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Monday, August 21, 2017

Prophets/Pre-Cogs 15, Random Stuff, and More

On Prophets:
- an obvious continuation on my previous religious research:
- basically the 'Empire Paradox' can only be overcome by using those who have 'early access' to again access to advanced knowledge of science, technology, medicine, political science, etc? That's effectively what the 'Revelations' (and equivalent in other religions) says of the Holy Scriptures?
- people will dry themselves crazy at times if they think about. Pre-cogs/Prophets know there is nothing they can do about certain events. Hence, living their live out is their only choice. There are general indicators with them across many of the religions and world cultures...
- clear that many people have tried to figure out the intricacies and secrets embedded in the Holy Scriptures of the world's religions? Am curious whether or not if their use of access in 'the wrong way' may have led to restrictions of access? Also curious because if they have figured out a lot of these issues then surely they probably aren't good guardians for the future of Earth?
- interesting that in the past that if the Jews veered off the path of 'the Lord' somehow life would be worse? Perhaps they concluded roughly the same thing? That somehow the Holy Scriptures are coded or that they are more literal then most people make them out to be?
- making the body more robust will make easier to freeze in the type of stasis pods that have been envisaged? Telepathic communication remains unaffected because it's a push/pull relationship (as with animals (if this is true?))?
- only 3 or 4 who have 'early access' might be enough to complete the projects to gain access to 'time and space' and 'life extensions' that is required to create a 'new Earth/second Outpost' (if that's what people want? Communication may be really awkward for those who've never been through this before? Based on other accounts it's like information is transferred at FTL speed but you still get the idea transferred across (see later on in this post for more details)? Obviously, no language is required/spoken which explains 'Light of Pentecost' miracle?)? Shouldn't require access to specialised equipment as long as they have a solid educational background. Obviously, the broader and deeper their education the better? Need to give knowledge to everyone to not create a divide? About half a dozen to a dozen 'Ascended' (in any form) to get things done reasonably quickly (fix core problems of the entire planet over a period of about 5-10 years?)?
- interesting thing about the main Messianic candidates (Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad, etc...) in the past is that they never really fulfilled the requirements of bringing peace, goodwill, prosperity, everlasting life, etc... to Earth. That would have either required 'early access' to a large number of people, bringing back knowledge/science/technology, etc... from Heaven, etc...
- one of the frustrating things is what God actually is? Most of the 'Ascended' know that they are connected somehow? Humans call it the 'Holy Spirit'? Is it possible that maybe God wasn't a single being at the start but a bunch of different 'Ascended' beings who later tooks turns at looking after those who wished to 'Ascend'? 
- makes you wonder whether God himself was once mortal and created Heaven (a different world and realm separate from Earth and the Universe that most people know and understand?) from scratch because he couldn't oversee a way to overcome the problems that most mortals faced without starting something entirely from 'scratch'? In which case, who/why/what God is and where he came from is entirely irrelevant? Hence, the odd nature of the beginning of many of the Holy Scriptures? My guess is perhaps is there is answers may only ever be provided once they had crossed over into the Kingdom of Heaven? Perhaps the Eastern (and older Middle Eastern) religions may offer some clues? It's said that in some of them God recognised the nature of what it took to create a 'clean world from scratch'? Perhaps that's it?
- many of the Holy Scriptures can be defined by a single statement. Finding the balance between the individual and the collective to create happiness and freedom from suffering?
- once you gain access to time and space you'll be able to access the histories of all those who have 'Ascended' or have work to do while on Earth. You'll find out that even mistakes that they've made have been honest? Access to 'Heaven' is restricted because the two worlds are juxtaposed as previously explained due to avoid the 'Sin Cycle'?
- gravity waves indicate that Quantum Mechanics and Newtonian Mechanics aren't so different after all? Quantum Energy of Light Wave is E=hf (where E is energy, h is Planck constant, f is frequency of light wave?) Derivation into gravity wave is similar (assuming isolation of particle in closed system?) since if E=hf is closely related to d=st (where d is distance, s is speed, t is time)? Therefore we should have diffraction pattern in gravity fields as well as light? 
- Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle assumes that only forms of matter which can interact can detect one another? What about alternate forms/types of matter? Shine light or RADAR waves on military equipment get a shadow (think bi-static or multi-modal RADAR?)? What about alternate forms/types of matter (aware that )? This means Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle no matter valid? Does this invalidate Quantum Mechanics?
- if there has to be a final battle between good and evil (as detailed in the 'Revelations' and equivalent in other religions?) then it's clear help is required because the Earth would be too unclean? Some of those higher up in the chain from Heaven would have to visit Earth and a 'beach head' would have to be established on Earth? Hence, there may be a request for kids to establish relationships with those in 'Heaven'. They would simply need to look up the records of the others to figure out how communication would work so they could commence work (the difficulty of working with those who are older is that breaking people free of Earth based ideas would take several months perhaps even years)(my guess is that they'd be able to take advantage of other benefits of the Kingdom of Heaven (should it exist) as well such as the ability to other forms, enter other parts of time/space, travel off world, use facilities such as the 'Holy Spirit', pre-cog/prophet abilities, telepathic communication (doesn't require language) but feels like a instantaneous transfer of ideas and allows for communication with animals as well people who speak other languages without knowing their actual language, etc...)? My guess, is that any frontline defenders of a potential 'New Earth' would be trained somewhat like the 'Arcs'? Have great abilities but highly dependable and virtually incorruptible?
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- interesting accounts of those who have warped in to 'Heaven' (early access). They've said they have noticed that other beings there have the ability to take on other 'forms'. They can choose appear in different types of 'bodies/vessels', etc? They evidently abandoned the idea of Earth based standards superiority a long time ago?
- people from Earth need to understand that eschewing communications with those from 'Heaven' is self defeating? Is forgiveness/confession to God (and the other Heavenly beings) important to allow for them to provide possible alternative solutions at times?  If I'm correct, many are using the facilities there as a work space of some sort then people are actually reducing their own opportunities for personal growth, gain, and by de-facto that of the human race as well? They also need to understand that the ways of Heaven and other parts are fundamentally incompatible? They're free to worship other Gods but ultimately it is self defeating? Was the particular Heaven that most people are interested in was setup to allow people to escape from the world which mortals currently inhabit? If 'Ascended beings' decide to work via alternate forms it's just because it's a more appropriate form to establish communication (at that particular moment in human's history?), they have a sense of humor, or they're desperate? Obviously, the difficult is in trying to verify your sanity? Only real way is to research into other miraculous events?
- one of the interesting things for any of the 'Ascended' is what they do if they have to come to Earth for something? Temporary work would be easy especially if it didn't require direct interfacing with humans? Direct interface would be entirely different (taking human form). Technically, the human body would not be able to contain as much in terms of information versus that of their more natural 'Heavenly form'? This would mean that they (or the others) would have to leave clues on Earth in order to regain full control of their abilities and memories (others may be able to put themselves in their shoes and think like them which would make things potentially easier? Still possible for non-enhanced to understand and make inroads but it's much more difficult?)
- for a 'foothold' situation to take hold on Earth permanent communications would need to be established between a people on Earth and Heaven? Wondering whether over capacity of knowledge and abilities for those who have 'early access' would lead to mental and physical difficulties/breakdown due to incompatibility with 'human form'? People to choose the person with which you have the most in common to find the best 'Ascension' route? From there they need to verify whether they are genuine pre-cogs/prophets or not (whether through the help of others or not)? If 'backup' (in the form of indirect communication, by directly coming to Earth, etc...) is requested it would be hoped that they may in the sacred/Holy Cities of Earth to make identification easier (from their they will push outwards to reduce 'disruption' as Earth moves from the current ways of man to 'New Earth'?)? However, if the others decide to communicate in other parts of the world it may simply because to teach the people of Earth to forget about their current form and move beyond looking at their physical state? Either way, they need to be trained like the 'Arcs' (as stated above. They must be able to partake and understand the way of the two worlds while still remaining incorruptible/grounded? They don't need to memorise the contents of the Holy Scriptures but it would help?). Those who haven't warped through yet (to see Heaven) will need to understand why it's critically important to stop thinking beyond their current mortal lives? They need to understand why (and how) the two world's are incompatible, to open their minds if they are to bring back science and technology from Heaven (this assumes that they are valid 'pre-cogs/prophets')? None of those who are on Earth or from Heaven will care whether you work with (directly or indirectly?) them or not as long as they get the work done? As detailed below, the my guess is that (when the time comes and by the relevant entities/people?) if help is requested then information will be 'directly downloaded' into the mind/consciousness of relevant people across the world (see below on accounts of others to better understand how this process occurs)? My guess is that the FTL speed information transfer will feel awkward but is an extremely efficient mechanism (it is likely to contain any manner of information that is useful such as permanent cures (not just treatments) for disease, scientific breakthroughs, thoughts, images of Heaven, etc? The obvious problem is decoding and using it in a way that is useful to you? They can send you information but you need to do the base work to make sense of it? People can't just assume that they'll hand over everything on a plate?)?
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- current leaders may need to be re-trained in the ways of 'new Earth'? Some of the stories in the Holy Scriptures where people are put to the ultimate test (Cain sacrificing his son). Exercises to force them to find alternative solutions to difficult situations (neuroplasticity)?
- assumed that if one of them is possibly 'caught' then humanity will try to convince, beg, borrow, steal, shame, intimidate, manipulate, blackmail/extort, request them to provide them with various 'benefits' (because the total number going through to 'Heaven' is actually extremely small based on the estimates that I've come across? Deep down I think most people know where they will go in the 'Afterlife'?) or else Revelations (and equivalent in other religions) is actually correct and one of them will provide various 'benefits'? The 'Revelations' could just as easily be a manipulation to give people on Earth some of the benefits of 'Heaven' that they don't necessarily deserve?
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- not certain how much of the Holy Scriptures are true, allegories, mnemonics, etc? One thing that should be done without question is for people to better understand themselves? In Heaven people (if it exists. Not sure 'people is the right word'?) sort of do what they want but they point in roughly the right direction, working for their own good and that of the group overall? 
- since the two worlds are incompatible sacrifices and worship necessary practice to get people to believe in higher order? To understand how to act and become acclimatized to becoming another of the 'Ascended'?
- relative 'free will' of humanity is what stops prophecies becoming 100% true all of the time? That would entail that many previous pre-cogs/prophets went ahead too quickly with regards to their work? We can still get a rough track on things though?
- one of the issues that everyone is curious is how you can get something from nothing, ex-nihilo (which only God is supposedly able to do)? If we track through Genesis of the Abrahamic religions and we find the notice of a different substance (called Supreme Soul in 'Bhagavad Gita' and 'Spirit of God in Bible) which 'Ascended' beings are made of? One thing I'm wondering whether this substance itself causes ripples in our own space-time? When 'Ascended' beings move through space-time it may cause the shape of the Universe to change? From this we can infer where 'Ascended' beings most travel often? Possibly locate a 'home world or dimension'? Pointless trying to track them from point to point since they move at effective infinite speed (if we reach a home world of some sort we'd still have to deal with 'shielding or cloaking' of some sort)?
- since it effectively moves at infinite speed does it mean we haven't really unlocked all the laws of nature/Physics? It's indivisible but transcends spans space/time. Quantum Mechanics is not part of the 'final answer'. There's still a lot deeper you can go? Stop thinking in terms of 'brute force' like a human? A different way is required?
- the idea of the 'Firmament' may actually be correct? Those who are 'Ascended' are everywhere but don't let you see them? They have access to time and space and some of them even see a 'Domed City' of some sort (wondering whether that city is actually off-world or Earth in the future?)? Anti-Weapon's Technology Fields possible (provided enough energy density?)? Have to go down to molecular level? Higher energy density and E=hf forms the basis for actual more feasible Anti-Weapons's Technology Fields (two way  (namely, don't allow weapons going inwards or going outwards) energy based force-fields/shields that are perfect for trouble spots where peace can not be gained diplomatically for the time being?)? Clearly, there have been basic classified experiments of basic force fields on smaller objects such as space ships thus far on Earth but never a city?
- if you understand how the two worlds differ (Heaven vs Earth?) then it becomes much more easier to understand how the rules came to be?
- there's a corollary to this. Wanting to 'defeat' God (and the others) is actually self defeating because that would stop the process of creation (because apparently God is undying, unending according to the Holy Scriptures of the various religions) of material Ex-Nihilo. As long as God (and the others and are made of the same basic material) the Universe should keep on growing as long as they are present? That said, if the Universe expands forever and we get a 'Big Rip' (matter itself breaks down and the 'Universe dies') the Universe that mortals inhabit also dies. If that's the case the only choice by God (and others who have 'Ascended') would be to implode it once more in order to continue the cycle of life (outlined in the Eastern religions, such as Buddhism/Hindu. Assume that if souls are extracted from matter, wiped clean, and then sent back in each new Universe?)? Please note that the biggest problem that all pre-cogs/prophets have is the timing issue (it's almost impossible to get a lock on time because time is subjective and a lot of them don't get much time in that 'other space' which reduces the chance of allowing for a more adequate gauge of time?)
- some people have reported detection of 'life signature' of others? 'Holy Spirit' is 'Spirit of God' which pours into each person as they ascend? Detect signature means detection of this particular substance which leads to discovery of this particular force and matter? Could be light but not light? Why can some people see (or sense) angels but not others? Must interact with existing substances or else would not feel sensation of movement when taking bodily form?
- inability of humans to see beyond their own mortality, this world, and into the 'next world' (for those lucky enough to achieve this) is limiting them? If the Holy Scriptures really are clues of some sort then it's interesting what the nature of 'Ascended' beings may be? If they really are made of the same material which gave birth to life and material Ex-Nihilo then it leads to some curious possiblities. We know that technically, our current theories of science are only able to detect 5-10% of the Universe (forget about 'Quarks' being the be all and end all of things? Theory reminds me of Atom theory back in Ancient Greece (Atom translates to 'indivisible' if you aren't aware)? Shouldn't be so quick to assume this?) of what is supposedly in the Universe? We know that (if the Pre-cogs/Prophets) are right that there are two materials that are key to the start of the Universe that we know. One of them is 'Dark Matter'. The other is the matter which 'God' (and possibly the Ascended beings?) is possibly made of? Those who have warped through would know that this material can be molded into anything and appears 'light like' but clearly it doesn't appear or interact with normal matter (or they live in an entirely 'shielded space' of type?)?
- leads to the following question. What are ascended beings made of? If dark matter and the matter from which God is made of are critical to the base of the Universe then we need a way to somehow sample it? It may require co-operation of one of the 'Ascended' to deal with this or else those with access to space? or else track through side channel intelligence? For instance, if they interfact with 'Dark Matter' then we should see differential growth in particular parts of the Universe. All matter - Dark Matter = 'Ascended' matter wouldn't work because we can't detect either what dark matter is or what the 'Ascended' are made of? This means that there are at least two forces remaining in the Universe that remain undetected (assuming the assumptions are right)? Don't think about trying to track them through normal space time because they they travel too fast that they're impossible to detect? At best, we can track their 'tails/trails' and whatever particules that they may leave over through their decay rate (think 'Tachyons' and 'Neutrinos' which are also extremely difficult to detect through out current technology)? Combine this substance and react with dark matter and normal matter which should creates matter with significantly higher energy densities then currently exist (think about re-creating conditions for the Big Bang with a significantly lower amount of initial matter/energy the is currently required)? Are God and other 'ascended beings' made of different substances? If we can figure this out then we can detect those who are in 'subspace/hyperspace' communication with those who are 'Ascended' as well?
- despite what is said it's clear that projects that are run at CERN and SLAC believe that they can reproduce conditions at the start of the Big Bang? Perhaps they believe that they can somehow acquire 'God like' power themselves through production of base materials that were used during the 'Big Bang' itself (energy/mass Ex-Nihilo)?
- can 'Dark Matter' and 'Spirit of God' substance occupy same time and space? Can't because they don't interact? Clearly, 'Spirit of God' substance can interact with dark matter which results in natural, stable, matter? Areas of expansion and creation of new particles are locations which are key to this? This means singularities, black holes, supernovas, high energy aberrations of any type, etc? 'Spirit of God' and 'dark matter' can't be encompassed in any GUT type theory since our Physics still has extraordinarily large peaces of the Universe 'missing'? Don't bother building massive particle accelerators just go out and watch the Universe? If 'Ascended Beings' travel through normal space-time they need to be shielded in order to maintain invisibility to normal space-time else they simply are made of a substance which is completely non-reactive with normal matter (under standard conditions)?
- identification of 'Satan and demons' and 'God and others' (if they exist) via difference in signature (when un-shielded?) is possible? If based on underlying different science and technology then they should have diverged especially if they really live in separate worlds?
- total matter = (known matter + dark matter + spirit of God substance + other matter)
  current known matter in Universe = (spirit of God substance + dark matter) + known matter
  which means (spirit of God substance + dark matter) can not directly decay into or result directly  into known matter?
  Since known mass is about 5-10% that means 
  (spirit of God substance + dark matter + unknown matter) is about 90-95%?
  Size of current Universe is about 12-15 Billion Light Years. Strictly speaking expansion 
  of Universe was non-linear but Hubble's Law gives rough idea?
  Hubble's Law, v=Hr (63 km/s = 19.3 mm/s ly)
- please don't think of spirit of God substance as Bohr-Einstein condensate because Bohr-Einstein condensate not easily convertible? How to cut/interface with a material without something to interface with it? Dark matter needs a counterpart?
- Spirit of God substance gives off light but is not part of the EM spectrum? Can't be Quark related because Quarks can't easily be converted into others? 'Spirit of God substance' can come in multiple classes? This means that there are at least at least 3 extra forces (spirit of God which is used to expand/create Universe/matter, those devoted to those other Ascended beings (has to be a different because a different mix which precludes expansion and creation of material Ex-Nihilo?)?, what we call 'Dark Matter', and so on?)? Reason why 'Dark Matter' and what 'Ascended beings' are created of are in fact different is because dark matter doesn't interact with natural matter which means that there was a third substance which caused ignition of the Universe? It can be inferred that the 'Ascended' are of a different substance still to maintain the 'integrity of the system'. (Heaven and Earth should it exist?) Total number of material types of the 'Ascended' are the obvious question? If there is another force (unshielded) required for FTL communications/ether then technically we should see remnants of it in outer space through creation of exotic particles? Somewhat like a mechanical/radio wave still?)? This means there are at least 4 or 5 extra forces (to account for hierarchy in Ascended beings)? All of which seem to be counterparts to normal matter?
- Spirit of God substance has light component or it's like they see in a completely different part of the spectrum (think Infra-Red or Ultra Violet versus Visible Light)? Still have complete colour but matte which means it's somewhat 'stablish'? (Dark Matter has no colour which means it can't be that?). Decay and interaction key in understanding how it works? There is at least two counterparts/forces which seem to allow for FTL movement? At least one allows for broadcast transmission and seems to be allow for sound/mechnical wave like transmission at FTL speed? Other is perhaps more light structured? People would be irradiated if it would be standard radiation? Radiation doesn't go FTL? Since they feel somewhat analogous to standard matter assuming sub-structure would be roughly the same in some of these (but obviously in a completely different way?) Makes sense that they would be 'base particles' and can't be broken down since they allow for FTL speed? Missing force/s which interact with dark matter more powerfully then standard matter known to man? Dark matter behave similar to normal matter or higher energy? Is it possible that this is simply in a higher frequency part of spectrum?
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- Ascended beings can morph/mix with natural matter but still effectively stay invisible which precludes them from being made of spirit of God which is used to expand/create Universe/matter?
- communication with 'Ascended' easily understandable/possible via FTL nature of information transferrence. Good examples of this is Muhammad and his encounter with Gabriel (where he began to learn how to read), David Icke and his encounter with another entity, Srinivasa Ramanujan with another Hindu God/entity, Uri Geller (and his encounter with another entity)(please note, I'm not saying these were all true or false prophets. Just they seemed to have experience similar experiences with regards to this particular phenomenon). This assumes they maintain their original state. If they transfer into standard matter then things will travel normally? In all these cases though, it was the same phenomenon. Near instantaneous transfer of information across vast distances and allows for other 'benefits' as well? One of the key ones is obviously how information is transferred between beings/species/at different planes of with different languages? Obviously, pictures, videos, etc... are by far the most efficient form? While you may think that the information transfer is infinite my guess is that the transfer may possibly be instantaneous in 'Heaven' but then unravels in normal space-time (Universe inhabited by 'mortals')? How is this possible? If you think about this carefully, think about the structure of the Big Bang? Standard matter with dark matter with spirit of God, etc... Encapsulate it and ignite it, should be enough to warp/space time which allows for slow unraveling inside someone's mind. Currently, undetectable using current human technology? Else, somehow or another a different medium is transferred first into body of mortal from Heaven and the direct point to point transfer is made? Guess this is the reason reason why people thought about ether and light being of infinite speed in the past?
David Icke on Wogan (Complete Interview)
- identifying mental illness (psychosis/schizophrenia) from standard telepathic communication is an obvious problem? In many religious accounts of some prophets they advocate meditation of some sort in order to reduce incidence of voices (assuming 'demons' actually exist?)? Changing focus/concentration from various parts/lobes of the brain as possible alternative to drug treatment? The obvious issue is that it takes concentration to block things out and still be able to maintain concentration in the task at hand?
- my guess it's at this point that they will discover some odd limitations. They may notice is that they may not necessarily be able to use things for 'bad purposes' (limitation imposed on use of the 'Holy Spirit' as indicated in the Holy Scriptures) or that they may have only 'temporal access'? That said, people are likely to be free to use their abilities for recreation/as they see fit and the benefits obviously over being a of a 'standard'?
- it's at this point that you'll realise that problem that many of the other pre-cogs/prophets face. Namely, that they are at the mercy of God? They only have their abilities because of God and they can only maintain their abilities because of him. Look at following accounts of the prophets; Obadiah, Jonah, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Haggai, Zechariah, Muhammad, Moses, etc... It's always the same problem? Namely, somehow it seems as though 'adhesion' of their abilities only continues to remain constant as long as they somehow remain in line with God's demands/commands?
- one thing I'm very curious about is that there are actually lot's of tails of people with various abilities? What feels possible is that Moses (in particular, he had a 'staff' of some sort?) found a way to amplify their core/basic power levels/abilities (if real)? Since, he had a physical 'staff' in his possession it feels like we've been visited by aliens/extra-terrestrials in the past? This means the stories about 'Titans' and 'Angels' taking human form may actually be correct (seed ideas for Alien:Covenant and Prometheus movies suddenly become clearer as well)? Even if someone had these abilities or were able to perform miracles on a small scale it would still be difficult to believe in much of what has occurred in the past though?
- after a while it becomes obvious that the notion of 'belief' can create 'cognitive/confirmation biases' in people? I think the correct definition should be what people 'believe in'? That may be a better idea of how/why people across various demographics have gained entry into 'Heaven/Afterlife' (should it exist)?
- rising from the dead miracles can be faked via drugs which slow down heart and breathing rate, could come down to someone who has simply fainted/become unconcious, body doubles, could be the 'real deal' (most likely through extra-terrestrial help?), etc? Feeding masses miracle can be faked via through, could also be the 'real deal', miracles to really watch out for are those that can't be repeated by someone on a large scale in front of witnesses, etc?
- one of the frustrations of many pre-cogs/prophets is that technically they are all always at the mercy of 'God'. Eventually, it becomes clear the only feasible way that this is possible is to create a 'Second Outpost/Heaven' on Earth? Something that is interesting is that from time to time people go all the way on a 'Messianic quest' from to time when they discover the system that exists is not as clean as it possibly could be? 
- if you read some religious works it's almost like they were written in a way that was almost impossible to be contradicted? They dance around issues but don't delve too deeply into it? There's almost no question that a lot of people are using such stories to make money through FUD? There's also another interesting byproduct. Namely, they create a niche industry of sorts? They also create the necessary volatility to reduce the impact of the 'finite resource' issue. Namely, by shifting the number of people who hold small resources to the larger side and the number of people who hold larger resources to the smaller side it helps to maintain stability in the current system?
- if these 'Ascended' beings do exist my guess is that perhaps since they have all time and space to play with and the rules for joining are roughly the same they just do what they like and help people along from time to time? One interesting thing for me is that if they do exist why did they seem to take physical form in older times but no longer in modern times? Now, they're relatively invisible? Wonder whether they actually saw prophets as literally God on Earth at times in the past? Have seen pictures to such effect in the past? They literally also used religion and information as a mechanism to maintain social control?
- photon is equivalent to a pressure wave? Light travels through space/vacuum though unlike sound or else impact of sound is so minimal that that we can't hear it? Technically, isn't a photon somewhat like energy Ex-Nihilo (since light can travel in a vacuum). Does a photon possess mass? E=mc^2 Mass of electron therefore reduces each time?
physics quantum mechanics pdf
- nothing seems to feel to match up sometimes? Age of celestial objects seems to vary across the Universe depending on direction?
- in the Revelations (and it's equivalent across other religions) it's said over and over again that the sinners must die, repent, etc... Curious to know that if we humans were 'created' whether there are safeguards of some sort against age extensions that would be pursued by humans and could only be unlocked by those who were 'Ascended'? Would explain why we haven't been really been able to extend our lifespan thus far?
- have no idea how they calculate where people end up and for how long? Is it just estimates/guesses/completely random?
- Quantum Chain Energy? If the fundamental building blocks of the Universe are effectively all linked then triggering a single reaction on the right particle can create enormous amounts of energy (think a break during billiards)? That's why GUTs (Grand Unification Theories) even if partially wrong may be research worthwhile pursuing?
- it's easy to foresee how an advanced alien race  (or simply 'sly people') could take advantage of the Holy Scriptures? They could just as easily fake/reproduce what is prophecised to get people to worship them? At the other end of the scale, you can easily see how it's possible to make up a story or myth and then make it impossible for anyone to fulfill the prophecy so that a particular group of people can maintain power? One strange thing I find is that it's necessary for people to put some people through ridiculous and torturous tests as a way to somehow test them? If we don't have direct contact with God, how are we supposed to know what to test for? Ultimately, things seem like a popularity test still?
- I think that for a lot of people need religion as a means of dealing with day to day life? Even if they know that deep down that even if large parts of it are a complete sham they need to look forward to beyond the primal, animalistic instincts that life desires of us?
- in a way, religion reminds me a bit of democracy (and many Messianic candidates) at times. Over promise, under deliver. In the meantime, lots of people worship you?
- I find it difficult/doubtful that (at least some) researchers wouldn't know some of the above? That said, I wonder why people aren't honest about this? It feels like those who have 'abilities' of some sort are far more likely (and are relatively clean) to figure 'everything out' and 'gain everything' then those who are using it in a means to gain control/dominion over the world?

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- If you've ever drunk a steaming hot beverage from a disposable plastic cup, you've likely wondered just how hot that beverage would have to be to melt its container. While the melting points of different types of plastic vary widely, most of them are comfortably above the maximum temperature of liquid water under normal conditions, or 100 degrees Celsius (212 degrees Fahrenheit).
Sturdy Plastics

Of the six commonly recycled plastics, four can withstand temperatures of 100 degrees Celsius (212 degrees Fahrenheit) or above. According to Machinist Materials, polyethylene terephthalate -- PET, or recyclable 1 -- has a melting point of 255 degrees Celsius (491 degrees Fahrenheit). High-density and low-density polyethylenes -- HDPE and LDPE, or recyclables 2 and 4 -- melt at 130 degrees Celsius (266 degrees Fahrenheit) and 120 degrees Celsius (248 degrees Fahrenheit), respectively, according to Dynalab Corp. Most cups designed for hot liquids are made of polypropylene, or recyclable 5. This plastic's melting point is 170 degrees Celsius (338 degrees Fahrenheit). Finally, the range of melting points for recyclable 6 plastic, formally known as polystyrene, is 100 to 120 degrees Celsius (212 to 248 degrees Fahrenheit) according to T.C. Forensic.
An Important Exception

One commonly recycled plastic, however, could be melted by hot water. According to T.C. Forensic, some polyvinyl chloride plastics -- PVC, or recyclable 3 -- melt at as low as 75 degrees Celsius (167 degrees Fahrenheit). PVC is largely used in construction applications, so you're unlikely to encounter it holding a beverage.
- For once, Microsoft's patching of 48 vulnerabilities as part of its monthly security updates was overshadowed by another company indulging in a similar exercise.
Adobe released a laundry load of patches for issues with Flash Player, Acrobat and Reader, Experience Manager and Digital Editions.

A total of 67 patches were released, with 43 being rated critical.

The patches are for Windows, macOS, Linux and Chrome OS and cover a multitude of Adobe products.

There are also patches for the digital editions of Adobe software used on iOS and Android systems.
The updates for Flash Player fixed a critical type confusion vulnerability that could lead to code execution and an important security bypass vulnerability that could lead to information disclosure.

The holes that were fixed in Adobe Acrobat and Reader could potentially allow an attacker to take over a system that was running the unpatched software.

The patches for Adobe Experience Manager fixed a moderate  file type validation vulnerability and two moderate information disclosure vulnerabilities. 

The updates for the digital editions resolved a critical heap buffer overflow that could lead to code execution, seven memory corruption vulnerabilities rated important that could lead to disclosure of memory addresses and an XML external entity processing vulnerability rated critical that could lead to information disclosure.

The company announced last month that it would be retiring Flash by the end of 2020, with end-of-life coming sooner in regions where outdated and unlicensed versions are being used.
- The old adage that “Knowledge is power” has been apparent to warriors and would-be rulers throughout history.

A well-known illustration from the annals of history revolves around Nathan Rothschild, the British representative of Meyer Amschel’s infamous Rothschild banking dynasty. At the Battle of Waterloo, Rothschild’s riders and messengers were able to get news of Napoleon’s defeat home to Nathan a full day in advance of the government’s own news carriers. As the story goes, Nathan was able to convince the public that he had in fact received news of Wellington’s defeat by selling heavily on the English stock market. When panic selling ensued, Rothschild had his agents buying up the stocks at pennies on the pound. By the time the news of Napoleon’s defeat actually reached Britain’s shores, Rothschild had already secured his position as one of the richest men in Britain, a fortune that was only further leveraged in the ensuing years lending post-war stabilization funds to Europe’s monarchy

Regardless of the story’s historical veracity, it serves to illustrate the fundamental precept: knowledge is indeed power. It also suggests a corollary: misinformation is a way of leveraging one’s power over an enemy. This, too, is an ancient idea that has been used throughout the centuries as a tool of psychological warfare to confer one’s army an advantage over its enemies.


For now, it will suffice to not our original premise: knowledge is indeed power. This implies another corollary, as well: ignorance is weakness. In this case, it is the public who time again perish for lack of knowledge, and the entities that seek to control their minds, be they governments foreign or domestic, or non-governmental actors altogether such as corporations and media entities, who can win the battle for the hearts and minds of the public by feeding them a steady stream of misinformation.

If the public is to have any hope at all in this bleak landscape, it can only come from a commitment to verifying and sourcing all of the information they receive. The psychological warriors can only have their way with a public who refuses to question their own sources of information and demand proof for the claims that are being made by their supposedly neutral sources of news.
- JAPAN’S crazy obsession with Kit Kat chocolate bars has reached new heights.

Already the world leader, Japan’s first Nestle factory in 26 years is opening in the country to cater to the exotic flavour demand.

It is the number one selling chocolate bar, with 4 million pieces (two fingers) purchased every day. There are 30 varieties on the market, which certainly beats Australia’s limited range.

Some of the bizarre but delicious sounding flavours are green tea, strawberry maple, rum and raisin, roasted tea and strawberry.

Kit Kats have become so massive in the country, Japan has even branched out from the chocolate bar, selling Kit Kat branded cheese cakes, Kit Kat sandwiches and even Kit Kats that you can bake. They definitely put our Kit Kat Chunky Caramel to shame.

A spokesman for Nestle Japan said Kit Kat had even released limited edition flavours on certain holidays, including pumpkin, carrot cake, wasabi and purple potato.

“In the past, we also featured varieties with soy sauce or miso,” spokesman Takuya Hiramatsu told news.com.au.
- YAMAMOTO-CHO, Japan (Reuters) - A new breed of younger, business- and tech-savvy farmers are transforming Japan's shrinking agriculture sector with cutting edge techniques and marketing strategies, giving new hope to an industry in slow decline.

Hiroki Iwasa, a 40-year-old IT entrepreneur with an MBA, grows strawberries in seven high-tech greenhouses where computers set the temperature and humidity to optimum growing conditions and ensure the rows of bushes are sprayed with water at precise times.

He markets his "Migaki Ichigo" brand strawberries directly to fancy department stores in Tokyo, where they go for as much as 1,000 yen ($9) apiece, as well as to customers in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand, where Japanese produce has an excellent reputation.

Such changes, while small, come as Prime Minister Shinzo Abe pushes to reform Japan's hidebound farm industry where small-plot holdings still dominate, the average farmer is aged over 66 and the sector's contribution to the economy has fallen by 25 percent since its peak in 1984.

They should also make Japan more resilient if the United States tries - as Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer has hinted - to pry open markets such as rice and beef that are protected by tariffs.

Iwasa was running an IT company and getting an MBA in Tokyo when his coastal hometown of Yamamoto in the northeastern prefecture of Miyagi, an area famous for strawberries, was hit by the March 2011 tsunami.

He rushed to help with relief efforts and later saw an opportunity to combine his tech skills with the specialized know-how of a local farmer.

He now heads 6-year-old GRA Inc, which has 20 full-time employees and 50 part-timers, including four dedicated to managing overseas orders.

"Farmers' intuition and experience may not always result in a good harvest. So it's crucial that we capture that as explicit knowledge in technology and automation, and use that to increase productivity," Iwasa said. "Also nurturing professional farm managers is needed."

By leasing surrounding land, Iwasa expanded his farm to two hectares (five acres), which is about 10 times the size of an average strawberry farm in Japan.
- She told a panel discussion at the Locarno Film Festival: 'I am quitting this commission, which is not backed by any political will. I have no power as long as the security council does nothing. We are powerless, there is no justice for Syria.'

She added: 'I cannot remain on this commission that does absolutely nothing.'

The 70-year-old said: 'At first there was good and bad - the opposition on the side of good and the government in the bad role.

'Today everyone in Syria is on the bad side. The (Bashar al) Assad government has perpetrated horrible crimes against humanity and used chemical weapons. And the opposition is now made up of extremists and terrorists.' 

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said the commission would continue its work despite Del Ponte's resignation.
- With tensions threatening to reach breaking point between the US and North Korea it has emerged Turkey could be trying to build up its weaponry as relations with the EU reach a new low. 

In a worrying claim, an expert has warned Turkey is the next country looking to expand its arsenal to include atomic bombs. 

Abdullah Bozkurt, a government-critical Turkish journalist, has dramatically revealed what he called 'secret plans’ for Ankara to acquire the ultimate weapon. 

Despite Turkey having the second largest-Nato army, with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan presiding over 40,000 soldiers, Mr Bozkurt said his ambitions were far greater. 

He stated there were plans for Ankara to expand, and a "secret plan to acquire weapons of mass destruction - including an atomic bomb for deterrence."

Influential advisors close to the President and a group of officials in the government’s inner circle are said to have discussed acquiring an A-bomb, Mr Bozkurt said. 

He outlined recent meetings with Russia and Japan, signalling a move away from NATO. 

Mr Bozkurt said the talks focussed on the construction of two nuclear power plants in Turkey, arousing his suspicions. 

And his fears seem to be bolstered by Turkish expert Aykan Erdemir, of the US Thinktank Foundation for Defense of Democracies. 

Mr Erdemir, a former member of the Turkish parliament, said: "Erdogan has a strong desire to turn Turkey into a nuclear power, but doesn't have the capacity."

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