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Friday, October 6, 2017

Sweet Chilli Noodles with Dumplings Recipe, Random Stuff, and More

This is the latest in my series on quick, easy, and tasty meals:

This is based on recipes online and an interpretation of restaurants that I occasionally frequent. While there are other alternative recipes that possibly taste better, I find that this is the quickest and easiest version (total cooking time is around 5-10 minutes depending on how good you are in the kitchen. It's really difficult to get this wrong since many of the ingredients are pre-made).  
- dumplings or 'meat balls' (many Asian grocers sell them pre-made now. Common fillings include pork and shrimp, lobster, fish, pork, beef, seafood, etc...)
- vegetables suitable for a Chinese noodle soup (such as carrots, brocolli, pak choy, buk choy, etc...) 
- noodles (wheat based)
- Sambal Oelek chilli sauce (watch out for jars which contain Sodium benzoate which has been known to cause sleeplessness and other problems in some circumstances)
- oyster sauce
- sugar
- brown vinegar
- soy sauce
- chilli oil
- chilli sauce (optional)
Fry off dumplings/meat balls until they are crispy outside and cooked inside in saucepan/pan. In the meantime, start cooking noodles and then vegetable in another saucepan/pan. Create sauce by using sugar, Sambal Oelek, and oyster sauce and add to noodle saucepan/pan. Transfer meal to bowl or plate. Create dipping sauce (for meal but most of all dumplings) by using soy sauce, brown vinegar, and chilli oil (you'll know what this looks like if you've been in enough Chinese restaurants) or soy sauce and chill sauce.

Random Stuff:
- as usual thanks to all of the individuals and groups who purchase and use my goods and services
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Random Quotes:
- The Deep State—the merchants of death, the bankers, the national security apparatus and its think tanks—will eventually have its next war. President Donald Trump is setting the stage, despite his promise to rollback interventionism and illegal and unconstitutional wars. On this edition of The Geopolitical Report, we examine the effort to nullify the Iran nuke deal and move toward confrontation. The Deep State—the shadow government, the global elite, the money masters behind the curtain, take your pick—can only sustain itself through war and the conquest of natural resources, primarily oil. Unlike Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, Iran isn’t part of the club. The neocon faction of the Deep State has long advocated overthrowing the Iranian government, either covertly or through direct military intervention. Trashing the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action is the first step in an escalation between the United States and Iran that very well may result in open military conflict.
- "Modern US submarines are introducing electric drive systems that are stealthier than hydromotors, but we cannot say that we [Russia] made only pumps. New hydroacoustic tech is being introduced in our fleet that reduces the possibility of detection; this is also a very important tool. There must be a whole range of measures to reduce the possibility of detecting submarines. This also applies to our detection systems — the use of unmanned underwater vehicles with communication facilities and so on. It must be complex: you cannot bet only on one system or on separate tools," Mozgovoy concluded.
- Brilliaant report, although it’s even above Akex Jones when it comes to partisan bias. That said, it is exceptionally well presented and proves the fact that you don’t have to be Republican to be corrupt.

Please see the video about Trump and his dubious friends (Putin and the Russian mafia). The Russians have parked a LOT of money in Trump’s companies and hotels. He owes them, bigtime. That is his connection. He’s in bed with them.

But, they didn’t “hack” the 2016 election. They had nothing to do with that. You continue to ignore this, but, on 11/4/16 Dr Steve Pieczenik made a YouTube video claimng that he and his “patriot” collegues in the CIA, NSA, FBI, and the NYPD intelligence community conspired to pass NSA-intercepted emails (DNC, Hillary, and Podesta – ALL of the emails in question) to Wikilieaks , beginning in June of 2016. He proudly announced this on 11/4/16, just before the election. He called it a silent counter coup to thr Clinton “coup”, whatever that was. It wasn’t Russia. It wasn’t Serh Rich. It was the CIA doing what they do best, meddle in national elections, having done so a reported 80+ times in their 70 history.
- The reports quoted David Rosenberg, an NSA veteran who was team leader at Pine Gap for more than 10 years, as claiming that the data was used to minimise civilain casualties. "The governments of Australia and the United States would, of course, want to minimise all civilian casualties,” he said.

But Emily Howie of Australia's Human Rights Law Centre raised the possibility that drone strikes could well involve violations of the laws of armed conflicts and Australia could be involved in war crimes through the Pine Gap activities.

“The first thing that we need from the Australian government is for it to come clean about exactly what Australians are doing inside the Pine Gap facility in terms of coordinating with the United States on the targeting using drones," she said.
- Earlier this month, Google altered its algorithm – allegedly in an attempt to address the ‘fake news’ problem – and in doing so, a broad array of anti-establishment news organisations, whistleblower, civil-rights and anti-war websites were censored from its search listings. But most people were too distracted by the opinions of some low-level engineer on Google’s diversity hiring policies and its intolerance of conservative views in the workplace to take notice.

The data released by WSWS shows that since Google altered its algorithm, Wikileaks experienced a 30% decline in traffic from Google searches. Democracy Now fell by 36%. Truthout dropped by 25%. Its own traffic dropped by 67% percent over the same period. Alternet saw a 63% decline in traffic. Media Matters saw a 36% drop in traffic. Counterpunch.org fell by 21%. The Intercept fell by 19%.

In May, WSWS was ranked 5th in Google searches for the keyword ‘socialism’. Today the WSWS is nowhere to be found in the top 200 searches for the same keyword. In addition, Google blocked every one of WSW’s top 45 search terms.

Aaron Kaufman, director of development at progressive news outlet, Common Dreams said that Google Search as a percentage of total traffic to the Common Dreams website has decreased nearly 50 percent since May.
When human bias mistakes truth for bullshit

In a blog post published on April 25th, Google’s chief search engineer, Ben Gomez framed the issue as a change to the tech giant’s technical procedures in response to “the phenomenon of fake news”.

    “The most high profile of these issues is the phenomenon of ‘fake news,’ where content on the web has contributed to the spread of blatantly misleading, low quality, offensive or downright false information,” Gomez wrote.

    “While this problem is different from issues in the past, our goal remains the same—to provide people with access to relevant information from the most reliable sources available. And while we may not always get it right, we’re making good progress in tackling the problem. But in order to have long-term and impactful changes, more structural changes in Search are needed.”

Gomez revealed that Google had recruited more than 10,000 “evaluators” hired to judge the quality of various websites, “real people who assess the quality of Google’s search results—give us feedback on our experiments,” though the chief search engineer did not identify the “evaluators” or explain the criteria against which websites are judged.

The ultimate irony: Google has seemingly allowed its evaluators to exercise their own biases when assessing the truth, accuracy and validity of these websites, and in doing so, are censoring essential information inconvenient to the narrative of the Washington establishment.
- HANOI -- Nguyen Van Duc graduated two years ago with a bachelor’s degree in economics from one of Vietnam’s best universities. Today, he earns about $250 a month as a motorbike taxi driver in Hanoi.

Mr Duc, whose parents took second jobs so he could be the only one of three children to attend college, is among thousands of Vietnamese college graduates who can’t land jobs in their chosen field, even though the nation’s unemployment rate is just 2.3%.

“In university, we only received heavy theoretical training and a lot of Ho Chi Minh’s ideology with communist party history,” the 25-year-old said.

While Vietnam’s schools equip students with basic skills for low-wage assembly-line work, its colleges and universities are failing to prepare youth for more complex work. As wages rise and basic manufacturing leaves for less expensive countries, that may threaten the government’s ambition to attain middle-income status, defined by the World Bank as per capita income of more than $4,000, or almost twice the current rate.

“Countries that have been successful moving up to the next economic stage already had developed country levels of education when they were middle-income economies,” said Scott Rozelle, a Stanford University development economist. “Countries that didn’t have that collapsed or became stuck in the middle-income trap.”

Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan developed high-quality colleges long before their economies needed a more educated workforce, he said. Conversely, economies such as Argentina, Brazil and Mexico slowed after reaching middle-income status -- in part because of insufficient investments in education, Mr Rozelle said.

College students frequently spend much of their first two years learning about revolutionary leader Ho Chi Minh, socialism and party history at the expense of critical thinking and other skills expected by employers. The upshot: firms are reluctant to pay more for workers with degrees that often lack commensurate skills, says the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The jobless rate among young people with university degrees is 17%.
- The life expectancy of a Soviet soldier in 1942 was not high, and especially so for combat pilots pitted against vastly more experienced German pilots flying superior aircraft. But the 588th Night Bomber Regiment had a particularly difficult task. They would do in the Polikarpov Po-2, a honest-to-goodness biplane that first flew in 1928, and served as a trainer and crop-duster.

The two-seat Po-2 putted through the air at 80 miles an hour, the air streaming around the open cockpit. Yet it was actually a logical choice. The mission of the 588th wasn't strategic bombing or close air support. Its mission was to keep German soldiers awake at night. The 588th would fly low and slow in the darkness, dropping small 100-pound bombs: the Po-2 carried just six, but that was enough to awaken sleeping soldiers and make them cover. The standard tactic was to fly at an altitude of just a few dozen feet, shutting off the engine so the aircraft glide over the German lines before releasing its bombs and then restarting the engine to fly away.

The Germans soon nicknamed the night intruders “night witches.” German ground troops, already exhausted to the breaking point by the savage and relentless struggle against the Red Army, found their sleep interrupted by the sudden whistle and explosion of bombs. But there wasn't much they could do about it. The Luftwaffe's vaunted Messerschmidt and Focke-Wulf fighters flew in the daytime, and lacked radar. Radar-equipped night fighters were few on the Eastern Front. And even if a modern fighter came upon a seemingly helpless biplane, there was no easy kill. Biplanes are far more nimble and fly far slower than fast monoplanes: an Me-109 stalled at just over 100 miles per hour, which was still faster than the Po-2 flew. The Germans offered an Iron Cross to any Luftwaffe pilot who knocked down one of those pesky intruders. Few claimed the reward.

Yet Night Witch missions were no girl's night out. German fighters weren't so bad, but the Germans also had plentiful flak and searchlights. Not to mention the dangers of flying on the Eastern Front, where facilities and navigational aids were primitive. Still, the women of the 588th developed their own tactics. “They flew in groups of three,” notes one aviation site. “Two would go in and deliberately attract the attention of the Germans. When all the searchlights were pointed at them, the two pilots would suddenly separate, flying in opposite directions and maneuvering wildly to shake off the searchlight operators who were trying to follow them. In the meantime the third pilot would fly in through the dark path cleared by her two teammates and hit the target virtually unopposed. She would then get out, rejoin the other two, and they would switch places until all three had delivered their payloads.”

The Night Witches lost thirty pilots during World War II. It seems fitting that Russia should revive the tradition.

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