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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Pre-Cogs/Prophets/Religion 21, Random Stuff, and More

- an obvious continuation on my previous religious research: 
- reason for 'Ascended Beings' having alternate forms is that may be that they are the most efficient vessels/bodies for a particular planet at any one moment in time? Abandon our human bodies and all of a sudden a lot of choices open up in our immediate vicinity? Matter stream mechanism that I mentioned earlier is possible way of doing this but highly inefficient without FTL capability or a physical vessel close by to get things done?
- 'offworld teams' building new colonies will have to build new bases themselves if humans are to maintain 'their human form'? My method actually only allows light speed travel... Haven't figured out a way to achieve viable FTL travel quite yet? Gas harvesting on gas giant planets such as Juniper and Saturn. Think of para-sailing? Collect, store in tank, ignite, fly off?
- copy process for a disabled/diseased person is complicated. If you get perfect copy placed into new body then you'll transfer the side effects of the disease in question as well. Requires regular copies/backups of 'concious'. Process may require minor re-programming either way?
- you have to wonder whether some of these people are doing it for a lark/funding or whether they really still do believe that the world is flat?
- some of the experiments out there seem a little far fetched and crazy but go back to my point that neural uplink technology is viable?
- one thing you notice in a lot of Messianic candidates are how strongly Zionist or anti-Zionist they seem to be?
- as a method of communication telepathy/Holy Spirit actually makes a lot of sense (if it's real)? Imagine if you don't speak the same language. If you transfer what you see, feel, hear, etc... between people, animals, other beings, etc... then it makes sense that a lot of difficulties/arguments could be avoided? Any human attempt to reverse engineer this capability is possible via neural link interface and augmented/virtual reality style technologies but would obviously wouldn't be as 'advanced'? Watch the 'Arrival' movie and watch how difficult a 'First Contact' communication scenario can look? If it's a case of physical communication mechanisms versus telepathy/Holy Spirit the latter surely matters every time?
- the rules for entry into the 'Afterlife' (and possible alternate pathways) actually make sense after a while (if real)? Imagine a Satanist who was unable to change was granted entry to Heaven/Nirvana (if it exists). He wouldn't be happy, he wouldn't be able to contribute, he would be like an infection to the system, etc... It just wouldn't work out?
- this is where the the differences between Heaven/Nirvana (if it exists) and Earth comes into stark reality. If you give away something on Earth you're looked upon as being naive and stupid. At Heaven/Nirvana (if it exists) you're honoured?
- if a 'Final Individual or Group' can be successfully 'authenticated' then a 'backtrace' can commence. The reason why the truth is so important here is that during this 'backtrace' basically everything of value will be extracted from the works of other pre-cogs/prophets (via religious texts, private and public work, etc...). The valid pre-cogs/prophets will show their true value during this particular moment in time because their notes form the basis for the establishment of various changes on Earth (if Heaven/Nirvana exists and there is network of worlds where 'Ascended Beings' effectively exist) whether through science, technology, medicine, philosophy, politics, etc... That's not to say that 'invalid' work is useless. It tells us roads which may not be worthwhile pursuing?
- humans can obviously try to reverse engineer some of the stuff from Heaven/Nirvana (if it exists) but there may be large, important pieces missing. It would be like trying to reverse engineering science and technology, philosophies, practices without being able to access a copy of the original? Moreover, just like a jigsaw puzzle if you take some but not the rest 'it won't look or work quite right?' Help from the pre-cogs/prophets is almost required...
Couples need help forming, following their conscience, pope says
'I've written my will': Imam who calls for Sharia law to be banned in Australia fears for his life after attacks from hardline Muslims including thugs who carved the word 'ISIS' into his car
- any 'Final Group' will gain control, and maintain use of their abilities. If I'm reading things correctly then technically 'Holy Spirit' and other abilities (psychics, witchcraft, etc... (if these even exist)  are entirely separate? 'Holy Spirit' makes it very difficult to achieve 'false positives'. Hence, the reason why it's a preferred method of communication (if it exists)? One funny thing is that in spite of people saying officially that no such thing as psychics exist they're still in common use even in developed countries?
- allocation of abilities and enhancements to 'Ascended' (if they exist) based on trust level and requirements? Equivalent on Earth would be 'arms control policies and background checks'?
- my guess is that only if an event of significant consequence (good or bad) that will likely cause humans to understand why their ways are detrimental and self-defeating? My guess if their is an existing 'Kingdom Of God' Earth may really struggle to join it either way especially given it's history?
- no incentive for anyone to help/change things? Look for the prophecies for all the prospective Messianic candidates. Many past pre-cogs/prophets (if they exist) have been killed simply for not doing what the elite wanted them to do? Give the nature in which the modern military-industrial-intelligence complex is now used it's hard to not see why people would actually be dissuaded from wanting to change the world according to something that might be different to what the current elite desires? Why would any sane pre-cog/prophet want to stay on Earth for hundreds of years to change a human race that is in trouble, sort of realises it, but doesn't really want to change? The other funny thing is this... If there is an 'Afterlife' and life on Earth isn't that great why would a pre-cog/prophet deliberately choose to stay back? If life on Earth hasn't been great why would they choose to stay alive for an extended period (as indicated in many Messianic prophecies)?
- assuming the complete truth is being told, one thing that is confusing for anyone is examining why some pre-cogs/prophets are so much different then others? Resurrection was achieved by Jesus, Muhammad, Lazarus, etc... Healing was achieved by Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, etc... Vengeance/Divine Retribution was achieved by Muhammad, Moses, David, Noah, story of Sodom and Gomorrah, etc... Pre-cog/prophetic visions were achieved by Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad, seers/gurus/prophets from various cultures, etc... Feeding miracles performed by Jesus, Muhammad, Moses, etc...
- perception is that you're offered an 'Afterlife' based on how you've lived your mortal life. Could run simulator similar to what you see in 'Divergent' movie series to test ability to 'ascend'?
- Heaven/Nirvana (if it exists) is politically stable because everyone knows that every single individual can look after themselves and the collective. Everyone knows the rules follows them, prefers them, etc... There's no jostling for position?
- humans get wayward after a while without 'supervision' (look at prophecies for potential 'Second Coming' in a lot of religions)? Hence, people think a group of 'Ascended Beings' may have to sit around and effectively 'babysit' humans until they understand the ways of Heaven/Nirvana (if it exists) and get them to 'turn' en masse? If Earth honestly wants to join any 'Kingdom of God' (if it exists) the changes are likely to be diabolical? To the point of being possibly beyond most people's imaginations? The primary problem seems to be that humans don't quite understand how to apply some of the stuff in the religions? Rule by force or by intellect?
The new reality is that everyone is interdependent with everyone else. The United States is a leading nation of the free world. For this reason, I call on its president to think more about global-level issues. There are no national boundaries for climate protection or the global economy. No religious boundaries, either. The time has come to understand that we are the same human beings on this planet. Whether we want to or not, we must coexist.

History tells us that when people pursue only their own national interests, there is strife and war. This is shortsighted and narrow-minded. It is also unrealistic and outdated. Living together as brothers and sisters is the only way to peace, compassion, mindfulness and more justice.
- directions for Heaven/Nirvana (if it exists) likely to be delivered some point down the line... It's obvious that if 'Ascended Beings' (if they exist) travel all over the place? Likely, that further help/communication will be limited based on the way in which humans act in future?
- one interesting thing about any potential members of a defense/security team from Heaven/Nirvana (if it exists) are how they would work. Loyalties likely to lie with Heaven/Nirvana (if it exists). Since most nations are now 'much of a muchness' they'll likely do their 'other work' in secret? Even if they only have minor control of pre-cog/prophetic abilities it provides them with huge advantages. They'll be able to sense other 'Ascended Beings' (if they exist). Instructions/targets relayed via 'Holy Spirit' (if it exists)? Like in movie 'Next' ability likely to be somewhat similar? It's not like the split second reflexes that 'special forces' troops have. It's like being able to slow down/stop time entirely or else being able to see into other rooms without being in there (nothing like remote viewing. Remote viewing requires extensive measures in order to weed out false positives)? These guys are sort of pre-programed? Humans struggle identifying false pre-cogs/prophets from true pre-cogs/prophets so just leave this up to these guys (if they exist)? Attempting to take them into custody or change their loyalties would ultimately prove self-defeating either way since once you understand their ideologies you'll understand that they will generally work for the overall good? In any potential 'Final Battle' these guys likely to be pivotal given their likely 'enhancements' (if they exist)? Note, how previous candidates have basically resulted in a stalemate?
- if this is the 'Final Group' then it's likely humans may get involved as well in some way in any 'potential clean up'. Data would likely be relayed in the same way as for any of the guys from Heaven/Nirvana (if it exists). Heightened visions that come true over an over again and are used to distinguish 'false positives' from real visions/dreams. Ironically, same theme across all religions (same whether Eastern or Western religions)... For them to gain the most from these visions/dreams they need to focus in on the minor details. They'll be given plenty of time to explore. It likely won't be 'flash images'. This will allow them to narrow in on locations and time. Interpretation is up to the person/receiver in question. At all times final decision is up to person in question/receiver... Note, as stated previously mental illness, intoxication, etc... will cause increases in 'false positive' rate.
- is it possible to convert bodies/defective zygotes? Alternative to pregnancy is to figure out a way to have babies outside of the body earlier in the process (for those who prefer)? Reduces chances of stillbirth, neo-natal problems, etc... If we can reverse engineer process/develop an API for female reproductive system then technically we can sort out problems with defectiveness earlier in the process especially if cause is environmental (similar to the way that we tell women to avoid heavy drinking, smoking, drug abuse, etc... during pregnancy)?
- if there is a 'Final Group' (if pre-cogs/prophets are even real) they'll self authenticate and find ways to maintain each other's integrity? Humans seem to struggle to identify valid pre-cogs/prophets at all?
- one things that is pretty obvious is that any potential 'Final Group' (if they exist) will face enormous resistence even if everything is literally delivered on a plate. Examine so called past tests for 'pre-cogs/prophets'. It's as much about attempting to control the pre-cog/prophet in question as it is about testing their abilities? Moreover, what's the point in trying to manipulate them if they're going to provide solutions anyhow? It feels like it's about control of the 'system' a lot of the time?
- it doesn't matter how you get over things but you must get over things on Earth in order to achive passage into an 'Afterlife' (if there is one) according to most religions?
- many 'true pre-cogs/prophets' were killed in the past because the elite couldn't understand how/why they were useful apart from spoiling their own plans? 
- if God, Yahweh, Allah, Jesus, Buddha, Vishnu, etc... are all the same then why does he continually disagree with himself? Does he have a bad memory, is moody, have medical issues (what do you do when a 'Ascended Being' (if they exist) or God has medical problems anyhow?)', etc? Or is it that humans have got it wrong? If a single original civilisation created all life in the Universe then technically 'earliest lifeforms' should be roughly the same around the Universe? Stories of creation should be roughly the same across the board? Giving planets, moons, etc... to groups who can't sort out their differences may be the only choice for intractable problems if violence were to avoided in some cases? Stop blaming them for everything? For the most part, people on Earth are left to their own devices/have free will?
- wondering whether 'Ascended Beings' (if they exist) intervene from time to time by doing roughly the same thing as I've been envisioning? Some people have experienced visions/dreams of who they should marry in the future and it has gone perfectly well? Basically, run multiple conciousnesses via 'Holy Spirit' (they're are indicators that some people have effectively ended up using it in this particular way?) and look for any successful results and then provide results back to human?
- I don't think you abandon one world for the other (as seems to be advocated in some religions)? The way you live in the mortal world will of course impact on life on Earth as well as your ability to enter into an 'Afterlife' (if you're lucky enough to be offered one and if it exists). Moreover, as a whole it impacts upon the progress of people in this particular world. Currently, the electro-chemical form of the human body is thought to be the 'sacred' but it's pretty obvious that 'Ascended Beings' (if they exist) seemed to have possibly abandoned this particular form for something more robust?
- Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle and the field of Noetics leads to an interesting theory. That somehow prayer leads to an energy burst for the 'Ascended Being' in question? That 'Ascended Beings' can somehow harvest this energy to their own ends?
- higher energy can clearly be achieved by splitting things that are smaller and smaller. Quark fission produces roughly six times the amount of energy. Makes sense, anything that is more tightly bound will produce higher levels of energy? Think of Higgs-Boson. If Higgs-Boson is mass particle and E=mc^2 under standard conditions what does energy emitted from fission of Higgs-Boson give? Makes research into particle/theoretical physics better to understand?
- one interesting question that a lot of people should ask is if people were to switch places (with any of the elite) they would be corrupted as well? Would/could they have the ability to change things in the way they want?
- rescinding all religious (and pseudo-religious/nationalistic) orders for conflict/violence is possible for a 'Final Group' (if they exist) but not all people would be likely to follow instructions?  Method of universally acceptance and enforcement would be required? Wouldn't make sense if FTL capability or other arrangements could be made in particular though? How would rescinding other religious orders even work. You'd literally need contact with other 'Ascended Beings' (if they exist)? How would you verify them?
- some interesting theories regarding disabling of weapons platforms. One mentioned in book by Reilly mentioned that superconducting magnets could be used to divert bullets over short distances? Air density changes. Smoke bombs. Vests. AWT fields. Shaped energy charges? Rules/regulations to quarantine/lockdown hazardous areas.
- another interesting Anti-Weapons Technology (AWT) style technology looked at in the movie GI Joe movie is something that eats at existing material. A high speed oxidisation/chemical process to disable all weapons within a particular range? Dispersion obviously possible via a gas/aerosolised and liquid type bomb. It can also be carried by the wind or water then technically, all weapons downstream should be disabled? We've also trained animals (such as seals) to carry and target things before? Why not use them to target weapons systems and platforms? Think about organism which have specific affinity for materials? Is it possible to produce something similar artificially? Theory can be extended across the board including large capital vessels. Alloy type material and certain types of metals more impervious to this type of attack but theoretically possible. Knives made of certain metals? Attack carbon which is often used in unison with iron to make carbon steel which is generally stronger? For carbon fibre type materials attack glues. Attack the least strong materials as part of an overall structure? Notice that in detection of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) can be detected through various ion/atomic/smell based mechanisms. Water incursion. Irony is this normally, drills are run in order to maintain readiness. Readiness increases the likelihood of exposure to AWT type systems/weapons which will likely reduce capability, readiness, etc... in which case the only defense is 'storage' or low scale drills which reduces capability, readiness, etc... Theory is that guns will jam, knives will snap, naval vessels will break up, propellers will break off, missiles will malfunction, etc... Note that particular grades of metal, carbon materials, etc... are generally required for military applications and hence this should have no impact upon civilian operations. Useful for 'safe zone/DMZ' type situations such as Israel/Palestine, North Korea/South Korea, etc... Change 'incubation time of AWT style technology so that there is 'plausible deniability' as well? Attack surface structures like rivets, glue, any material that can react/be broken down (stealth aircraft/vessels very susceptible to this particular issue due to their high dependence on stealth in operations), etc...
- overlay of AWT style technologies on chained physics (similar to Holy Spirit on physical matter overlay to produce enhancements that can be had on some of the pre-cogs/prophets (if their miracles are true?)) then effectively we can disable weapons on mass across an entire region?
- we know that apes/chimps have semi-religious/social practices. Wondering how far 'down the line' they are?
- think of the Holy Scriptures/religions as 'failsafes'. There are clues in their for everybody to peruse (if they wish to do so). If all else fails then someone will be send from Heaven/Nirvana (should it exist). It's like a combination lock though. It should only ultimately unlock for valid pre-cogs/prophets (if they exist) though?
- wonder if non-eating of animals was possibly a type of PSYOP in the past (if certain religions were a sham) to keep food supplies in correct ratios, control populations (what better way to achieve a loyalty of a soldier then to make him believe in an 'Afterlife'?), keep population growth on the correct growth rate, stop uprisings (if human is programmed to believe in an 'Afterlife' makes uprisings in mortal life less likely...), a mechanism to allow the elites to do what they want while having a scapegoat at the same time, etc? That said, the irony is that across both the Eastern and Western religions it's thought that 'Ascended Beings' can take multiple forms. Angels in the Western religions can appear in their 'alternate form' or else in human form which means that by definition they could also appear as animals as seems to be the case as in Eastern religions (as seems to be the case)
In most parts of India, the awareness about birth control is not very high. The use of contraceptives has declined across the South Asian country despite several government-run campaigns and programs. It is a worrying situation for the government as the country's 1.32 billion-strong population is projected to surpass China's 1.37 billion in the next six years and could reach 1.7 billion by 2050.

While European countries have an overall 30 percent condom usage, India has less than six percent, even when it ranks third in the number of HIV cases worldwide.

Government statistics show the use of condoms has declined 52 percent in the past eight years, whereas vasectomies have also fallen 73 percent in the same period. The use of oral birth-control pills has also decreased in this period, according to IndiaSpend, the country's first data journalism initiative.

"It is certainly a worrying trend. Public awareness campaigns should be ramped up not only for safe-sex practices but also for the sake of family planning," Srinath Reddy, president of the Public Health Foundation of India, told DW.
Experts cite social stigma and a lack of privacy at condom-selling stores as reasons for a decline in the contraceptive use. Also, in rural areas, sexual health and issues related to intercourse are not discussed openly and pre-marital sex is frowned upon by elders despite young people engaging in it frequently.

A research carried out by the Indian Journal of Medical Research said many Indian men experienced sexual dissatisfaction while using condoms during intercourse. Alcoholism, depression and anxiety among men are other reasons cited for the aversion.

The government recently launched an online service to distribute condoms. The initiative has elicited a good response, with nearly one million condoms ordered so far. Experts say the high number of people ordering condoms online is proof that most Indians feel embarrassed to buy contraceptives from a store.
- authenticate and fund the most appropriate 'students/scholars' (obviously, sort of already being done) and fund them?
- religion will obviously take strange tangents in the future? One thing is obvious. If you are of human form and try to act like a 'God' you will find it difficult to not become corrupt yourself either way? Perhaps an AI/computurised option is the only genuine way forward?
For now, the weirdness continues. Last week, Levandowski emerged from seclusion to announce he had decided to start a new religion. He’s appointed himself “dean” of a new order, Way of the Future, which is dedicated to “the realization, acceptance, and worship of a Godhead based on Artificial Intelligence developed through computer hardware and software,” according to IRS filings discovered by Wired.

Levandowski’s foundational principle is that computers are going to become smarter than humans, smart enough that we should think of them as gods to be worshipped. That way, he argues, the machines will be likelier to be nice to us when they inevitably make us their slaves. According to Wired, Levandowski expects the church to “eventually have a gospel (called The Manual), a liturgy, and probably a physical place of worship.”
- paddles used in surgery are primitive mechanisms of reviving body? Rebuilt bodies will be easier to reset/restart. Alternate resuscitation mechanisms require rebuild of existing circuits that have suffered damage
- same problem that exists in examination of religion as exists in science? Namely, people are trying to see simplicity where none exists? Ironically, even if you attempt to derive the final few forces that are missing from our current model of physics (via the work of previous supposedly valid pre-cogs/prophets) it looks remarkably similar to the 'Supersymmetry' model which a lot of physicists are interested in?
- possible that all of the religions have been seeking alternate methods of staying alive forever? Even if all previous pre-cogs/prophets were essentially people engaging in group think trying to come up with a way in which to 'Ascend/Live Forever/achieve Heaven on Earth' it feels like we basically have the science and technology available now to achieve this one way or another? Creation of an 'Afterlife' is actually easy given the proliferation and popularity of simulator games such as 'The Sims', Role Player Games (RPG), etc... else, if can simply upload a 'concious' to a Rediculously Overengineered Computer (ROC) then you can effectively throw people into outer space near the Sun (or deep under Earth) where they will be in a 'virtual Hell' or else given them FTL capability to create a 'virtual Heaven'? This would therefore mean that the structure outlined in the religions could actually become true one day?
- in reality humans are still stuck at a level that is only marginally above that of animals? Social Darwinism? It's still effectively a game between who is the oppressor and the oppressed? The perception is correct? Some people will be better suited for particular pathways in life then others but if they're able to overcome the flaws of their electro-chemical body and the ways of this world then things should be better overall most of the time?
- it's easy to see why social mobility, income inequality, etc... have remained largely static over thousands of years. If access to 'Holy Spirit', pre-cog/prophetic abilities, other 'enhancements', etc... is granted based on ability/purity to Heaven/Nirvana (should it exist) then it's clear that not many people would have passed the requisite tests? The elite may have actually thought that pattern recognition and science may have been synonymous with pre-cog/prophetic ability but it doesn't work like that (read through the religious accounts and it becomes obvious)? What's worse the the number of genuine pre-cogs/prophets seems to be incredibly small so no one really had a mechanism to cross reference their 'perceived abilities'? No viable backtrace/verification of supposed abilities was possible? Hence, they just continued on their previous way?
- the advantages of the workings of Heaven/Nirvana (should it exist) over Earth are drastic if you think about it carefully. Technically, they're driven by the truth, honesty, etc... (people on Earth have twisted in a strange fashion though?) Generally moralistic, scientific, etc... Moreover, if you examine most of the pre-cogs/prophets you'll have noticed that they have overcome the 'ways of Earth'. For society as a whole, the benefits are diabolical. Think of a doctor, scientist, etc... who has overcome the 'ways of Earth' and doubles as a pre-cog/prophet (if they exist). At this current moment in time, if they are derailed and play into the current system then they'll just deploy commercially viable technologies and medicines which are often based on iterative/cheapest solutions and don't necessarily offer the best solution all around. Moreover, they may even be into things that could derail their supposed profession/mission in life which makes their personal and professional lives a little bit more 'complicated/diluted'. The religious aspect is interesting because it's commonly perceived on Earth that you need to be 'horrible' to be able to get along in life. Being 'concientious' is actually thought of as being a liability. Ironically, less people will be inclined to want to be around you if you are the former? Moreover, a lot of personnel difficulties are caused via bullying and harassment which once again causes one to question the intelligence of ways as they currently are?
- when you examine what has happened through history it's clear that the elite have effectively just become sneakier at getting their way? The latest incarnation is neo-colonism/neo-liberalism whereby free movement of capital and people is allowed. Ultimately, this should make the rich countries richer and richer while the poorer countries get poorer and poorer (the poorer countries have actually said this on may occasions)? The reasons are many, most skilled immigrants are paid less then their local rivals (across the board. Check a statistics for a lot of developed nations) which means that you drain the original country of their greatest assets, richer countries maintain a high tempo for the military industrial complex which means that they can 'divide and conquer' foreign countries as they see fit. It fundamentally avoids the issue of wealth distribution by grouping 'friends' and 'foes' in all countries? Ironically, it's clear that 'Elysium' is effectively the future that we currently face as a race but most people don't seem to care or want to do anything about it? We've effectively built and most people are supportive of a system that is about protecting the future of the current establishment elite (ironically, most of the wealthier countries got there through slavery, colonialism, neo-colonialism, reduced exposure during the World Wars, wars, etc...)? The more pure of the religious folk have sort have kept their 'heads down'?
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- that's why WikiLeaks, Anonymous, Peace, and Whistleblower movements are so problematic? Notice how a lot of the places that have been invaded/given humanitarian assistance often have the security of their natural resources 'prioritised' first? How allies are generally given a lot of 'leeway' (watch enough foreign news and alternative viewpoints and it becomes clear that discrepancies crop up a lot?)?
- as I've said previously my plan is to make sense of this all somehow and publish a book sometime down the track?

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Random Quotes:
- In a major U-turn, Turkey has agreed to solely deal with the central Iraqi government over crude oil exports, following a contentious secession referendum held by Iraq’s semi-autonomous Kurdistan region, the Baghdad government says.

The office of the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi reported Ankara’s change of mode on Thursday, following a phone call between Abadi and his Turkish counterpart, Binali Yildirim.

Yildirim “confirmed the support of his country on all decisions” taken by the Iraqi government, said the statement.

As part of the measures, Turkey would restrict oil export operations to the Baghdad government, it added.

The Turkish PM also emphasized Ankara’s “commitment to cooperate and coordinate fully with the Iraqi government to implement all necessary steps for imposing of federal authorities at land and air ports,” according to the statement.

Ankara has long been buying oil from the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in defiance of Baghdad’s stiff opposition.

Oil exports serve as the KRG’s main source of income. The Kurdistan region exports an estimated 650,000 barrels of oil per day through Turkey’s Ceyhan pipeline.

Turkish government spokesman Bekir Bozdag also said Thursday that Ankara is set to conduct its dealings in Iraq with the central government, and that the two premiers will sit down down for talks soon.

Turkey is furious at the Monday referendum, which saw over 90 percent of the voters say ‘Yes’ to secession from Iraq, according to regional Kurdish officials.

The unconstitutional referendum, which went ahead despite Baghdad’s objections, has sparked angry reactions from the international community and Iraq’s neighbors, particularly Turkey.

The regime in Israel is the only voice supporting the plebiscite.

In a strong-worded speech on Wednesday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan also said Ankara will seal its border with the Kurdistan region and threatened the Kurdish leaders with blocking their key oil exports to other buyers.

Turkey, which is home to the largest Kurdish population in the region, fears that the Kurdistan plebiscite would embolden the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in its push for autonomy in southeastern areas at home.

In the aftermath of the vote, pressure has been building on officials in Erbil, Kurdistan’s regional capital, over the referendum, with regional carriers, including Turkish Airlines, EgyptAir and Lebanon’s Middle East Airlines submitting to Baghdad’s request to suspend their flights serving Iraqi Kurdistan.
- The United States is spending a prodigious amount on its military in order to maintain global hegemony, as the US economy is totally dependent on military spending, according to Professor Dennis Etler, an American political analyst who has a decades-long interest in international affairs.

Etler, a professor of Anthropology at Cabrillo College in Aptos, California, made the remarks in an interview with Press TV on Friday while commenting on a report which says US President Donald Trump is planning to accelerate American weapons sales abroad.

President Trump will issue an executive order or presidential memorandum in this autumn, asking the State Department and Pentagon to more actively advocate on behalf of US arms manufacturers, POLITICO reported on Friday.

“The US military budget is projected to increase at least 5 percent per year over the next 8 years which would amount to $970 billion by 2025. In reality that could be much higher given the Trump administration focus on increasing the US military and its global deployment. At that rate US military spending over the next 8 years will amount to at least $6.6 trillion,” Professor Etler said.

“These calculations do not take into account spending on ‘homeland security,’ which adds additional billions to the funding of the military-industrial complex and the national security state. These untold billions and trillions of dollars are meant to defend the US from threats both foreign and domestic. But defend the US from what? No foreign force has invaded the US homeland since the War of 1812 and the threat of terrorism in the US is minimal and mostly homegrown,” he stated.

“There is no reason for such a prodigious amount of spending except to maintain US global hegemony,” the analyst emphasized.  

‘US faces threats to its economic dominance’

“The threats the US faces are not threats to its safety but threats to its economic and political dominance. These threats are not military in nature but due to the economic and political rise of China,” Professor Etler said.

“China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is meant to increase trade and connectivity throughout Eurasia and Africa by massive investments in infrastructure, including high speed rail systems, new sea and airports, energy project and pipelines. Financed primarily by China these projects will cost trillions of dollars over the next decade,” he said.

“It is this peaceful expansion of China’s economic and political influence that the US most fears, not any potential military rivalry. Both Chinese and Russian military spending, as well as that of various other countries under threat from the US, is purely defensive in nature. Russia, China, Iran, North Korea would much rather spend their resources building their countries up rather than spend on military self-defense, but they have no choice given the record of US aggression over the last 70 years,” the commentator said.

“As part of the US military build-up is the ramping up of overseas arms sales which the US already dominates, to the tune of tens of billions of dollars, which is seen as a way to jump start the economy and create more high paying jobs,” he noted.

“This further demonstrates that the US economy is totally dependent on military spending, which itself is predicated on creating tensions abroad to justify the immense squandering of resources,” Professor Etler said.

“While the US economy stagnates, and its infrastructure crumbles the only answer the Trump administration has is to increase military spending and the export of lethal military hardware. With all the vast expenditures in money and personnel for the projection of military power overseas the US cannot even respond to natural disasters in its own backyard,” he said.

“As the US spends billions in Afghanistan and elsewhere its own territory of Puerto Rico faces a post-apocalyptic future destined to what the US mainland will eventually face if it doesn’t change its ways,” the scholar concluded.
- The China North Industries Group Corporation has tested a radar in recent weeks that generates terahertz radiation in order to better track the presence of stealth aircraft, the South China Morning Post reports.

The device has the potential to be a “game changer” for the People’s Liberation Army, scientists told the Hong-Kong based news outlet, since the radar might be able to spot the US’ F-22 Raptors and beleaguered F-35 Joint Strike Fighters.

Terahertz radiation can theoretically see through the “composite materials” that help hide stealthy jets, SCMP reports. The F-22 fleet’s new $40 million paint job might be for naught after all. 
- The big thing about an autonomous database, Ellison explained, is the automation of cyber security and the automation of database operations working together. "The database has to be able to patch itself immediately while running when instructed by the cyber security system – no delay, it has to happen immediately, and has to happen without human intervention."

The technology driving autonomy is "as revolutionary as the Internet", Ellison said. "It's called machine learning, a branch of Artificial Intelligence, or AI.

"For years and years, AI did not live up to its promise. There is a new type of AI, machine learning. The applications are revolutionary. It powers self-driving cars, facial recognition better than humans can do, and new applications like an autonomous database and automated cyber security."

Machine learning is when computers learn from patterns in data and make predictions. It relies on large amounts of accurate training data. Higher volumes of accurate data increases learning, and increased learning means more accurate solutions to problems.

An example of machine learning is anomaly detection, to separate normal from abnormal patterns in data, like detecting cancer from normal cells or detecting the chief financial officer is logging in from a computer in the Ukraine and that is out of the ordinary.

In Oracle's case, the new autonomous database will be driven by machine learning absorbed from vast amounts of event logs including infrastructure logs — network, server, storage, VM and OS, platform logs — database, Java, analytics, and application logs, ERP, CX, HCM and more.

This event log training data will enable new machine learning applications across security, like detecting and correcting anomalous events be they logins or unusual SQL queries, and across database operations, such as classifying normal query patterns and automatically tuning the database.

On this point, Ellison says the Oracle 18C autonomous database will continuously tune the database based on information it gathers. "This is a big deal," he said, "Nobody else does this.

"Oracle 18C is the world's first 100% self-driving autonomous database," he said. "The world's first and only.

"This is the most important thing we have done in a long, long time."

Ellison continued to state the autonomous database will have total automation, based on machine learning. It would require no human labour to manage the database whatsoever. The database will automatically provision, upgrade, patch and tune itself while running; it will perform automated real-time security patching with no downtime window required and will have no human error.

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