically translates physical phenomena into electro-checmical signal? Follicles on outer surface which then translates into variation of muscle cell type which I've outlined?). Eye cell - physical phenomena conversion (think of MODEM is best analogy which basically translates physical phenomena into electro-chemical signal? Light sensitive molecules/atoms (think of photons and how electron jumps work. It will make more sense?) on outer outer surface which then translates into variation of muscle cell type which I've outlined?). Nerve cell - any conductive substance (just look up Periodic table to get an idea. Copper, Gold, Silicon, etc...). Much of the rest of it seems like simple matter conversion? For instance, cells which work based on input/output relationships but have a specialised function? Fairly simple? Reminds me of enzymes which catalyse certain chemical reactions? You can figure out rest? If it's a simple case of input/output then petri dish experiments should be able to yield compatible (but analogous and functional cell types) which can be transplanted in the human body which should be less susceptible to certain disease and ageing but may offer reduced functionality? Adhesion should work based on simple surface bonding mechanisms (useful in building inside/out as indicated in previous post on this subject?)
- always wondering whether the body is simpler or more complex then you think it is? Could it be improved?
- think of the human body in other ways to achieve everlasting life? Technically, heaps of ways to do it (reset body, re-engineer body, )? Life is rich/worthwhile because of complexity of our bodies. Simplification makes it more immune to disease, ageing, etc... Think of human body as a machine which decays? Are biological organisms simply machines (there has to be more to it for 'Ascension' to occur?)? We know that certain animals out there can live effectively forever? Simplest organisms (such as 'Tardigrades') are good examples of those which can easily go dormant but back to life easily? Good examples from which to build from the ground up? Perhaps from these we can rebuild our bodies to be more robust and resistant to disease, ageing, etc? Is thinking of the body as a infinite machine more akin to what people are trying to achieve to get everlasting life? Is thinking of everything from the ground up better? Will that better help us to achieve our objectives?
What is Death, The Afterlife & Consciousness - David Icke
- I think of theory of 'Evolution' like so. Vinegar, water, and oil in a jar. Shake it up and down. Must be liquid because that allows for enough chaos/agitation to create something more complex? This leads to obvious inferences. Life can't evolve from constant chaos because it doesn't allow for something to build. It needs moments of rest. Oil and water are perfect because they both repel each other. Both allow substances to be absorbed into them though which means that a separate environment (from an external environment) can be formed. What I don't like about the evolutionary theorists at the moment is that they believe life can only be formed from protein/amino acids. Limited thinking? Storage can be achieved in any way? Think of it as follows, a bunch of Lego or dipole magnets are thrown into a washing machine running at a low cycle rate. Agitate enough and they begin to form up. Physical limitations dictate physical characteristics of basic lifeforms thereafter?
DNA molecules of this size are 1.7 to 8.5 cm long when uncoiled, or about 5 cm on average. You have about 10 trillion cells in your body, so if you stretched the DNA in all the cells out, end to end, they'd stretch over 744 million miles.
- once you understand how it works it becomes much easier to understand how/why to 're-program' life. Why it seems difficult yet impossible simultaneously? It also makes a lot of things more interesting and funny. For instance, there's not much different between a single cell engulfing/eating surrounding particles, processing it, taking in what it can, and ejecting what it doesn't really need...
- a lot of humanity thinks of life in a very strange way? They think that somehow plants, single cell, multi-cellular organisms aren't somehow 'worthy'? Without them much of our lives wouldn't be possible? Moreover, it tells you a lot about life. Even in the deepest depths of the ocean where the pressure is literally bone-breaking animal life form can exist. The way they think also actually limits their ability to understand the world around us? There's more to it then just carbon based lifeforms? We know that sulfur and silicon based lifeforms are possible. Why not others?
- change the re-programming mechanisms (rather then cells themselves?) to reduce incidence of ageing/spread of disease through cells? If my theory (and others) is correct then technically younger looking people should live longer? It's at this point I wonder whether evolution is driven by environment rather then something environmental
- always reverts back to the question of Intelligent Design versus Evolution (and randomness). If it were purely random it still doesn't explain why DNA itself isn't itself more random? There are also a lot of aspects of Evolution which don't quite fit? For instance, the purpose of a conscious, laughter, etc... Here's the other argument that I don't like about Big Bang and Evolution being a random event. We need enormous amounts of research and study in order to reproduce what we believe to have be completely random events in nature? If I were to setup a simulation of some sort I wonder how many cycles on average it would take to produce life or a 'Big Bang' as we know it?
Stem cells _ Cells _ MCAT _ Khan Academy
Stem cell therapy -- beyond the headlines - Timothy Henry at TEDxGrandForks
- working from inside out you get this...
bone marrow stem cells
what's in bone
A bone is a rigid organ that constitutes part of the vertebrate skeleton. Bones support and protect the various organs of the body, produce red and white blood cells, store minerals, provide structure and support for the body, and enable mobility. Bones come in a variety of shapes and sizes and have a complex internal and external structure. They are lightweight yet strong and hard, and serve multiple functions.

Bone tissue is a hard tissue, a type of dense connective tissue. It has a honeycomb-like matrix internally, which helps to give the bone rigidity. Bone tissue is made up of different types of bone cells. Osteoblasts and osteocytes are involved in the formation and mineralization of bone; osteoclasts are involved in the resorption of bone tissue. Modified (flattened) osteoblasts become the lining cells that form a protective layer on the bone surface. The mineralised matrix of bone tissue has an organic component of mainly collagen called ossein and an inorganic component of bone mineral made up of various salts. Bone tissue is a mineralized tissue of two types, cortical and cancellous bone. Other types of tissue found in bones include bone marrow, endosteum, periosteum, nerves, blood vessels and cartilage.

In the human body at birth, there are over 270 bones,[1] but many of these fuse together during development, leaving a total of 206 separate bones in the adult,[2] not counting numerous small sesamoid bones. The largest bone in the body is the femur or thigh-bone, and the smallest is the stapes in the middle ear.
Bone Micrograph image

The Latin word for bone is os, hence the many terms that use it as a prefix – such as osseous and osteopathy.
- with regards to stasis pods has to be of same blood type if blood is to removed/placed external to the body (unless synthetic)? For extra-body repair; destroy diseased cells, copy cells, culture them, freeze them, re-insert them. Obviously, if we shut down the body entirely and the swap body parts and re-start body at another time when cure found has benefits (no anesthesia required. Also, if we repair body while brain is shut down no pain required during recuperation? Maybe even use growth hormone in order to speed up recovery while in stasis? Even 3D printing body parts will require recuperation. Only way around it is to work inside out?)?
Cell culture is the process by which cells are grown under controlled conditions, generally outside of their natural environment. Cell culture conditions can vary for each cell type, but artificial environments consist of a suitable vessel with substrate or medium that supplies the essential nutrients (amino acids, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals), growth factors, hormones, and gases (CO2, O2), and regulates the physio-chemical environment (pH buffer, osmotic pressure, temperature). Most cells require a surface or an artificial substrate (adherent or monolayer culture) whereas others can be grown free floating in culture medium (suspension culture).

In practice, the term "cell culture" now refers to the culturing of cells derived from multicellular eukaryotes, especially animal cells, in contrast with other types of culture that also grow cells, such as plant tissue culture, fungal culture, and microbiological culture (of microbes). The historical development and methods of cell culture are closely interrelated to those of tissue culture and organ culture. Viral culture is also related, with cells as hosts for the viruses.

The laboratory technique of maintaining live cell lines (a population of cells descended from a single cell and containing the same genetic makeup) separated from their original tissue source became more robust in the middle 20th century.[1][2]
As cells generally continue to divide in culture, they generally grow to fill the available area or volume. This can generate several issues:

    Nutrient depletion in the growth media
    Changes in pH of the growth media
    Accumulation of apoptotic/necrotic (dead) cells
    Cell-to-cell contact can stimulate cell cycle arrest, causing cells to stop dividing, known as contact inhibition.
    Cell-to-cell contact can stimulate cellular differentiation.
    Genetic and epigenetic alterations, with a natural selection of the altered cells potentially leading to overgrowth of abnormal, culture-adapted cells with decreased differentiation and increased proliferative capacity.[18]
- aim should be for stasis pods which require minimal to no energy requirements obviously (switch a body off). Seems feasible (to certain limits)? Ideal circumstance, is that the body can be shut down completely. Only way around ethical issues is to build non-sentient simulations (similar to cadavers which doctors use to practice on...) or else work on people who have already died (and wish to be brought back. Seems feasible given previous experiments. Obvious issue, is medium for body suspension. Others have used 'saline solutions' or a variant of it?)? Technically, we already do this in the lab with a limited number of cells (as you've seen in my last post on this subject, http://dtbnguyen.blogspot.com/2017/06/ending-disease-and-disabilityextending.html) Stasis pods require sedation, preservation, resuscitation, etc... Does paralysing the body/coma, putting into stasis, and sleeping cause the same impact? Same issues as faced by micro-gravity environments. Muscle breakdown due to lack of resistance/training? May require TENS/EMS type facility to keep muscles working regularly from time to time?
dog resurrection experiment
energy consumption body state
Energy Consumption Of The Human Body
The total metabolic rate is the amount of energy used by the body in carrying out all of its activities. It is often expressed in kilojoules per day.

The factors that determine the total metabolic rate are:

    resting metabolic rate
    the energy needed to do all kinds of muscular work, from sitting up in bed to very strenuous physical labour or exercise
    the thermic effect of food.

It takes energy to metabolise foods. For example, carbohydrates and fats have a thermic effect of about 5% whereas protein is about 30%. This means that, to metabolise 100 kilojoules of carbohydrate, 5 kilojoules is needed, leaving the body with 95 kilojoules of useful energy. In comparison, to metabolise 100 kilojoules of protein, 30 kilojoules is needed, leaving the body with 70 kilojoules.

On average for a mildly active person, about 60% of the body’s total daily energy expenditure is due to resting metabolism, about 32% of the body’s energy expenditure comes from physical activity and another 8% comes from the thermic effect.

Using the RMR figures given above, this means that the boy’s total metabolic rate is about 11,000 kilojoules per day and the girl’s is 9,200 kilojoules per day.
- this is why I'm curious? How many are binary pairs? Basically, they either can't carry the disease or else they have mechanisms to deal with them? We currently look at those animals most similar to us to test new drugs/treatments. Why not look at those that can't carry or else have built in mechanisms to deal with these problems? Vaccines could be considered a binary pair?
- beauty is in the eye of the beholder? Go back in time and beauty is basically a bunch of fads. Once upon a time larger women were in vogue, etc...
- a lot of people/humans think strangely? They tend to think of direct sequences/relationships. If they think from the ground up it may actually be easier to solve some of our problems?
- obvious implications. Should/could we grow meat (like plants?) as opposed to slaughtering animals? Ironically, things may be more simple if we attempt to grow food from base components (see a bit further on for build up basic body cells from base atoms/molecules)? Possibly even healthier since we know from what goes into our food from there very core and are building from base atoms/molecules? Simple example may be an existing protein rich plant which we enrich/graft on other atoms/molecules? More humane then keeping animals for slaughter and possibly healthier (no hormones, food chain, chemical, and other such issues?)? 
- regardless of whether animal and human life came about through Intelligent design or Evolution what becomes clear is that human's limited perspective (and Philosophy of Science) limits their ability to perceive things? For instance, it's almost as though many people deem humanoid and Carbon based  life as being the only type of life worth studying. The irony is that without the overall ecosystem of single, multi-cellular life form, bacteria, virus, etc... it's possible that the whole thing would collapse? It's a system of inter-dependencies and co-dependencies which makes you wonder more and more whether or not the pure scientific perspective of how life was formed is correct? 
- strange that we consider only certain types of life to be possible? Irony is that many alternate forms of life are clearly possible. I think main reason why they think that they only think certain types are possible is because they think in terms of the complexity of the human biological system?
Alien Life - Are There Real Life Aliens (Mind Blowing Documentary)
- in terms of building life from randomness: need somewhat stable (with periods of of chaos) weather conditions to allow for more complex structures to form, storage requires some sort at least a membrane and a substance through which to contain the life (pure DNA/RNA perspective seems ridiculous given the almost arbitrary manner in which we store data?), substrate/medium through which chemical reactions can work, a basic set of building blocks and a set of rules which can establish them (atoms and molecules which forms the basis for life)
- it feels like humanity projecting what they've learnt of on Earth on the the entire Universe is actually a limiting factor in their evolution? Let's assume someone actually 'built life'. The way we currently have scientists specialise is actually self defeating. Mixing DNA/chimeric type experiments make it more difficult to get things going because multi-cellular life in general is incredibly complex
- personally find it interesting how sin works in with our interpretation of health outcomes? From a technical standpoint we know that over time drugs can have a permanent change/impact on our brain structure? Does 'sin' make it more difficult to repair the body to how it's supposed to be (technically, coronary, liver, kidney issues often brought about through 'sinful' type activities?)? Dalai Lama (and some other models) perfect examples of ageing in a healthy way? Technically, younger looking people should live younger (based on one particular mode of thought?)
reverse ageing
- as I've said previously the burden of proof seems to be radically different for those who believe in science or religion. There are very few people who seem to give either side of the argument a genuine fair go? Given our scientific belief in multi-verse theory why don't we believe in the ability of things that occur in other universes that interfere with our current/local one (aware that technically they're supposed to be entirely separate?)?
- Quantum surgery possible but very difficult. Like problems faced by Laser versus more physically based surgery. Laser causes cauterisation which can leads to complications and difficulty in healing...
- are mutations caused by the environment itself or irrespective of it? Does the body evolve to fit the environment or irrespective of the environment?
- it's easy to understand how plants could have been conceived via pure randomness then animals and more complex life forms such as humans? Think of a bunch of molecules then have been grouped together over time but has water removed from them? Dries out leads to a seed? Re-hydration and evaporation causes sprout to move upward and outward leading to a plant? Struggling with how 'randomness' would work with animals (particularly if there is 'Intelligence Design' involved and they have access to 'time and space'. Makes much of our work searching for our origin via our science irrelevant?)? Possible sexes could have formed through randomness but finding it difficult to believe it? More likely plants became animals which later became humans if evolution/randomness theory is correct?
- one of the strange things about learning genetics and biology is that it assumes that the human body is a electro-chemical machine that can be reduced to it's constituent parts and understood once you comprehend how it all works? The obvious irony is that you look through textbooks and it's obvious that even they know that there seems to be something missing? The base components isn't just a bunch of proteins after all? Makes you wonder whether or not a 'soul' can be unbound/rebound to a body?
- what feels obvious is that job of the 'final few' is to establish a better protocol for 'ascension' between Heaven and Earth? If you watch the 'Stargate SG1' television series it seems to explore this issue in depth? Gods who are in reality just highly advanced beings? Gods acquire power through being worshiped and don't necessarily offer ascension to people in a way that makes sense? Prayer is a method of establishing a relationship with the 'ascended'?
- the more you try to build life upwards the more you struggle to believe in the pure theory of Evolution? Fertility is caused because of imperfections in original fertilising material? That's why artificial insemination doesn't work as successfully as it should?

On Prophets:
- obvious continuation of my other research...
- popular science such as Steven Hawking's Grand Design fail to answer so many questions. He's seeing only part of the overall picture? One of the conclusions is that since the entering a singularity/Big Bang requires no time then a God of some sort is not required. The irony is that this is also true of space. Without agitation you don't get enough movement in any primordial soup to create a Big Bang? Moreover, a lot of our science is based on probability. Yet, it doesn't explain why matter clumped in single point of origin to begin with. If you throw out a bunch of dirt it doesn't really form at a single point to begin with? He says that feedback issues preclude backward wormhole/time travel? However, think of the Quantum Mechanics versus Newtonian Mechanics and Quantum Entanglement arguments? Just because paradoxes can exist doesn't necessarily mean that particular events can not actually occur. We just have to try before we can actually know. Scientists as well as religious people use arguments and probability just as often and one another to prove what the want to prove?
- the further you look and dig the more you feel as though our science doesn't explain enough of what is happening. Most people take snapshots and understand a specialist part but few understand more then that. Consider the dark matter issue, the twin problem, etc... Over and over again, it forces you to think that we're just really scratching the surface of things and how they truly are?
- statistical probability is that such that if your book is large enough you can find meaning in anything (it reminds me of the 23 Enigma and the Shakespeare monkey conundrum. Namely, you can find patterns in anything if you want to find it? Moreover, if you sit around forever of course all prophecies will eventually come true? If you understand how many of the code are generated you'll be less inclined to fully believe in many of these codes? 
The Bible Code - Secret Messages In The Scripture
Last  Sign Before  Mashiach -  End of Days  in bible code  Glazerson
bible code
- the codes seem to be only really present in their original language? Assuming that there has been no manipulation you have to admit some of the Bible codes are cool?
Hidden Bible Codes Reveal Incredible Message to Humanity! _ Yacov Rambsel
- home planet is an 'exo-planet' of some sort? Angels and other entities (should they exist) are watching all of the time which means that even if you can find a 'home' it's their choice whether they decide to take things any further? Most of the religions describe what is effectively a cleaner version of Earth. Many of them describe roughly the same thing. Sky is blue which indicates presence of nitrogen. Presence of air and temperate climate which suggests Goldilocks type planet? Weather seems fine all the time but since they've mastered time and space (this is a corollary of FTL capability). Search for exo-planets may even pick it up? Guessing not even remotely close to our Solar System at all? As an aside, the confusing thing about the 'Home world' issue is that most of the pre-cogs/prophets who have existed have traveled to other worlds before? Therefore, it may be difficult to get a genuine lock on where 'home' actually is?
- the civilisation you're dealing with has FTL capability, telepathic, seemed to have dealt with the ageing problem a long time ago, are able to build planets and stars, etc? At the back of the minds of anyone is that basically the people of Earth are basically searching for the 'home world'/Heaven that is spoken of in legend? My guess is that ultimately it will be up to them to decide whether they want to establish more direct communication or not?
- if you read many of the accounts of a 'Final Apocalypse, Revelations, etc...' a lot of what is said can actually be applied to any period of humanity. My suspicion is that if things are supposed to work the way they are it'll be one who 'activates' the others, the reason why so much time has transpired between the other major prophets and now is that they've basically been waiting until humanity is 'ready'? Think of it this way. For a prophecy to be fulfilled the necessary components need to be available to be able to complete the task at hand? Those who have already 'ascended' are basically waiting for humanity? This never has to do with what they want. It has to do with when humanity has figured certain things out?
Talk to Al Jazeera - Rabbi Dovid Weiss - Zionism has created 'rivers of blood'
Prophetic Alert - King of the North Speaks Out
- for anyone (doesn't matter whether they are a prophet/pre-cog or not) if they've seen 'home'/'the Afterlife'/'Heaven' (if it exists) my suspicion that all of them will choose the latter (as long as they have confidence that what they're seeing is true?)? Even if there is one among them who can somehow grant humanity FTL capability as well never ending life people will likely have a greater chance at completing the full process of 'Ascension' here on Earth. Moreover, they'll have confirmation of where they're likely headed? Once that's done they'll understand why most of the pre-cogs/prophets are the way they are?
- something that seems obvious is that many of the religions at least partly gave up and are waiting for an individual (or group of them) who can explain things better? Clear that they have themselves spread a lot of false rumors to weed out false positives? They want a better/clearer 'agreement/convenant' to better assure that those on Earth will be headed for 'home/Heaven' in the 'Afterlife' (should it exist)? 
- without question one of the more interesting debates is science versus religion. Common names which crop up are Richard Dawkins, Lawrence Krauss, Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, etc... Around 10% of mammals are homosexual?
DEVOTION TO RIDICULE Ft. Lawrence Krauss, Theoretical Physicist
On Contact - Noam Chomsky discusses his latest book 'Requiem for the American Dream'
- Dawkins can come across awkward badly at times (even his friends seem to admit this?). Can be funny and amiable at other times if you see enough footage though... One of the problems with him (and many others who are hard one side or the other) is that they tend tend to hold science and religion to different standards? Burden of proof for each side is different? Irony is that there seems to be admissions from some people that this helps book sales? Burden of proof issue reminds me of the following, just because you hear stories of sports people who can do something that others can't why do other people believe that they can do the same? It feels like the same thing with pre-cogs/prophets? Just needs more study?
Richard Dawkins irritated by irrationality
ARROGANCE OF IGNORANCE Ft. Richard Dawkins, Evolutionary Biologist
Richard Dawkins exploding at bullshit in the Bible
- the discussions between those are at a higher level are generally more interesting. Many of the more interesting issues are covered in this debate including the origins of the Universe, Big Bang theory, religious doctrine, etc... The frustrating thing for me is how do some of the prophets identify the voice of God if others can't hear what they hear (if it's even true?)? One other interesting topic which crops up over and over again is that even if religion is a total fabrication things are better then without it. Think of life in a purely Darwinist survivalist mentality. Even Dawkins doesn't advocate that method as a good means for prodiving a functioning, civil society...
Richard Dawkins vs Cardinal George Pell on Q&A (10-4-2012)
- you can blow most of these arguments out of the water? You're choosing to believe in causality when you want to?
- surprising number of cartoons available on the life of Muhammad available online... Depictions of Muhummad aren't allowed. They get around it by using a first person view
MUHAMMAD The Last Prophet FULL MOVIE (Animated Movie of Prophet Muhammad P&BUH)
The life of Prophet Muhammad before Prophethood
History Channel - Muhammad The Prophet
Was Muhammad the World's Most Evil Man_True or False Prophet of God
- Quantum Mechanics clearly includes the possibility of particles popping into and out of existence (think about neutrinos) logically which possibly accounts for the expansion of the Universe? Doesn't explain why expansions seems much further at the outer edges though (some theories suggest dark matter contribute to this phenomenon)?
cosmological constant problem
- the issue of communication with those from 'up above' is made easier because of the telepathic component of their abilities? They don't need to learn another language... Moreover, they can use images and visions?
- the frustrating thing for is if religion is then why don't we have more prophets now (or have they simply changed their appearance)? Blind faith and belief bring cognitive bias into play?
Last Pope - Malachy Prophecy
- another interesting one. Discusses integration (almost) of science and religion. Has a focus on medicine in particular. Science has caused just as many problems as it has solved whether in science and/or medicine? Speaks of correlative/symbiotic nature of medicine (as I have spoken of in the past)... Placebo versus nocebo effect
Richard Dawkins interviews Deepak Chopra (Enemies of Reason Uncut Interviews)
- comparisons are often unfair and only take in a small proportion of data?
Richard Dawkins on Islam, Jews, science and the burka - BBC Newsnight
- criticism of Dawkins is that he doesn't hold science and religion to same standard of proof? The frustrating thing about him is that he judges science as a standard bearer of truth yet religion also holds that the 'Holy Spirit' and 'true prophets' are also a form of proof? Hardly anyone seems to breach this topic with him? He seems are of the link/problem with 'magic' and 'miracles'... My guess is that we could somehow turn everyone into remote viewers/prophets he might change his opinion? This is more interesting debate because it takes questions from the floor from many different people who are both religious and non-religious... It's difficult to understand how AlJazeera could be considered a trouble making channel based on this discussion?
Head to Head - Dawkins on religion - Is religion good or evil
- another interesting one... Quantum Mechanics reminds of epicycle theory at times? Many people don't understand it but still use it and believe in it?
Richard Dawkins Islam June 09 2017 - Lawrence Krauss, Something from Nothing
- if I'm correct and each major prophet only saw bits and pieces of the overall picture and allegories were possibily used then the implication was easy to see. The answers were there the whole time? Technically, Muhammad was correct in pointing out that a rib was a/the source of life for man since it's one of the main sources of 'stem cells' in the body (they give rise red blood cells, platelets, etc...) in the body (not saying that this is a valid vision outright. Am saying it's possible. Need access to time/space to verify...). Either way they were correct?
- identifying between attack from external entities, madness, and normality? Friends and family are probably going to be useless given that most people don't know much of religion, science, etc... simultaneously? Read signatures? If you were younger you'd be able to identify the difference between 'false positives' and real stuff more easily?
- let's say that these pre-cogs/prophets can grant never ending life for humanity? It's a strange argument because most of them will be aware that they have access to 'time and space' which means that my guess is that if any of them wanted to choose between life on Earth and life at home/Heaven (should it exist) they'd take the latter nearly every single time?
- if there is no Afterlife then they could be warping ahead to a moment of resurrection in the future but I'm doubtful since they're seeing the same thing?
- at times, it feels as though if you think like those who have 'ascended' things become easier (science and religion wise)?
- if they've been involved with (or have seen if they were a pre-cogs/prophet. Hindu/Bhagavad Gita seems to provide one of the more complete accounts of this particular event? It's actually been theorised that many of the other religions got Big Bang theory from Hindu itself?). It's also irrelevant whether these group of people built the Universe as well? Those who work in 'construction' will be familiar with this substance. Matte like. Not uncontrolled energy which seems to be theorised by many suggesting a different type of matter? Understanding that Hyperdrive technology also allows you to understand something else. Namely, that the Holy Scriptures and Science aren't actually at odds with one another. Once you acquire that level of advancement then you can basically create planets, Solar Systems, terraform planets, etc... at will in basically the same way that has been mentioned in the Holy Scriptures
- clear a huge amount of thought have been given to the issue of the pre-cogs/prophets/religion. Think of some television series alone (such as Stargate and Alien:Promethus/Convenant movie series)?
- for those pre-cogs/prophets who don't have issues with false positives it means that the world around them must be setup in at least a fashion that it can deliver what they need in order to make that particular vision come true. This means that they have a greater likelihood that they will believe in a God's intervention in human life?
- what I don't get about the science versus religion debate is why they can't co-exist. Just from basic inference it feels as though if Heaven were to theoretically exist they'd be a very advanced civilisation. We re-use methodologies over and over again in our science and technology. Why aren't others allowed to do the same within the context of biology?
- it's actually a good thing that they've taken different paths. Buddhists and Jews took the most conservative path sticking with the most well known and accepted pre-cogs/prophets. Hindus sort of just let every have free reign. Islamists kept a great record of Muhammads' life and Jesus seemed to have a different take on things again. Helps to help develop a 'trend' of some sort? As an aside, it also gives us a peek into the mindset of these people. The Jews were the amongst the more conservative of them, the Christians/Catholics, the Islamists the more 'adventurous (but studious at the same time)', etc... The irony is that while the Jews were more conservative it has ended up isolating them in comparison with much of the rest of the world?
- one of the remarkable things is how much they got correct in the 'End of Times' period. Technically, most of the prophets/pre-cogs have access to time/space? This means that once FTL capability is achieved the same problems crop up that in a standard human's life should also disappear. For instance, once the finite resource issue is dealt with technically a lot of conflict should technically end, once the they under
- doesn't really matter whether it exists or not. Technically, can't really make use of it? Think of electricity at it's base core which revolves around flow of electrons
Zero-point energy (ZPE) or ground state energy is the lowest possible energy that a quantum mechanical system may have. Unlike in classical mechanics, quantum systems constantly fluctuate in their lowest energy state due to the Heisenberg uncertainty principle.[1] As well as atoms and molecules, the empty space of the vacuum has these properties. According to modern physics the universe can be thought of not as isolated particles but continuous fluctuating fields: matter fields, whose quanta are fermions (i.e. leptons and quarks), and force fields, whose quanta are bosons (e.g. photons and gluons). All these fields have zero-point energy.[2] These fluctuating zero-point fields lead to a kind of reintroduction of an aether in physics,[1][3] since some systems can detect the existence of this energy. However this aether cannot be thought of as a physical medium if it is to be Lorentz invariant such that there is no contradiction with Einstein's theory of special relativity.[1]

Physics currently lacks a full theoretical model for understanding zero-point energy, in particular the discrepancy between theorized and observed vacuum energy is a source of major contention.[4] Physicists Richard Feynman and John Wheeler calculated the zero-point radiation of the vacuum to be an order of magnitude greater than nuclear energy, with one teacup containing enough energy to boil all the world's oceans.[5] Yet according to Einstein's theory of general relativity any such energy would gravitate and the experimental evidence from both the expansion of the universe, dark energy and the Casimir effect show any such energy to be exceptionally weak. A popular proposal that attempts to address this issue is to say that the fermion field has a negative zero-point energy while the boson field has positive zero-point energy and thus these energies somehow cancel each other out.[6][7] This idea would be true if superstring theory were an exact symmetry of nature. However, the LHC at CERN has so far found no evidence to support supersymmetry. Moreover, it is known that if supersymmetry is valid at all, it is at most a broken symmetry, only true at very high energies, and no one has been able to show a theory where zero-point cancellations occur in the low energy universe we observe today.[7] This discrepancy is known as the cosmological constant problem and it is one of the greatest unsolved mysteries in physics. Many physicists believe that "the vacuum holds the key to a full understanding of nature"[8]
- nearly all of the religions sort of tacitly admit that they've given up for the time being? They're sort of waiting for an individual (or a group of them) who can explain things better?
- at the back of your mind over and over again is how much of things we actually have right or wrong (science, finance, economics, religion, politics, etc... in particular)? If our science was correct then things should aggregate and make more sense? At the moment it feels like we're missing huge chunks? It fits together because we've come up with ways of making it fit together rather then it fitting together properly and completely? Good examples of this is ZPE and GUT theory (just need to bias ZPE in order to extract it? Wave particle duality is corollary of Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle which leads to Zero Point Energy?)?
- that said, it makes you wonder whether answers are built into the very fabric of space-time (should multi-verse and Quantum Mechanical theory be completely correct?)
- wonder whether phase shifting is a genuine mechanism for defense in the future? If people can occupy their own space/time at any one moment in time then there shouldn't be any issues with regards to space especially if finite resource issues are dealt with?
- do you honestly want to worship a God who only grants access to the Afterlife if you worship him? Shouldn't it be about being able to live happily among others as well? Feels like it's possible that some of the people we're interpreting as 'Gods' were actually just people who 'ascended' (achieved passage in 'Afterlife')?
- one of the things that you seems obvious is that humans have become far too cynical? They choose to believe in what they want to no matter what the evidence may otherwise show? How would testing of a pre-cogs/prophets who haven't really had to deal with 'false positives' for much of their life work? You can't test someone for something which they've never had to deal with (unless they're taught or do research on this)?
- feels like we're outwitting ourselves at times with pre-cogs/prophets at times? Holy Spirit says that if things aren't 100% correct then it's not from the Lord/God? Problem is this has limited utility because 100% hit rate means you can't stop bad things from happening. What's even more confusing is when we throw 'free will' into the mix and multi-verse theory? Technically, a lot of things in the Holy Scriptures are coming out of sequence or aren't coming at the same time? This means we could be getting 'false positives' left, right, and centre which muddles everything up? If you read into things no one has really matched up against the requirements of a 'Messianic figure'? Moreover, out current way of life (specialisation) makes it even less likely that this will occur in future? It feels like people believe whatever they want to believe at times? Even if God himself were to come down they'd still be non-believers (that said, they lack a time reference. Hence, the silliness in picking?) Dangers of this are obvious? If you can somehow convince someone into believing that someone has done something bad and have someone probe them then it's completely invalid?
Two Witnesses - Part Two
- it's obvious that two primary things need to be delivered in the final scheme of things? The current elite seem to want to deny things to humanity at times (else, they just can't figure things out?)? These final pre-cogs/prophets effectively have to deliver access to 'time and space' as well as 'unending life'. Without access to 'time and space' delivering 'unending life' (on Earth as well as into the 'Afterlife' should there be one) is pointless because of overpopulation and resource contention issues. Delivery of the latter without the former is also pointless because what's the point of 'unending life' if life feels hopeless?
- the reason for the Sabbath and other days of worship/importance isn't immediately obvious until you realise how the pre-cogs/prophets fit into the overall scheme of things. They're technically the only ones who can really make any sense of the Holy Scriptures (should they be valid) and be able to deliver solutions on them? A better balance in life is the only way you'll anyone can make any of of it true (if it's valid?)
- once you have gained early access a few times it becomes more easy to understand some of the actions of others who have achieved the same but have somehow been denied subsequent access? It's somewhat similar to heightened euphoria which sounds similar 
- obvious implications with the issue of 'sin' as being the entry requirement for the 'Afterlife' is that we observe similar patterns of behaviour in schizophrenic people from generally Asian backgrounds. The concern is that people are conditioned to behave in such a behaviour. The irony here is how do we explain those older religions where Gods who seemed to be far less stringent allowed passage to the Afterlife?
- it becomes clearer what they've been thinking also. Religious leaders were clearly aware of the fallibility of our human bodies. Hence, the desire to separate church and state from one another. Moreover, it's clear that at the back of their minds they knew that ultimately it would take a pre-cog/prophet with 'early access' (to Heaven, should it exist) to be able to make sense of it all and be able to bring everyone together under a 'single God'
- once it comes down to it a lot of human fields of endeavour make no sense or there exist massive gaping holes in them? For instance, there's no point to having a conscious or compassion in the context of Darwinism (works of de Quincey on subconcious), our physics can't be reconciled, our religion can not be fixed, etc?
No Scientific Way to Explain Creation - John MacArthur The Theology of Creation
- clearly a lot of people have looked into this? Frustrated and looking for a way to solve things. Embedded in films/games seeing whether they can figure things out?
- technically, they have access to most of space/time which means that the idea of 'firmament' is actually correct?
- there's one corollary to this. If certain things are pre-determined then technically valid pre-cogs/prophets can simply look backwards in time to trace a valid path of pre-cogs/prophets? Obviously, leads to the problem of the self-fulfilling prophecy?
- the Hyperspace issue is clearly being thought of in somewhat simplistic fashion at times. Most people are attacking it from a 'raw power perspective' by warping time space through high levels of gravity/energy but I think there may be other more elegant solutions: neutrinos, anti-matter, matter which we may not have already found as yet? Obvious question is whether 'alien technology' is already on Earth? These tunnels/jumps in time/space also also explains why there are no detectable/physical phenomena surrounding those who may supposedly be pre-cogs/prophets (same thing happens in QET, Quantum Entanglement Tunnels) if it is coming from a third party?
- something you need to think about initial Hyperspace drive designs versus more elegant/advanced drives is the following. Sufficient warping/creation of Hyperspace windows will initially likely require higher power levels before we revert to more fundamental science. Clearly, Hyperdrive designs determined not only by ability to create warping of time/space but also raw computing power. Longer distances will require greater and faster computation since calculations need to be completed to create the jump from one location to another in time/space. Wonder whether there is an analogue between analogue versus digital Hyperspace drive designs? As stated previously, initial thoughts on this subject indicates that overlay of physical phenomena over Hyperspace field/window may be enough but won't be as accurate? Digital processing (and better science in general) required for this reason. Quantum computing required to achieve the minimise the number/type of Hyperspace field/window speed required to make a smaller number of Hyperspace jumps possible between distant locations?
- this is where things get interesting. If each person has an individual pathway to complete ascension then technically, the only real way for each person to learn, practice and achieve complete 'ascension' is to practice while on Earth? It's also interesting for the following reason. In the Eastern religions (Hindu and Buddhism) it's as though the pre-cog/prophet involved could not initially achieve 'early access' to Heaven (should it exist). They had to continue to working on things before they gained access. This is why the Western religions and by inference Jesus and Muhammad make for interseting case studies as well. Jesus is generally regarded as being 'cleaner' then Muhammad but since he didn't seem to have to deal with as much of the issue of 'false positives' as Muhammad then he's actually more difficult to follow because you don't really know about as much about false paths to travel down? The divide in the religions is actually a 'good thing' (assuming that they are all valid pre-cogs/prophets?) because it tells us multiple pathways into the Afterlife (should it exist)? Most pre-cogs/prophets know whether they're going through to the 'Afterlife' or not. Given that part of the issue is technical (putting brain into particular state) wonder whether or not people may be going through but not realising it (high incidence of sleep apnea in general population based on some of what I've heard?)? By virtue of the fact that fewer people are genuine pre-cogs/prophets then I previously thought there are fewer genuine believers out there then I thought?
- technically, the world has two core religions from which many of the other religions are derived from? Eastern (Hindu, Buddhism) and Western (Abrahamic religions such as Judaism, Islam, and Christianity). Irony is that they technically all have the same core ideas to them all?
- one thing which doesn't make any sense is why aren't there more of these pre-cogs/prophets? It's almost like the religions have missed out on something? If it came down to the nature of 'sin' alone surely children which report a larger incidence of pre-cog/prophetic visions?
- wondering whether those who are pre-cogs/prophets are somehow related to some of those who are spoken of in the Holy Scriptures (namely, the Titan theory)?
- you come to some very uncomfortable conclusions once you examine everything. If progress into an Afterlife (should it exist) is determined through pre-cog/prophetic visions/prayer then technically hardly anyone is going through at the moment? It's almost like a self fulfilling prophecy at times? Those who are pre-cogs/prophets are more likely to believe in religion while those who don't don't? It also brings into question the multiple versus single Messiah theory? If you examine many religions they advocate a single Messiah of their particular religion but this also means 
A lot of people are probably interpreting the way they want to, not the way it possibly should be? Realistically, the only way to keep a lie going is to come up with others lies to cover up the original lie which helps to explain a lot of the inconsistencies?
alien sightings
- if people honestly thought of themselves as God incarnate on Earth it's easy to see how some people may have ended up thinking more of themselves then they actually were?
- people are interpreting the way they want to interpret things not the way they likely are?
- one of the neat things about this is that if it is written as a code for someone decipher then there aren't too many people who have the genuine ability to be able to decode it? They would have to fairly well educated, be a pre-cog/prophet themselves, have an understanding of religion, have a balanced personality, etc... In a way, it sort of helps to guarantee that things can only be delivered in a certain way (that said, it's clear that even if you do fit these particular criteria unravelling this will take heaps of time?)? Personally, I fail to see how a single 'pure pre-cog/prophet' of the highest ability isn't going to change anything? There needs to be a group of them?
- once you examine things in detail it becomes obvious why any supposed 'Second Coming' would be feared and welcomed simultanously. To actually explain/prove things in a way that would make more sense to the rest of humanity in general you actually need to weed out the lies, mis-interpretations, etc... The irony is that in doing so my guess is that you gain more then you lose which makes me question why anyone would be against this (if they didn't have a direct counter-interest)? Many of them are simply 'acting out'?
- it doesn't matter if you believe or don't believe in religion one thing that has to lurk at the back of your mind is why should any of them help? Given the state of the world I'm just finding it difficult to figure out how or why people would want to help them pursue the type of world they want to pursue (even if it may be better?)? It's difficult to believe that humanity is ready (no matter what the circumstances)?
- if my Hyperspace drive design is correct it's obvious why some people who thought understanding the Holy Scriptures would lead to an understanding of everything? Everything is literally embedded into the functioning of the Universe which means that once you understand and how to access space and time then you effectively gain everything (which is clearly what some pre-cogs/prophets though?)? Knowledge of all the various permutations that have been tried throughout history throughout the entire history of the universe?
- realistically, if the rules for entrance into an Afterlife really are that strict it becomes obvious what some people have been thinking. They'd do the best that they possibly can to try and create a 'second outpost' on Earth knowing full well that they have no genuine chance into the Afterlife that others have spoken of?
- what's clear is that you need genuine pre-cogs/prophets to be able to prove religions are real, that the agreement between Heaven and Earth is real, etc... Without them it feels as though it's just a bunch of random sayings?
- extremely difficult to figure out what the truth is because so much is of it unknown, lies, mis-interpretation, etc?
- if I'm correct somehow it feels as though these pre-cogs/prophets are somehow crucial to human history? Science, mathematics, physics religion, philosophy, medicine, politics, defense, etc... The problem has been the different interpretations between them which has led to our present state of affairs? They have literally been the cause and solution for many of our problems?
- this is where it becomes a little more interesting. It feels as though the Muslims divided themselves along two main lines. Those who were bloodline related to Muhammad himself and those who weren't. Either way it has become a strong line of fracture within Islam itself. From a pre-cog/prophet perspective it means that technically 
- it's very difficult to examine each religion/pathway in isolation. It makes little sense especially if the pathway in question has little to no relevance to your own particular circumstances? Most of the pre-cogs/prophets have effectively submitted to God but interpreted it in different ways?
- it's likely for everything to be delivered it will require that children with 'abilities' will need to be 'encouraged' to pursue interests in the domain of physics and medicine? Further gains will be made if they are both scientists and doctors as well pre-cogs/prophets with access to 'facilities elsewhere' (as has been the case with many of the others)
- there seem to multiple types and classes of pre-cogs/prophets? Some notice that they can't seem to be able to push their abilities into certain areas (limits or it's almost like their power levels are limited somehow?)
- the issue of sin is extremely interesting because my guess is that somehow they the the other pre-cogs/prophets thought that since their visions couldn't co-exist with one another one precluded the other? The irony is with the 'remote viewing' program of some states and the visions of others is that they don't seem to have the same level of access that the original pre-cogs/prophets did?
- if you examine the structure of society now it feels as though the religions still maintain a strong influence on things operate?
- 'Hyperspace Windows' subject to 'pluming effect' that is commonly seen in particle and energy based weapons systems? Would need to deploy in space or others of 'low relative volatility' to achieve better chances of success or mecahsnisms for stabilishing 'Hyperspace Window' would require enormously high levels of energy? Currently, don't have the ability to create controlled levels of energy levels that may be required for this which means that only small objects can be moved at this stage? Computing power and level of science dictates how fast/far you can move in time and space? As I said previously, best way to study this may be to simply look at QET phenomena and 'Black Hole' research in more detail. Basically, you project the 'Hyperspace Window' and move forward and then continually move forward through it until you research your destination. Obviously, computational speed determines how fast you create create and move through each 'Hyperspace Window'. It's obvious that those 'from elsewhere have mastered things to such an extent that effective instantaneous travel is now possible for them through space and time? That explains the abscence of 'wormholes' like objects and 'Doppler Shift' as they move from one point to another within time and space?
[1707.00934] Ground-to-satellite quantum teleportation - arXiv
- tried to get per capita pre-cog/prophets, miracles statistics earlier but weren't able to find adequate figures as yet?
- it's a communications mechanism. Each message is valid for that individual for the most part? For those who are pre-cogs/prophets it will make more sense that we aren't alone? If you gain early entry you'll just know, if you don't you'll know, if you have to cycle through again, you'll know... What's also interesting is that everybody wants to run things but ironically all the rules strike a balance bewteen the needs of the individual and the collective. The other irony is this. If I'm reading things correctly, the method is fairly full proof? The pre-cogs/prophets only gain knowledge as required, they never know the complete plan, which meants that even if one of them are caught they can never be 'co-erced'. Heaven effectively never gets into an argument or subject to the desires of Earth? Moreover, since 'Heaven' is never constantly beating down on Earth then hopefully humanity learns to love those from up above (much like a good parent takes care of their children)? Always watching over them and only intervening when really necessarily?
- guaranteed no one wants to get involved even if they are 'enhanced'? Even if you find one of them you still someone have to convince one of them to want to help humanity. I doubt a lot of people will like the truth? Obvious answers that have been suggested by others
- some pre-cogs/prophets knows that the Multiverse theory makes no sense? No matter what they do to fght against a particular of set of events from occurring it still happens no matter what they do?
- 'Will of God' is extremely important in the overall scheme of things and the notion of 'free will'. Forms the core/basis for much of our conflict?
- plenty of people who are still interested in the 'old interpretation'?
- through implication it's fairly obvious that it means that we aren't alone? 
- assuming Moses wasn't mentally ill (we know that any kind of illness was looked down upon back in ancient times... Just look at the impact Jesus had upon this perspective?), how did Moses know he was dealing with God? No one else could hear him? We can track the vision theory which makes sense. Still doesn't tell him whether he's dealing with someone from up above or whether he's mentally ill? Pointless trying to identify based on 'signature' because most can take 'alternate forms'? Impossible to externally validate without a machine capable of accessing space and time?
- there were actually quite a few resurrections in the past? Wonder whether miracles across the board were of the same type?
resurrections in religion
- one thing I don't get is the following. They say that the Holy Spirit is 100% correct (or close to) and is slightly different to other methodologies. One frustrating thing is if that's the case, time/space is locked in (which is also one of the reasons why pre-cogs/prophets) are scared witless by their dreams/vision (they can see anything based on what I've researched)? If that's the case, it just seems as though the way things have been interpreted a lot of pre-cog/prophetic visions have too much leeway?
Shooting on the Temple Mount
Ancient Document Reveals the Antichrist to be Roman
- one of the things that you realise is that nothing will make sense to those who sort of aren't able to break free of a lot of the lies and manipulation of society, your own internal biases, etc... Moreover, much of it won't make sense unless you think from the perspective of a pre-cog/prophet (should they exist)
- dig deeper into world history realise there isn't much of a difference between us. Why certain countries have taken their places in the world becomes much more evident over time as well. By being late into both of the World Wars, engaging in slavery, colonialism, etc... the West pulled out further ahead (track the entire history of the world not just a particular section). Thereafter, they were able to set the rules basically because most of the countries were basically weaker and getting their act back together?
- the problem with this model is that technically, even if you are the strongest and build an empire there exists the empire (need to keep everyone happy) and usability (need to maintain competitive advantage) paradoxes. Namely, the empire has to keep everyone happy while minimising the total number of people who are hurt or are unhappy (this means that an empire can not be imposed through the use of force, police state, or through other similar covert mechanisms). On top of this, if it works within the context of free market capitalism (this version in particular) they somehow need to maintain a competitive advantage. Presently, these issues can be dealt with by de-stabilising competitors, better education and technology, migration, through neo-colonialism/liberalism (which is effectively the inverse of colonialism with slaves/workers coming towards you rather then you going to them but effectively does the same thing?), etc... It's impossible that this framework can lead to any potential Kingdom of God/Second outpost on Earth? Over time, it would have to change? At the back of my mind, I wonder whether or not everyone is doing what they perceive to be the right thing but their interpretation is different (rightly or wrongly)?
“To come to Australia as a student is expensive, so the students that come usually have wealthy parents. They can afford to pay high rents and enjoy the luxuries of life here. And because they are pretty well off they are also better educated. We find that success brings more success,” says Fong, who is now the president of the Chinese Historical Society.
- the core issue is that should these people exist and they can deliver what is needed (access to time and space capability which seems to help deal with the 'finite resource issue' and ending 'death and disease') their may need to be a re-ordering of the world order. Nations and people may simply need to be more willing to accept their more natural 'order in life'? The reason why this is so problematic is the following. The nature of 'sin' is cyclic in nature. If one person breaches that point, another needs to breach that point in order to 'beat it'... In a way, everyone sort of has things wrong? In a world that doesn't have to deal with the 'finite resource issue' then the problem isn't how to make a living. The issue is how to have everyone get along. If I'm correct, the breadcrumbs which were laid out and which many scientists have since solved laid the foundations so that the foundations for the supposed 'Kingdom of God on Earth' could be laid out. What's clear to me is that the religions wanted people to ultimately conclude that a lot of their work was supposedly 'divinely inspired' as I've previously speculated on?
- a lot of people just don't understand the Jewish perspective? Once again, history tracks only a tiny fraction of their history. They were clearly the most conservative of the major religions. They understood that given the present circumstances they would always be a minority. Their only guarantee of security (in the absence of divine intervention) was always tying themselves in a security arrangement with a stronger power or engaging in covert/hybrid warfare in order to ensure the security of their state even if it meant compromising particular aspects of their general character. Hence, their present set of circumstances? The irony is that deep down they know that without an intermediary component (from 'up above') who can provide clarification or else an adequate exchange to forgive their 'original sin' (their words, not mine) they will be forever under stress/attack (the reason why/how the pre-cogs/prophets come into this is because it's clear that they could have mis-interpreted something, lied, didn't understand the best moment to move, etc?)
Israelis - What is the difference between Zionism and Judaism
Rebel Rabbis - Anti-Zionist Jews Against Israel
Talk to Al Jazeera - Rabbi Dovid Weiss - Zionism has created 'rivers of blood'
Lord Rothschild Explains How They Created Zionism And Israel!
Head to Head - Is Zionism compatible with democracy
- this leads to some surprising things/speculations about the Apocalypse/Revelations/Second Coming pre-cog/prophetic visions (still not sure whether these are valid or not?)? The pre-cogs/prophets are much more difficult to corrupt owing to their nature and their 'communications link' between Heaven and Earth. The one thing that they also understand is that owing to the nature of their bodies they are subject to the exact same flaws that others on Earth are also subject to. Namely, neuro-chemically once they 'give in' to certain acts it's a quick race downwards? Hence, the 'ivory/white tower' arrangement of some of the religions which seems out of touch at times with the public? Clear for me, peace can not be achieved without dealing with these guys? The obvious trade would be resource and unending life? It's at this point where things become more interesting because at this point, it's about how people interact with one another. Our current version of capitalism would actually be self defeating and would slow the progress of humanity because we would be competing for resources without actually needing to? Exchange of everything that was created gained through untoward mechanisms to be returned to their rightful owners? Interesting possible inferences here?
- it's clear that various civilisations, religions, states, etc... have tried to understand/unlock much of this as well but they haven't been able to. It's clear that the world wouldn't be the way it is if they had of figured out what it all meant earlier?
- assuming that enough of the Holy Scriptures are valid (of any religion) it leads to some interesting inferences. Technically, only a pre-cog/prophet would be able to understand and decode it (or else people who have studied their kind)? If I'm correct, and some of the pre-cogs/prophets are using 'Heaven' as a workspace (and my tracking of possible scientists, doctors, mathematicians, philosophers, etc... pre-cogs/prophets) then technically only they will be able to decode everything? This leads to a some interesting possibilities... This is why I'm very curious. Let's say that some of them they are real and it's possible that they can deliver on what's promised/prophecised? Will humanity change?
percentage of bible prophecies come true
- younger seem to be able to distinguish between between real pre-cog/prophetic visions and 'false positives' more easily. Wonder whether children need to be formally baptised (or it's equivalent whether formally or informally (basically, establish a relationship with God from a young age?)?) for this reason (in a way doesn't really make much sense though)? This leads to a possible ugly truth? Most of the valid pre-cogs/prophets know whether they're going through to 'Heaven' or not which means that many people possibly aren't? In reality, I'm not sure a lot of people know what 'ascension' actually means? It feels like a radically different world with a radically different set of rules?
- one thing that feels obvious is that a lot of the old pre-cogs/prophets are far more intelligent then you expect? If you look at some of passages it feels applicable no matter what period of time we operate in?
- if you examine the work of the others it's quite remarkable. For others it represents a roadmap for others who can understand it? It's irrelevant whether they were simply smart, were genuine pre-cogs/prophets, etc... They seem to be on the mark on the core bits? Succession should be towards achieving these particular goals? That said, clear these people and the interpretation of what they saw is basically the core of many of our problems?
- it's also at this point that you understand the what I call the, "prophet's conundrum". The world generally doesn't really have a great history with of any of these people. In fact, much of the success that Buddha, Muhammad, Jesus, etc... had was often greater after their deaths (after reviewing things, my guess is that they don't really die but effectively 'move elsewhere'?)? There's also this, at the back of their mind they'd be reluctant to give something like that people aren't ready for? It just feels like a lot of people just aren't ready for this? Most of them will be unlikely to have the means to pursue the type of work that is necessary to achieve what people and they will be reluctant to get involved in political issues since they know that certain people will never be able to come to a viable compromise or solution even if one is provided? At least a few years for someone to figure it out the core issues? May take decades or a lifetime to deliver on everything if a single individual is to complete these tasks (even at peak efficiency?)? There has to be 'helpers' of some sort? My guess is that they'll always be those amongst humanity who are able to help things along (more easily, quickly, humanely, etc...) but we simply need to find them? On certain things they'll be on a hiding to nothing? No matter what answer they provide things will always be awkward?
- reason why I'm somewhat skeptical about 'sin' being a is that the background of a lot of the pre-cogs/prophets is less then completely clean. Look at the background of Moses, Abraham, David, Muhammad, etc... They were clearly less then completely 'clean'. They had instances where they were involved in violent conflict and confrontation?
- the irony is that even if the religions believe in a more hard line approach they have to be progressive in order to maintain popularity?
- the more research you do the more you realise how the two world's (Heaven (should it exist) and Earth) are different and seem to be completely juxtaposed? It's at this point that you realise that large parts of religion often doesn't seem to make much sense in isolation?
- it's only after a while that you sort of understand how some people sort of mesh in religious thought with their work and how they interpret things? A good example of this is neo-colonialism and liberalism? Easy to see how this could be interpreted to be a 'good thing' (bring new goods/services into the fold) or somehow doing the 'Lord's work' even though it's questionable whether it's bringing good/harm?
Statism - The Most Dangerous Religion (feat. Larken Rose)
- since knowledge tends to aggregate over time it's obvious that the 'Revelations' are applicable to almost any time period. That said, the current elite will always attempt to maintain the status quo. The obvious play is for others to attempt to try to discredit them (the next generation even if they can and do deliver on everything)? Given advances in our science and technology 'memory implants' may prove to be a problem for pre-cogs/prophets? Anomalies? To resist the influence of others, knowledge of oneself is important?
Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell: How'd you resist the brainwashing? I figure I might be in that situation some day, and I don't recon I'm going through the Rite of M'al Sharran.

Teal'c: To resist the influence of others, knowledge of ones self is most important. 
- once you decode the possible implications of the final battle between 'good' and 'evil' things look kind of interesting? What the 'Revelantions' actually say seems to be correct (regardless of whether they were valid pre-cogs/prophets or just really smart people)? None of the empires or systems of 'Earth' seem to scale upwards? The fatal flaw of pure human based empires is that technically imbalances are never re-corrected? If an individual or group gets too greedy there is technically no real mechanism to address this (despite what is said and done by many actors in government, lobbyists, and private enterprise say). In fact, it never scales? Basically, capitalism (this version in particular) deprives one side of the other of goods and services via an intermediary known as money. The problem is that we're stuck in a doom loop now. Technically, (as we've witnessed in the last few economic crises) the system has become too big to fail which means that the rich will continue to doom the lives of the poor? It seems as though, humans have basically found sneakier ways of taking advantage of one another? What's worse, is that the the system is almost built to make hyprocrites out of everyone? It's very difficult to get away with not engaging in unethical behaviour because the nature of sin is such that the greatest amount of sin in a system often dictates the level of sin by the rest of the group? Moreover, there are so many rules now that it's impossible for one to know whether one is abiding by all the rules at the same time?
Keiser Report - Trumponomics (E1107)
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- the obvious three deliverables for this to guarantee everything: peace, propserity, unending life, new agreement between Heaven and Earth, etc... are access to time and space, life extensions, and completion of several core projects at which point the 'Holy Scriptures' of many of the world's religions would make much more sense? There's also something else. Right now the world pretty much operates in a 'cloak and dagger' fashion. Countries (and individuals) have effectively figured out ways of getting back at one another in more covert fashion to the point whereby it is very difficult for anyone to know whether or not they are stepping on someone's shoes?
- another reason why many Earthly empires don't scale is the following. People have obviously come up with more covert mechanisms to take advantage of one another. The irony is that over time, the size of this particular part of the economy relative to the rest becomes outsized which means that security is likely to be more easily compromised. Overlay the fact that most people aren't that much different from one another and it becomes even easier why they mostly rise and collapse over and over again?
- comedy relief. 'God' was the name of an alien travelling in a UFO who visited Earth from time to time who had loudspeakers and a really big spotlight (he could only run it for a limited time because he had a really short lifespan battery supply?) on his spacecraft? He was only around during the time of the 'Old Testament' but then developed 'agoraphobia' in more recent times? Hence, he's not around too much anymore? In reality, it feels like we're not much different from the aliens in locker C18 at times? We fine an ideology we like and then follow it? Funny quote...
Cardinal Sin himself told a group of foreign journalists soon after the reported miracle: "When you are hungry, you see visions. So my first advice is to eat. When you are not hungry anymore, you will not see visions."

Random Stuff:
- I've been thinking of alternative methods of molding plastic for custom/personal use? Done similar stuff in the past but got rather messy and temperature was higher then I had anticipated which led to a bit of a mess? Need to think this through better...
melting plastic
Polymorph: Which Coloring Substance Is Recommended? 
- perhaps they should consider flying drones or balloons with food and other aide over the airspace of North Korea? Forces them to spend more time focusing on getting at the food and aide? Wonder what North Koreans would think of US fast food?
‘That’s still Siberia’ - New Yorkers try to locate North Korea
- some animal news
Moose steals and eats lunch food at Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Wild beast becomes our best friend! 
Moose eating bananas 
Moose Drinking from Sprinkler at Bear Lake, Utah
Feeding and Petting a Bull Moose
Gorilla picks his butt, sniffs his finger, then eats it!
Monkey Scratches Butt and smells... and faints!
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Raccoon Steals Cats' Food (Original)
Funny Animal Behavior : Camel Chewing
Nothing to see here – just a tigress drinking from a sink in the men’s room
very funny camel
Bear hug: Man befriends giant brown bear in US rescue centre
Man Hugs, Cuddles and Give Back Rubs to Massive Orphaned Bear
South Africa donkeys used to smuggle cars into Zimbabwe
INDOT returns boy's stuffed moose
Clever chimp uses piece of grass to extract snack from inside tree
Nothing Will Keep This Chimp Away From His Favorite Snacks
Orangutan saws a tree - Spy in the Wild - Episode 2 Preview - BBC One
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excess and insurance
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Maize Sampler
- given that we know that some countries under sanction have cyber-programs to make money off of the web through cyberwarfare one wonders how much traffic on the Internet is dedicated to these programs?
- latest in science and technology

Random Stuff:
- In a nearly unanimous vote on Tuesday, the House passed a bill that imposes new sanctions on Moscow and forces Trump to seek congressional approval before easing any restrictions on Russia. The bill, part of a larger sanctions regimen that would also impose new restrictions and punitive measures on Iran and North Korea, was also passed by the Senate in another nearly unanimous vote (98-2) on Thursday. Unsurprisingly, the Trump administration has already signaled the President’s willingness to sign the bill (the same one that they were just badmouthing), turning an “L” into a “W” by mere say so.

The reaction to the bill from Russia is precisely as one would expect: fiery rhetoric about retaliation and counter-measures.

But what about this statement? “In a remarkable moment of candor, the US draft law reveals what this is really about: the sale of American liquefied gas and the displacement of Russian natural gas supplies from the European market. The aim of the sanctions is to secure jobs in the natural gas and oil industry in the USA. Political sanctions should not be associated with economic interests.”

Is this (admittedly accurate) description of the legislation and its contents the work of an angry Russian diplomat? A Russian military officer or businessman?

Nope. Try again. It’s part of a joint statement from German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel and Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern. And the two aren’t alone in holding this sentiment. A number of high-ranking European officials have sounded off about this bill, recognizing as they do that, whatever else might be going on here, the widening rift between Russia and the US is a dagger pointed at the heart of Europe…
- "The engine of American foreign policy has been fueled not by a devotion to any kind of morality, but rather by the necessity to serve other imperatives — making the world safe for American corporations, enhancing the finances of US defense contractors, preventing the rise of any society that might serve as a successful example of an alternative to the capitalist model and extending political and economic hegemony over as wide an area as possible," historian William Blum has observed.
- The company's chief executive Marcin Kleczynski said: “Businesses of all sizes are increasingly at risk for ransomware attacks. However, the stakes of a single attack for a small business are far different from the stakes of a single attack for a large enterprise." 

Kleczynski said the research findings indicated that SMBs were suffering to the point where they had to shut shop.

"To make matters worse, most of them lack the confidence in their ability to stop an attack, despite significant investments in defensive technologies," he said. "To be effective, the security community must thoroughly understand the battles that these companies are facing, so we can better protect them.”

Major findings:

    Ransomware can devastate SMBs. In about one in six affected firms, a ransomware infection caused 25 or more hours of downtime, with some reporting downtime of more than 100 hours. While 22% ceased business operations immediately, another 15% lost money.
    Even though most SMBs (75%) placed a high priority on tackling ransomware attacks, they lacked confidence that they could deal with such incidents. 
    Many did not know where the ransomware had come from and thus infections spread swiftly. About 27% were unable to identify how endpoint(s) were infected and in a third of the cases the ransomware spread to other devices. In 2% of cases, every single device in the organisation was infected.
    SMBs in the US were hit harder by malicious emails containing ransomware than their counterparts in Europe. Email was the most common attack vector in the US - 37% came from a malicious attachment and 27% from a malicious link in an email.
    In Europe, 22% of infections came from malicious email attachments and a similar percentage were attacked through malicious links in emails.
    Most SMBs did not believe in paying ransoms, with 72% saying such demands should be ignored. Of the remainder, most said the ransom said be paid only if the data that had been encrypted was irreplaceable. A third of those who did not pay up lost data as a result.
    Concern about ransomware was highest (54%) among the financial services sector, while transportation business entities (26%) were least concerned.
    More than a third of SMBs claimed to have been running anti-ransomware software, yet about a third still experienced attacks.
- The US measures were unusual in that they targeted a sitting head of state, but their reach was mostly symbolic, freezing any US assets Maduro might have and banning people under US jurisdiction from dealing with him.

“Yesterday’s illegitimate elections confirm that Maduro is a dictator who disregards the will of the Venezuelan people,” US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin told reporters.

Maduro lashed out at the move, saying it smacked of American “imperialism”.

“I will not obey imperial orders. I do not obey foreign governments. I’m a free president,” he said.
- Pakistan must detach itself from American influence and pull out of the “war on terror” in order to create prosperity and achieve regional peace, Imran Khan, the Pakistani opposition leader , has said.

Buoyed by last week’s dismissal of prime minister Nawaz Sharif, Khan is eyeing Pakistan’s highest political office, and said he was ready to change the country’s international relations.

“Sadly, our ruling elite took dollars from the Americans and went into this war,” Khan told the Guardian. “It has created such hatred in our society. It has created turmoil.”

His comments come as the US considers how to approach the conflict in Pakistan and Afghanistan. The White House recently announced it was withholding $50m (£38m) in military aid to Pakistan for its failure to crack down on jihadi groups.

However, if it were up to Khan, Pakistan would reject US aid entirely.

“Aid cripples the country,” he said. “It enslaves the country. You are dictated decisions from abroad. I’m completely against this.”
An international Pew Research Poll study of 42,000 people found that majorities in 21 of the 30 nations surveyed thought that the United States has become a more threatening and ominous presence over their nation since 2013. These 21 countries included key US allies such as Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, South Korea and Spain.

Unfavorability increased 12 percent on average, albeit with great variance in that range. Spain saw a 42 percent increase in unfavorability, the largest gap (from 17 percent to 59 percent). Only a handful of nations (Venezuela, Greece, India and Poland) saw marked decreases in unfavorability. The data comes with a 3-5 point margin of error.

The survey did not ask what specifically threatened the respondents, but the most obvious cause is the election of President Donald Trump — a more hawkish and unpredictable leader than his predecessor. A late June 2017 international Pew poll found that America's favorability rating abroad had sunk from 64 percent in late 2016 to 49 percent today, while foreign confidence in the American president went into freefall: 64 percent to 22 percent.
- Mainstream media outlets gave minimal attention to the news that the US Naval station in Virginia Beach had on May 11 spilled an estimated 94,000 gallons of jet fuel into a nearby waterway less than a mile from the Atlantic Ocean. While the incident was by no means as catastrophic as some other pipeline spills, it underscores an important yet little-known fact – that the US Department of Defence is both the nation’s and the world’s largest polluter.

Producing more hazardous waste than the five largest US chemical companies combined, the US Department of Defence has left its toxic legacy throughout the world in the form of depleted uranium, oil, jet fuel, pesticides, defoliants like Agent Orange and lead, among others.

In 2014, the former head of the Pentagon’s environmental program told Newsweek that her office has to contend with 39,000 contaminated areas spread across 19 million acres just in the US alone.

US military bases, both domestic and foreign, consistently rank among some of the most polluted places in the world, as perchlorate and other components of jet and rocket fuel contaminate sources of drinking water, aquifers and soil. Hundreds of military bases can be found on the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s list of Superfund sites, which qualify for clean-up grants from the government. Almost 900 of the nearly 1,200 Superfund sites in the US are abandoned military facilities or sites that otherwise support military needs, not counting the military bases themselves.

“Almost every military site in this country is seriously contaminated,” John D Dingell, a retired Michigan congressman and war veteran, told Newsweek in 2014.

Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville, North Carolina is one such base. Lejeune’s contamination became widespread and even deadly after its groundwater was polluted with a sizeable amount of carcinogens from 1953 to 1987. However, it was not until this February that the government allowed those exposed to chemicals at Lejeune to make official compensation claims.

Numerous bases abroad have also contaminated local drinking water supplies, most famously the Kadena Air Force Base in Okinawa, Japan.

In addition, the US, which has conducted more nuclear weapons tests than all other nations combined, is also responsible for the massive amount of radiation that continues to contaminate many islands in the Pacific Ocean.

The Marshall Islands, where the US dropped more than 60 nuclear weapons between 1946 and 1958, are a particularly notable example. Inhabitants of the Marshall Islands and nearby Guam continue to experience an exceedingly high rate of cancer.

The US Southwest was also the site of numerous nuclear weapons tests that contaminated large swaths of land. Navajo Indian reservations have been polluted by long-abandoned uranium mines where nuclear material was obtained by US military contractors.

One of the most recent testaments to the US military’s horrendous environmental record is Iraq. US military action there has resulted in the desertification of 90% of Iraqi territory, crippling the country’s agricultural industry and forcing it to import more than 80 percent of its food.

The US’s use of depleted uranium in Iraq during the Gulf War also caused a massive environmental burden for Iraqis. In addition, the US military’s policy of using open-air burn pits to dispose of waste from the 2003 invasion has caused a surge in cancer among US servicemen and Iraqi civilians alike.

While the US military’s past environmental record suggests that its current policies are not sustainable, this has by no means dissuaded the US military from openly planning future contamination of the environment through misguided waste disposal efforts. Last November, the US Navy announced its plan to release 20,000 tons of environmental “stressors”, including heavy metals and explosives, into the coastal waters of the US Pacific Northwest over the course of this year.

The plan, laid out in the Navy’s Northwest Training and Testing Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), fails to mention that these “stressors” are described by the EPA as known hazards, many of which are highly toxic at both acute and chronic levels.

The 20,000 tons of “stressors” mentioned in the EIS do not account for the additional 4.7 to 14 tons of “metals with potential toxicity” that the Navy plans to release annually, from now on, into inland waters along the Puget Sound in Washington state.

In response to concerns about these plans, a Navy spokeswoman said that heavy metals and even depleted uranium are no more dangerous than any other metal, a statement that represents a clear rejection of scientific fact. It seems that the very US military operations meant to “keep Americans safe” come at a higher cost than most people realise – a cost that will be felt for generations to come both within the United States and abroad.
- A teenage student in Belarus has invented a charger, which is powered by the energy from the human body. 

The power-bank allows you to charge your phone simply by rotating your hand. The movement activates the device’s gyroscope to produce energy that can then be stored or used to charge a mobile.

The device costs about 80 dollars and it is now being prepared for mass-production. The 19-year-old inventor says the device can be an emergency source of clean energy.
- Automated cash-deposit machines are being blamed for the Commonwealth Bank allegedly violating Australian anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing laws.

A total of more than $77 million was said to have been laundered, according to the monitoring agency AUSTRAC which has taken the CBA to Federal Court in a civil case over the alleged offences.

AUSTRAC claims that CBA contravened the laws more than 53,700 times. Any transaction over $10,000 is supposed to be reported within 10 days.
- It said that it had contacted both Apple and Google after its review and was impressed by the speed with which both companies removed the apps from their respective app stores.

ASIC said, apart from the fact that these apps were not licensed, it was also concerned that:

    "Many of the mobile app descriptions contained statements which appeared to be misleading about the profitability of trading and the amount of profit that could be made. For example:
        ‘Earn up to 90% in less than an hour, in fact you can profit quickly as 60 seconds and profit as much as 620% via one trade’
        ‘(our app] generates around 85% profitable signals from the top traders to guarantee the safe trading.'
    "The majority of these apps failed to outline the risks of trading binary options, with 80% having no risk warning at all.
    "Some apps from introducing brokers made it appear they were the issuer of the binary option and did not clearly inform investors if and how they would be compensated for referral business.
    "Some binary option review/education sites were merely collecting personal information which could be used for high-pressure cold calling. For example, some developer websites associated with the apps promoted their ability to deliver traffic to casino, lottery, forex, and binary option service providers."

ASIC's Cathie Armour said: "This is a timely reminder for investors to remain vigilant and not fall for flashy advertising or hard selling. Investors also need to make sure any financial service provider, regardless of the way that financial service is being provided, is adequately licensed and authorised to provide those services.

"In an age where technology can hide who is offering and controlling a product, buyer beware has never been so important. If something appears too good to be true, it probably is."
- Russia has denounced the new US claim that it is working to divide the Balkans from the West, saying the accusation further exposes the “primitive” Cold War mentality that is dominating Washington.

    "It is regrettable to note that Washington is sliding ever deeper into the primitive ideology of the Cold War era, which is completely detached from reality," the Russian Foreign Ministry said Thursday.

The comments were a response to allegations made by US Vice President Mike Pence a day earlier.

Visiting Montenegro on Wednesday as part of an ongoing tour of Eastern Europe, Pence criticized Moscow for adopting policies which he said destabilized the region and were unacceptable to the White House.

"As you all know, Russia continues to seek to redraw international borders by force and, here in the Western Balkans,” the VP told a summit attended by leaders of NATO members Montenegro, Croatia, Albania and Slovenia, as well as Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia and Kosovo.

"We truly believe the future of the Western Balkans is in the West," he told reporters.
- Gainspan Corporation manufactures low power Wi-Fi semiconductors that form the heart of modern remote sensing, monitoring and control technologies.

Recorded Future Inc. is a Massachusetts web startup that monitors the web in real time and claims its media analytics search engine can be used to predict the future.

Keyhole Corp. created the 3D earth visualization technology that became the core of Google Earth.

The common denominator? All of these companies, and hundreds more cutting edge technology and software startups, have received seed money and investment funding from In-Q-Tel, the CIA’s own venture capital firm.

Welcome, this is James Corbett of The Corbett Report with your Eyeopener Report for BoilingFrogsPost.com

For decades, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA, has been the American governmental body tasked with conducting high-risk, high-payoff research into cutting edge science and technology. Responsible most famously for developing the world’s first operational packet switching network that eventually became the core of the Internet, DARPA tends to garner headlines these days for some of its more outlandish research proposals and is generally looked upon a a blue-sky research agency whose endeavours only occasionally bear fruit.

In the post-9/11 consolidation of the American intelligence community, IARPA, or the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Agency, was created to serve as the spymaster’s equivalent of DARPA’s defense research.

In contrast to this, In-Q-Tel was formed by the CIA in 1999 as a private, not-for-profit venture capital firm with the specific task of delivering technology to America’s intelligence community.

Publicly, In-Q-Tel markets itself as an innovative way to leverage the power of the private sector by identifying key emerging technologies and providing companies with the funding to bring those technologies to market.

In reality, however, what In-Q-Tel represents is a dangerous blurring of the lines between the public and private sectors in a way that makes it difficult to tell where the American intelligence community ends and the IT sector begins.
- The Secret Service moved its command post from a unit one floor below the president’s apartment to a trailer on the sidewalk, more than 50 floors below. 
- That is what links Turkey, Poland, and Hungary now with Venezuela and Russia, when they still held genuine elections. Attacks on democracy have been carried out by democratically elected leaders, in a toxic combination of populism and crude majoritarianism. The diminishing of democracy is presented as precisely the opposite, because it has the support of a significant majority.

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